Musical instruments for children – how to choose according to the age of the child, the manufacturer and the material of manufacture

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Manufacturers offer a choice of a large assortment of educational toys for children of different ages: from birth, from 3, from 6 years, etc. Toy musical instruments for children are quite popular – the child will be delighted with the opportunity to play on a children’s guitar or drum. They are suitable for both boys and girls. Classes with them contribute to the development of a sense of rhythm, creative skills, memory, ear for music and hand motor skills..


Children’s musical toys, like adult instruments, are divided into several groups. The right choice will help introduce your baby to the world of music. Teaching children with developmental toys will help teach them how to make sounds that will appeal to others from an early age. Compared with adult counterparts, children’s sets are easier to use – children can play them on their own without the help of parents. Instruments for young musicians are divided into:

  • noise;
  • drums;
  • wind instruments;
  • keyboards;
  • strings.


A set of musical instruments for children in this category is easy to use, so your baby will not have problems with its use. With their help, you can receive sounds in the classroom and during games that are not produced by keyboard or wind analogs. A popular option is a rattle, with which the baby can extract loud noise, creating a sound effect. The sounds of a rattle perfectly complement dance compositions and create the necessary national style and flavor. Other children’s noise musical instruments:

  • tambourines;
  • rattles;
  • castanets;
  • Maracas
  • wooden spoons;
  • rubels.



Instruments selected for preschool children will develop a musical ear and sense of rhythm in the baby over time. In the future, he can become a real musician. An interesting preference may be a set of percussion products. Sound is made by a stretched membrane (tambourine, drum) or the body of the product (triangles, gongs). A special group of percussion instruments includes instruments that can make a sound of a certain height: bells, xylophones, etc. Popular children’s percussion instruments:

  • drums;
  • diamonds;
  • triangles
  • bells;
  • xylophones, etc..

Toy drum


Sound in wind instruments is made as a result of vibrations of a column of air, which is enclosed inside a tube. The larger the air volume, the lower the sound. Wind instruments are wooden (flutes, bassoons, clarinets) and copper (pipes, trombones). Opening and closing the holes with your fingers, you can shorten the air column to change the pitch. Modern winds are often made not of wood, but by tradition they are called wooden. Among children’s analogues are popular:

  • flutes;
  • pipes
  • reed pipes;
  • pipes;
  • saxophones;
  • clarinets;
  • harmonica.

Plastic children's saxophone


Keyboards attract a lot of kids’ attention, one of the most popular and common variants of which is the piano. The first keyboards – harpsichords and clavichords – appeared in the Middle Ages. They sounded quietly, but gently and romanticly. Organ also belongs to this category – the largest and one of the oldest musical instruments. Compared to other keyboards, the organ is considered to be a keyboard-wind. Among the popular options for children are:

  • piano;
  • synthesizers;
  • accordions.

Synthesizer toy


The kid can play funny melodies not only on wind or keyboard, but also on stringed musical instruments. The sound comes from an oscillating string. To strengthen it, the strings began to be pulled over the hollow body, as a result of which there appeared a mandolin, a harp, a lute, cymbals and a well-known guitar. String products are bowed and plucked. For the former, a bow is required, which is led along stretched strings – violins, violas, double basses, cello. Widespread String Options for Kids – Guitars and Violins.

Kids guitar

What are toy musical instruments

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country you can find many interesting children’s guitars, pianos, drums, etc., painted in bright colors. You can order a suitable gift for a young musician in a specialized online store with mail delivery. For example, an interesting choice is a baby piano in a set with a microphone and a chair. Equally suitable options are a tambourine, a xylophone, a guitar with an amplifier and microphones, maracas, castanets. If there are two or three children, then a whole noise orchestra will appear in your home.

Tambourine for baby

Baby piano with microphone and high chair

The very first professional choice for a young musician from 3 years old can be an electronic piano. Well, if the kit includes a microphone and a chair. A piano for children develops hearing, fine motor skills of hands, creativity – suitable for boys and girls from one year old. The former are characterized by bright blues and blues, while the latter are pink. The toy is characterized by a deep, clear sound. Some models have fun songs, voices of cartoon characters, animals. Sometimes there are functions for recording voice and sound, the ability to connect headphones.

Children's synthesizer with microphone and high chair

Rattles Pipes

Having decided to buy a game kit for your baby that will develop a musical ear, take a closer look at the pipe-rattle. She will amuse your child or help to calm him before nightfall and will contribute to good sleep after a fun pastime. The musical rattle, which many parents give their children in early childhood, is made of bright plastic in the form of a pipe. There are buttons on the upper part – the baby clicks on them, and the pipe starts to make funny sounds. Such a toy will not let the baby get bored. Suitable for the smallest (0-12 months).


Baby drum

Musical instruments for children in the form of a drum – this is exactly what a child needs for happiness. Children learn not only to extract loud sounds from the drum, creating noise, but also try to form a sense of rhythm, develop hearing. Learning to control sticks, children develop small motor skills, learn to coordinate their movements. The case is often decorated with colorful images. It is convenient to hang the drum over your shoulder, as It is equipped with a strap. Certified products are made from high quality plastic. Suitable for children from 3 years old.

Children's drum with sticks

Maracas and Castanets

Children’s maracas and castanets can become a powerful competitor to drums. It is easier to extract sound from them – you just need to shake them. This greatly attracts children who are ready to shake maracas for hours on end. The principle of playing them is similar to playing the simplest rattle toys. Such musical instruments for children will help to learn to beat the rhythm. Inside is a special rattling element that creates a characteristic sound during a concussion. Maracas and castanets are designed for babies from 2-3 years.

Children's toy maracas

Tambourine and xylophone

Xylophone consists of several bars and plates of different sizes. Each element corresponds to a certain sound tonality, note. The children’s version of the xylophone is very popular with children, because he is able to make original sounds. The essence of the game on it is to hit each plate in a certain order, armed with chopsticks with round spherical ends. The basic principle is to alternate punches with both hands. For the manufacture of xylophone using wood, plastic or a combination of both materials. Age category – from 1.5-3 years.

You can help your child get acquainted with the world of music in such an accessible and simple way as playing a tambourine. It is convenient and easy to hold in your hand, and the sounds made will surely please the baby. He will want to constantly play the tambourine. The product has a round shape. Playing with him, the baby will train his hearing, rhythm, improve tactile perception. To play, you need to shake the tambourine to the beat of the music or beat on its surface. The product is often decorated with colorful drawings, for example, in the form of animals. The age category of most models is from 3 years.

Xylophone for children

Guitar with microphone and amplifier

An interesting acquisition will be an electronic guitar, in addition to which are a microphone and an amplifier. Such a kit is what a beginner needs. The shape of the guitar is made convenient for children’s hands. The product is equipped with a built-in speaker connected to a microphone. A guitar is a great choice for kids who love to sing, their voice will sound through the speaker. The volume is regulated at the discretion of the young musician. For the manufacture of durable plastic, painted with safe dyes. Age category – from 4 years old.

Electric guitar with microphone and amplifier

How to choose

When choosing musical instruments for children, decide on the appropriate look. Percussion has a positive effect on the vestibular apparatus of the baby: triangles, tambourines, drums, xylophones. Wind (pipes, pipes, harmonica) contribute to the development of the lungs, strengthening the respiratory system. Playing the pipe trains the vocal cords. For the development of fine motor skills, coordinated hand movements, give preference to keyboard musical instruments for children. String analogues will help in the development of coordination of hand movements in older kids.


Musical instruments for children of famous brands are, as a rule, somewhat more expensive than the others. Moreover, they are more reliable in terms of quality and safety of the materials used, because a well-known manufacturer will not sell poor products to the detriment of his brand. Popular, common brands include:

  • Vtech;
  • Cottoons;
  • Djeco;
  • Tomik;
  • Fisher-price
  • Tongle
  • Zhorya;
  • Keenway;
  • Toy;
  • Shantou Gepai et al.

Toy musical developing Vtech

Age group and gender

When choosing musical instruments for children, take into account the gender and age of your child. Products for girls are often painted pink, and for boys – blue or blue. There is essentially no tangible difference between them. As for age, percussion instruments are more suitable for children aged 3-4 years. Whistles, pipes – the best option for babies up to 2 years. A flute is suitable for a three-year-old child, and a harmonica – for four. Among the keyboards there are models for both one-year-olds and older children. String toys it makes sense to buy for a baby 4-5 years old.

Child with an electric guitar

Production material

Musical instruments for children made of plastic are found most of all. They differ in low cost, but it is difficult to call them strong, durable. Wood is a natural, but more expensive material that will last longer. There are products made from one specific material, for example, from metal: triangles, harmonica. Some options are made from different materials, for example, a whistle – preferably a ceramic or wooden model than a plastic one.

Where can I buy

You can buy a children’s accordion for the first acquaintance of the baby with the world of music, a wooden drum, a guitar or other instrument at retail outlets specializing in the sale of toys. In recent years, parents have preferred online shopping, where you can make an order in minutes, without leaving home. Try to find the best purchase in large stores where promotions, sales are not uncommon. Today, even online stores (many) offer discounts in order to attract customers.

How much are

The price of musical instruments for children varies greatly depending on the place of sale, manufacturer, quality of materials used and other parameters. Of no small importance is the age category. Before you buy a baby piano, guitar or anything else, check out the prices:

Tool name

Manufacturer and product name

Short description

Age category

Price in rubles


Tongde (HD483947R)

A four-string red-yellow guitar with a comfortable shape and size suitable for a small artist. Made of plastic.

From 3 years


Playing Together (B1125995-R)

Beautifully painted guitar made of high quality, durable plastic. It looks very similar to a guitar for adults. Weighs 740 g.

From 3 years


Drum and drum kit

Masha and the Bear

A bright toy with the image of your favorite heroes will involve the baby in the game of drums. The product is equipped with a backlight. Made of polymer, metal.

From 3 years


Simba (Musical World Series)

The set consists of 3 reels, 2 sticks. Compact drums are mounted on a convenient stand, easily fit on your desktop. Installation height – 37 cm.

From 3 years


Pianos and synthesizers

Toy (ZYB-B0690-1)

Children’s electronic piano with 32 keys. Dimensions – 40x16x5 cm. There are 22 demo tunes, 8 rhythms, a training mode, an automatic transition to sleep mode, etc..


Fisher-Price (Piano Puppy DLK15)

The toy develops creativity, imagination. In the training mode, funny phrases, songs about figures, numbers, colors are activated. There is a mode of “Music” in which you can compose your own tunes.

From 6 months


S + S Toys (Bambini EG80083R)

Toy with light, sound effects. The product has 13 keys, 5 buttons with demo tunes.

From 1 year



Mapacha (Owlet 76430)

It is made in the original form of an owlet. It has a colorful color. The main manufacturing material is wood.

From 1 year


Cog and Groove (5101)

Bright multi-colored musical toy. She will entertain the baby and will contribute to the development of musical hearing..

From 3 years


Shantou Gepai (Key 3058)

The case is made in a curved shape with a treble clef that adorns the beginning of the product. 10 different color drum strips available.

From 3 years



Playgo (Play 4110)

Toy maracas are made in the form of two containers with a handle. Their cavity is filled with peas that make a sound during shaking. The surface is decorated with stickers with cartoon characters..

From 3 years


Masha and the Bear (B409790-R2)

A toy with a rattling element that creates a characteristic sound when shaking. Helps learn to beat the beat.

From 3 years


Musical dance mat

Winx (Classics 27177)

Sound effect mat decorated with images of Winx cartoon heroines. It operates in three modes, there are programmed melodies.

From 3 years


Shantou Gepai (Dancing 631234)

A wonderful choice for active children with adjustable volume of played tunes. There is a keypad, buttons on which are located similar to the numbers on the mat.

From 3 years


Musical kits for children

Tongde (HDT445-D4132)

Consists of a drum with sticks, a pipe, rattles, etc. Made of plastic.

From 3 years


Toy (I899B-6S)

The set contains a guitar, trumpet, maracas, saxophone, etc. Plastic is used for manufacturing.

From 3 years


Drum kit

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