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Which woman is subject to calm if she saw beautiful suede boots or sandals? Yes, whether it be at least shoes, sneakers or uggs, moccasins, ballet shoes! Suede shoes are in great demand among buyers. Having bought high-quality and expensive shoes or a jacket, the question is ripening: how to clean suede? Such a product will ask for special care, because suede is finicky, requires dry cleaning and does not tolerate moisture. Stores will offer many options on how to clean shoes, but which one is most suitable?

How to clean suede at home

Girl cleans suede boots

Suede exists natural and artificial. The first type of material has greater strength. You cannot use washing on both types of suede – because of its fleecy structure, the fabric absorbs moisture and swells, and then becomes too hard, stiff. This factor will affect not only a drop in suede quality, but also a deterioration in appearance..

Before you think about how to clean suede, get a water-repellent spray along with beautiful shoes, treat the surface of the shoe. Particular care must be taken before first wear. An invisible film will protect boots or shoes from excess moisture and dirt. Your suede shoes will not be afraid of splashes flying from under the wheels of the car, rain or huge puddles. Noble material must remain presentable.

Using suede and nubuck brushes

Brushes for cleaning suede and nubuck

After the first walk, you will need preventative shoe shine. Before cleaning shoe suede with a special tool, use brushes to refresh the dry shoe surface. In this case, come in handy:

  • Rigid sponge – a porous brush that removes the upper layer of dust, fine dirt. Used with cleansing foam.
  • Eraser – removes greasy and difficult to remove dirt.
  • A brush with rubber or rubber teeth – has the same cleaning properties as an eraser.
  • Crepe brush – gives the surface a velvety, neat appearance.
  • A compact brush with an eraser is a combined version of two helpers, and a small one, suitable for carrying with you in a purse.
  • Shoe office machines – select a brush mode to clean.

If you take into account folk cleaning methods, use a piece of crust of rye bread. The humpback, which has the property of cleaning suede from dirt and stains, has been tested by many consumers. It will be possible to fluff the pile by holding the suede shoes over the steam, having previously cleaned it with a brush. Do not forget about the main rule: cleaning suede should only be dry.

The use of special chemicals

Chemicals for suede

For the protective function of suede, a water-repellent spray is used. What additional tools are cleaning experts? A special spray paint is one of the most necessary helpers for impregnating the hardened areas of suede, restoring color quality. And the best option for maintaining color is a transparent shoe dispenser.

If you need to give a pair of shoes the former brightness, then a more individual selection of aerosol, cream for the color of suede is required. Such aerosols are often sold directly to shoe stores where you purchase suede shoes; manufacturers recommend a suitable product for each type of fabric. Many companies have a huge range of products suitable for any palette of skin colors..

Suede is a breathable material, but such shoes also require additional “freshness” in the form of a special deodorant. At the end of the season, information on how to clean suede boots and store them properly is useful. Before putting boots or shoes in the closet, suede shoes must be thoroughly cleaned. Dry cleaning of the suede, painting and procedures with glue are carried out by the master. Do not forget about the special pads to keep fit!

Effective folk remedies for stain removal

Removing stains from suede shoes

Dry cleaning of clothes at home is, first of all, a careful attitude to their things. Dry contamination can be used to clean a suede bag, shoes, and sheepskin coats are cleaned at home. How to clean delicate suede and not resort to sophisticated methods? Everything will turn out using the available materials. These are:

  1. Vinegar. A great help on how to clean light suede shoes from stains. For the procedure, 9% vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5 is used. The cloth is moistened in a solution and various impurities are wiped. After cleaning, apply a color-restoration product to suede.
  2. Starch. A kind of powder in order to remove greasy stains from suede leather. Sprinkle on the stains, then after half an hour, brush. Starch will remove fat and you won’t be able to think how to wash a sheepskin coat, gloves or bag.
  3. Coffee grounds. If your shoes are made of brown or black suede, then you can clean them with a sponge dipped in ordinary coffee grounds. The product is applied to the stains, then brushed and left for some time. Then the remainder of the coffee grounds is removed from the suede with a gauze swab, wiped with a damp cloth and dried thoroughly. Important! Electric appliances do not dry suede.
  4. Ammonia. For use in cleaning suede, ammonia is diluted with water (1: 5), the sponge in the solution is moistened, and dirty stains and stains are removed. After the procedure, you need to apply a color reducing agent.
  5. Crumb. Light tones of suede are cleaned with crumb of white bread. To clean, you need to slightly rub the contamination with the crumb, but observing the measure: with intensive wiping, there is a possibility of loss of color and velvetiness of the suede pile.
  6. A solution of soap or powder. If the surface is very dirty, prepare a soap solution for pre-cleaning. You will need: soap shavings or powder (1 tbsp. L.), Warm water (1 cup). Wash away the dirt with such a liquid with a rough and stiff shoe brush. After processing suede, the product is wiped and dried at room temperature.
  7. Soda and milk. A mixture of a tablespoon of soda and a glass of warm milk is also suitable for washing off dirt. Put on suede with a stiff brush and wipe in a circular motion. Wipe with a damp cloth or flannel cloth and dry.
  8. Eraser. Special cleaning item for dusty and dirty suede. The advantage of using it is the return of the rough surface of the pile. To clean, you need to rub the contaminated section of suede. Replace the eraser with a regular school eraser, the rough side of the matchbox, and fine salt (for light tones of the material).

How to remove a greasy stain from suede

Cleaning greasy stains of suede fabric is very specific. You should pay attention to the color of suede, the reaction to the cleaner. For example, only light suede is cleaned with salt, otherwise light spots may remain on the dark fabric. The first step in contact with fat on the fabric should be to blot the stain with a paper towel or napkin. Starch, talcum powder and dry tooth powder are well absorbed. Pour dry agent on the stain in abundance, so that the powder completely covers the stain, going beyond its edges.

Effective effect and the ability to renew the thing has a detergent heated in a dry frying pan. Stains are sprinkled on them and coated on top with absorbent material: paper, napkin. The process of leaving fat from suede will be gradual, the thing must be left for an hour under a heated product. They also use additional heating with an iron, but at low temperatures, so as not to spoil the suede thing.

Want to know how to clean your sneakers? It helps to remove stains with soapy water. To prepare it, soap shavings, laundry detergent for woolen things or a detergent for dishes are added to warm water. Foaming agent and sponge gently, in the direction of the pile, washed spots. Dirty foam is also collected with a sponge, and the pile is combed with a brush or a special eraser.

How to clean light suede from dirt

Preparing to clean light suede

Remember: Suede cannot be washed! We ran in sneakers in the rain or you need to wipe a white sofa – you only need to clean things. There are two methods of cleansing light fleecy tissue that will help to renew the surface:

  1. Dry. It involves the use of an eraser to remove minor stains or delicate cleaning with soapy foam. Along the fleecy surface with a sponge, a foam of detergent is applied, and its residues are simultaneously removed with a dry towel. After cleaning, the product is dried, straightened with a brush pile. Grease stains sprinkled with starch or its mixture with ammonia, leave for half an hour – an hour. The remains are cleaned after a while with a brush.
  2. Wet. A clean cloth is moistened with a solution of 100 ml of milk and ammonia (10%), the cloth is wiped. After wiping with a cotton swab dipped in warm clean water.

Suede shoe care tips

Suede fabric remains at a consistently high sales position. What they don’t sew from suede: shoes, outerwear, home furnishings, car accessories. To avoid bad weather conditions or accidentally dripping fat is not always possible. The question arises: how to clean a thing correctly, return it to a cool look? In order not to harm a delicate, sensitive suede, you need to know the specific features of cleaning things. Black, beige, blue, red, gray – any suede will sparkle with purity!

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