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It is better to feed a newborn infant with the use of a special accessory – a pillow for feeding will save the mother from an uncomfortable position, facilitate the process of feeding the baby or twins. It is also useful for pregnant women, it is used to relax, reduce the load on the legs, lower back and back. It is worth learning how to choose the right accessory, which manufacturers to pay attention to.

What is a feeding pillow

According to terminology, a pillow for feeding is a special accessory that is a regular pillow of a special shape. They are U-shaped, in the form of a pipe, boomerang. Inside the pillow for feeding newborns there is a hypoallergenic filler that adapts to the shape of the baby’s body and prevents the spine from bending. With this accessory it’s more convenient to feed the baby, you can do it in several ways.

How to use a pillow for feeding

Doctors suggest using a pillow for feeding already during pregnancy. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Unload the lower back – bend the product with a ring, leave the middle at the bottom, and the two ends at the top, put on the back of the sofa. Lean against the center of your lower back, dive into it, or wrap the ends around your waist. Lift your legs on the roller.
  2. An accessory of great length will help improve sleep. Grip it between the knees, at the same time put it under the lumbar, stomach, head. It turns out that the product encircles the whole body.

As intended, the pillow for nursing mothers is also used in several convenient options:

  1. Face your mother – while sitting or reclining, put the device on your waist. On the widest part, lay the baby facing you, hold the back while feeding. Due to the height of the product, the baby’s head will be exactly at chest level.
  2. From under the arm – in order to prevent stagnation of milk or lactostasis, the baby should be applied to the breast where more nutritious drink was accumulated. Put the device on your waist, fasten it with ties, put the child on the wide part with your head forward and feet towards you. Hold the baby by the back.
  3. Lying – suitable for practical night feedings. Put the accessory on the bed with the wide part in front of you, lie on the legs, put the baby on the wide part.

After the end of the feeding process or during it, you can use a pillow for the development of the baby. Starting from four months, put the child on his stomach so that he can learn about the world, from six months – let him sit half-hearted, and from the year he finally sits on the accessory and plays. Some devices help the baby’s sleep – you can put it on the surface directly in the crib to maintain posture after feeding.

Pillow for feeding

Twin pillow

A pillow for feeding twins is distinguished by convenience, on which it is good to put both babies and feed them at the same time. This will help the German version, which can be bought in a store or ordered by mail:

  • Model Name: Theraline 190 cm (clearing orange).
  • Price: 5250 r.
  • Characteristics: filler polystyrene, volume 40 l, size 190 * 38 cm.
  • Pros: 100% Cotton, Quiet Pellets.
  • Cons: expensive.

A more affordable accessory will be a Russian product with a hypoallergenic filler inside:

  • Model Name: Bioson.
  • Price: 2450 r.
  • Characteristics: hollofiber filler, microfiber cover.
  • Pros: affordable, light weight.
  • Cons: does not absorb moisture.

Pillow for feeding twins Bioson

Theraline Pillow

Popular among mothers is the German-made Theraline pillow for feeding:

  • Model Name: Theraline 190 cm without case.
  • Price: 4100 r.
  • Characteristics: size 190 cm, odorless polystyrene filler.
  • Pros: complies with European standards Ecotest, horseshoe shape.
  • Cons: high cost.

The second most popular product of the same manufacturer is the pillow, which can be chosen in different shades:

  • Model Name: TheraLine Dodo 170.
  • Price: 2600 r.
  • Characteristics: size 170 * 34 cm, weight 1 kg, boomerang shape.
  • Pros: filler balls, pillowcase pillowcase material, case included, safe zipper.
  • Cons: large balls up to 3 mm.

Pillow Theraline Dodo 170

Velina feeding pillow

Domestic manufacturers, not lagging behind foreign ones, offer a Velina feeding pillow with delivery from online stores:

  • Model Name: Turkish Cucumbers.
  • Price: 2300 r.
  • Characteristics: filler expanded polystyrene, circumference is suitable for women of 40-50 sizes, C-shaped.
  • Pros: 100% cotton top, Velcro pouch.
  • Cons: too tightly filled, only delicate washing.

Another popular feeding item is a pillow with a similar price but a different color:

  • Model Name: Tea Rose.
  • Price: 2300 r.
  • Characteristics: universal 2 in 1, dimensions 24 * 160 * 21 cm, crescent shape with Velcro.
  • Pros: a cotton pillowcase is easily removable, an expansion insert is included.
  • Cons: large balls of expanded polystyrene, too dense filling, insert with a filler can not be washed in a washing machine.

Velina Nursing Pillow Tea Rose

Born Free Pillow

Canadian-Israeli Born Free feeding pillow is expensive, but with sales or discounts you can buy profitable products in Moscow or St. Petersburg:

  • Model Name: BornFree Comfort Fit Body Pillow.
  • Price: 5200 rubles.
  • Characteristics: dimensions 51 * 39 * 20 cm, filler mesh with polyester fiber.
  • Pros: 100% cotton coating composition.
  • Cons: weight 3 kg, too small size, pillowcase designed for a separate purchase.

The Born Free brand presents useful products for every taste that facilitate the process of feeding and falling asleep:

  • Model Name: Born Free 47370.
  • Price: 6700 r.
  • Characteristics: size 8 * 64 * 110 cm, weight 1 kg.
  • Pros: cotton pillowcase, removable, washable.
  • Cons: too expensive.

Pillow Born Free Comfort Fit Body Pillow

Milk Rivers Feeding Pillow

The Russian brand offers for sale a pillow for feeding Milk Rivers at an optimal price that matches the quality:

  • Model Name: Milk Rivers Twins.
  • Price: 3800 r.
  • Characteristics: for feeding twins, filler foam rubber, there is a special bias and a pocket for small things.
  • Pros: a plush cover, an extra pillow for the back included.
  • Cons: too soft for muscles and joints.

If the child is alone, you can order another product that is popular for ease of feeding:

  • Model Name: Milk Rivers Support.
  • Price: 2400 r.
  • Features: waist fixation, filler foam, removable cotton pouch.
  • Pluses: elastic flat top, adjustable strap, Velcro fasteners, double fastening.
  • Cons: machine wash only at 40 degrees.

Milk Rivers Twins Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

Famous is the American pillow for feeding My Brest Friend, represented by a wide range of:

  • Model Name: My Brest Friend 701-003.
  • Price: 4000 r.
  • Characteristics: dimensions 58 * 39 * 14 cm, weight 815 g, fastener on carbines and Velcro.
  • Pros: lightweight, back with carabiner, removable soft case.
  • Cons: filler foam.

A special product is intended for feeding twins to make the process convenient and safe:

  • Model Name: My Brest Friend 701-018 Green Cucumbers.
  • Price: 6500 r.
  • Specifications: size 68 * 56 * 15 cm, weight 907 g.
  • Pluses: a removable cotton cover, a unfastening back, a fastener from a carbine and Velcro, a pocket for trifles.
  • Cons: too expensive.

Pillow for feeding My Brest Friend 701-018 Green cucumbers

Baby Feeding Pillow

Domestic and high-quality pillow for feeding Karapuz is presented in a single copy, it is popular because of its low price:

  • Model Name: KARAPUZ with pillowcase.
  • Price: 550 r.
  • Characteristics: horseshoe shape, cotton pillowcase.
  • Pros: pillowcase included, affordable price.
  • Cons: too soft.

How to choose a pillow for feeding

Only according to individual preferences, the best pillow for feeding is determined, but there are a number of rules that must be observed when choosing a product:

  1. Safety – choose a trusted manufacturer using environmentally friendly materials without harmful impurities. Covers should be cotton, hypoallergenic, not cause irritation. Pillowcase material choose a nice touch, cotton is better.
  2. Form – depends on preferences. The most popular are in the form of the letter C or banana (boomerang) up to 180 cm in size. In the form of the letter U they are suitable for wrapping around the body, C – supports the stomach and facilitates feeding, G – holds the neck, I – gives a good sleep.
  3. Transformation ability – it is better to choose the most versatile product.
  4. Filler – inexpensive sintepon, holofiber and faybertek hypoallergenic, unpretentious in operation, are cheap, but very springy. Buckwheat natural husk is environmentally friendly, does not cause static, but a little harsh. Polystyrene synthetic balls are interesting for their specific rustling, take the form of a body, do not slip and do not deform. If the manufacturer unscrupulously places low-quality polystyrene inside, the accessory can be dangerous.
  5. The size of the filler is large, less convenient, able to deform and rustle. Better to choose small particles..
  6. Size – a short device up to 140 cm has limited functionality, and a long device up to 2 m takes up a lot of space. Choose is 170-180 cm.
  7. Filling density – if the chest is small, it is better to choose dense pillows with maximum hardness. Having placed the child on it, you can not worry about the loose fit of the nipple to the mouth.
  8. Case – choose a removable type to make washing easier and faster. Plus there is a chance to change pillowcases from fabric for a change.

The most functional for feeding are pillows in the form of a boomerang or pipe. They are able to flow from a sitting position to lying without interruption from the process. It is better for pregnant women to choose large pillows that “hug” the body, make it easy to fall asleep, take the shape of a stomach. Compact ones are useful when feeding not only at home – you can take them with you to nature, the cottage, they are suitable for short women.

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