Nano SIM card for smartphone. How to crop a regular or micro SIM card for nano sim format

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Each mobile device works with the network through a special card with a chip, which is popularly called “Simka”. The chipset contains information by which communication with the operator and the provision of services, the storage of a small amount of data. Now they release several SIM formats that differ in size.

What is a nano sim card

Each owner bought a package from MTS, Megaphone or TELE2 to use communication services. What the nano SIM card means was the first to be introduced to all owners of an iPhone model older than 4th. The new smartphone used a completely different card format, which was named NanoSim. A related innovation was the fact that the iPhone became 20% thinner and the manufacturer was looking for ways to reduce content. The standard connector was replaced with a narrower one, and instead of MicroSIM nanosymics were used.

Residents of Moscow and other cities of Russia were not ready, the operators did not have time to issue new types of cards, so many needed to trim the SIM card under the nano sim. Old cards simply could not fit into the SIM card slots (even MiniSIM and micro SIM cards). All other smartphone makers followed the giant’s example and copied the new format to also reduce the thickness of the device.

Nano SIM card for smartphone or iPhone

Micro sim and nano sim – the difference

The most important difference between nano sim and micro sim is size and thickness. The chip also works well, no innovations in communication technology or data, just smaller parameters provided the opportunity to make the iPhone even thinner. Problems arose only for users who decided to switch to a new smartphone from Apple, and for operators, because the main complaints regarding the size of the SIM were addressed to Beeline, MTS and Megafon. However, this complexity didn’t stop people for long, because the difference in parameters is small, for example, the micro-image is 12×15 mm, and the nano-sim is 9×12 mm.

How to crop a sim card under a nano sim

Those who just bought a brand new iPhone did not want to wait and the urgent question arose: how to cut a micro SIM card under a nano sim? The chip size of the SIM cards is the same, and the main problem was the amount of plastic around the edges. To reduce to nano format, you can do the following:

  • perform circumcision on your own;
  • take to the workshop where there is the necessary tool;
  • send to a mobile phone salon and request a replacement card.

A man cuts a sim card according to the pattern with scissors

How to make a nano sim from a micro sim

If you don’t want to go or go anywhere, then you can try to independently reduce the size of the SIM card. There is a proven way to cut a micro SIM card under a nano SIM, if you have a printer, scissors and double-sided adhesive paper. It should be remembered that during cropping there is a chance to get a broken one from a working SIM card. All actions you perform at your own peril and risk. You will need:

  • double-sided tape (you can use glue, but this option is worse;
  • micro or standard SIM card;
  • printer and paper;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors (or nail tongs);
  • sandpaper.

The rules for cropping will not differ depending on the gadget, for a phone or tablet from Apple. In order not to cut off the extra millimeters and not to touch the circuit, you will need a nano-format sim-cat template, it can be easily downloaded. Next, do the following.

  1. Print the downloaded template, you do not need to change the scale or location of the drawing. Color printing is not needed, just plain black and white is enough. It’s important that the picture is clear..
  2. Scissor out the template to the size your card fits. Inside the figure, the parameters for the nano-sim card will be indicated.
  3. Glue with adhesive tape / glue to the side of the SIM card on which the operator’s logo is written (the chip should not be subjected to any effects). Focus on the cut corner of the picture, which will not let you make mistakes with the right sides..
  4. Wait until the glue dries (in the case of adhesive tape is not required), carefully cut off the excess plastic along the lines of the template. If the scissors are not sharp enough, use a pair of nail clippers..
  5. Remove the sticky note from Simka.

Do not worry that the cut lines will pass in the immediate vicinity of the chip, this will not affect the performance of the micro-sim in any way if you do not touch it purposefully. Use sandpaper to round the edges, grind off the roughness of the plastic. If on some side the card will go in tightly, grind a little more with sandpaper.

Normal, micro and nano SIM card

How to make a nano sim from ordinary

Exactly the same method that was described above is suitable if you have a question how to make a nano sim from an ordinary SIM card. Note that older card models have a larger chip, so you will have to remove almost all the plastic around the circuit. The residues should be washed carefully with sandpaper or a nail file. Another subtlety of older sims is thickness. The new format has become not only small, but also thin, so in addition to the four sides, you will have to grind the back side, where you have written Megaphone or MTS.

Another option is to buy a special device in the online store that cuts the card to the required size. Outwardly, it looks like a stapler, a regular SIM is placed inside, the handles are carefully pressed and all the excess is cut off with one click. The tool can cut Micro or Nano format. Exactly the same devices are used in the departments of the connected and mobile salons. The tool is inexpensive, but it makes no sense to buy only to reduce 1 card.

Adapter for nano sim card

Such size is used only in new smartphones and gadgets from Apple. If at some point you took the phone of an older model, then you will need an adapter for a nano SIM card. This is a special adapter in which the card is placed and it is tightly fixed in it, increasing. The cost of such an adapter is very low. Next, you simply insert the adapter into your phone and use.

Where to change a regular SIM card to nano

If you do not risk cutting your standard SIM, then it is better to exchange it for a new option with your operator for free. This is the only sure way where to get a nano sim with your number. Operators offer you to exchange for another card. You just need to come to the post office, take with you:

  • passport;
  • an agreement;
  • old map.

Smartphone and sim card

Where to crop a SIM card

If you decide that you yourself do not want to do anything to avoid breakage, then there are two options where to cut the SIM card. You can come to the communication salon, you will be offered either to completely replace the plastic, get a new SIM, which has several layers and can be squeezed out of the shell to the desired format. Or the employee will use the “stapler” described above. The second option is to contact the nearest telephone repair shop. In each such department there is also a stapler, for a symbolic price (and in some places completely free) you will be cut off excess plastic.

Price for nano sim card

If you contacted a mobile phone salon, you will be exchanged absolutely free. Now it takes a few minutes. And after a day your old plastic will cease to function fully. If you turned to a workshop or a hardware store, you should know how much it costs to trim a SIM card. As a rule, the cost of services varies in large cities from 100 to 300 rubles. The price may be lower, and some good craftsmen do it for free.

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