Office or industrial paper shredder – working principle, how to choose according to the level of secrecy and cost

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It is difficult to imagine a modern office without a lot of special office equipment, which helps to facilitate and speed up work related to office work. Office equipment helps not only print documents or mechanize calculations, but also solve the problem associated with the disposal of documents and other unnecessary waste paper. To do this, they use an office paper shredder, the destruction of documentation with which is quick and easy – such a machine can have a different level of secrecy.

What is a shredder

This device is an office equipment, the function of which is to shred paper into very small strips. The sizes of the fragments depend on the class of secrecy. Modern modifications are able to turn sheets into small crumbs, reducing the total amount of waste. Shredders are often used in government organizations, banking institutions, enterprises to destroy documents in order to protect confidentiality. There is even a shredder for banknotes, CDs, paper clips and stapler staples.

How does it work

Before you buy a shredder documents, familiarize yourself with the principle of its work. Despite the fact that manufacturers offer a choice of different modifications of shredders, which may differ from each other in control and a unique case, their main device is similar. The key components of the paper shredder are knives, the task of which is to cut sheets.

The knives are driven by an electric motor. The feeding mechanism is also important, which quickly and correctly delivers material to the knives. Of great importance is the volume of the basket – shredded pieces of paper, cardboard, plastic cards are fed into it. Almost all modern models of shredders have the function of protecting the engine from overheating. Depending on the type of cutting, parallel and cross paper shredders are distinguished.

The principle of the shredder

Shredder Security Levels

Choosing a paper shredder with a powerful engine and good performance, do not forget to find out the level of its secrecy. This parameter means how many fragments the device will cut material. The higher the class, the more reliable the destruction will be. The number of security levels according to the new DIN 66399 standard is seven:

  • P1, P2 – the document is cut into strips with a width of up to 12 mm in the first case and up to 6 mm in the second. True, the waste basket will fill up very quickly..
  • P3 – divides the sheet into strips of 2 mm with a maximum area of ​​320 mm2.
  • P4 – the resulting fragment has a maximum size of up to 4×40 mm.
  • P5 – sheets are divided into strips up to 30 mm2 in area and up to 2 mm wide.
  • P6, P7 – increased secrecy. The area of ​​the fragments does not reach 10 mm2 and 5 mm2 with a strip width of not more than 1 mm.

The best paper shredder

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the country you can find a large assortment of office equipment for the destruction of personal and confidential information in paper form. Almost all devices have a reverse, which can be automatic and mechanical. There are modifications with parallel cutting, recommended in those cases when the speed and the number of sheets that need to be destroyed at the same time come to the fore. There are even archive shredders that have good performance. Famous brands include:

  • Geha;
  • Fellowes
  • Rexel
  • Buro;
  • Kobra et al.

Kobra Document Shredder


The purchase of an office shredder of compact dimensions will save the company from the need to manually destroy documents with confidential information, which are no longer needed. Office option is designed for collective use. It differs from personal devices for paper destruction by reliability of the cutting mechanism, productivity and level of secrecy. A good acquisition may be:

  • model name: PRO KGB 2005C;
  • price: 12000 r .;
  • characteristics: power consumption – 150 W, weight – 13 kg, dimensions – 354x262x553 mm, secrecy – P4, basket volume – 20 l;
  • pluses: in 10 minutes can destroy up to 600 sheets;
  • cons: small capacity.

Schroeder office PRO KGB 2005C

Shredder for destruction of papers Geleos UP21-7 + is a modern apparatus for a small office. It is equipped with cross cutting and LED indication of operating modes:

  • model name: Geleos UP21-7 +;
  • price: 25493 r.;
  • characteristics: weight – 15.5 kg, dimensions – 360x260x580 mm, noise level – 58 dB, speed – 43 mm / sec., basket volume – 23 l, secrecy – P7;
  • pluses: there is a slot for the destruction of plastic cards, CDs, the level of privacy;
  • cons: container volume.

Large shredder on wheels Geleos UP21-7 +


Shredder manufacturers offer dozens of professional machines that can be used to destroy large quantities of paper. Some devices are capable of grinding several sheets at a time. You can order a suitable modification with parallel or cross cutting in an online store with mail delivery. If you are looking for a reliable and productive industrial shredder, then you might like:

  • model name: shredder crusher type ISHM-400;
  • price: 360,000 r .;
  • characteristics: total power – 330 kW, dimensions – 160x80x120 cm, productivity – up to 1000 kg / h, knives on the rotor – 14 pieces;
  • Pros: high performance, power, suitable for many materials;
  • cons: high cost.

Shredder crusher ISHM-400

The industrial shredder, unlike other analogues, has high power, speed and large dimensions. The life of this can also be impressive. Another product category:

  • model name: WN-1850;
  • price: negotiable;
  • characteristics: engine power – 110-160 kW, knives on the rotor – 100 pieces, productivity – up to 3000 kg / h, loading window – 185×120 cm;
  • pluses: multifunctionality, performance;
  • cons: delivered to order.

industrial shredder WN-1850

Mini paper shredder

If you are looking for a personal paper shredder, then a mini shredder might work for you. Such a device has compact dimensions and low performance. The mini shredder is designed for individual use right at the workplace. Such an apparatus can destroy only paper data carriers, and in small volumes. The security level of this type of paper shredder is often low:

  • model name: USB sl1108 mini shredder;
  • price: 1100 r.;
  • characteristics: productivity – 1.5 m / min., strip thickness – 5 mm, maximum length – 110 mm, runs on 4 AA batteries;
  • pluses: the function of cleaning the shredder from residues and jammed paper;
  • cons: batteries sold separately.

USB portable mini shredder sl1108

If you are looking for a compact shredder that can cut 2 sheets of paper at the same time, then you need Neodrive USB. The device is powered by a USB connector on a PC or AA batteries:

  • model name: Neodrive USB NDSD-255;
  • price: 550 p.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 16.2x12x14.2 cm, cuts paper in A6 format, container volume – 1.6 l, cable length – 150 cm;
  • pluses: low cost, cable length, can work from a USB port;
  • cons: batteries not included.

Small document shredder Neodrive USB NDSD-255

Manual paper shredder

Pay attention to devices from a series of manual shredders. They are distinguished by low cost and simple construction. True, the speed of paper shredding will depend on the efforts exerted by users. To use the device, you will need to start turning a special knob. The advantage of a manual shredder is that it does not need power sources, so it can be used anywhere:

  • model name: ZJiang SKU-9197;
  • price: 950 p.;
  • Characteristics: capacity – about 50 l, also designed for cardboard, the case is transparent;
  • pluses: it is cheap, convenient to use;
  • cons: exclusively manual labor.

Manual mechanical shredder ZJiang SKU-9197

To save on buying, look at products in several large stores – this will increase your chances of getting a share or a sale. Another manual paper shredder:

  • model name: Lizengtec SKU-10202;
  • price: 900 r .;
  • Characteristics: capacity – approximately 50 l, designed for paper, cardboard, transparent case;
  • pluses: low cost, simple operation;
  • cons: only manual labor.

Manual mini shredder Lizengtec SKU-10202


Having decided to buy a paper shredder that will help you quickly and reliably destroy paper storage media, pay attention to the products of the Rexel brand. Convenient and high-performance device with enhanced privacy:

  • model name: Rexel Mercury RDS2250;
  • price: 44648 r .;
  • characteristics: security level – P2, cutting type – longitudinal, tape width – 5.8 mm, basket capacity – 50 ml;
  • pluses: reliability, case design;
  • cons: cost.

Rexel Mercury RDS2250 High Security Shredder

Rexel offers a choice of not only expensive, but also budget modifications. One of them is:

  • model name: Rexel Prostyle + SC;
  • price: 3940 r.;
  • characteristics: speed – 2 m / min., security level – P1, noise level – 73 dB, weight – 3.29 kg, basket volume – 7.5 l;
  • pluses: low cost, functionality;
  • cons: small basket.

Inexpensive shredder Rexel Prostyle + SC


Devices of the Buro company, which has been present on the domestic market for over 10 years, have gained some popularity. Her office equipment has good performance and modern design. One of the inexpensive options designed for the effective destruction of documentation in the process of office work:

  • model name: Buro FD508M;
  • price: 2659 r.;
  • characteristics: fragment size – 5×34 mm, cutting speed – 3.8 mm / sec., cutting method – cross, dimensions – 31.8×34.2×19.8 cm, basket volume – 14 l;
  • pluses: cost;
  • cons: small basket.

Paper shredder Buro FD508M

The following unit is intended for personal use in small and medium-sized offices. It is designed to destroy a relatively small amount of documents – for 1 time it destroys no more than 9 sheets:

  • model name: Buro BU-U70;
  • price: 9890 r.;
  • characteristics: cutting type – cross, basket volume – 16 l, particle size – 3×25 mm, power consumption – 180 W, dimensions – 55x35x26.2 cm, weight – 14 kg;
  • pluses: good speed, design;
  • cons: capacity, dimensions, weight.

Shredder Buro BU-U70


Kobra C1 E / S paper shredder is made in Italy. The device has a forced cooling system. Durable knives made of hardened steel can easily handle the processing of not only sheets of paper, but even credit cards. The device is an exemplary assistant for working in the office, as has a low noise level and lack of power consumption in a waiting mode:

  • model name: Kobra C1 E / S;
  • price: 10330 r.;
  • characteristics: fragment sizes – 3.5×40 mm, power – 170 W, dimensions – 340x500x200 mm, weight – 7 kg, noise level – 53 dB, basket capacity – 18 l, security class – P-4;
  • pluses: cooling system;
  • Cons: dimensions, a small basket.

Forced cooling shredder Kobra C1 E / S

Having decided to buy a high-performance shader for the office, take a look at the modification with a basket volume of 35 liters. The device can even process credit cards, DVDs and CDs:

  • model name: Kobra 240 SS5 Turbo;
  • price: 37890 r.;
  • characteristics: privacy class – P2, noise level – 55 dB, dimensions – 37x56x33 cm, weight – 14 kg;
  • Pluses: at the same time it is possible to load up to 52 sheets;
  • cons: weight, dimensions.

Kobra 240 SS5 Turbo Document Shredder

New united

The New United ST-4HS 1×2 has a high security class, indicators of readiness, overheating, a full basket and paper jam. In addition, this modification is equipped with knives of European quality and thermal protection of the engine:

  • model name: New United ST-4HS 1×2;
  • price: 16430 r.;
  • characteristics: cutting into fragments 1×2 mm, average speed – 3 m / min., basket – 25.6 l, security class – P-7, dimensions 39x56x28.2 cm, weight – 15 kg;
  • pluses: security, reliability, design;
  • cons: weight, working time without a break 15 minutes.

High Security Shredder New United ST-4HS 1x2

To make the best purchase, check out another New United brand device. The following modification costs three times less:

  • model name: New United CT-8C;
  • price: 4996 r.;
  • characteristics: cutting type – cross, basket capacity – 15 l, secrecy level – P-4, particle size – 3.9×50 mm;
  • pluses: simplicity, cost;
  • cons: low capacity.

Document Shredder New United CT-8C

Office kit

If you are interested in buying an inexpensive modification, then Office Kit S22 may be a great choice. The device is an affordable and simple solution for quick processing of documentation, which is of minimal value. In one download you can get rid of 6 sheets:

  • model name: Office Kit S22;
  • price: 2720 p.;
  • characteristics: average speed – 4.5 m / min., basket – 20 l, secrecy level – P1, noise – 68 dB, dimensions – 365x380x210 mm, weight – 4 kg;
  • pluses: low cost, compactness;
  • cons: noisy, low privacy.

Office shredder Office Kit S22

Check out the options for another budget option that has small dimensions. The device is suitable for the destruction of sheets of paper, credit cards and CD and DVD discs:

  • model name: Office Kit S35;
  • price: 3880 r.;
  • characteristics: fragment size – 4×50 mm, basket – 14 l, dimensions – 32.2x31x16.3 cm, weight – 4 kg;
  • pluses: good functionality, compactness;
  • cons: capacity.

Powerful Office Shredder Office Kit S35


Office equipment Geha X5 – a useful and convenient device for personal office and home. Equipped with a powerful block of knives, this modification is able to utilize up to 5 sheets at a time:

  • model name: Geha X5;
  • price: 3080 r .;
  • characteristics: average speed – 4.98 m / min., security level – P3, basket – 11 l, dimensions – 30×31.6×16.5 cm, weight – 2.66 kg;
  • pluses: cost, good performance;
  • cons: small capacity.

Electric document shredder Geha X5

The S15 analogue is no less simple and reliable solution for a small office and for domestic use. The device is capable of cutting documents into fragments of size 7×30 mm:

  • model name: Geha S15;
  • price: 5040 r.;
  • characteristics: average speed – 6 m / min., basket – 15 l, security class – P1, dimensions – 31.5x38x20 cm, weight – 3.8 kg;
  • pluses: speed;
  • Cons: spaciousness, secrecy.

Shredder for destruction of papers Geha S15


If you have not yet decided on the optimal purchase, then take a look at the line of devices from Fellowes. A simple and inexpensive solution for personal use can be the PowerShred P-25S. The device allows you to load up to 5 A4 sheets simultaneously:

  • model name: Fellowes PowerShred P-25S;
  • price: 2140 p.;
  • characteristics: average speed – 5 m / min., container capacity – 11 l, security class – P1, noise level – 70 dB, dimensions – 28.6×29.9×15.3 cm, weight – 1.624 kg;
  • pluses: auto start, auto reverse;
  • Cons: spaciousness, privacy, a bit noisy.

Budget Shredder Fellowes PowerShred P-25S

The next shredder has an easily removable cutting unit and a convenient handle that guarantees complete and easy emptying of the container. The device is suitable for personal use with relatively small loads:

  • model name: Fellowes PowerShred P-48C;
  • price: 6380 r.;
  • characteristics: particle size – 3.9×50 mm, container volume – 18 l, dimensions – 39.2×26.7×39.2 cm, weight – 6.5 kg;
  • pluses: good performance;
  • cons: designed for small loads (10-20 work cycles per day).

Office paper shredder Fellowes PowerShred P-48C

How to choose a paper shredder

Buying a paper shredder requires a thorough approach. To do this, check out several important criteria:

  • Load. For a small office, you need a model that can process 100-200 sheets per day. If the office employs 15-20 people or more, then select a device with a capacity of several tens of thousands of sheets per day. For personal use, a simple mini-model is suitable..
  • Secrecy. If the information is not too confidential, then class P1-P2 is fine. The average option may be considered P4-P5, but if privacy comes first, then feel free to choose P7.
  • Type of slicing. In places where they work with documents of high security, you will need a shredder with cross cutting. The slitting device has sliced ​​sheets into medium-wide strips, but it works quickly.
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