Nikitin cubes – a logical puzzle for the intellectual development of a preschool child

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The early development of the child is the basis of the foundation for his further growing up. Experts recommend many methods, one of the most popular is Nikitin cubes. A developing game such as a puzzle perfectly affects the logic, attentiveness, imagination, perseverance of the child. You can start practicing already in one and a half to two years and, increasing the complexity of tasks, play right up to school age.

What are Nikitin cubes?

The famous teacher Boris Nikitin, when creating his unique intellectual tasks for children, adhered to the principle that the child must think of the rules of the game himself. Among his main tasks are the development of independence, the desire to create a new one, the training of logical and abstract thinking. Wooden or plastic Nikitinsky cubes are sold in 16 pieces per set.

Each figure has 6 faces that are painted in different colors. These are usually red, green, blue and yellow. The child needs to collect one-, two-, three- or four-color pictures, based on tasks from a special album. Nikitin’s methodology involves various options for puzzles, for example, “Fold the pattern”, “Cubes for everyone”, “Bricks”, “Fold the square” and “Unicub”.

How to play

The essence of games is to put pictures from cubes into a pattern or figure. Tasks differ from each other in terms of difficulty. The simplest task is to fold the pieces into a 4: 4 square. Later, when the child is comfortable, you can add patterns with many faces. For example, you can build a turret or a snake, a Christmas tree, a house, a flower, a tree. Ready-made outlines of drawings will look like some kind of object or just resemble an interesting pattern.

In his book, “Steps of Creativity, or Developing Games,” Nikitin recommends organizing the game so that the activities are pleasing to the child himself — the puzzle should interest the child so that in the future he will be drawn to collect new figures. The smallest can simultaneously tell a fairy tale or a fascinating story related to the figure being assembled. Nikitin blocks are suitable for collecting any multi-colored patterns.

However, do not bother the children with tips: it is better if the baby himself comes up with a figure, even if it differs from a given sample. Mistakes are also better to look for yourself.

In addition, Boris Nikitin gives parents some tips:

  • During classes, refrain from comments if the child does not succeed.
  • If the child cannot cope with the exercise, it means that it is still too complicated for him and it is too early to start it. It is recommended to take a break and then start with lighter examples..
  • If there are several children in the family, it is better if everyone has their own sets.
  • Do not oversaturate children with this game. Over time, she will get tired, then it’s worth returning to the cubes in a couple of months.
  • When the baby moves to the figures, it will be possible to offer him to make sketches of the resulting objects.
  • It is possible to arrange competitions in collecting figures for a while, so the children will feel a slight excitement and a desire to do the best.

Cubes Nikitin

Types of Nikitin cubes

Teacher-practitioner Boris Nikitin 40 years ago developed his own methodology for developing games. The first children who grew up on his toys were the teacher’s own grandchildren. Now developing games are known not only in Russia, but also around the world..

Before deciding to buy, decide what qualities you would like to develop in the child: logic, eye, fantasy, logical and spatial thinking, etc. Based on this, choose a set. Nikitin’s technique for children leaves room for choice for every taste: decide what colors the edges will be painted in, how many parts the manual consists of.

Fold pattern

The easiest option is a set of 16 plastic or wooden blocks and an album with tasks packed in a box. This technique is also called Nikitin puzzles. It is suitable for beginners..

  • Model Name: Fold Pattern Set
  • Price: 550 rubles
  • Characteristics: a developing technique for preschool children, the product is presented in different colors.
  • Pros: develops imagination, color perception, ability to combine, mental operations of comparison, analysis and synthesis.
  • Cons: the cubes are very small (2: 2 cm.).

Puzzle Fold Pattern

Fold square

For children who have already mastered the simplest tasks, game options with uneven coloring of figures are suitable:

  • Model Name: Fold Square Set
  • Price: 3500 rubles
  • Characteristics: a set of three parts, each – 12 squares of different colors, which are divided into parts (triangle, rectangle, etc.). This game is intended for children from two years. The child will collect the cut square back.
  • Pros: develops logical thinking, ability to complete the whole, eye..
  • Cons: the presence of small parts, chips and burrs in the squares, and the high price.

Puzzle game Fold Square


A useful skill will be the ability to collect three-dimensional figures – ranging from geometric to funny houses or animals. There are special sets for this:

  • Model Name: “Unicub Set”
  • Price: 680 rubles
  • Product specifications: The puzzle consists of twenty-seven universal hexagonal identical cubes with colored faces. From them it is necessary to collect three-dimensional figures. The game can be offered to children from one and a half years.
  • Pros: develops spatial thinking, combining ability, self-control.
  • Cons: not found.

Puzzle for children Unicub

Cubes for everyone

When the child is comfortable with cubes, you can offer him one of the most difficult games in the series. At an advanced level, children can collect objects from two or three figures – animals, a house, cars. Estimated age of the child – 5-7 years.

  • Model Name: “Bright Cubes Set”
  • Price: 590 rubles
  • Features: The puzzle consists of seven complex shapes that differ in shape and color. Includes sample brochure.
  • Pros: ability to combine, attention, imagination.
  • Cons: the presence of chips on the edge of the cubes.


Those parents for whom environmental performance and toy safety are of great importance will appreciate the variation with wooden blocks. They are more durable, although the baby may like less bright, light plastic cubes..

  • Model Name: “Set” Bricks for Little “
  • Price: 400 rubles
  • Product specifications: includes eight wooden blocks with monochrome faces and a notebook with tasks. Age of the child – from three years.
  • Pros: helps to develop visual-effective and spatial thinking, eye.
  • Cons: not found.

Educational game Bricks for little ones

How to choose Nikitin cubes

Like any other toy, Nikitin’s developmental cubes should be chosen based on the wishes of the child. If he liked wooden cubes, he did not need to impose multi-colored cubes or squares. When choosing Nikitin cubes, it is worth considering the age of the child and the complexity of the game, psychological and physiological characteristics of the baby.

You need to start with a simple one. Even if the task seems elementary to you, let the child collect an example: let him feel the taste of victory, and only then move on to a more difficult level using task albums.

The game is easy to find on sale. You can buy Nikitin cubes in toy stores, order in online stores. Another option is to buy it on the official website of the Nikitin family with delivery from Moscow or St. Petersburg by mail. The price of Nikitin cubes varies from 350 rubles to 3500 rubles: the exact cost from the manufacturer, materials, set size. On the official website it will be more expensive, but better.

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