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New operators offer their specific conditions in order to differ from other market players. The Iota SIM card is issued separately in three form factors for different types of devices and tariffs (phone, tablet, modem). This was a forced decision for the fair use of profitable tariff plans by subscribers and prevention of violation of contract rules. In this case, the activation itself will take no more than a minute and occurs automatically

What is a SIM card Iota

Unlike most mobile operators, Iota SIM cards are issued for a specific device. They are not sold by hand or in small non-specialized stores, but are activated only by manual tuning. On the one hand, this procedure complicates the process of preparing and launching the device for work, but this ensures the legal registration of the client with a passport and his conscientiousness with respect to the contract with the operator (specifically, the distribution of Wi-Fi without a modem is meant, as there are separate prices for this such traffic usage).

Sim card Iota

Yota for tablet

The Big Three offers a huge number of offers on the Internet for tablets, but they all suffer from standard problems for more than a year: tight limits on traffic limits and speed limits after exceeding it, roaming within the country. There are unlimited packages, but often they are nightly or on a critically weak channel width, which does not allow full use of video resources or online games.

Yota has introduced the only tariff that involves full Internet without roaming throughout Russia (so far this does not apply to Crimea). It’s worth remembering that the Yota SIM card is only suitable for a tablet: in modems and smartphones, the speed will drop to uncomfortable 64 kbit / s, you can’t distribute traffic and use torrents. All other features of the modern network are fully presented..

Iota for the phone

Iota SIM card for smartphones has one significant limitation – it will not fully work on other devices. This is done so that cunning customers do not give out Wi-Fi or use the mobile tariff plan from a phone to a tablet or modem (the Internet is paid for at different rates, but for mobile phones it is the lowest in the line of offers).

Otherwise, as in all operator’s packages, there are no restrictions: completely unlimited calls within the network in Russia, high speed, the presence of even slow but working Internet even at the end of the paid period or negative balance (64 kbit / s). The Yota SIM card is activated for about a minute using a mobile application from the operator (so Yota guarantees the fair use of its services by a specific client).

Simka Yota for modems

We should also mention one unpleasant feature of the modem service: the quality of their equipment is lower than that of the Megaphone, which works at the same base stations. The company is interested in buying SIM cards for modems complete with its equipment, therefore Yota SIM cards are attached to IMEI and do not work correctly on the equipment of other operators. There are a lot of tips on how to get around this lock, so this should not be a problem, because Iota is clearly a leader in the quality of the Internet provided..

How much does iota sim card cost

A significant plus that the cellular network offers is that money is immediately credited to the account. This means that the client after purchasing the Iota SIM card does not need to additionally transfer money to use the services. How much does Sima Yota cost: all types are sold at a single price – 300 rubles, which are immediately returned to the owner to pay for calls, SMS or the Internet. In addition, you can order the delivery of SIM cards home or office.

SIM card on coins

Tariff Plans

Unfortunately, the company had to abandon unlimited mobile Internet in 2019. This is due to the fact that for the entire duration of unlimited packets the average amount of used traffic was in the region of 5 GB. Such a low rate made it possible to switch from unlimited in favor of lowering the monthly fee. Unlimited tariffs remained only with customers who did not switch to new offers. However, there was no limit for instant messengers and social networks in a separate package at a price of 100 rubles per month.

Yota Smartphone Billing

Offers for mobile phones at the company differ in the number of available minutes to numbers of other operators, the volume of Internet traffic for a month and payment. The spread of prices will help you choose a tariff that will fully meet the needs of the client and not hit the budget. Some offers may vary by region. The client can learn more about tariffing for his subject in the card sales salon or on the Iota website. What, for example, Yota provides for Moscow:

  • 300, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 free minutes for talking with other operators;
  • high-speed internet anywhere in the country;
  • Free calls to Iota numbers during the paid month period;
  • service cost – 440, 640, 940, 1340, 1840 rubles per month.

Iota Rates for Tablet

Due to the disconnection of the unlimited Internet service, the way to pay for network access for tablets has changed. With the help of the Iota application, the client determines the speed of use or adjusts it at an unlimited rate. Packages offer 512 kbps, 2 Mbps and without limits. The main thing is to make sure that in the region where they will use the tablet, a specific standard for mobile communications (2G, 3G, 4G) is supported. On the first day, services after activating the card are provided without speed limits.

SIM card cost for modem

The Internet through the Yota modem has left unlimited for the entire territory of Russia. It is more expensive than mobile, but often such a solution is chosen by those customers who need a large amount of traffic. At the same time, the 64 Kbit package is completely free, and then the payment grows depending on the network speed. The most expensive tariff is 1000 rubles / month; it offers the highest possible traffic. The nuance is that if the local network does not support the speed of 6.5 Mbps (the cost is 800 rubles / month), then it makes no sense to pay for the top offer (a proprietary modem or router is bought separately).

How to order a Yota SIM card

Iota SIM cards are not sold as numbers of other operators: you can purchase them through the company’s corporate offices, order them through the service on the website or at the partner stores of Svyaznoy and Euroset. In this way, maximum client transparency and personal user orientation are achieved. In addition, the intended use of the cards is monitored..

Mobile Phone Shop Svyaznoy

Online on the official website

There is a special delivery service on the company’s website. In it you need to specify the region, the address of the recipient, wait for the courier and get a SIM card. It must be remembered that delivery may not be carried out in remote cities, so ordering through this service is more suitable for residents of large cities. To use Iota in remote regions you will have to go for a SIM card yourself.

In a mobile application

A special application from Iota for all existing operating systems will allow you to control costs, replenish the account, keep detailed statistics on the use of the tariff, adjust the settings of the batch application. Separately, it is necessary to mention the possibility of ordering a new SIM card, even while maintaining the old number. Everything can work with minimal Internet speed on almost any generation of smartphones.

Where to buy a Yota SIM card

As mentioned above, you can directly buy Sima Yota only at official dealerships or salons of Euroset or Svyaznoy, which are direct partners of the company. Buying with hands or not through an affiliate store is fraught with the fact that the client will receive a fake or stolen SIM card. In any case, no one can guarantee stability, and there may be problems with the police and the former owner of the number.

Subscription Service Offices

The easiest way is to buy a SIM card in the official center of the company. The full coverage map on the territory of the Russian Federation is on the official website. On it you can find the nearest office or subscription service center. Convenience lies in the fact that in parallel, additional devices from Iota (modems, routers) are presented, which may not be available at points of sale. They will also help with card activation and choosing the right tariff..

Mobile Operator Partners

Like the official Yota communication stores, the Euroset and Svyaznoy stores are represented throughout the country, where you can buy a Yota SIM card without obstacles. Their representative offices are much more than operator service points, which covers the maximum possible range of potential customers. These companies are the only licensed representatives who can provide services for the sale and activation of Iota SIM cards, configure devices.

How to activate Yota SIM card on the phone

Before you start using the services, the SIM card will need to be activated. For this, you need to download and install the Iota application on your device, and the program should recognize a new SIM card. In the window that opens, the client will see the phone number, select the tariff plan and the features of their service settings. Sim card activation will be over and you can use it. Occasionally, due to program compatibility failures or gadget features, connection does not occur.

The company provides for manual activation of the SIM card, you will need to configure the access point. This is necessary so that the client independently determines the tariff, adjusts it to his requirements and knows exactly what he pays. This is exactly what distinguishes Iota from most competitors in the market. The activation process itself is elementary simple and takes no longer than 1-2 minutes. Depending on the OS on the smartphone, the procedure may vary slightly. How to activate a Yota SIM card:

  • IOS: from the menu enter the settings section – access point; choose add or create (+) and prescribe a new point internet.yota; after saving, select it active (the corresponding status will appear after a while).
  • Android OS: find the “mobile network” section in the settings of your smartphone, after the point (APN), specify a new YOTA access and select APN internet.yota.
  • For IPhone: in the settings menu, go to the “Cellular and cellular data” section, where you can specify the APN internet.yota command.

IPhone in hand

How to connect iota to the tablet

Activating a SIM card for a tablet (iPad, Android) is completely identical to a smartphone. You will need to buy a Yota SIM card, preinstall the program from the electronic store (GooglePlay, AppStore, Microsoft). Then she will determine the card herself, help set up the connection conditions, and you will be able to fully use the communication services. If there was a failure and activation did not pass, then we repeat the same steps as when setting up the smartphone (manually set the access point).

How to activate iota sim card for modem

Activating a modem or router is easier because no third-party programs are required. The device (LTE modem) must be inserted into the USB port of the computer (the Iota SIM card is already inside). An automatic driver download will begin, which may take some time, it depends on the signal strength of the network. After that, open any browser that will automatically go to the page of the site. You need to fill in all the fields to register in your personal account (online support service is working). After successful activation, a connection icon will appear in the lower right corner of the monitor.

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