Megaphone – subscriber tracking, connection. How to disable the Radar service on a megaphone

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New technologies open up opportunities that previously had only intelligence services. You can determine the location of the Megafon subscriber if you activate this function and the package on the phone. This is a very convenient way to control the child or the movement of employees during working hours. The main thing to consider is that surveillance should be with the consent of a person.

Megaphone navigator

This feature is very similar to the operation of a tracker or GPS beacon. The Megafon radar service is also built on the principle of calculating location coordinates, moving a user using cell towers. Not only Megafon customers, but also Beeline, MTS users can track the system. This is one of the options on how to find out where the Megafon subscriber is..

Often the tracking function is used for parental control, you only need to confirm the consent on the monitored phone. If desired, this option can be disabled in the future. For users located in the Belgorod region, the tracking tariff is called “Locator”, which performs the same functions. He is able to determine where the phone is currently with a small error (up to 100 m).

Tariff for Navigator Megaphone

The tracking service is not provided for free; the tariff for the Megafon navigator has several versions that differ in cost and functionality: Radar +, Radar, and Radar Light. The desired tariff should be bought based on the needs for tracking the subscriber. For example, the “Light” version of the package allows you to search for a person on the map once a day for free. You can consider this package as a “trial” before connecting the service. Full-featured Radar functionality for 3 rubles per day is able to test 5 phones.

You can use the search an unlimited number of times. This connection option is the most expensive and basic. If you also need a navigation function, then the Radar + option is better. According to the network, the program makes a route along which the subscriber moved. You can see not only the actual location of a person, but also the places where he visited during the day. If a user enters or enters a certain geographical area, an SMS message about this will be sent to you. Price – 7 rubles per day.

Sim Card Megaphone

How to connect a radar on a megaphone

There are several ways to connect this functionality. The Radar service on Megaphone is not standard, so you need to activate it using your personal account, SMS, USSD-request or through a special site. The last option is done through the radar.megafon service, where you need to log in after registration. In the “Profile” section, you will have the “Services” item, where you can activate the desired tracking option. Do not forget that the second subscriber must agree to control the location.

The above method can be performed using the official application from Megafon. All subscribers with Android OS can download it from the Google Play store. There are other options, how to activate the Radar service on a megaphone. Instruction via SMS:

  1. Send a message to 5166, in the body write On, ON or REG. This command will connect the standard radar package.
  2. To activate the “Plus” package, send these words with the “+” sign to the same number (On +, Reg +).

You can use a USSD request to connect. For example, the Light version is connected only in this way. Instructions for connecting tracking via a short command:

  1. Light package is connected by a combination of * 566 * 56 # call.
  2. To enable the standard function dial * 566 # call.
  3. Extended “Plus” version is connected by a combination of * 256 # call.

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Megaphone – location of the subscriber

It was previously described which service you need to connect to track a specific mobile. After that, you need to understand how to find out the location of a megaphone subscriber using a subscriber tracking service. To do this, you will need to register in your account, or download the application for Android or iOS via the Internet. Below is an example of using the service using a computer and site:

  1. Go to the service, enter the LC.
  2. Inside, find the item “I am watching.” All numbers for which you have activated tracking will be displayed there..
  3. Click on the desired phone and after a few seconds the interactive map will show where the person is.
  4. If you wish, you can select a specific zone, for example, “School”. When the subscriber leaves her or enters, you will receive an SMS with a notification.
  5. When activating the “Plus” version, it will be possible not only to find the location, but also to view the subscriber’s route.
  6. The service works online, so you should always have an Internet connection.

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How to turn off the radar on a megaphone

If you no longer need the operator to determine where the subscriber is, you should know how to disable the Radar service on the Megaphone. You can do this in several ways: via SMS, application on your mobile, personal account or USSD-team. The latter method works as follows:

  • make a call using the combination * 505 * 0 * 192 # to disable the Radar package;
  • call the combination * 505 * 0 * 3790 # to deactivate the “Plus” version.

If you have registration in LC, you need to deactivate tracking in the “Services” section. To disable using SMS, use the following numbers:

  • send the word OFF, UNREG, Off to 5166 to turn off the “Radar” package;
  • send UNREG +, OFF +, Off + to the same phone to disable the advanced service.
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