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The Russians, who worked and lived in the harsh climate of the polar regions and republics, apply for increased subsidies, and are upset when the amount of subsidies is less than they expected. In order to understand how the calculation and calculation of benefits is going, one needs to know what is included in the northern seniority for retirement, how much must be worked out in the Far North (CS) in order to receive increased subsidies. It must be borne in mind that the incremental coefficients play a large role, different for different regions with harsh climates, and other important factors.

What is northern pension

Hard work is encouraged. One of these types of incentives is the northern pension in 2018, for the calculation of which special rules are applied that are not applicable to residents of other regions of Russia. It depends on many factors – the person’s location in a particular region, the duration of his work, the presence or absence of children, the deduction of contributions. The basis for calculating the northern pension in 2018 lies in the number of years worked in the climate of the COP and regions equated to the Far North

In order to properly form the northern experience for retirement for men and women, it is necessary to correctly arrange labor relations. For example, if a citizen works in a subdivision of an organization located in the Arctic, the main center of which is located in Moscow, then the employment record should contain a record of the specific location of the branch, otherwise there is nothing to think about assigning increased payments.

To the Far North (CS) and regions with the same climate are 27 subjects of the federation. Each region has its own extra coefficients, taking into account the severity of specific conditions – remoteness from other subjects of the country, low temperatures, environmental pollution. The indicators, along with temporary workouts, increase the insurance part of pension subsidies deducted by old age, loss of breadwinner or disability. Benefits relate to seniority: it is 25 liters. for men, 20 – for women with a minimum life of 7.5 liters.

Many are interested in what periods of life are included and which are not included in the offset of experience. The following circumstances do not apply to work at the COP:

  • Finding a woman on maternity leave. Antenatal and postnatal time paid according to the sick leave, refers to working out at the COP.
  • The official dismissal of the reduction, recognition of unemployment and the status of registered in the Social Protection Service with the receipt of assistance.
  • Obtaining education, long-term study, if management does not fix the position for the employee. Short-term qualification courses are included in the offset of grace period.
  • Duration of conscription.
  • Part-time work for employment in one place. If a worker officially works at two enterprises, receiving half the required rate at each, then a full-time working day is formed, which is part of the experience.

Elderly man and woman

Who should

The accrual of the northern pension in 2018 is based on the actually worked years at the COP. Until January 1, 2002, the calculation was carried out on the principle of “a year and a half.” Since 2002, 9 months spent in the conditions of the COP are equivalent to working out a calendar year. Proceeding from this, men of 55 years of age can claim to be able to work with an experience of 25 liters, of which a person is 15 liters. worked in the conditions of the COP or 20 – in regions with a similar climate. Women 50 liters can prematurely leave for legal rest when working 12 liters. at COP or 17 – in similar territories.

Regulatory and legal framework

Regulation, definition of concepts and standards for the basic calculation of increased state assistance to northerners is carried out using the following policy documents:

  • Federal Law of December 15, 2001 No. 166-ФЗ that determines the procedure for state provision of pension benefits.
  • Federal Law of December 28, 2013 No. 400-ФЗ, establishing the standards for calculating insurance pensions.
  • Federal Law No. 173-ФЗ dated December 17, 2001 on labor pension subsidies, to the extent not inconsistent with Federal Law-400 dated December 28, 2013.
  • Decree of the Government of Russia No. 651 of July 14, 2013 on the rules for equating regions with the Constitutional Court and the rules governing the age of pensioners in the north.
  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 367 of April 28, 2016 on how the fixed premium for insurance benefits to workers in the Far North (CC) is changing.

The list of regions of the Far North and the area equivalent to the CSW

According to the Decree of the Government of the country PP-651 of July 14, 2013, specialized indicators are set for the regions of the Constitutional Court, the size of which, depending on the territorial location of the country’s subject, can be seen in the table below:

Name of the Far North (CS)

The value of the increasing indicator

Islands of the Arctic Ocean, with the exception of the islands of the White Sea and Dikson

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia): the territory of the Deputatsky, Kular mines, the Aikhal, Udachnaya, Nizhnekolymsky district, pos. Ust-Kuyga

Sakhalin Oblast (Kuril, South Kuril regions, Kuril Islands)

Kamchatka Territory (Aleutian region on the territory of the Commander Islands)

Chukotka Autonomous Okrug whole


Norilsk, surrounding areas



Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (Lensky district north of 61 ° north latitude)

Mirny with subordinate territories

Magadan region all

Murmansk region (town Tumanny)


Vorkuta, Komi Republic with subordinate areas

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (Abyysky, Allaikhovsky, Bulunsky, Anabar, Verkhnekolymsky, Verkhnevylyuysky, Vilyui, Verkhoyansk, Kobyaysky, Zhigansky, Mirny, Nyurbinsky, Oymyakonsky, Momsky, Srednekolymsky, Oleneksky, Yuntony, Untonyutsky, Untony-Untony, Untonyutsky, Untony-Untony, Untonyutsky, Untony-Untony, Untonyutsky, Untony-Untony, Untony-Untony, )

Krasnoyarsk Territory (Taimyr Autonomous Okrug, Evenki Autonomous Okrug north of the Nizhnyaya Tunguska River, Turukhansky District north of the Nizhnyaya Tunguska and Turukhan Rivers, Igarka, the entire territory north of the Arctic Circle with the exception of the above formations)

Khabarovsk Territory (Okhotsk District)

Kamchatka Territory (remaining territory)

Sakhalin Oblast (Okha city with adjacent territories, Nogliki District)


Komi Republic (Inta with subordinate entities)

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (urban village of Kangalassi)

Republic of Tuva (Tojinsky, Kyzyl (Shynaan village administration), Mongun-Taiginsky districts)

Nenets Autonomous Okrug whole

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (Ugra, north of 60 ° north latitude)

Tyumen region (Uvat region)

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug whole

Tomsk Oblast (the cities of Kedrovy, Strezhevoy, Kolpashevo, Parabelsky, Chainsky, Kargasoksky, Verkhnekitsky, Aleksandrovsky districts)


Altai Republic (Ulagan, Kosh-Chagai regions)

Karelia (the cities of Kostomuksha, Kem with subordinate areas, the districts of Loukhsky, Kalevala, Kemsky, Belomorsky)

Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (remaining territories)

Republic of Tuva (locations excluding the above)

Primorsky Territory (settlement of mines Tayezhny, Terny, Kavalerovsky district)

Khabarovsk Territory (the cities of Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, Sovetskaya Gavan with subordinate areas, Ulchsky, Solnechny, Tuguro-Chumikansky, Mykolayiv, Osipenko, Vaninsky, Ayano-May, Verkhnebureinsky (north of 51 ° north latitude))

Arkhangelsk region (Severodvinsk with surrounding settlements, Solovetsky districts (Solovetsky Islands), Pinezhsky, Menzensky, Leshukonsky)

Murmansk region (remaining areas)

Sakhalin Oblast (territories excluding the above)


The Republic of Buryatia (Severobaykalsk city with subordinate areas, Muisky, Bauntovsky districts)

Karelia (Segezha town with subordinate settlements, Pudozhsky, Segezha, Muezersky, Medvezhyegorsky districts)

Komi (the cities of Pechora, Usinsk, Ukhta, Vuktyl with subordinate areas, the districts of Izhemsky, Udora, Troitsko-Pechersky, Ust-Tsilemsky, Pechora)

Krasnoyarsk Territory (the cities of Yeniseisk, Lesosibirsk with surrounding territories, the Turukhansky areas (south of the Nizhnyaya Tunguska and Turukhan rivers), Motyginsky, Kezhemsky, Boguchansky, Yeniseisky, Severo-Yeniseisky, Evenki Autonomous Okrug)

Amur Region (cities of Zeya, Tynda with subordinate entities, Selemdzhinsky district)

Irkutsk Region (the cities of Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk, Bodaibo with subordinate localities, Katangsky, Kazachinsko-Lensky, Kirensky, Ust-Ilimsky, Mamsko-Chuisky, Nizhneilimsky districts)

Transbaikalia (Tungokochensky, Kalarsky, Tungiro-Olekminsky districts)

Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug south of 60 ° north latitude

Tomsk region (Molchanovsky, Krivosheinsky, Bakcharsky, Teguldety districts)


Buryatia (areas Barguzinsky, Okinsky, Kurumkansky)

Komi Republic (remaining territorial entities)

Primorsky Territory (the city of Dalnegorsk with subordinate entities, the districts of Kavalerovsky, Olginsky, Terneysky, Krasnoarmeysky (the towns of Vostok, Boguslavetskaya, Vostretsovskaya, Melnichnaya, Roshchinsky, Izmailikhinsky, Dalnekutskaya, Tayozhensky rural administrations))

Khabarovsk Territory (the cities of Amursk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur with surrounding territories, Verkhnebureinsky (south of 51 ° north latitude), Sunny districts, Amursky district (urban village Elban with subordinate surroundings, Omminskaya, Achanskaya, Voznesenskaya, Padalinskaya, Juensky rural administrations )))

Arkhangelsk region (remaining entities)

Perm Territory (districts of Kochevskaya, Kosinsky, Gayninsky)


Karelia (excluding the above areas)


Pension conditions for northerners in 2018.

To receive increased subsidy, you must meet the following conditions:

  • To live or work for a long time in the north, having a total insurance experience that meets the conditions – 25 liters. men, 20 – women, taking into account 15 liters. work for men, 15-12 – for women, depending on the availability of children.
  • Have an age corresponding to the purpose of state insurance or social assistance – 55 l. men, 50 – women, 45 – small nations engaged in traditional fishing – reindeer husbandry, fishing, hunting.
  • Accumulate at least 30 points in an individual account.

Elderly woman

How to calculate the northern working experience

Given that the northern pension in 2018 is calculated on the basis of benefits for seniority established by law – 9 months for 1 year, then you can prematurely go on a well-deserved rest if you work out half of the required 15 years – 7.5 years, reaching the age of 57 years 8 months to men and 52 years to 8 months to women. Calculate correctly specialized preferential experience is not difficult.

For women

If a citizen gave birth to more than two babies in a harsh climate, then she is provided with additional benefits – the total working time for the cop, necessary for the formation of a pension subsidy, is 12 liters, in regions with equal conditions – 17 liters. Russians living or working at the COP, the pension payment is assigned on the following conditions:

  • total labor time – 20 l .;
  • of which work in the north – 15 l .;
  • age – 50 l.

For men

For the stronger sex, stricter rules for early care for well-deserved rest are provided. In order to satisfy the conditions for the appointment of preferential pension benefits, a man must have a total employment of 25 years, of which 15 liters should be worked out in the north, and 17 liters in regions with an equal climate. The age of a citizen applying for state subsidies must be at least 55 l.

Features of the calculation of experience for reindeer herders, fishermen and hunters of the indigenous peoples of the north

To qualify for early retirement, it is not necessary to raise the industry of regions with a cold climate, to work in production. Permanently residing residents – Evenks, Nenets, other small ethnic groups, traditionally engaged in habitual activities – fishing, raising deer, hunting fur animals – you can retire when you reach 50 liters. men, with official employment 25 liters., women 45 liters. with 20 years of production.

Retirement Age in the North

Subject to the above conditions, it can be noted that retirement by persons working in CSWs is carried out earlier than by citizens of other subjects of the federation. An approximate calculation, taking into account the number of preferential years of labor generation and age, which allows applying for state subsidies by age, can be seen in the following table:

The length of insurance experience at the COP, years

Necessary age of women for assignment of pension subsidies, years, months

Necessary age of men for pension provision, years, months




























Preferential old-age social pension to the indigenous peoples of the Far North

Current legislation has established that for the purpose of granting state subsidies, you must have a certain number of points, calculated depending on the length of service and contributions of the FIU by the employer. If there is no required number of points, then a citizen cannot apply for old-age insurance benefits. He is paid social assistance. The indigenous peoples of the north – Evenks, Yakuts, Aleuts, Itelmens, Nenets, Chukchi – were given an early northern pension in 2018. Payments are made to 55 year old men and 50 year old women.

How to calculate the northern pension in 2018

Government bodies of the country should index the generally established subsidies to the level of inflation in order to ensure a normal standard of living for pensioners. Indexations are subject to social and insurance payments. From 01.01.2018, insurance premiums will increase by 3.7%, from April 1, by 4.1% – social payments. An increase in the level of welfare will affect unemployed elderly citizens, working pensioners will receive non-indexed subsidies.

The formula for calculating insurance pension

For all residents of Russia, including northerners, the calculation of the insurance part of the state subsidy for old age is the same. The structure of the formula looks like this:

  • RP = IPC x CB + FD.
  • RP – total pension.
  • IPC – an individually calculated coefficient, depending on the number of points. The cost of 1 point in 2018 is 81.6 rubles. To qualify for pension assistance in 2018, you must have at least 13.8 points on your account.
  • FD – fixed surcharge indexed annually.

Man with calculator

Fixed Payment Amount

Since 2015, the value of the fixed surcharge has been indexed to the inflation rate officially recorded in the previous billing period. In 2018, the standard size of the indicator will be 4982 rubles. For people living in cold regions, an additional charge of 50% is paid. Elderly people will receive additional double subsidies upon reaching 80 liters. If a pensioner has dependents, then the northern pension in 2018 increases by 1,520 rubles for each incapable household. In addition, the indicator is multiplied by a multiplying factor for a given region.

District coefficient

The increase in the northern pension in 2018 is due to the northern increasing coefficients established by the legislation for each cold region separately. The indicator can be applied to a fixed supplement to the general insurance part of the pension benefit, or to social subsidies if the person applying for the benefit does not have enough points and seniority for pension insurance.

If a citizen plans to receive insurance benefits having the necessary length of service, then the law provides a choice. At 15 years of work at the COP and 20 years of work in regions with a similar climate, with a total experience of 25 liters. for men and 20 liters. for women, the recipient may choose to use one of two options:

  • raise a pension by increasing the fixed surcharge by a rising rate;
  • set a high fixed charge rate.

How is northern pension accrued?

Insurance and social benefits are accrued on a common basis to all citizens of Russia, including northerners – age-related subsidies, support for the loss of the breadwinner, disability subsidies. The difference between the preferential and ordinary pensions in the increased size and early assignment of benefits to people who worked and lived in the north, often cut off from other regions of the country. If a citizen is sure that he can receive the due subsidy, then you should collect all the documents related to the period of employment in the CSW and contact the local branch of the PFR.

Many citizens are indignant that, after viewing the documentation by the staff of the MFC or the FIU, the amount of the northern pension in 2018 received through the cashier was not as large as we would like. You can independently, based on the above data and the general rules for calculating insurance pension benefits, carry out the procedure for calculating subsidies, taking into account regional coefficients, the number of pension points and labor output.

Order of registration

There are some nuances and differences in the appointment and accrual of pension assistance for persons who permanently live and work in harmful conditions of the Constitutional Court. To receive a compensation allowance, proceed as follows:

  1. Establish precisely that you have the right to a pension subsidy – make sure of this by calculating your working hours in harsh regions.
  2. Gather the necessary documentation, check it.
  3. Contact the PFR branch or multifunctional center closest to the place of registration when the institution provides settlement and accrual of pension insurance or social assistance services.
  4. Write 2 applications – about the appointment of a pension and that worked in the Far North.
  5. Give the package of documents to the instance officer.
  6. Wait for the deadline – 10 days – while the package of documents is under consideration and approval.
  7. After receiving notification of a positive response to the request, a pension subsidy is assigned starting from the month of the applicant’s appeal, counting from the first day.
  8. Unfortunately, many permanent residents of the Constitutional Court have to annually confirm the eligibility for regional allowances, providing information about permanent residence in the specified region.


What documents are needed

A citizen applying for an increased subsidy from the state must provide the following package of official papers:

  • 2 applications: about work in the north and assignment of benefits;
  • identity document;
  • SNILS;
  • a certified copy or the original of the work book with records of preferential work;
  • information from the employer, documents proving residence or work in a remote subject of the federation;
  • other papers required by PF employees, depending on the category of applicant and benefits for which he is applying.

Pension to northerners when moving

If a Russian decided to leave the cold lands and move to warm regions, then the pension subsidy is recalculated. The length of service, individual coefficients remain the same, and regional raising indicators, taken into account when living in a certain region, are reset and calculated based on the coefficients used in the new place of residence. To immediately receive retirement benefits at a new location, proceed as follows:

  • refer to the transfer of subsidies to the PF in the new place of residence;
  • get immediate registration and claim of a pension from the region of your former residence;
  • provide a package of documents – a passport with a registration mark, SNILS, other papers;
  • get recalculated cash.

Features of pensions for certain categories of citizens in 2018

The calculation of increased pension subsidies to certain categories of citizens occurs in a special way. Individual status, the availability of preferences, other nuances are taken into account. There are several groups of Russians whose northern pension in 2018 is calculated taking into account additional factors:

  • liable for military service;
  • shift workers in remote, cold regions;
  • disabled people of all groups.

Military personnel

Persons who have continuously served in the army can expect to receive military compensation and old-age benefits. The seniority of the military is considered on the principle of “year for three” on condition of service in the harsh climatic regions of the COP. The payment of cash grants to pensioners is summarized taking into account the following data:

  • the required salary according to the rank;
  • monthly allowance received;
  • district raising indicator;
  • supplements for seniority.


Shift workers

Citizens who worked on a rotational basis in the north, the calculation of preferential years of work takes into account not only the actual employment, but also the time spent on the round trip, as well as the rest between shift shifts. To confirm the experience required for the early accrual of subsidies for old age, you will have to submit documents proving employment, being on the road, and working out a full shift at the enterprise.

Disabled 3 groups

Grants to people with disabilities, provided that there is no reason to pay the insurance subsidy, are made according to the basic fixed payment. Having a child with a disabled person increases the retirement benefit by a certain amount, indexed every year. If the disabled person has working hours in the north, then the basic surcharge increases in proportion to the output of years. Maximum subsidies are provided for men with disabilities who have spent 25 liters. in sex workers and women with disabilities with the production of 20 liters., having three dependents.

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