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Everyone understands that money should not be idle – it is necessary to make them work and make a profit. Putting money at interest on a bank deposit is one of the ways to manage your savings profitably, but there are other options. If you understand all the tricks well, you can get a good margin, but for this you need to choose which method will be optimal.

Where can I put money at profitable interest

The unstable ruble exchange rate, inflationary risks and other factors of the modern Russian economy make a person who has the opportunity to set aside several thousand a month to think about where to attach them. There are different variations: buy real estate, works of art, or even a whole business. You can open a deposit, getting interest on a monthly basis, or invest in stocks. When deciding where to put money at good interest, you need to weigh all the risks and analyze the pros and cons, because not everyone is able to understand the intricacies of financial transactions.

Bank deposits at interest

Deposits are the most common cash investment tool, which is always popular among Russian citizens. This is understandable, because the Russian banking sector sets interest rates above the annual inflation rate in order to prevent the depreciation of savings. However, this applies to ruble deposits. Deposits in foreign currency are placed at a significantly lower percentage and do not bring high returns. From the point of view of devaluation of the national currency, they are more profitable investments, which cannot be said about ruble savings..

To diversify risks on both sides, it is recommended to place deposits in different currencies. Depending on the financial institution, clients can expect 7-10% per annum in rubles. Deposits in foreign currency rarely have annual rates in excess of 2%. You need to understand that banks offer customers more than one option for placing funds, therefore, depending on the timing and amount of placement, interest may vary.

Investment in mutual funds

Investments in mutual funds are akin to bank deposits, if we consider them from the side of reliability, but they bring greater profitability. In order to put money at interest, there is no need to study tons of literature – you just need to choose the right management company. Minimum investments have a small amount and start from 2000 rubles, and the profit is formed due to the correct purchase / sale of shares and bonds. Mutual Funds bring different returns, which depend on the professionalism of the organization entrusted with money.

Buying stocks and bonds

If you want to participate in multiplying your own capital on your own, you can personally buy or sell shares and bonds. It is immediately worth noting that the former are more risky assets than the latter, but they can also bring more income. Shares are securities that indicate that the owner is the owner of part of the company. Bonds are a confirmation that the organization has borrowed money from an individual and is obligated to return them after a certain period of time with interest.

Man holds a jar of money

PAMM accounts

The bottom line is to open a special managed account in the Forex market. Investors, and there may be more than one person, invest money, and the trader “plays” on them. Profit is distributed in proportion to investments. Experts advise investing in PAMM accounts no more than 30-40% of all planned investments. This is due to the fact that such injections can bring huge payments up to hundreds of percent per annum, but there is always a risk of loss.

Binary options

A kind of financial instrument that allows an investor to earn income or fail. It has a certain life cycle – day, hour, month. Its essence is to predict whether the value of the acquired asset will be higher or lower in relation to this value, for example, the dollar / euro rate. Not all countries recognize binary options as legal, as they are considered a deliberately losing investment..

Forex Market

Currency exchange, which does not have a specific location, unlike stock counterparts, but has completely gone online. It helps to earn money at exchange rates of different countries of the world, and the spectrum of users of the financial market is numerous – from individuals to central banks. The advantage of a “game” on the exchange is the ability to make big profits, and you can work on Forex anywhere and anytime. Of the significant shortcomings – these are big risks to lose everything due to incorrect investments and insufficient experience, as well as the presence of fraudulent schemes.


Digital currency, issued with a strictly defined limit and for the most part not having a physical display, is one of the most popular options where many people prefer to invest money recently. It is not subject to inflation, since it is not tied to any of the Central banks. Cryptocurrency cannot be faked, which is considered its significant advantage..

Among the shortcomings, it should be noted that in Russia digital banknotes, although not prohibited, are not recommended for use, since they are very often used in the shadow economy. They earn mainly on the purchase / sale of electronic currency. According to statistics, recently there has been a growth in the rate of the virtual currency. When working with her, it is always necessary to remember that there is a risk of fraud.

Deposits and investments using electronic payment systems

You can earn on payment systems through transactions on the purchase / sale of currency, by creating your own exchange office or by offering to exchange available electronic currency at your own rate. Of the main advantages, one can single out the opportunity to earn decent amounts on the course. However, there is always a risk of falling into dishonest clients, therefore experts advise to carefully approach foreign exchange transactions and not to chase overly attractive offers.

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How to open a deposit at a high interest rate in the bank

Numerous rating agencies provide statistics on all types of banking organizations. If you turn to it, you can understand where to put money at interest in order to earn maximum income. You can open the deposit itself directly in the department, visiting it personally or remotely – through terminals, the Internet and mobile banking. In some cases, when opening a deposit via the global network, you can get an additional bonus in the form of an increased interest rate.

Rating of banks on deposits

The yield of deposits depends on a number of factors. The greatest profit is brought by long-term investments. This is due to the fact that the interest rate depends on the key rate of the Central Bank, and this year it lowered it more than once. In addition, deposits that cannot be partially withdrawn or replenished will have increased margins. If the client is sure that he will not need the money, you must choose such offers, otherwise, with early termination, the rate will be minimal. The top 5 offers below show where it is better to put money at interest:

  • “Leadership Strategy” up to 10.6% of Zenit Bank;
  • “Contribution to the Future” from Binbank at 10%;
  • “Our people. Investment ”at 9.85%. National Bank “Trust”;
  • “Savings and protection” up to 9% per annum from Gazprombank;
  • “The right decision” at 9% of Uralsib Bank.

Comparison of bank deposits by reliability

Not all citizens are willing to put money at maximum interest. For some, it is necessary that there is a reliable bank that has the best reputation and positive customer reviews. Handing him money, investors can be completely sure not only of their increase, but also of safety. This indicator is calculated from several parameters, the main of which is the amount of net profit, the size of the loan portfolio, the presence of debt and net assets.

According to the results of the first half of 2019, the following large banks that offer banking services for earning profit from deposit placement include reliable financial institutions:

  • Sberbank of Russia;
  • Bank of Moscow;
  • Gazprombank;
  • VTB 24;
  • Russian Agricultural Bank.

Deposit Opening Terms

In order to profitably put money in the bank at interest, you must carefully approach the study of proposals. The investor does not always pay attention to some nuances that may affect the amount of profit received. Before opening a deposit, you need to inquire about the exact conditions of storage of funds and carefully study the deposit agreement. In addition, you can always use a loan calculator on the website of a financial institution or special services on the Internet that will help you calculate estimated earnings online.

Man with pen and calculators.

Interest rates

The interest rate directly depends on the key rate of the Central Bank of Russia and the inflation rate. It is rare to find deposit programs offering to put money at rates higher than 13% (the key rate of the Central Bank + 5 percentage points), since such operations are risky and financial-credit organizations are forced to make large deductions in the form of taxes.

Rates can be either fixed or floating – depend on any value and change during the entire period of the contract. Interest can also be removed in several ways – at the end of the term of the deposit, or with a certain frequency, for example, once a month or quarter. Money can be issued in cash or credited to a bank card of Sberbank, Binbank or any other where a deposit is opened. In addition, there is the possibility of capitalization of interest.


The size

Payment method

Placement period

Promsvyazbank Maximum Opportunities

from 100000

at the end of the term

1, 2 years

Gazprombank – For Life

from 15000

at the end of the calendar month / term

91-1097 days

Raiffazenbank “Profitable”


Monthly capitalization / payout to account

31-730 days

Amount and urgency of deposit

You can make a deposit to the bank for almost any amount. Another thing is that if a certain value is exceeded, an employee of the organization is obliged to notify the tax authorities about this. As a rule, banks set the minimum amount of money needed to open a savings deposit. The terms for which deposits are placed can also be different, therefore, choosing a specific product, you need to decide on the best option for yourself, so that if necessary, you can withdraw all or part of the deposit without losing interest.


Amount, rubles


Pochtabank “Capital”

from 50,000

6, 12, 18 months

Sberbank “Replenish Online”

from 1000

3 months – 3 years

Rosbank “Managed”


12, 18 months

In what currency to open a deposit at interest

Today you can put money at interest in any currency of the world, although rubles, dollars, euros, pounds sterling and Swiss francs are common. Another thing is that the return on deposits in rubles will be higher than on foreign currency deposits:





UniCreditBank Universal




VTB 24 “Profitable”




Alfa Bank Premier +




Additional features

Do not rush to choose where to put money at interest, because beautiful conditions may hide additional conditions. For example, deposits with a monthly capitalization do not have such a high interest rate, however, depending on the amount, they can bring more tangible benefits. In case of early closure of the deposit, the rate may be the minimum value, although you can find offers where partial withdrawal of the deposit in a certain period of time is allowed without loss of interest.

It is worth paying attention to the possibility of replenishing the term deposit. Often this is allowed only in the first months. An exception may be such a type of deposit as “on demand”. Under the terms of the agreements, the majority of banks have an interest rate of mainly 0.01%, but you can withdraw and replenish money from such a deposit an unlimited number of times. In addition, it can bequeath and be closed at any convenient time..

Benefits of bank deposits for the population

As can be seen from the above material, citizens have many opportunities to increase their capital by putting money at interest or by putting it into business. More risky investments can bring good returns, but also cause ruin. The advantage of a bank deposit is that such investments are not only protected by the state, but also help to increase savings.

Plant and coins

Reliability and Return Guarantee

When choosing a bank, you should pay particular attention to whether he is a member of a deposit insurance program, since only in this case can you count on the return of your own savings in case of bankruptcy or revocation of a license from the organization. All deposits up to 1.4 million rubles are insured by the state, so the client can always count on a return on invested money. If you have a large amount of available funds on hand, you can consider investing in different banks (it is not forbidden to have any number of deposits) or, better, place them in different currencies.

Saving money from inflation

If we turn to practice, we can see that mutual funds are more profitable than bank deposits. The population of Russia is still distrustful of this kind of investment, although in terms of reliability they are not inferior to deposits. If you look at the official statistics, you can see that most bank offers at interest rates are ahead of inflation. It cannot be said that deposits at current values ​​will help to earn a good margin on deposits, but this is better than saving and keeping money at home.

Multicurrency programs

Sometimes you can find offers to put money at interest in several currencies at once. As a rule, the main ones are rubles, US dollars and euros. Multicurrency products help to make good money, but for this you need to have certain skills in order to competently manage the deposit. To do this, it is necessary to monitor the situation in the foreign exchange market, constantly monitor the rates and timely convert.

However, it must be understood that the exchange of one foreign currency for another does not occur at the exchange rate established by the Central Bank, but to the one that determines the institution where the deposit is placed. To a certain extent, this can affect the level of income, and sometimes even lead to losses. Such investment methods are especially relevant for large fluctuations in rates. With stable values, it will not bring much benefit, but it will help save money.

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