Overview of sets of oil paints for painting for professionals and beginners – description, composition and price

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For art painting using oil paints, which include pigments and oil. This ensures saturated bright colors during the drawing process, prolongs the durability of the painting on canvas. This type of material is not easy to use, requires mixing with an organic solvent and special preparation of related products. Read the rules for choosing paints, the range of manufacturers on the market.

What are oil paints

Allocate single tubes and a set of oil paints for general and artistic purposes. The latter are prepared by grinding pigments in bleached refined linseed or peanut butter, and sometimes other drying components are added to it. The finished mixture is applied to a pre-primed surface. The chemical composition of oil paints differs depending on the type..


The quality of pigments and binders varies in composition:

  • The standard ones consist of cadmium, cobalt, and coloring ground pimentos..
  • To prevent discoloration, add non-yellowing oil, but the basis for the rest is linseed.
  • Earthy colors on ocher, sienna and umber are made from natural pigments..
  • The most expensive subtypes include lightfast organic pigments, this allows you to achieve brightness and purity of the primary color.
  • The more expensive the pigments, the more balanced the drying time, the more natural the shade..

How to dilute oil paints

You can write simply with paints, squeezing them directly from the tubes onto the palette, without dilution. So that they are not so thick, they use a special component. The paint thinner is linseed, hemp, and nut oil. It is sold in shops for creativity, has no smell, but increases the drying time of the painting to several years.

White spirit is another substance, but the artist does not need to use it for dilution – only for washing brushes and a palette, otherwise the quality of the primers will deteriorate. Professional artists mix diluents by pouring the solution into an oil can. Options for the composition may be:

  • tee – equal proportions of a picturesque (dammar, mastic) varnish, hemp or linseed oil, white spirit thinner;
  • instead of white spirit, you can take turpentine.

Oil paints and brushes

Which oil paints are better

Both beginners and professional artists know where to buy art paints. These are special departments for creativity, including online stores. They sell popular products of famous brands that creative people buy more often than others. Rating of manufacturers:

  1. Workshop, Ladoga – produced by the Leningrad Plant of Artistic Paints.
  2. Gamma – a company from Moscow uses flax and poppy seeds.
  3. Daler-Rowney – an old English company.
  4. Maimeri is an Italian brand with a palette of 80 shades.
  5. Old Holland – another old company, only from Holland.
  6. Pebble – a French line of highly professional products for professionals.

Oil paints for painting

How much oil paints cost depends on the type of product chosen. The cost is affected by the pigment used, the bonding base, the volume of the tube and the fame of the company. Domestic Sonnet and Ladoga can be bought from 130 rubles per tube of 30-40 ml, goods from foreign manufacturers cost from 200 rubles for the same volume. More profitable to buy sets – each tube separately will be much more expensive.

Podolsk Goods for Artists

Domestic producer offers high-quality thick-grated oil products at an affordable cost:

  • model name: for oil painting;
  • price: 109 p.;
  • Characteristics: 46 ml, natural resins, yellow amber;
  • pluses: dense, bright pigmentation, color purity;
  • cons: expensive, no imitations.

Natural pigments contain another line of a similar brand, suitable for aspiring artists:

  • model name: Italian series;
  • price: 104 p.;
  • Characteristics: 46 ml, no brush;
  • pluses: original earthy colors;
  • cons: poor gamma.

Italian oil paints

Neva palette

A brand from St. Petersburg offers to buy tubes one at a time or in a set. The second is more profitable:

  • model name: a set of artistic oil shades;
  • price: 2620 p.;
  • Characteristics: 12 colors of 10 ml;
  • pluses: tube release form;
  • cons: no brush, delivery.

Individual tubes can be purchased cheaper from the same brand, which makes them popular among students:

  • model name: Sonnet;
  • price: 376 r.;
  • Characteristics: 10 ml, carton;
  • pluses: bright rich gamut, cheap;
  • cons: not the best quality components.

Artistic Oil Paints Sonnet


This is a popular domestic brand that produces a wide range of materials for creativity:

  • model name: Studio;
  • price: 155 p.;
  • characteristics: 46 ml;
  • pluses: wide gamut;
  • cons: not found.

The second series produced by the company is the Old Master line, distinguished by its breadth of scale:

  • model name: Old master;
  • price: 155 p.;
  • Characteristics: 46 ml:
  • pluses: a convenient tube;
  • cons: not found.

Tubes with oil paints Studio

Master Class

The Nevskaya Palette art factory is launching a Master Class series containing turpentine, acrylic and oil components:

  • model name: white lead:
  • price: 186 p.;
  • characteristics: 46 ml;
  • pluses: increased durability;
  • cons: no discounts.

In addition to zinc and titanium white colors in the series a wide range of different shades for every taste:

  • model name: Master-Class;
  • price: 522 r.;
  • characteristics: 46 ml;
  • pluses: wide range, gloss;
  • cons: high cost, there are no sales.

Set of oil paints Master Class

Art Materials

Another Russian brand is the company Artistic Materials, which pleases consumers with a large palette:

  • model name: NORMA PROFESSIONAL;
  • price: 674 r.;
  • characteristics: 35 ml, light fastness at levels 4 and 5;
  • pluses: 84 tones, do not leave raised strokes, low consumption;
  • cons: half the shades belong to the high price category.

To draw oil paintings using the Alla Prima painting technique (raw), another series from the same manufacturer is suitable:

  • model name: professional series;
  • price: 674 r.;
  • Characteristics: metal tube, 35 ml;
  • pluses: good adhesion, uniform creamy consistency, high pigmentation, environmentally friendly product;
  • cons: expensive, no stocks.

Set of oil paints, solvents and brushes NORMA PROFESSIONAL


A set of paints with the original name Malevich will be useful to beginners and professional masters:

  • model name: set;
  • price: 3860 r.;
  • characteristics: a set of 14 colors of 40 ml;
  • pluses: there is a brush, thinner, varnish and a metal oiler in the kit, lightfastness rating – 7 points out of 8;
  • cons: not honey, cardboard packaging.

In addition to the oil kit, you can purchase separate, convenient, economical aluminum tubes:

  • model name: Pro;
  • price: 315 r.;
  • characteristics: 40 ml;
  • pluses: high-quality light-resistant components, you can write without dilution, a thin grated consistency;
  • cons: not found.

Professional oil paints Pros


Italian masters know a lot about the development of products for creativity, so they launched the Ferrario brand on the market:

  • model name: Da Vinci;
  • price: 313 r.;
  • characteristics: 60 ml;
  • pluses: thin, high light resistance, suitable for canvas, cardboard, paper, wood;
  • cons: among the diluents there is white spirit.

For professionals, the ARTIST OIL series has been developed, which is distinguished by a soft, convenient transparent tube:

  • model name: ARTIST OIL;
  • price: 674 r.;
  • characteristics: 100 or 250 ml;
  • pluses: high pigmentation, thin consistency, can be applied with a brush or spatula;
  • cons: 24 shades.

Oil paint tube ARTIST OIL

Winsor & newton

One of the oldest factories in Europe is the English Winsor & Newton, which produces a rich palette:

  • model name: WINTON;
  • price: 600 p.;
  • characteristics: 37 ml;
  • pluses: high pigmentation, good hiding power and light fastness, 47 colors;
  • cons: selling only by the piece.

For professional craftsmen, the factory offers the same line, which is distinguished by high quality:

  • model name: Professional;
  • price: 420 p.;
  • characteristics: 5 ml;
  • pluses: light-resistant natural components, you can choose a different degree of transparency, 96 colors;
  • cons: low volume.

WINTON Oil Paint Set


The Italian factory Maimeri produces tubes individually and in sets. The latter are more profitable, because they are cheaper:

  • model name: CLASSICO;
  • price: 4750 p.;
  • characteristics: 12 shades of 20 ml;
  • pluses: the kit includes a palette, no waxes and additives, safflower oil for bright colors;
  • cons: limited edition.

A wider color palette is distinguished by the classic line, produced in a professional volume:

  • model name: Idea;
  • price: 605 r.;
  • characteristics: 60 ml;
  • Pros: suitable for different materials, textured effect;
  • cons: dear.

A set of oil paints for professionals CLASSICO


Specially for painting, Sonnet brand products were developed using synthetic components:

  • model name: Sonnet;
  • price: 179 p.;
  • characteristics: 46 ml;
  • pluses: the same drying time, 51 colors;
  • Cons: only suitable for brushes from a column, synthetics, bristles or a palette knife.

The following series in 12 mini-tubes is distinguished from paint sets of the same manufacturer:

  • model name: Sonnet oil kit;
  • price: 1564 p.;
  • specifications: 12 pcs. 10 ml each;
  • pluses: light-resistant organic pigments, many pure colors, transparency, UV protection;
  • cons: cardboard packaging.

Set of eight colors of Sonnet oil paints


The French brand Sennelier has been known since 1887 and produces time-tested art materials:

  • model name: Etude;
  • price: 453 r.;
  • characteristics: 34 ml;
  • pluses: brightness, intensity, light fastness, color gamut – 36 shades;
  • cons: no.

Another line of the French company is Artists, suitable for professionals and novice artists:

  • Model Name: Artists;
  • price: 392 r.;
  • characteristics: 40 ml;
  • pluses: economical consumption, high-quality pigmentation;
  • cons: no.

A set of oil paints for beginners

Royal talens

The Dutch manufacturer in the Russian market offers several lines. Popular is Van Gogh:

  • model name: Van Gogh;
  • price: 2220 p.;
  • specifications: 20 pcs. 10 ml each;
  • pluses: vegetable oils, color depth does not change after drying;
  • cons: cardboard box.

If a set of paints is not needed, you can buy tubes separately, but they will come out more expensive than the collection:

  • model name: ART CREATION;
  • price: 765 r.;
  • characteristics: 200 ml;
  • pluses: brightness, color saturation, light fastness;
  • cons: only professional volume.

Set of oil paints ART CREATION

How to choose oil paints

If an artist is just starting to work with oil, he will need tips on choosing materials:

  • the more stars in the markings, the higher the light fastness;
  • the shading level of the square in the designation indicates covering properties, a fully shaded square indicates a high percentage;
  • it is better to buy in separate tubes;
  • dark tones choose a smaller volume;
  • beginners are advised to choose Ladoga or Sonnet paints, professionals – PEBEO.
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