Norms and rules of decency for men and women – the basics of small talk and behavior in society

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In modern society, it is important to have good manners, to be able to behave correctly in different life situations. Etiquette has many features and is a complex science. The main subtlety – there are no clearly defined norms of behavior, it all depends on the circumstances, time and place. Etiquette rules between a man and a girl will make communication more enjoyable, and good manners will help to have a psychological impact on the partner.

What are the rules of etiquette

The concept came from the French word “etiquette”, which means a set of generally accepted rules of conduct, knowledge of the basics of courtesy. There are several main types of etiquette:

  • ability to give oneself: forming a wardrobe, looking after one’s appearance, physical fitness, gestures, postures, posture;
  • speech form: ability to speak compliments, greetings, thanks, manner of speech;
  • table etiquette: the ability to eat, knowledge of serving standards, manners at the table;
  • social behavior: how to behave in an office, a store, at an exhibition, in a museum, restaurant, theater, court;
  • business etiquette: relations with superiors, colleagues, business negotiations.

Good manners for men

If the representative of the stronger sex values ​​the reputation in society, he will always observe moderation in clothing. Shorts and T-shirts are appropriate for a family dinner or during a vacation in the countryside. Sports or classic wear is suitable for casual environments, and a tie and jacket are required for business meetings. As for good manners, a well-mannered man will not be hindered by a polite nod in response to a greeting from even a stranger. How to communicate with a woman, bosses, relatives will be discussed below.

Modern etiquette for women

The first rule for a woman is tact in any situation. Etiquette lessons suggest behaving respectfully with everyone, be it a neighbor, a business partner, or an entrance cleaner. If a woman likes to joke, then it should be clearly defined in which situation you can allow a joke, and with whom you need to be serious. It is necessary to observe a culture of communication with the opposite sex. With men unfamiliar and acquaintances should not flirt, flirt and build eyes – this is a violation of etiquette. Politeness implies simple communication without intrigue, gossip and rumors.

Etiquette for children

Rules of conduct in society exist for children. The further success, career, environment will depend on the knowledge that the child will receive in childhood. The simplest techniques for mastering the rules of etiquette are reading fairy tales, watching cartoons, using board games on this topic, singing songs. The basic courtesy rule for a child is respect for all adults, children, animals without exception. Everything else is already flowing smoothly from this..

Children at the desks

How to behave in society

The basic code of etiquette for men and women:

  1. Do not come without a call. Only if you are visited without warning, you can allow yourself to meet a person in home clothes.
  2. Do not place the bag on a chair or on your knees. A voluminous backpack can be hung on the back of the chair. A man purse or small handbag is placed on the table, and if a man carries a briefcase, then he must be left on the floor.
  3. When meeting, call your name first if you are communicating with a group of people. Only the right hand should be served..
  4. In the car, the passenger needs to sit in the back seat. The most prestigious is the place located behind the driver.

In communication with people

A typical day for a modern person includes many situations in which the culture of behavior and the way of staying are checked: communication in shops, in public transport, meeting with colleagues, rules of speech etiquette at official receptions, etc. As for the first meeting with a person, the impression is created on how the interlocutor knows how to introduce himself. In everyday etiquette, the first to meet are the younger in age or men. To make a good impression, you should always start communication with a smile.

How a girl should behave with a guy

Modern etiquette for girls provides for knowledge of elementary rules of behavior with the opposite sex. At the first meeting with a man, he shouldn’t throw himself on the neck, it will be appropriate to just lend a hand. On a date you need to behave easily and naturally, to joke and smile, but not to be offended. One cannot help telling a man about his shortcomings or unsuccessful relationships at the first meeting. You do not need to shout about the merits either, you can indicate about them, but in passing.

Etiquette Basics

The rules of cultural behavior are simple: the culture of speech, which has a stylistic and grammatical orientation, well-groomed appearance, attentiveness to the interlocutor, the ability to provide service to the needy, to listen to the speaker. The rate of acquaintance and subsequent communication is conditional, therefore, it is in the nature of an unwritten agreement on what is generally accepted and what is not. Every cultural person must know and abide by the rules of etiquette, understanding their need for society.

Good manners

A well-mannered person is immediately isolated from the crowd. He is distinguished by his knowledge of etiquette and a specific manner of behavior: voice intonation, expressions used in speech, gait, facial expressions, gestures. This is restraint, modesty, the ability to control emotions, actions, words. To comply with the concept of a secular educated person, it is necessary to know and abide by certain rules that are considered mandatory in a decent society:

  • Greetings, the woman first gives the hand to the man;
  • men welcome everyone standing without exception;
  • when introducing a guest to other people (when meeting someone), they call his name, surname, middle name (during business communication – a profession);
  • they don’t bring bad mood to visit, and if negative emotions are present, then the visit should be refused;
  • children should not be allowed to interfere in the conversation of adults, interrupt older ones, whisper in the ear;
  • children of strangers in the presence of their parents do not make comments;
  • when giving gifts to people, one should observe the tact, taking into account gender, age, profession.

Girl with dandelions

Dressing skills

Etiquette rules oblige not only to know the correct manner of greeting acquaintances and strangers, to be able to maintain small talk and to keep up appearances in behavior, but also to wear clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. Nothing catches your eye like colorful things. Embroidered shirts, vulgar suits, too bright ties belong to the category of things inappropriate for a man. Business clothes should be moderately fashionable. In the morning it is allowed to wear a jacket, coat or jacket pair. The color should correspond to the season: in summer – light, in winter – dark.

The ability to dress with taste is the first sign of a woman’s upbringing. The etiquette encyclopedia contains a circle of rules related to clothing, compliance with which distinguishes a real lady. Women’s clothing should match the nature of the work. An image acceptable for a model house will not be acceptable in a brokerage house. A business lady for a business dinner or conference will not suit too short a skirt or a deeply low-necked blouse. If the meeting will be in a resort hotel or club, you need to take several outfits that will be suitable for different situations.

How to file yourself

Some more generally accepted norms of etiquette:

  • you must walk with a straight posture, a tucked up belly and straightened shoulders;
  • communication standards regarding greetings include polite words, but they are not always correct, for example, “good afternoon” should not be said to a person with an upset face;
  • even strangers should help ladies enter the premises by holding the front door;
  • the word “please” should sound at any request;
  • Before you say goodbye to your interlocutor, you should first prepare for this: “unfortunately, it’s too late,” and then say a word of thanks or a compliment (if it’s a woman).

Rules of etiquette in communication

The rules of etiquette must be followed when communicating between women and men. The male should follow to the left of the companion and be the first to enter the restaurant. If a lady greets acquaintances, the gentleman should also greet them, even if people are unfamiliar to him. Without the approval of a woman, a man has no right to touch her. Allowed only at moments of assistance (boarding a car, crossing the road). Smoking in the presence of another person, regardless of gender, is possible only with the permission of the interlocutor.

There are certain rules for speech behavior. So, if you are offended in the presence of other people, do not give in to provocations. Get up and leave the scene. You can not ask the interlocutor for information about his material well-being, love affairs and other personal things. If you invite a business partner to a meeting, do not forget about punctuality. Particular respect should be shown to people who have shown generosity or came to your aid in difficult times – they did not have to do this..

Conversational Etiquette

Courtesy rules exist in any conversation. Speech behavior is divided into written and oral form, while the former has stricter rules. There are several types of conversations: business, official, informal. The oral form has simpler rules, for example, instead of a greeting, you can do with a nod of the head. The ability to conduct a polite speech is to say to the interlocutor only those things that he himself would like to hear. Basic principles of conversation – correctness, brevity, accuracy, relevance.

How to communicate with the interlocutor by phone

Compliance with the rules of network etiquette should be during communication on the phone. During the conversation you need to carefully monitor the intonation, because the interlocutor does not see your face and may misunderstand the meaning of the message. Do not make the person calling wait, the maximum time for picking up the handset reaches six beeps. Rushing to the phone is also not necessary – it is better to answer after the third beep. It is customary to call the interlocutor by name, if he is familiar. If not, it is advisable to introduce yourself first.

Girl speaks on the phone

Good manners and business etiquette

The basic rules of conduct include the rules of business communication. But not only the speech component is important in contact with partners, body language also plays an important role. For example, while talking, you should not spread your legs wide, keep your hands in your pockets or hunch. Excessive gestures are also not welcome – in order not to embarrass the interlocutor, gestures should be restrained. Pay attention to the personal space of a person – the distance should not be less than the size of an outstretched arm.

Rules of home etiquette

Family members should especially be polite to each other. In order to maintain a warm relationship, we must constantly monitor the psychological climate, sincerely rejoice at the success of loved ones, do not go on insults during quarrels, use the words “sorry”, “thank you”, “good morning” and others for communication. You must respect the older generation and not read the personal notes of your children without permission.

How to behave at the table

The main rule of behavior at the table is not to chew with your mouth open. Talking is also undesirable, especially when chewing food. Before you put in your plate a portion of a common dish, you must first offer it to the rest of those present. Do not serve your own plate first, but give guests or senior family members the opportunity to do so. When setting the table, common cutlery is placed next to each dish. Soup must be served in special plates from the seated person to the right.

Away Etiquette

Accepting friends and visiting guests is a good practice for etiquette dating. For the reception is considered the best time – dinner, but you need to invite people in advance so that they can adjust their plans. Dress code may be informal. According to etiquette, a stranger is called by all those present by name only after his own submission. In a friendly company, you can skip the main course, but this is unacceptable at a business dinner. It is important to be able to use cutlery of various kinds, even if the owners of other national traditions.

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