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For most Russians who have taken a well-deserved rest, pension payments are the only source of income. Due to the unstable economic situation and due to the constant transformation of the pension legislation, many citizens are interested in what size the minimum pension in Russia will have in 2018, whether it is worth waiting for indexation and what pensioners receiving state, social allowances or old-age pension should count on..

How is a pension formed in Russia

The legislation does not stipulate the concept of a minimum pension. This is a conditional name that has taken root among ordinary people and means nothing more than a living wage. This is the amount paid by the state to older people who have gone on a well-deserved rest, but do not have the right to receive other types of pension payments. Each region of the Russian Federation has its own subsistence minimum, and if the minimum pension in 2018 is less than this value, additional money is allocated from the local budget to cover the gap.

The sum of the living wage is a variable value. The value is reviewed annually and affirmed at the highest level. To calculate the BPM, several circumstances are taken into account:

  • the official meaning of inflation;
  • state and work of the country’s economy;
  • consumer price level.

The cost of living is formed on the basis of prices that are set by region and country. To this end, the concept of a consumer basket was introduced – the monthly minimum citizen spending necessary for life. This includes food, basic necessities and basic services. The composition of the basket is reviewed less frequently than the cost of living budget – every five-year period.

Living wage data are published quarterly, and its value is different for each demographic group. Depending on the region, it may differ several times, because not only the price level is taken into account, but also the climatic features of the subject where the calculation is made, the specifics of consumption of essential goods in view of the traditional way of life. For example, the budgets of the Kursk region and Chukotka differ by almost 2.5 times.

Old age

The minimum pension in Russia in 2018 is called an insurance pension. It implies payments provided to citizens, and the latter are subject to certain conditions:

  • age restrictions. 55 for women and 60 for men, although sometimes a person has the right to apply for an earlier exit on a well-deserved rest, for example, residents of the Far North.
  • the presence of a certain amount of seniority. Since 2016, this indicator has been set at 7 years with a gradual increase in this value to 15 by 2024.
  • number of points and individual coefficient. In 2018, the maximum possible number of points that a person is able to earn is indicated at 8.7, while the IPC should be 13.8.

The minimum old-age pension in 2018 is set at 8,703 rubles. For Moscow, it is supposed to set the value at the level of 17500 r.

Coins and paper bills


For some categories of citizens, the state pays social benefits – a regular minimum for those people who are not entitled to receive insurance pension payments. Social benefits can be of three types:

  • on disability (disabled citizens of groups 1, 2, 3 and children with disabilities without the requirement to establish a group);
  • on the occasion of the loss of the bread-winner (for children under 18 years of age or 23 years of age, if they are trained but do not work, provided that they have lost one of their parents or a single parent);
  • by old age (women of 60 years and men of 65 years of age, if they do not have adequate insurance experience; 55-year-old men and 50-year-old women belonging to the small peoples of the North).

According to official information, the minimum social pension in Russia will be indexed next year.


In addition to insurance and social benefits, some Russian citizens are eligible for state pension. These include:

  • people with disabilities due to radiation exposure;
  • residents who were in the contaminated area during the accident;
  • residents who left exclusion areas.

As a rule, the provision of state pensions is due to victims of the Chernobyl accident.

Payment Terms

In connection with the adoption of new law No. 134, the minimum pension from January 1, 2018 will be paid taking into account all possible indexations from the first day of the month following the dismissal. Until 2015, pension allowance consisted of the federal base amount, to which insurance and funded parts were added. Today, the funded part is a separate type of security, which is regulated by individual legislative acts..

The minimum pension in Russia in 2018 will be calculated based on the formula:


To calculate the insurance premium, you need the number of points (their amount for each is individual, but cannot exceed the statutory value) multiplied by the cost of one point. In 2018, the value was set at 81.49 rubles, while during 2018 its value was 78.58 rubles.

For non-working pensioners

According to the data provided on the official website of the government, in 2018 it is planned to increase spending on pension and social security. The budget provides for an increase in insurance pensions, and the indexation procedure will be changed. In addition, it is planned to index social pension benefits. The whole process will fully comply with Russian legislation in view of the increase in the cost of living. In addition, it is planned to index the retirement allowance of the military while maintaining a lowering coefficient at 72.23%.

Indexing Insurance Pensions

Traditionally, annual indexation has been carried out since February, since on this date the inflation value is known, which is taken into account to calculate the indicator, which is a guideline for increasing payments. The government decided to postpone this moment to an earlier date – the beginning of the year. So, the minimum pension in Russia in 2018 from January 1 will be increased by 3.7%. This was done in order to ensure a real increase in the amounts paid by the beginning of 2018..

It was initially taken into account that inflation growth will be 4%, however, according to preliminary data, today the value does not exceed 3%. Given this, it was determined to increase the amount by 3.7% (taking into account the outstripping growth in prices). The average size according to official figures will increase from 13,657 p. in 2017 to 14045 in 2018. The increase will be a small 400 rubles, but for seniors it is better than nothing.

Pension certificate and money

Social benefits increase since April 2018

8742 rubles – a payment that is due to everyone who could not earn the necessary experience to receive an insurance pension. They are repelled from this value for assignment of allowance to disabled people of groups 1 and 2. In order to support especially vulnerable groups of the population, the minimum social pension in Russia in 2018 will be increased from April by 4.1 percent (however, the indexation coefficient can be changed). If for some people the allowance is less than the subsistence level in the region of his registration, then he is entitled to a surcharge of up to this amount.

Increase in connection with an increase in seniority for working pensioners from August 2018

As for working retirees, indexation for them for 2018 is not provided. The increase in allowance for people who have taken a well-deserved rest and continue to work has not been carried out for several years, and judging by the mood of the Government, the state will continue to adhere to this practice. This is due to the fact that the income of working pensioners is already higher, in addition, they can go on vacation and start receiving full payments.

In addition to this, employers continue to make PF deductions from their accrued earnings. According to the law, these funds are transferred to points, which subsequently affect the amount paid. An increase from August will be achieved due to an increase in the value of a pension point to 81.49 rubles. Another pensioner may temporarily refuse to pay, which then will bring an additional bonus. Among the deputies, the draft introduction of the so-called “13 pension payment”, appointed at the end of the year, as a kind of compensation is being discussed.

What will be the minimum pension in 2018 for Russian regions

The first increase is scheduled for January 2018, after which in April the amounts paid will be indexed to persons receiving social benefits. However, this does not mean that everyone will receive the same way, since each region of Russia has its own BPM set by local authorities, so even pensioners with the same length of service indicators can receive different money resources. In addition, it should be noted that each region has the right to make additional payments to older people, but not all have budget options to do this..


According to official information, the largest federal district of Russia has the following indicators of minimum payments to pensioners. If you do not take into account the metropolitan region and the region, then the maximum figures for the amounts paid will have:

  • Kostroma – 9 629 p.;
  • Voronezh – 9 567 p.;
  • Smolenskaya – 9 516 r.

Residents of the following areas will receive the least amount:

  • Ryazan – 7,998 p.;
  • Bryansk – 7 327 r .;
  • Kursk – 7 044 r.


The maximum amount paid is recorded among the following administrative units:

  • Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 18,199 p .;
  • Murmansk region – 12,497 p.;
  • Arkhangelsk region – 12 315 r.

A distinctive feature of the Northwestern Federal District is that it is least received in the second largest city in Russia and the region:

  • Novgorod – 9 299 p.;
  • St. Petersburg – 8 817 p.;
  • Leningradskaya – 8 672 r.

Old woman with a wallet


In the very south of Russia, the minimum pension benefit for 2018 is fixed at the highest value for the following entities:

  • Volgograd region – 9 380 p. (holds leadership for more than a first year);
  • Rostov region – 9 355 r .;
  • Krasnodar Territory – 9 279 r.

The top three outsiders are:

  • Republic of Adygea – 8 970 p .;
  • Astrakhan region – 8 759 p.;
  • Republic of Kalmykia – 8,296 r.


Good indicators among all regions are recorded in the following administrative units of the Volga Federal District:

  • Republic of Udmurtia – 9,371 p .;
  • Republic of Tatarstan – 9,175 p .;
  • Kirov region – 9 077 r.

The smallest values ​​are marked in:

  • Chuvash Republic – 8,146 p .;
  • Saratov region – 7 971 p.;
  • Orenburg region – 7 761 r.


In the federal district, which forms about a third of the budget of the Russian Federation, the following maximum values ​​of the minimum pension allowance are noted:

  • Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 14,797 p .;
  • Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – 11,830 rubles;
  • Sverdlovsk region – 9 703 r.

The lowest payout for retirees is indicated for the following areas:

  • Tyumen – 9,402 p.;
  • Chelyabinsk – 9,368 p .;
  • Kurgan – 9 226 r.


An interesting situation has developed in the second largest federal district in Russia. Three subjects at once set the limits of the smallest allowance at the same level:

  • Republic of Buryatia – 9,703 p .;
  • Trans-Baikal Territory – 9,703 r .;
  • Novosibirsk region –9,703 r.

The lowest value in the Siberian Federal District is fixed in:

  • Altai Territory – 9,217 p .;
  • Omsk region – 9,057 p .;
  • Kemerovo region – 8 882 p.

Older women

Far Eastern

The maximum minimum pension in Russia in 2018 was recorded in the largest federal district of Russia:

  • Chukotka Autonomous Okrug – 20,944 p .;
  • Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – according to zone 1, the size is 17,435 p., 2 – 14,763 p.;
  • Kamchatka Territory – 17 151 r.

Pensioners receive the least amount in the district in the following administrative units, although residents of some regions of Russia receive maximum pensions at lower values:

  • Jewish Autonomous Region – 9,700 p .;
  • Amur Region – 9 695 p.;
  • Primorsky Territory – 9 637 r.

North Caucasian

The youngest and smallest federal district is also distinguished by the fact that the maximum size of the minimum pension payment is one of the lowest in the country. According to official figures, places in the district between the entities were distributed as follows:

  • Chechen Republic – 8,989 p .;
  • Kabardino-Balkaria – 8,922 p .;
  • Republic of Dagestan – 8,707 p .;
  • Stavropol Territory – 8,293 p .;
  • Republic of Ingushetia – 8 104 p .;
  • North Ossetia – 7,606 p .;
  • Karachay-Cherkessia – 7 491 p.

The minimum pension in 2018 in Moscow and the Moscow region

As already noted, people who have taken a well-deserved vacation and who live in the capital and the Moscow region can count on one of the largest minimum pensions in Russia in 2018. According to official information, the numbers look like this:

  • Moscow – 17,500 p .;
  • Moscow region – 9864 p.

It is noteworthy that residents of New Moscow receive pension payments as Muscovites. Insurance is paid if a person has at least 8 years of experience and an individual ratio of 11.4. Everyone who does not fit into this indicator receives a minimum that does not reach the subsistence level, so the city authorities compensate for this difference. In addition, it is planned to increase a number of monthly and one-time municipal allowances for different categories of Muscovite pensioners (Heroes of Russia, labor, etc.).

For pensioners living less than 10 years in the capital

An interesting situation is with the minimum paid amounts in the capital. Since their value is much higher than the national average, many elderly people are trying, by hook or by crook, to get at least temporary, but metropolitan registration. They continue to live in their native region, and they receive food allowances at Moscow rates.

Pension fund specialists understand this situation, therefore, differentiation was introduced for indigenous and non-indigenous Muscovites. The latter include those who have a Moscow registration in the passport for at least ten years. Non-indigenous Muscovites who have gone on a well-deserved rest are entitled to a minimum pension, the amount of which does not take into account the monthly surcharge paid by the city authorities.

For Muscovites with registration for more than 10 years at the place of registration

If, by registration, a person of retirement age has been living in Moscow for more than one decade, he is entitled to all the allowances and surcharges provided for by law. The social standard from 2018 will be 17,500 rubles. In addition, elderly Muscovites receive some benefits from the authorities, expressed in the form of discounts on travel, payment of a number of utilities. However, it should be borne in mind that the price level in the capital region is higher, which is taken into account when approving the minimum pension allowance.

Aged couple

Making pension supplements up to the subsistence level in 2018

To summarize, it can be noted that the minimum pension in Russia in 2018, due to various circumstances, can not always reach the cost of living. For this reason, surcharges are due until this value is reached. It is important to understand that not all elderly citizens are entitled to expect such an additional payment, but only those whose pension provision is the only source of income. If a person, for example, works extra, then a supplement to the minimum subsistence level is not provided.

The allowances are calculated based not only on the amount of the pension allowance, but also on a number of other additional payments:

  • monthly benefits, for example, for disability;
  • social benefits (free travel by public transport, spa treatment, etc.);
  • additional regular payments provided by the municipal authorities.

Not taken into account is targeted assistance to a citizen, insurance payments, in-kind assistance (material support with food, clothing, medicines). Another important condition for calculating surcharges is that a citizen must permanently reside in Russia. If he travels abroad for permanent residence, the payment of additional funds ceases.

Where to go

In order for the state to start paying extra to a poor pensioner, he must visit a branch of the Pension Fund or send an application there by post. The issue of surcharges is regulated by 178 federal law. Unlike one-time help, they are paid monthly until the moment when the pensioner’s income level reaches the required level or until a person receives an additional source of income. When applying for a job, he must immediately inform the PFR office of his region about this.

What documents are needed

It is necessary to prepare a number of documents in order to receive the due surcharge:

  • a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a residence permit for foreigners;
  • pensioner’s ID;
  • document proving the place of registration;
  • pension insurance document;
  • documentary evidence that the person is not currently working at the moment (for example, a work book);
  • certificates of constantly receiving payments;
  • document on accrued pension funds;
  • statement.
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