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Modern life is built on money, earnings, the pursuit of success. From an early age, children adopt an adult thirst for an interesting and beautiful life. The board game Monopoly with bank cards will allow all players to touch the world of big purchases and possession of serious real estate. She was able to instantly capture the attention of all participants several decades ago, and today even closer to reality due to the presence of bank cards – doubly interesting.

What is a board game Monopoly

In appearance, the game Monopoly is similar to many ordinary board games. It is a field on which squares are located around the perimeter. Players walk on them. Its main difference is that there you will have to use all your strategic abilities in order not to go broke, earn big capital, and “destroy” your competitors. This is the main goal. The monopoly is an excellent strategic and economic tool; it has been successful not only among children, but also among adults since the beginning of its appearance on the market in 1935.

The essence of the game

The action in the game takes place around real estate. You can buy, sell, rent, build cities for the sole purpose of getting rich. From the starting cell, players move across the field according to the number of points scored on the dice. Becoming on cells where these or those offers will come across, you can accept them or reject. For example, you can buy free real estate. Non-purchased can be sold at auction. When you become the owner of your own hotels or houses, then in the future you will be able to earn on them by charging a rent.

As in life, in Monopoly you can take loans for purchase or construction, buy out property, buildings, land, mortgage your property, sell it. In this process, logical thinking develops, players learn to spend money rationally so as not to go bankrupt. The game is interesting in the presence of all sorts of instructions, cards with chances. She tickles her nerves, because in it you can even go to jail. The meaning of all actions and the main condition for victory is to buy out most of the buildings, get rich and throw competitors out of the market. There are shortened quick game options.

Board Game Monopoly

Rules of the game

The instruction says that at the beginning of the game you need to choose a banker, who, if desired, can simultaneously be the owner. The banker mixes and distributes to each 2 cards – a document of ownership. Then the rules of the game in Monopoly are reduced to movement along the field, where different events await them with descriptions of actions for:

  • house building;
  • real estate purchase;
  • rent collection;
  • payment of taxes;
  • going to jail;
  • follow various instructions;
  • rest in a free parking lot;
  • getting into different sectors, such as exchange, tax and others;
  • bankruptcy.

How to play Monopoly with bank cards

The essence of the game remains the same, but players are pleased with modern devices such as a bank terminal and credit cards. The terminal runs on batteries, which must be purchased separately. He reads all the cards included in the game, for example, street maps. In the new version, you still need to choose a banker and try to make deliberate purchases so as not to go broke.

Object Card in Monopoly Game

What is the difference

The old version of the game taught players to use regular paper money. The monopoly with bank cards of the latest version keeps up to date and teaches to use modern means of payment. They need to be attached to the terminal, which is exciting for children who see how their parents perform similar actions with their many real cards. It has become much easier for the banker to play the game, because he will no longer have to count and recount packs of money.

Where did the money go in Monopoly

Multi-colored papers of various denominations are a thing of the past. In the modern version of the Monopoly, you definitely will not see them anymore. The game does not lag behind realities, so instead of paper money, players use modern plastic cards. They are made of high quality material and retain their appearance for a long time. Each card has a “rubber” account. His condition depends entirely on the player’s actions. It replenishes and decreases depending on your decisions..

ATM – card transactions

The new device in Monopoly is an ATM. It is necessary to insert cards into it and choose the desired action to withdraw or credit funds. This completely protects the players from the mistake of the banker, because you will no longer be able to accidentally put you notes of lesser value or not report a couple of thousand. Playing with an ATM becomes much more interesting and more honest..

The payment terminal in the game Monopoly and bank cards

How much is a monopoly with bank cards

Monopoly with an ATM is not an easy board game. She teaches how to do business, so she has the appropriate design, assumes a large number of cards, and today an ATM. You can buy a monopoly with bank cards at a price of several thousand rubles. One of the economical options is to order it with delivery by mail from an online store in Moscow or St. Petersburg, where there are always promotions and discounts and the cost is lower. The most expensive option can get you for about 4000 rubles. All games are released by Hasbro, but they cost differently:

Online storePrice
Chadorado2269 r.
Toysband2299 r.
Toys-galaxy2403 r.
Techport2403 r
4Junior2467 r.
At Lukomorye2700 r.
TechnoSila2780 r.
Gifts OVDI2937 r.
Toy festival2899 r.
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