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A special fluid is required to remove old paint from a metal surface. A suitable tool will help you quickly and effectively cope with the task without harming the material from which the part is made. Read the rules for the selection of cleaning fluids, their types, properties.

Paint wash

There are three methods for cleaning paint from metal: chemical, mechanical, and burning. When machining is performed by a sandblasting machine or manually with sandpaper. This method is bad because the metal can be damaged. When burned, the metal surface is heated to high temperatures, due to which the paint lags behind itself. This method is dangerous because it threatens with fire and surface damage..

The most optimal is the one that uses a remover for paint from metal – a chemical method. Special components corrode the paint layer without affecting the surface. Pros:

  • surface resistance to chemicals in the composition;
  • ease of application and cleansing of paintwork;
  • quick effect – from 20 minutes to 2 hours, the time depends on the type / thickness of the paint layer;
  • the old coating does not have to be softened further – it easily leaves, is cleaned with a spatula;
  • additional corrosion treatment.

The disadvantages of using a special fluid include many factors. With a large thickness, repeated application is necessary. Sometimes after cleaning greasy spots remain (due to the specific composition of the wash) – to get rid of them you need to go after a degreasing agent. The principle of action of liquids is simple:

  1. After applying the wash, the coating softens, swells, exfoliates. The layer loses strength, density, and adhesion..
  2. After waiting for the time specified in the instructions, the paint layer is removed with a spatula. This happens easily because the coating itself lags behind the surface..

Types of metal remover

Washing of old paint from metal varies by type. The classification is carried out according to several factors:

  1. By the type of product to be removed: universal (suitable for all coatings, have a long shelf life, they even dissolve powder coatings, but are useless against water-dispersion, latex and acrylate coatings), for oil ones (the composition includes a solvent, a disintegrant, a thickener), for water-based coatings (fast acting), for powder (more toxic and stronger).
  2. By exposure time: express (several minutes) and classic.
  3. Composition: with the addition of wax or paraffin (slow down the evaporation process, improve the quality of exposure, but lower the ability of the metal to adhere), based on acetone or other organic solvent, without paraffin (do not require subsequent purification).
  4. According to the type of consistency: liquid (it is better to apply only on flat surfaces), gel (can be applied on vertical surfaces, ceilings), sprays (require accuracy in application), powders, pasty (suitable for profiled surfaces).
  5. By types of components: acidic (based on hydrochloric acid), organic (no acids and alkalis in the composition), alkaline.

Old paint remover

To pick up a liquid for removing old paint from metal, study the popular options:


Price, rubles





350 per 280 ml

Suitable for washing acrylic, epoxide, polyurethane, manufactured in the USA

Safe, washed off with water, does not contain alkalis in the composition, softens the layer in 10-20 minutes

Available in spray form, requires caution in handling


150 for 1 liter

Russian production, fire resistant, quickly destroys the paint coating, penetrates into the deep layers, removes traces of corrosion

Contains organic components, removes oil, alkyd, acrylic, epoxy compounds, suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces

May not completely remove traces; additional acetone cleaning required


To remove paint from a car


Price, rubles





500 for 1 liter

Contains propane-butane, removes vinyl, polyurethane, oil, alkyd automotive products

Cope even with old layers

It does not have a spray gun, it works for 60 minutes


800 per 1 liter

Eliminates even stickers, in the kit there is an aerosol, Japanese-made

Suitable for plastic, works after 10 minutes

High price


For powder paint

Auto Paint Name

Price, rubles





230 per 800 ml

Russian drug, removes water-dispersion, ether-cellulose coatings, varnish, putty

In the form of a gel, it will allow you to walk through the most inaccessible places

Forms a thick layer, may splatter adjacent surfaces


200 per 830 ml

Turkish production, gel form

Valid in 20 minutes

Bright smell


Express washes


Cost, rubles





450 per 1 liter

Greek preparation, suitable for most paints and varnishes

Spray works in 3 minutes

Flammable cleaner


50 for 1l

Washer-gel made in Russia

Very affordable price, works in 10 minutes

Not detected


How to choose metal remover

The first thing to pay attention to is what type of material and paint is suitable for washing. The compositions differ in aggressiveness. What to consider:

  1. If the composition contains waxes and paraffins, then the surface after cleaning must be additionally degreased with acetone, white spirit.
  2. Consistency – gel wash is better for vertical surfaces, and liquid – for horizontal.
  3. Consumption – it should be indicated on the label. The average rate is 500–900 g per square meter.
  4. Composition: for safe use, organic washing is suitable, for fast and aggressive – alkaline or acid. More natural compounds will not give harmful fumes, and the metal will not be damaged.
  5. Delivery and sale method: it is cheaper to order a liquid in an online store or buy by mail. Delivery of purchases in Moscow and St. Petersburg is often free.
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