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Forecasts of weather forecasters are often unreliable, which brings a lot of trouble. Therefore, many continue to take into account folk signs about the weather. Often, old beliefs are much more effective than predictions from weather services. If you are tired of simply carrying an umbrella or a cap with you, then remember proven folk signs about nature.

Signs of spring

With the advent of spring, the mood of each person rises, birds begin to sing around, greenery blooms. The well-being of others largely depends on the conditions on the street at this time of the year, because some plants need to be sown in March. To understand what a spring day awaits us and what weather conditions will be in March-April, you need to be guided by such observations:

  1. People say that if larks or rooks returned early from the warm regions, then you can count on a warm spring.
  2. The weather on the Meeting tells what spring to expect.
  3. A meeting with a white hare in April or May suggests that there will still be snow.
  4. If the snow has fallen ahead of time, then get ready for a cool spring.
  5. If on March 14, on the holiday of Evdokia, the clear sun and silence are folk signs of good weather and warm spring.
  6. Bird cherry blossomed early – it will be a warm summer. The sooner it starts to bloom, the hotter it will be.

Signs about the weather for spring

Signs about the weather in the winter months

The modern generation has ceased to take into account signs, although given them, it will be much easier to predict the weather. In order not to miscalculate with warm clothes in the winter season, it is better to remember several beliefs:

  1. If spiders actively weave a web, fight each other, then cold will come soon. When insects behave calmly – expect warming.
  2. If the moon shines brightly and gives off a red tint, expect windy weather, followed by warmth.
  3. A fine February says that spring will turn out to be cold, and summer – fruitful.
  4. If after night the earth is covered with hoarfrost, then you can not wait for snow.
  5. The smoke from the pipelines goes down when it is worth waiting for warming.
  6. Bullfinch is heard – expect a blizzard.

Signs of weather in the fall

National signs about the weather in the autumn will help you to always be on the alert. Autumn is distinguished by bright colors and a changeable mood, so you often have to carry an umbrella with you in vain or, conversely, get wet in the rain. In order not to blunder, remember the following beliefs:

  1. If there are very few berries on the rowan branches in the autumn, expect wet and cool days.
  2. Pay attention to wild ducks: if they spend a lot of time on the water, then we can expect an improvement in weather conditions..
  3. If the birds do not fly away to the warm regions for a long time, then the cold will come soon..
  4. When plants like clover, pansies bloom before the end of August, autumn promises to be very warm.

Signs about the weather for the fall

What will be the summer

Both the adult and the youngest child love the warmest season of the year. In summer, we expect favorable weather news from weather forecasts to spend more time outdoors, sunbathing and swimming. Simple folk signs about the weather will help you navigate:

  1. March drought or April humidity ensures fertile summer harvest.
  2. If in the last week of January severe frosts hit – to heat in the summer.
  3. When spring comes late, it means that in the summer there will be dry, favorable weather.
  4. If lightning is visible at the beginning of spring, but no thunder is heard – signs of good weather in summer.

Summer calendar of folk will take

In the hottest time of the year, we expect favorable weather conditions, but not everyone succeeds in predicting and accepting the variability of nature. To always be ready for temperature changes, you need to pay attention to such signs:

  1. If the clouds are high in the sky – expect bright sun and warmth.
  2. Crows croak loudly – speaks of approaching inclement weather.
  3. Hearing voiced by domestic and wild birds, expect good weather..
  4. If you saw an anthill, pay attention to its inhabitants: life is boiling – there will be a clear day of the Lord, deafly – to rain.
  5. When you hear loud crickets singing late at night, expect good weather.

Signs about the weather for the summer

Russian folk signs on natural phenomena

  1. If the swallows in the spring fly low above the ground, then this indicates an approaching rain. Pay attention to the sky: if porous clouds are visible in the west, then water will pour in after 12 hours.
  2. When a bright halo is seen around the moon – wait for windy weather.
  3. Starry sky in summer – clear day.
  4. Red sunset – wait for the winds.
  5. A clear sky with lots of stars in winter – expect severe frosts and blizzards.
  6. If the rainbow after the rain disappeared very soon – wait for the heat and the sun.

How to find out the weather from animal behavior

The animal is much more sensitive than humans. For this reason, in ancient times, people could predict the weather from the behavior of their pets. In ancient Egypt, cats were considered the best weather forecasters. If the animal is fast asleep with its stomach up, others should expect warmth or even hot weather. When in a dream a cat closes its muzzle with a paw – cooling will come. Famous folk signs about the weather include only two beliefs:

  1. A contented horse snort indicates favorable weather the next day..
  2. The cheerful singing of the bird, both domestic and wild, testifies to the sun and warmth.
  3. Also, animals show signs of deteriorating weather:
  4. Sparrows bathe in dusty puddles – to rain.
  5. Livestock in the evening eats much more than normal – to cold and weather.
  6. Poor fish.
  7. The bird is looking for a place to rest as high as possible.

Signs about the weather on plants

Flowers and greens respond to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. This makes them excellent weather forecasters who help predict the weather. Pay attention to such signs:

  1. If the leaves of plants are fresh, well poured with juice, and the flowers emit a delicate aroma – there will be sun.
  2. If the green of the oak blossomed earlier than the leaves of the ash, then you should expect a dry day.
  3. Meadow flowers, grass and lilacs smell stronger than before – expect rainy weather.
  4. Rowan bushes are densely covered with fruits – autumn will be rainy.
  5. Dandelion lowers its heads in sunny weather to rain.
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