One-time financial assistance to poor families – who should be entitled to, the procedure for calculating the amount and receiving

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Some groups of Russians who find themselves in a difficult financial situation are provided with material assistance from the state. The circle of such people is wide and the reasons for their difficulties are diverse. There are many programs for the implementation of state support, and the amount of material assistance depends on a complex of factors – the level of earnings, the number of minor children, the fact of the content of disabled people. Families with incomes below the subsistence level receive various kinds of support, among which there is such a kind as a one-time payment to low-income families.

Which families are recognized as poor

To determine the grounds for referring to the preferential category, first you need to deal with the composition of the family itself. Under the law, any family has the right to preferences for the poor and this does not depend on the completeness of the family composition. Family members consider:

  • parents, including adoptive parents;
  • child (children), including reception rooms;
  • spouses
  • Grandmothers and grandfathers;
  • stepsons (stepdaughters);
  • stepmother (stepfather);
  • guardians, trustees.

Poor spouses, a grandmother raising a grandson, and a single adoptive parent can be recognized as poor. If a married couple, being in an official marriage, lives separately or, on the contrary, has not registered an official marriage for citizens living together, then it will not work to receive a lump-sum allowance for poor families. Assistance will also be denied to able-bodied people who do not want to work, parasitic or abusing alcohol.

The procedure for calculating total income

When recognizing a family as low-income, it is necessary that the average income per member is less than the minimum subsistence level that is set for a given region of residence (the place of registration of all members). To calculate the indicator, all family income for the last three calendar months is summed up, the result is divided into three (determined by the average monthly income) and the number of people. The parameter “total income” includes the following types:

  • wages of able-bodied citizens;
  • pension;
  • scholarship;
  • unemployment benefit;
  • allowances, social payments;
  • other income – from rental property, interest on deposits, royalties, dividends on investments in securities, etc..

Man makes calculations on a calculator

Per capita income per family member

The procedure for calculating family income, total and per capita, is established by law dated 04.04.2003 No. 44-ФЗ “On the procedure for recording income and calculating per capita family income and income of a lonely living citizen to recognize them as poor and provide them with state social assistance.” To assess the complexity of the life situation of citizens, a special commission is formed that examines the living conditions. Social protection has the right to check:

  • place of residence / stay;
  • income;
  • relation degree;
  • property right.

The results of the investigation are recorded. The act reflects the payments received earlier and the result of calculating the average per capita income per person, based on the size of the family. If a certain average amount is obtained below the subsistence level of the region of residence, then there are grounds for referring to low-income people. It is important to understand: the subsistence minimum set for a specific date can be reviewed by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation three times a year.

One-time assistance to low-income families

Social security for low-income families provides, among other benefits, a one-time cash payment. It is possible to get it only once. This benefit is regulated by law at the level of regional authorities. Poor people have the right to continue to receive payments according to their social status and other benefits due to all groups of Russians in the event of certain circumstances.

In other words, receiving one-time material assistance to poor families does not deprive citizens of the right to apply for other general benefits. One-time materiel is paid in various forms. The most common option is a cash payment addressed and transferred to the applicant, but one-time assistance in the form of a grant for training, in kind (medicines, food, essentials) is also possible..

Who should

As mentioned above, a one-time social benefit does not depend on the family composition. At the same time, large and single parents, pensioners, and invalids are considered as privileged, priority applicants. Mandatory requirement for assignment of payments – there must be a permanent registration (registration) of all members at one address, that is, all persons are required to live in the same apartment / house. Refusal of one-time assistance is possible if:

  • the regional budget has no funds;
  • not all documents are submitted;
  • predicament resolved in-house.

The status of “poor” is assigned only to Russians who find themselves in a difficult monetary and financial situation. In such circumstances, one-time financial assistance may apply:

  • lonely and unemployed pensioners;
  • lonely disabled people;
  • single-parent families, including a child who has lost a parent;
  • families raising a disabled child;
  • Orphans
  • families that have lost their breadwinner;
  • parents with disabilities;
  • children whose parents are under the age of 18;
  • large families;
  • a family where a child (children) is studying at a full-time university;
  • children whose parents are serving sentences or are wanted.

In addition, there are lump-sum social payments for the poor on a common basis, without regard to their situation:

  • Payment for early registration during pregnancy for up to 12 weeks. One-time assistance is given to women from low-income families with the appropriate certificate from the antenatal clinic.
  • Payment in the last trimester of pregnancy. Help relies on conscripts’ wives. The spouse of a serviceman can apply for benefits when her husband is in military service or his dismissal to the reserve for up to six months before the time of applying for benefits.
  • Birth allowance. Amounts are paid to all parents, including single parents, with proof of non-receipt by the second parent of such benefits.
  • Cash for adoption. Assistance is paid no later than six months after the entry into force of the judicial decision on adoption. Parents receive such financial support regardless of the age of the child.

One-time financial assistance to poor families, made on the basis of this status, depends on regional legislative norms and local budget capacities, and its options are different in different areas. Such payments are not made everywhere, at the federal level, such a one-time help is not approved and the decision on the appointment is made at the local level. Basically, raising a child by a single parent (adoptive parent), a disease.

Targeted assistance is available to adults. For details, contact your local social welfare office staff specifically. As a rule, support can be given to families or a single person, if:

  • applicants lack their own property;
  • citizens do not have the status of an individual entrepreneur;
  • unemployed and able-bodied persons are officially registered as unemployed.

Woman with children

Size of financial assistance to low-income families

Due to the fact that a set of social support measures is being formed at the regional level, the size of one-time financial assistance to poor families is not firmly and fixedly determined. In addition, the region may not make payments of this kind due to the lack of funds in the budget, but in many entities one-time financial measures are still provided. The amount of the allowance can be up to 15,000 rubles for people in a difficult situation, and up to 30,000 rubles – in case of difficult financial situation of citizens.

Regulatory framework

The main legislative document that regulates issues of social support at the state level is Federal Law dated 17.07.1999 No. 178-ФЗ “On State Social Assistance”. This regulation defines the criteria for measures requiring such subsidies, categories of persons, a list of benefits that they can count on. The law establishes that the family, applying for different preferences from the state, is obliged to confirm the fact of a low-income standard of living.

The document defines the concept of a difficult life situation as circumstances that have aggravated the living and working conditions of a Russian citizen, the consequences of which he cannot cope independently. The claimant for payment must provide evidence of a financial need situation that has arisen for reasons beyond the control of a person – illness, injury, disability, loss of property, etc..

In an effort to support those in need, the state identified a number of support benefits: housing – in the form of discounts on services; tax – as an exemption from taxation; educational – this is a priority, non-competitive enrollment in higher educational institutions and another type – cash payments. Among the monthly, annual received benefits, transferred in cash, there is a possible one-time financial assistance to poor families.

How to get material assistance from the state

One-time financial assistance to poor families is allocated on the basis of a decision made by the state body for social protection of the population. To do this, a citizen must apply to the department dealing with the problems of poor citizens at their place of residence (stay). To realize the right to receive money, one of the family members makes a statement personally or entrusts the actions to the legal representative. The application document should describe the difficulties that caused the circumstances of the citizen’s appeal for financial assistance..

Where can I get a grant

The applicant may apply to social security authorities by submitting a written application in person. In addition to a personal appeal, the document can be sent by mail, electronically through the official portal of public services (in some regions this type of service is not available) or you can contact officials through a multifunctional center, the MFC, which provides public services to citizens. After filing the documents, when considering the application, the reliability of the data is checked and the family and average income are calculated.

A notice of the provision of state aid or of refusal shall be sent to the applicant in writing no later than ten days after his appeal, regardless of the method of petitioning. If it is necessary to conduct an inspection, examination by the representatives of social security of the submitted information on income, the state body gives a preliminary answer within this ten-day period, notifying of an additional verification. In such a situation, the final decision, affirmative or negative, is given thirty days.

Application for a one-time payment

As a rule, a statement is made out to the head of the administration of the region / region where the family lives. The document indicates data on the family composition, income, availability of own property, information on the social benefits already received from the state and the type of assistance that the applicant is applying for. The request for financial assistance describes the reasons why people are in a difficult situation.

If financial assistance is requested due to the need for outpatient or inpatient treatment, additional documents must be submitted. It is required to attach confirmation (certificates) from the medical institution about the need for treatment (its urgency) and medicines that a person cannot receive under the territorial program of providing free medical care.

List of required documents

In each case, the set of documents is different. A generalized family package for a one-time financial support includes:

  • passport (identity card) of the applicant and other members (copies, originals);
  • SNILS;
  • TIN;
  • family composition data;
  • documentary evidence of kinship between the applicant and all members;
  • income statements;
  • documents on the right of ownership of housing and other property;
  • information about social services already received;
  • labor books (copies), certificates from the employment service;
  • health certificates (for people with disabilities);
  • pension certificate (for pensioners);
  • bank account details for crediting an allowance.

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One-time social allowance for the poor in Moscow

It is possible to get a certificate confirming a low-income situation in the capital according to the standard procedure with a request for a certificate, passport and work book. The certificate is issued in any city MFC. Documents on income for three months and on the composition of the family official requests independently through interdepartmental information channels. The criterion for classifying the poor is income per person less than 11816 rubles – the minimum subsistence level established for Moscow.

A non-working pensioner, a sick disabled person, or families with a minor child (s) may receive a targeted one-time cash payment if they are registered for living in Moscow and are in emergency situations. The established amounts of payments are updated on the official portal of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the population of Moscow.

Currently, annual compensation is made in the following amount and on the grounds of:

  • for the purchase of clothing for children with disabilities to attend educational institutions – 10,000 rubles;
  • urgent appeal to a pregnant woman-spouse of a military serviceman – 26539 p. 46 kopecks;
  • for recreation in summer for children of conscripts who died (died), went missing or received a disability while performing combat missions in an armed conflict – 24158 p. 12 kopecks.

The remaining benefits to the single parent, in case the parent evades child support, to student parents, to the family, are paid monthly for the maintenance of a disabled child. In addition, in Moscow, the city government provides one-time assistance to poor families in the form of food assistance received by enrolling 1000 points, equivalent to 1000 rubles. Previously for this it is required to draw up a social card of a resident of the city where these points are received.

Points can be realized by purchasing essential goods (according to the approved list) in certain metropolitan stores. In order to receive such transfers, you need to provide certificate certificates from medical institutions about the applicant’s presence of diabetes mellitus and the need to supply a diabetic set of products.

The city’s budget in the city budget includes clothing assistance, similar to grocery, intended for the purchase of clothes, shoes and durable goods. The right to apply for this type of assistance has been granted to people with disabilities, elderly Russians, parents with many children and other persons in urgent need of support. Parents with children can also receive such social support for the purchase of children’s goods. The amount of clothing assistance is 2000 points, which is equivalent to 2000 rubles.

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