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When buying a vehicle, each driver is faced with the problem of compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy. Many allow themselves to travel without it for more than 10 permitted days. How many drivers – so many reasons, but they are all punished by an administrative fine.

What is riding without insurance

Transfer of an insurance policy to a traffic police officer

The insurance policy is not available in several cases:

  • the policy is issued, but the driver does not have it;
  • driving a person whose name is not inside the document;
  • the paper was not drawn up;
  • document expired.

The presence of an insurance policy is mandatory and is regulated by the following documents:

  • Traffic rules;
  • Federal Law No. 40;
  • Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation.

No insurance penalty

With many drivers, it happens that they are inside a vehicle without insurance paper. However, the document is drawn up, it is valid, but the motorist forgets it at home. In this case, the representative of the traffic police can give a warning to the motorist or apply sanctions to him – a monetary fine. In 2019, the penalty for the lack of insurance inside the vehicle is 500 r.

Overdue Insurance Penalty

As most drivers who draw up insurance documents know, a car insurance policy is issued for exactly 1 year. Drivers who are not going to use their means of transportation throughout this period can shorten the validity of OSAGO. For example, truckers arrange a car insurance from April to September. Insurance under such conditions will cost less, however, it is not allowed to operate the car in a period not specified in the document.

Many are interested in how much you can ride after the end of CTP insurance. This period is better not to wait, but to start issuing a new form in advance. If the inspector convinces you of movement at this time, he has the right to show you a fine for driving without insurance in the amount of 500 r. When the insurance form is expired, for example, you forgot to renew the policy, the violation is considered more serious. Then a negligent driver will be fined in the amount of 800 r.

Registration of a policy at a car dealership

For driving without insurance on another vehicle

While driving, different situations may arise. For example, a motorist cannot control his vehicle. If there is a person nearby who is able to drive a car but is not written in the document, he can drive. However, this is considered a violation. In this case, the traffic police may charge you a fine for a driver who is not included in the insurance. The amount of such payment will be 500 r.

The penalty for the lack of insurance

Until now, there are drivers who knowingly do not want to buy a car insurance policy. In this case, the absence of a document is considered as non-fulfillment of a citizen’s obligations to insure his liability. A person who obviously has no insurance is an intruder. This is worth remembering to everyone who drives their car. As a result, you can get a fine for driving without insurance, equal to 800 r.

What is the penalty for overdue insurance in case of accident

Traffic accident

When traveling without documents, you are at constant risk of getting a fine for driving without insurance, as this is considered a traffic violation. Especially large funds will have to be spent in the event of an accident. In this situation, it does not matter if you are the culprit or the victim. A motorist is fined for the lack of an insurance policy, which is 800 r.

If you became the culprit of the accident, in addition to the fine for driving without insurance, you must pay the damage caused to the vehicle of the victim yourself. Payment of moral compensation is likewise paid from your own wallet. The amount of damage will be determined by an independent commission, to which the victim has the right to apply. Funds will be recovered from the perpetrator through the court, so it is better not to allow such situations.

How and where to pay a fine for driving without compulsory motor third-party liability insurance

Payment of a fine through a bank card

There are several ways to pay a management fee without an insurance form. For example, using the Internet:

  • on the official website of the traffic police;
  • through a government services site;
  • at Sberbank Online;
  • using the e-wallet service.

To pay a fine for driving without insurance, you need to fill out a special form on the selected site. After checking all the data, transfer the funds. The form must include the number of the receipt that the inspector gave you. A payment made in this way will save you from being in the queue, however, you may lose additional money on commissions. In addition, you will not receive confirmation of receipt of funds.

It is also possible to make a payment through a bank. People who are not used to trust the Internet or SMS banking can pay a fine for driving without insurance at the bank. Nuances:

  1. Not every bank provides this service. Determining which financial institution is best to visit is easy using the Federal Treasury website.
  2. Payment without commission is impossible, but it is small, it is less than 50 rubles.
  3. The bank will issue you a check confirming the transaction, which will give you additional guarantees that the recovery will be paid.

Is there a penalty for driving without insurance

Traffic police officer stops the car

Many care about what threatens to ride without insurance. Today this violation is punishable by a monetary penalty, the amount of which is determined by the reason why the policy is missing. A driver cannot be issued more than 2 receipts per day. Another penalty for non-compliance with liability associated with insurance is not provided. A trial awaits the car owner if he is the culprit of the accident, and he did not find insurance paper.

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