Pencil cases for school – an overview of the most beautiful, automatic and unusual for first-graders or teenagers

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A modern school pencil case is not only a convenient and functional thing that every student needs to maintain order and store their office supplies, but also a stylish accessory. On sale there are a variety of school pencil cases for girls and boys, which are decorated in the form of cartoon characters, animals, etc. They are made of various materials, but plastic has gained the greatest popularity. You can order a suitable accessory in any specialized online store with mail delivery.

Types of pencil cases for school

A pencil case for a student is for boys and girls. Their difference is not in functionality or dimensions, but in design. Often products for boys are decorated in blue or other dark colors, and for girls – pink. School pencil cases for first graders and high school students differ. The former are bright, attractive in appearance, and the latter are more concise and less bulky, because It is important for high school students that the accessory does not take up much space in the bag. The following versions are popular:

  • books made of polyester;
  • plastic transformers;
  • metal;
  • cosmetic bags;
  • tubes and dr.

Pencil cases for school for teenagers

For high school students, almost any option for storing pens, pencils and other accessories is suitable, but a compact accessory will be an ideal choice. Teenagers do not like to wear bulky satchels and briefcases, so it is very important for them that all products for the school take up as little space as possible. Accessories for girls can have at least 2 compartments, as in addition to pens with pencils, they can put there hygienic lipstick, comb, mirror, wet wipes, etc. For teenage girls you can order a pencil case for school:

  • name: Tiger Enterprise Joy Collection 22 All Star;
  • price: 437 r.;
  • characteristics: color – pink, dimensions – 20.5×14.5×3.5 cm, country – China, designed for 23 objects, 1 compartment with a folding bar;
  • pluses: comfortable, roomy;
  • cons: more expensive than analogues.

Smart 3 Brauberg (Brauberg) – a compact pencil case bag for school office. If necessary, you can store memory cards, USB devices in this unusual accessory (relevant for adult students). Restrained design is ideal for both boys and girls:

  • name: Smart 3 Brauberg (Brauberg);
  • price: 454 r.;
  • characteristics: color – black with white edging, fastener – zipper, tape with Velcro, dimensions – 22x10x10 cm;
  • pluses: roomy, compact, very comfortable;
  • cons: dear.

Black and white pencil case

For girls

If you are looking for pencil cases for teenage girls, then take a look at the Zipit Beast Box, which is distinguished by its fun design. The accessory for the school is made in the form of an interesting and roomy suitcase, where, in addition to stationery, you can put a mobile phone, watch, and cosmetics. The Zipit Beast Box has a sturdy and lightweight body that is lined with red velvet fabric from the inside:

  • name: Zipit Beast Box;
  • price: 1193 r.;
  • characteristics: color – pink, capacity – 110 pens / pencils, sizes – 23x19x8 cm, weight – 300 g, country of origin – China;
  • pluses: hard case, roomy, original;
  • cons: expensive, not compact.

For girls

For boys

On sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia you can find a large assortment of pencil cases for boys. An interesting accessory for schoolchildren is the Prime Collection by the Tiger Enterprise brand. It features convenience and good roominess with a zipper closure. Inside, there is everything you need for a primary school student:

  • name: Prime Collection Tiger Enterprise;
  • price: 618 r.;
  • characteristics: there is 1 compartment, 2 folding slats, designed for 31 pieces, filling – 8 colored and 3 black lead pencils, 10 felt-tip pens, 2 plastic clips, a sharpener, a ruler, a triangle, an eraser, a pen layout, a ballpoint pen, a schedule, a table with road signs, the main color is blue, dimensions – 19.5 x 13.5 x 4 cm;
  • pluses: accessibility, excellent set, aesthetic appearance;
  • cons: no.

Capacious case

For a first grader

When planning to buy a school pencil case for a first grader, pay attention to the Disney Avengers Alliance accessory. This pencil case book has a content consisting of all that a student needs. The rubber holder holds each item firmly inside. The inner coating is made of cardboard, which is glued with a safe cleaning material. The accessory for the school is supplemented by two wings:

  • Name: Disney Avengers Alliance;
  • price: 508 p.;
  • characteristics: color – blue, folded dimensions – 13.5×20.5×3.3 cm, filling – 12 color and 2 black lead pencils, 6 felt-tip pens, 2 blue and 1 black ballpoint pens, sharpener, eraser, plastic ruler (17 cm ), square (7 cm);
  • pluses: high-quality fittings, excellent kit, bright print;
  • cons: may seem a bit overall.

Lucasfilm Star Wars double-wing accessory with one compartment features a fashionable design and affordable price, great for first graders. Inside there are fasteners designed for office supplies:

  • name: Lucasfilm Star Wars;
  • price: 165 p.;
  • characteristics: color – black, coating – polypropylene, for children from 5 years old, country of origin – China, dimensions – 19.5×7.5×2.5 cm;
  • pluses: good design, acceptable sizes, affordability;
  • cons: no.

School organizer

Small pencil case

The compact dimensions of the product are Limpopo Kittens for young schoolgirls. It is made in white and red color with drawings of cute and charming kittens. The product is narrow and double-leaf with a small filling of 9 items. More information on the set and parameters of products:

  • name: Limpopo Kittens;
  • price: 156 r.;
  • characteristics: department – 1, coating – polypropylene, age – 5 years, dimensions – 19x9x2 cm, set – 1 simple and 6 color pencils, ruler, pen, country of origin – China;
  • pluses: compactness, reasonable cost, good design;
  • cons: no.

For girls with kittens


Tiger Family Racing is a convenient and very roomy accessory for the school, which consists of three compartments with zippers. Inside you can find all the necessary school supplies for the child. The product is made of durable and wear-resistant material, so this purchase will last for more than one year. There are no harmful substances and allergen in the materials. Design in the form of a colorful print with machines makes this product optimal for students of both elementary school and middle management:

  • Name: Tiger Family Racing;
  • price: 669 p.;
  • characteristics: compartments – 3, fastener – zipper, dimensions – 20x12x7 cm, filling – 6 colored pencils and felt-tip pens, black lead pencil, pen (ballpoint), sharpener, ruler, eraser, square, notebook, etc., manufacturing country – Russia ;
  • pluses: good quality, rich set, interesting print;
  • cons: a little bulky.

Three-tier pencil case

Very convenient for arranging all school supplies in places is a three-piece accessory. One of the options is Bright from the Hatber trademark (Russia). An interesting design of the subject will appeal to the student, and its cost will not burden the parents’ budget. This option is optimal for girls:

  • name: Bright Hatber;
  • price: 350 r.;
  • characteristics: materials – metal, textile, plastic, dimensions – 19×11 cm, type – soft, compartments – 3, weight – 189 g;
  • pluses: good design, quality;
  • cons: take up a lot of space in a satchel.

Great for boys


The multifunctional Escolar from the manufacturer Marco has recently begun to gain some popularity. The product is intended for children from 6 years. On one side is an image in the form of transformers. Ideal for those parents who want their children to keep up to date:

  • name: Escolar Marco;
  • price: 1017 r.;
  • characteristics: dimensions – 24.5 x 3.5 x 9 cm, weight – 305 g, colors – blue, navy, black, levels – 2, country of origin – China;
  • pluses: multifunctionality, the possibility of transformation;
  • cons: expensive.

Multifunction automatic


Accessory Djeco Lucille is a great option for a daily trip to school. Made in the form of a compact, it is very convenient cosmetic bags. It closes with a plastic zipper, while inside there is one large compartment, which can easily fit several pens, pencils, felt-tip pens, one ruler. The product costs more than many analogues, but due to the discount on the promotional code on the purchase, you can save a little:

  • name: Djeco Lucille;
  • price: 989 r.;
  • characteristics: material – polyester, compartments – 1, dimensions – 23x8x7 cm, country of origin – China:
  • pluses: high-quality, aesthetic design;
  • cons: expensive.

Bright Printed Fabric by Djeco


Children’s pencil cases for school made of rubber or similar materials are comfortable, flexible and durable. An inexpensive acquisition will be “Rainbow-3” without filling. The product is made in the form of a cosmetic bag. You can save even more on the purchase of this cool accessory if you can get to the action or sale in one of the major stores in your city:

  • name: Rainbow-3 Phoenix +;
  • price: 257 r.;
  • characteristics: material – silicone, dimensions – 20x7x5 cm, type – cosmetic case;
  • pluses: takes up little space, affordable, comfortable to wear;
  • cons: no.

Silicone model


Iron products, which differ in strength, durability, have gained some distribution. A good option to wear to school is a medium-sized item in the form of a typewriter. Despite the material of manufacture, the accessory is light (only 154 g), so it will not burden the student with everyday wear. In view of the design, it is most suitable for boys:

  • Name: MIX Machine;
  • price: 98 r.;
  • characteristics: material – metal, departments – 1, dimensions – 24x9x4 cm, weight – 154 g, country of origin – China;
  • pluses: cheapness, cool design;
  • cons: susceptibility to corrosion.

In the shape of a metal car


The simplest and cheapest product is a plastic tube. The disadvantage is the lack of colorful design, but such an accessory is very convenient for storing writing instruments. Stamm Intensive assorted made of durable and lightweight plastic. Reliable fastening of parts of an object is provided by latches. This product is intended for primary school students:

  • Name: Stamm Intensive Assorted;
  • price: 30 p.;
  • characteristics: material – plastic, dimensions – 19.5×4.5 cm, on the surface – matte pattern, country of origin – Russia;
  • pluses: practical, cheap, easy;
  • cons: low capacity, simple in appearance.

Simple plastic option

Pencil case for a student with filling

Reliable, durable pencil case with original design – Tiger Enterprise Goblet Collection Flowers. Roomy, comfortable with compartments:

  • Name: Tiger Enterprise Goblet Collection Flowers;
  • price: 826 r.;
  • characteristics: material – polyester, color – lilac-pink / pink-blue, sizes – 19x11x5 cm, age – from 6 years, filling – 6 color and 1 simple pencil, 2 pens, 6 felt-tip pens, notebook, eraser, triangle, ruler, pencil sharpener;
  • pluses: design, rich kit, capacity;
  • cons: expensive.

Filled School Organizer


It’s convenient to wear a reversible pencil case at school, one of which is the Princess from the Disney collection. A stylish item in turquoise color with a pink trim and a colorful pattern. On the outside are the main characters of the Disney cartoons. The kit includes stationery relevant for classes at school:

  • name: Princess Disney;
  • price: 800 r.;
  • characteristics: material – cardboard, polyester, plastic, zipper, dimensions – 14×20.5×3.5 cm, weight – 230 g, country of origin – Russia, filling – colored pencils (6), felt-tip pens (6), simple pencils ( 2), triangle, etc .;
  • pluses: quality, practicality, functionality;
  • cons: high cost.

Folding model

Case on a magnet

Choosing beautiful pencil cases for school, evaluate products on a magnet. The original choice will be “MIX Keys”, which is a medium-sized pencil case, belonging to the budget category of goods:

  • Name: MIX Keys;
  • price: 102 p.;
  • characteristics: floor – unisex, material – plastic, dimensions – 22×8.5×3 cm, weight – 146 g, country of origin – China;
  • Pros: interesting design, cheap;
  • cons: short-lived.

“MIX Toys”, unlike the previous analogue, is equipped with a sharpener. A child can always carry this model with him to school:

  • Name: MIX Toys;
  • price: 80 p.;
  • characteristics: floor – unisex, material – plastic, sizes – 25x10x3 cm, manufacturing country – China;
  • pluses: aesthetic appearance, the presence of a sharpener, is cheap;
  • cons: fragility.

MIX Keys

How to choose pencil cases for school

Boys and schoolchildren are better suited for metal products. They are optimal for students in elementary and middle grades. High school students are better off finding tubes. Cosmetic pencil cases are very popular among high school girls, which look like a real cosmetic bag with a zipper. They are made from dense types of matter, for example, jeans. Among the cosmetic cases there are copies with the original finish in the form of decorative pockets, textile inserts. Pay attention to other points:

  • The material of manufacture. Prefer a durable and practical option that withstands moisture and is easy to clean. The latter condition is especially true for the inside of the accessory, otherwise, a leaking handle can hopelessly spoil the purchase. Especially good in terms of care are plastic products made in the form of a tube.
  • Hardware. Pay attention to the type of fastener – the most convenient option is a zipper or snap fastener. Velcro in this school accessory is not welcome, because the crack will sooner or later infuriate even the most patient teacher. Erasers-holders are also a good option, but it is believed that it is difficult for first-graders to remove and insert pencils and pens into such accessories.
  • Double or triple? The best option would be a double product, which is suitable for a pair of pens, rulers, erasers and pencils. If the child is neat and wants to carry a whole range of pencils, several types of eraser, then it is better to choose a triple accessory with suitable capacity.
  • With and without filling. Some manufacturers supply the school with a whole set of products. Such a purchase will cost more than analogs without filling, but you will not need to search and buy the whole set. As a result, you will spend even more money than when buying pencil cases for a school with filling.
  • Manufacturer. The more famous it is, the better, although on the brand you will have to overpay for the purchase. The main thing is that in return you will receive a product that will last more than one year. Well-known manufacturers include Herlitz, Hama, Brauberg, Artskill, Upixel and others..
  • Pay attention to how the purchase smells for school. If a sharp chemical smell emanates from it, then this indicates a low quality of the materials and glue used for its manufacture. Such an accessory for the school can negatively affect the health of the student. It is better to initially buy a high-quality (albeit expensive) accessory that will last at least 2-3 years without changing its original appearance.
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