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The acquisition of own housing is an important issue for the military. It becomes even more relevant after marriage and the birth of a child. The government is trying to provide housing for the military, now the purchase of an apartment is possible on credit using the developed state program – a military mortgage. It has existed for more than ten years and with its help many have managed to become property owners..

What is a military mortgage

The program is designed to replace the distribution of apartments in turn with the opportunity to buy real estate on credit for a targeted housing loan (CHL). The created mortgage for military personnel is a tool for obtaining residential real estate within the framework of the state program for providing affordable housing and is designed to minimize the financial burden on military personnel when buying a home.

Military mortgage – terms of provision

The legislation provides for the repayment of the entire amount or a significant part of a soldier’s debt obligations on acquired property at the expense of state funds. The provision of military mortgages is due to participants in the funded mortgage system. The conditions for issuing credit funds may differ in the size of the interest rate, down payment, but the general ones are:

  • loans are issued from the age of 21;
  • the maximum amount of borrowed funds is 2,200,000 rubles;
  • loan term – from three to twenty years or until the borrower is 45 years old.

Military man and girl

Who is eligible for a military mortgage

The program can be used by military personnel after writing a report and submitting it to the unit commander. Admission to the register of participants occurs ten days after the receipt of the report at the Federal State Institution Rosvoenipoteku. Who needs a military mortgage? The program came into effect on January 1, 2015, so all estimates begin on that date. The basis for inclusion in the register is military service under a contract. The following may be enrolled in the register:

  • University graduates who graduated after accepting the program, but entered into a contract before admission to study;
  • officers who contracted after the law was passed;
  • warrant officers and warrant officers who have served under the contract for at least three years after the entry into force of the program;
  • soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen who, after the start of the program, entered into a second contract.

Military mortgage, if there is a property in the property

Previously, in the presence of residential real estate, it was impossible to obtain an apartment for a soldier by distribution, according to the line. The essence of the military mortgage is that all participants in the program rely on the purchase of residential real estate on mortgage loans, regardless of whether they have already purchased housing for their own money or inherited it.

Changes in the military mortgage in 2017

In the current year, innovations that simplify the purchase of real estate by military personnel have come into force. What is the Federal Law on Military Mortgages with the Latest Changes? Three main areas of improvement can be distinguished:

  • indexation of the annual savings contribution will be carried out, its size will increase to 260 thousand rubles.
  • military spouses will be able to use the total amount of savings to apply for a mortgage for the purpose of acquiring one property;
  • upon payment of additional funds at the time of dismissal, they will not take into account the availability of their own property.

Man holds keys

How to get a military mortgage

The opportunity to purchase residential property under the program is provided depending on the rank after 6 years or three years (for officers) after the conclusion of a contract for service in the armed forces. Getting a mortgage by the military can be divided into three stages:

  • 3 years before the right to enter the system;
  • 3 years before the possibility of using funds;
  • execution of a transaction for the purchase and lending of real estate.

Participation in NIS

The basis of the created state program, a mortgage lending tool is the accumulative-mortgage system of housing for military personnel. After the participant is included in the register, a personal account is opened for him, to which the approved amount is credited annually. The source of account replenishment is federal budget funds. The size of enrollment does not depend on the military rank and region of service.

The replenishment amount is periodically indexed: the size of the increase in the annual contribution is affected by changes in the cost of housing and the level of inflation. Prior to dismissal, a significant amount is accumulated in the participant’s account for which you can buy a good apartment. The controlling and executive body of the system is Federal State Budget Institution Rosvoenipoteka, which is part of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. On the official website of the structure, a participant can register and receive information about the status of the account.

Housing choice

The legislation does not provide for linking the choice of real estate to a particular region, mortgage housing should be located in Russia. You can take a mortgage loan for:

  • purchase of finished housing;
  • acquisitions from developers of apartments in new buildings according to the equity system;
  • for the construction of an individual residential building.

Program participants need to calculate their financial capabilities, because the funds accumulated through the system are enough to buy an apartment. In Moscow and the region, in St. Petersburg, the cost of real estate is high, so those who decide to buy an apartment in these cities will need to make additional own funds.

Military man

Mortgage Calculation

The participant receives the right to use the savings after being registered for three years. The amount accumulated by this time is usually sufficient to make the initial payment. It will help a potential borrower to figure out the amount of savings, down payment, monthly payments online calculator of a military mortgage.

To obtain an approximate calculation of a housing loan, you must enter the registration date of the program participant, the cost of the desired housing. The system itself will calculate the amount of accumulated funds, down payment, monthly payments and, if there is not enough money in your personal account, indicate the amount of your own money necessary for depositing.

Which bank gives a military mortgage

Borrowers have the right to choose a financial institution to apply for a housing loan after comparing loan conditions. All banks working with military mortgages offer housing loans on concessional terms at low interest rates. These include:

  • Sviaz-bank;
  • Sberbank of Russia;
  • VTB 24;
  • Gazprombank;
  • Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending;
  • Opening.

Making a military mortgage

After registration after three years, the participant can use the funds from a personal account. Mortgages for obtaining military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue with the issuance of a Certificate of eligibility for a targeted housing loan. For this, the serviceman must again write a report and pass it to the leadership of the military unit.

Documents for a mortgage

After deciding to use the accumulated funds, a citizen needs to study the conditions of banks that provide loans under the program and choose the best option for themselves. The borrower needs to contact a financial institution to obtain a preliminary decision – to issue a housing loan. What documents are needed for a military mortgage to get a certificate? In addition to the report, a serviceman must submit a package of documents to Rosvoenipoteka:

  • copies of all pages of the passport;
  • copy of the loan agreement;
  • copy of account opening agreement.

Documents in folders

Tracking a package of documents on the website of Rosvoenipoteka

The process of reviewing documents by the Ministry of Defense takes up to three months. The service of the official site of Rosvoenipoteka provides an opportunity for participants to track the stages of document advancement when they:

  • received;
  • on legal expertise;
  • transferred for signature;
  • shipped.

After sending, you can receive information about the location of documents on the official website of the courier service using the invoice number. The bank receives the sent certificate, it indicates the amount that has been accumulated, the amount of monthly deductions and the maximum lending period. After receiving a certificate, a credit organization may issue a mortgage for the military.

Buying an apartment on a military mortgage

The next step in order to buy an apartment on a military mortgage is to collect documents for the acquired property. The borrower needs to evaluate the property with the help of an independent expert. The conclusion of a contract for property insurance, purchase and sale of housing, and lending takes place simultaneously. After this stage, the registration of ownership.

Who pays for a military mortgage

The existing balance of funds is credited to the participant’s personal account against the down payment after signing the mortgage agreement and transferring the documents to the Russian Military Military Fund. Monthly payments on military mortgages are transferred to the bank on account of repayment of the loan and accrued interest by Rosvoenotipoyka in the amount of 1/12 of the annual accumulation income. Often, to repay a debt, a soldier does not need to make his own funds, all his loan expenses consist of:

  • payment of expert assessment of the object;
  • insurance cost;
  • pay for notary services.

Shoulder straps and money

Military mortgage upon dismissal

The mortgage created by the military under the contract is designed for the long-term nature of military service. Its main goal is to provide housing for program participants. A mortgage upon dismissal of a soldier after twenty years of service involves the payment of the full amount of funds accumulated in a personal account to a participant if he did not use their advance payment to purchase real estate. The remaining balance is payable to the participant or is used to pay off his mortgage loan debt if he is dismissed after ten years of service in case of poor health.

Of my own free will

Serious financial consequences arise for a member of the program if a contract violation occurs before the expiration of 20 years of service or a decision is made to leave the Armed Forces. Upon dismissal, a military mortgage is paid off on its own, and the used funds of the funded system are returned to the Ministry of Defense.

For health

A military mortgage upon dismissal for health reasons has two consequences:

  1. Deterioration of health after ten years of service. The participant is entitled to compensation payments equal to the amount of accumulation for the full twenty years. With their help, the borrower can pay off the balance of the mortgage loan debt..
  2. Deterioration of health until ten years of service. In this case, the participant is forced to independently repay the debt and return to the state within ten years the spent funds of ZHZZ.


Various consequences for program participants will have a mortgage upon dismissal under the OSH. Dismissal in this case is also considered as a reason independent of the employee, therefore:

  1. A person who has served for more than ten years is not liable to the state, but is obliged to repay the remaining mortgage debt.
  2. If the service life is less than ten years, the mortgage program participant must pay off the balance of the mortgage loan and return to the Ministry of Defense the used amount of savings for ten years.

House and coins

Pros and Cons of Military Mortgages

The program has the following advantages:

  1. You can get residential real estate at the beginning of the service for public funds, without investing your savings, even if you have your own housing.
  2. The right to receive official housing upon relocation if you have your own.

Mortgages for military personnel have the following disadvantages:

  1. The need to return funds to the state and repay loan debt on your own when you quit without good reason or before reaching 10 years of service.
  2. A complex mechanism for the sale of real estate purchased, because it is pledged by Rosvoenipoteka and the bank. You can remove the burden after closing the debt.
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