Oscillococcinum during pregnancy – instructions for the use of an antiviral drug

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The choice of means for treating a pregnant woman requires special deliberation and deliberation. Not only medications, but also traditional medicine can harm the baby. In this regard, the question arises of the safety of the treatment of viral diseases, which the future mothers ask the doctor, and often experts advise them to carry out therapy with the homeopathic Oscillococcinum during pregnancy. Is this remedy really harmful to the fetus??

What is Oscillococcinum

This drug belongs to the homeopathic group, it is released by the French pharmaceutical company Boiron. The active ingredients of Oscillococcinum are contained in small granules, which are packaged in small cylindrical tubes. For the first time the drug went on sale in 1925, since then it has been actively used to treat influenza and SARS. Oscillococcinum is one of the few homeopathy remedies that treat viral infections during pregnancy and at a young age..

The main components of Oscillococcinum are the extract from the liver and heart muscle of the Barbarian duck. Additional substances of the medication are sucrose and lactose. What explains this composition? Ducks are the main carriers of various viruses that provoke the development of influenza and the common cold, therefore, an extract of their liver, taken in a minimum concentration, allows you to get a substance with an antiviral effect.

Oscillococcinum in the first trimester

Since special studies have not been conducted, it is impossible to confirm the 100% safety of the drug for a woman in early pregnancy. Nevertheless, to the question “is it possible for pregnant women to have oscillococcinum?” many experts respond positively. According to reviews, homeopathy does not have a negative effect on the fetus or pregnancy.

The manufacturer of the drug himself convinces that Oscillococcinum during pregnancy 1 trimester is allowed, because it is not capable of causing complications and health problems for a woman or child: the tablets contain exclusively natural substances. Nevertheless, patients in a position should not arbitrarily start taking the drug for viral diseases, since it is not known how her body will react to the active components or what kind of reaction the baby will have on Oscillococcinum.

Oscillococcinum tablets per pack

Oscillococcinum during pregnancy 2 trimester

The common cold is a common problem during pregnancy, especially in the 1st and 2nd trimesters, while it is complicated by the fact that expectant mothers are forbidden to take most antiviral drugs. It is difficult for a pregnant woman to choose a safe way to treat the flu, but one cannot ignore the disease, since there is a risk of complications, including miscarriage. Homeopathic antiviral drugs for pregnant women in the 2nd trimester are allowed, but they should be taken only under the supervision of a doctor. These include Oscillococcinum, which is a harmless antiviral agent..

Oscillococcinum during pregnancy 3 trimester

During this period of pregnancy, a medicine can not only treat, but also carry out the prevention of colds. This is a reasonable measure, since pregnant women have a weakened immune system and it is easier for viruses to infect the body. Antiviral drugs for pregnant women of the 3rd trimester of the Oscillococcinum type, according to reviews, help to quickly cope with a cold and remove unpleasant symptoms of malaise. Drink a homeopathy remedy as described in the instructions.

Oscillococcinum – instructions for use

People who tested the drug claim that the maximum effect of Oscillococcinum provides if you take it in the first few hours after the onset of cold symptoms. The drug is in demand in pregnant women, as it helps to avoid long-term treatment of influenza. Instructions for use Oscillococcinum indicates the relevance of women taking the drug in the position for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections in the autumn and winter, when the risk of catching the virus increases.

The manufacturer says that the sooner you start taking Oscillococcinum during pregnancy, the easier it is to eliminate the ailment. The drug of homeopathy has such an effect for an adult body:

  • normalizes body temperature;
  • reduces the intensity of symptoms;
  • reduces the duration of the disease;
  • eliminates malaise.

The pregnant girl holds a thermometer in a hand

How to take Oscillococcinum for pregnant women

A homeopathic medication can be used by pregnant women throughout the entire period: from the first week to 9 months, since there are no restrictions on its use. However, you should not start treatment with the drug without consulting your doctor. Only an experienced doctor can prescribe Oscillococcinum for pregnant women, weighing all the pros and cons, assessing the state of female health and possible side effects.


At any time, the dose remains constant. In addition, it does not affect the amount of medication needed for therapy and the age of the woman in position. The standard dosage of Oscillococcinum for acute viral disease is 2 tubes per day (sutra and evening). Granules should be taken 20 minutes before meals or an hour after. At the same time, they are not swallowed, but absorbed, pouring the contents of the box on the tongue. For prevention (so as not to get the flu), a homeopathic medicine is used once a week. If the disease is just beginning, the recommended daily dose is 1 tube.


The instruction contains information that the use of the drug by pregnant women is allowed only according to the doctor’s testimony: it is forbidden to take any homeopathic medicines uncontrollably, since this can stimulate the development of more serious pathologies. Despite the fact that in most cases, the administration of granules is well tolerated by patients, allergic reactions are not excluded. If any side effects are found after taking the medicine, you should stop treatment and consult a doctor.

The main contraindications of Oscillococcinum are:

  • individual negative reaction to active substances (carefully take medication for women who are allergic to animal protein);
  • lactose or sucrose intolerance.

Pregnant girl lies in bed

Oscillococcinum price

To date, the medicine is registered in more than fifty different countries of the world, including Russia. The popularity of homeopathic medicine in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other major cities of the Russian Federation is constantly growing, despite the skepticism about its effectiveness and the mechanism of action of many experts. High sales of tubes with granules are explained by a safe, natural composition, thanks to which the medicine has practically no side effects and contraindications.

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Oscillococcinum Price

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