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Russian pension law is constantly changing, affecting the provisions on the provision of pensions and related payments. Law enforcement officers in our country take a well-deserved vacation after years of service. This group of people, like many civilian pensioners, is also worried about whether to expect an increase in the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2018 and the growth of special benefits.

What is the pension provision of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Serving in the police every day is associated with risk, even with a danger to life, an irregular schedule and other important factors. For these reasons, the appointment and accrual of pension benefits to persons who have worked in this area are different from the conditions for pension payments to other Russians. In addition, each pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has his own special benefits..

The purpose of pension provision, as a rule, is determined by the length of service, which is provided for at the legislative level. To obtain the right to seniority pension payments, the police officer must have twenty or more years of work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Upon reaching the age limit for service in the authorities and the absence of the specified length of service for a person to receive a pension on the basis of length of service, it is necessary to comply with the following provisions:

  • achievement of 45 years or the presence of a health restriction that does not allow to fully carry out further service;
  • the total length of service is 25 years, while service in internal organs is at least 12.5 years.

Since the appointment of military pension assistance occurs regardless of age, people become such pensioners much earlier than civilian recipients of social security insurance. In addition, a military pensioner who is able and willing to work can find a job, start accumulating pension points and then receive an additional pension already in old age, having reached the required age for this.

The amount of accruals is based on the amount of monetary allowance, while the minimum amount is determined from the social pension. Monetary allowance is the salary of a soldier, consisting of a salary and various additives taken into account during the annual indexation. According to the law No. 306-ФЗ, premiums are provided for from salary as a percentage for:

  • length of service – 10-40% monthly;
  • classiness – 5-30% monthly;
  • work with secret data – up to 65%;
  • special dangerous conditions and special achievements – up to 100% monthly;
  • conscientious service – up to 300% annually.

Regulatory framework

The right to receive pension payments from the state by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is provided for both by the main legislative pension act, which applies to all citizens, and legal norms relating to specific groups of persons – military personnel, to which rank-and-file and senior officials serving in the Russian internal affairs bodies are equated. Guided by the norms:

  • Federal Law of December 15, 2001 No. 166-ФЗ “On State Pension Provision in the Russian Federation” (Articles 3, 4, 8, 25);
  • Federal Law of December 28, 2013 No. 400-ФЗ On Insurance Pensions;
  • Federal Law of December 28, 2013 No. 424-Federal Law “On funded pension”;
  • Federal Law of November 30, 2011 No. 342-ФЗ “On Serving in the Internal Affairs Bodies of the Russian Federation and Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” (Articles 11, 38, 70);
  • Federal Law of July 19, 2011 No. 247-FZ “On Social Guarantees for Employees of the Internal Affairs Bodies of the Russian Federation and Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”;
  • Federal Law of 12.02.1993 No. 4468-1 “On the pension provision of persons who have served in the military, service in the internal affairs bodies, the State Fire Service, bodies for controlling the circulation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, institutions and bodies of the penal system, national troops Guard of the Russian Federation, and their families ”;
  • Decree of the Government of Russia dated 09/22/1993 No. 941 (as amended on 12/15/2017) “On the procedure for calculating length of service, assignment and payment of pensions, compensations and benefits to persons who served in the military as officers, warrant officers, midshipmen and military servicemen of long-term service or according to a contract as soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen, or service in the internal affairs bodies, the federal fire service of the State Fire Service, institutions and bodies of the penal system, the national guard forces of the Russian Federation, and their families in the Russian Federation ”;
  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 03.11.2011 No. 878 “On the establishment of monthly salaries for employees of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation”;
  • Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 21, 2017 No. 1598 “On increasing the monetary allowance of military personnel and employees of certain federal executive bodies”.

Policeman and old man

Types of pensions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The purpose of a pension depends on its type and basis. At present, there is a pension for length of service, disability, and due to the loss of the breadwinner. In addition, those who continue to work have the opportunity to earn an insurance type of pension. Injuries, a disease acquired during the service, are the basis for obtaining pension guarantees for disability, regardless of length of service (length of service).

The amount of pension payments is calculated from the disability group determined by the medical and social special examination. Persons who have received disabilities while working in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, or within three months after dismissal, can count on this. For such a pension, later disability should be due to circumstances that occurred during the period of service in the internal organs of the Russian Federation. Considered:

  • injury, trauma;
  • contusion;
  • injury, damage;
  • disease.

Pension payments based on the loss of the breadwinner are provided for the families of workers who died / died during the period of service (within three months after dismissal). If the breadwinner died after three months, the payment is given due to death – injury, illness received by the service. The majority of former police officers, having received a departmental pension, already work in civilian jobs or as civilian employees in their own department.

In this case, the employer pays pension insurance contributions for them and, in accordance with Law No. 400-ФЗ, these persons acquire the right to an insurance pension with continuing pension payments from the Ministry of Internal Affairs subject to the following conditions in 2018:

  • achievement of 60 years (men), 55 years (women);
  • the value of the individual pension coefficient (IPC) equal to 13.8 points or more;
  • Duration of insurance period of 9 years and more.

Terms of appointment

The normative legal act stipulating the conditions for the right to pension payments on length of service (length of service) is Law No. 4468-1. This type of payment is assigned on the conditions:

  • Sufficient service. For pensions for length of service (required length of service) it is necessary to work in law enforcement bodies for at least 20 years.
  • The age limit of 45 years of a person / inability to work for health. If an employee has been dismissed / reduced before working out for twenty years, the pension right is reserved for him when his duration of employment is 25 years or more, and the period of employment in the Ministry of Internal Affairs is no less than 12.5 years. It is important to take into account that the period of study at the university is included in the calculation of the indicated 12.5 years, if at that time a special / military rank was awarded.

Pension to MFD employees in 2018 after years of service

Interior Ministry officers are equated with military personnel on an equal basis with those in the army and the FSB. The pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2018 is formed on the same basic principles of making payments as for the last 2017. The following parameters are used to calculate the amount:

  • length of service for an employee, including mixed labor;
  • position;
  • rank;
  • allowances during the service;
  • salary;
  • qualification.

Law enforcement officers

Length of service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Section II of Law No. 4468-1, which determines the retirement benefits of military personnel, provides for such a right for the following persons:

  • having at the time of dismissal twenty years or more experience;
  • dismissed upon reaching the age limit for service due to a state of health or during organizational staffing activities (reduction), being 45 years old or older and having a final working experience? 25 years, of which 12 years and six months (not less) was official activity in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The service pension is established according to the following criteria (Article 14 of this Law) in the amount of:

  • 50% of the stipulated monetary allowance – for the length of service of 20 years (the pension reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is being discussed to increase the length of service to 25 years for assigning a supplement);
  • 3% of the stipulated monetary allowance – for each annual service life of more than 20 years (within the maximum value of 85% of these amounts);
  • with a service life of 12.5 years with a total length of service of 25 years – 50% of cash allowance and 1% for each year of work of 25 years.

When going on holiday, the experience of a law enforcement officer includes working hours in other law enforcement agencies. Service for certain periods is counted for a grace period, for example, such as:

  1. performance of duties in the zone of military operations (conflicts);
  2. participation in counter-terrorism activities in the North Caucasus;
  3. criminal investigation service, etc..



The size of the pension by employees of the power department is affected not only by salary, there are also allowances. The size of the premium to the base is as follows:

  • 100% for elderly 80-year-olds with a disability of the 1st group;
  • 32% – for 1 dependent, 64% – for 2, 100% – for 3 or more – for pensioners who have disabled people in the family;
  • 32% – to participants of the Second World War and military operations, from 80 years old this size is 64%;
  • from 40 to 85% – for disability (the rate is determined by the group and the reasons, i.e. the origin of the loss of health);
  • 85% – for injuries resulting in disability (within 130% of the basic pension).

Man with a calculator

Insurance pension

Often, retirees, former police officers, continue to work in civilian structures. Reaching the generally established age limit for old-age pension, on certain conditions they can exercise their right and receive an insurance pension with the basis of “old age” at the same time as the previously assigned departmental security through law enforcement agencies. The payment from the power department is determined by Law No. 4468-1 and is carried out as a full measure, regardless of the continuation of the pensioner’s labor activity.

If a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs already has two pensions and is working, then both the military serviceman and insurance pension payments are fully provided, and according to Law No. 385-ФЗ, indexation of payments from the Pension Fund is suspended for the duration of the pensioner’s work. The opportunity to receive an insurance pension to a pensioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is given upon reaching the general retirement age (in 2018, 60 years old for men, 55 years old for women). IPC in 2018 should be? 13.8 points, and for the insurance period you need to work from 9 years.

In accordance with the transitional regulations on insurance pensions, the CPI required by military pensioners to form the insurance part of an old-age pension adds 2.4 units each year, and by 2025 it will reach thirty points. The insurance period required for this case, each financial period grows by one year to a value of 15 years by 2024.

Banknotes and coins

By disability

A pension on this basis shall be granted for the period of disability (which is determined by the special medical commission) and for life if the disabled person has reached the total retirement age (60/55 years). In accordance with Section III of Law No. 4468-I, a pension on the basis of “disability” is due:

  • for military trauma: I, II group – 85%, III group – 50% of monetary allowance under Art. 43 marked Laws;
  • for a disease acquired for military service: I, II group – 75%, III group – 40% of monetary allowance.

Loss of breadwinner

Pension provision in case of loss of the breadwinner is supposed if the breadwinner-employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has died / died during the service, either within three months after the dismissal, or at any time after the dismissal due to illness or injury received in the service. In this situation, the right to pension assistance is vested in his disabled relatives who were in the care of the deceased / deceased. These are full-time children up to 23 years old; disabled people; pensioners – parents, spouse; a relative who brings up the children / brothers / grandchildren of the deceased. These include:

  • mother / wife age 55+;
  • father / husband from 60 years old;
  • mother / father / spouse (a) – persons with disabilities of any age;
  • minor children;
  • minor brothers / grandchildren without able-bodied parents;
  • disabled people from childhood (children / brothers / grandchildren);
  • full-time students / brothers / sisters / grandchildren of 18-23 years old;
  • non-working close relatives of any age and working capacity engaged in the upbringing of minors (up to 14 years old) of children / brothers / grandchildren of a breadwinner.

The amount of social benefits is as follows:

  • 50 percent – for each disabled relative (family member) who served a person who died due to military injury;
  • 50 percent – for a child left without parents / single mother – pensioners with disabilities due to military trauma who died for any reason;
  • 40 percent – for each disabled relative (family member) of the employee who died due to reasons unrelated to the service.

Girl crying

Calculation of the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2018

In 2018, a potential pensioner may try to calculate pension payments by using the applicable formula: RPO = 1/2? (OD + NEO + NVL)? 72.23%? RK. Explanation of the abbreviations used in the formula:

  • RPO – the calculated amount (size) of the pension;
  • OD – salary;
  • OSZ – salary;
  • NVL – allowance for seniority (length of service);
  • RK – district coefficient (if necessary);
  • OD + NEO + NVL = DD, cash allowance.

Persons who have served, for example, in the Far North, in another locality with an unfavorable climate, can count on the district coefficient, while those who served in Moscow are not eligible for the increase coefficient. If the service was held under a contract outside the territory of Russia, then the monetary allowance received in foreign currency is not taken into account in accruals.

RPO can increase for each year of experience of more than 20 years – by 3% of DD, but within 85%, for mixed work – 1% of DD. The amount of disability benefits is considered as follows: (OD + NEO + NVL)? 69.45%? disability pension amount (in percent). The deductions for the breadwinner are determined by the formula: OD + NEO + premiums, increases? 69.45%? pension (in%). For the receiving pensioner, pension insurance for old age also has the following calculation: SP = IPK? SEC. The values ​​of the components of the formula:

  • SP – old-age pension;
  • IPC – individual pension coefficient;
  • SPK – the cost of IPC at the time of formation of insurance payments.

Pens, pen and glasses

Reduction factor

The use of the reduction coefficient for the owners of military pensions began in 2012 in a situation of instability in the country’s economy, while at that time it amounted to 54 percent of monetary allowance. Initially, it was planned to increase the coefficient by 2% every year, but the increase in the indicator was accelerated: by 2018, the increase was more than 20 percent.

The decreasing coefficient used today is dependent on the year of calculation of pension payments and its approval, depending on the capabilities of the state budget. Previously it was planned for 2018 to establish its size 71%, but according to Law No. 365-FZ, the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2018 will not decrease due to the application, as a year earlier, of the coefficient – 72.23% (this number is indicated by the formula above). By 2035, it is planned to bring the indicator to a value equal to 100 percent.

Pension Calculator

Today there are many online resources where you can calculate the pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs yourself. For this you will need to fill in the information in separate fields. Considered:

  • salary of the last post;
  • special salary;
  • allowance for length of service;
  • qualification (class) category (if any);
  • preferential length of service for special conditions, etc.
  • district increasing coefficient (if available);
  • accrual year to select a reduction factor.

The online calculator calculates the amount of charges, but does not take into account all the personal characteristics of the employee’s business. Such Internet services are mostly needed to assess possible prospects. It is recommended to use a calculator if the algorithm contains all updated calculations and formulas taking into account the latest innovations in legislation.


Index of pensions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2018

Significant changes are not expected, but positive moments with the onset of the year still appeared. The total amount of pension accruals is increasing, the Ministry of Internal Affairs pensions will increase from January 1, 2018 due to an increase of 4% in the amount of monetary allowance (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 21, 2017 No. 1598). Monetary allowance was not indexed for 5 years amid inflationary processes. The decision to increase it by 4% gives an increase in pension assistance by 1.04 times.

In addition, the base rate has been changed for police officers, official payments equal to half the annual indexation will increase, which will amount to 7-8% growth. The second (civilian) pension has been increasing by 3.7% since January (Law No. 400-ФЗ), which is higher than the planned inflation threshold. The table reflects the total changes compared to past indicators:


2017 year.

2018 year.




Reduction factor



Lump sum payments



Lump sum payments

A one-time payment made in the previous financial period did not initially include such a category as pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but these pensioners also received a lump sum social payment of 5,000 rubles. This was supposed to compensate for the slight inflationary indexation in the face of worsening economic conditions. The decrease in consumer price growth was a factor that made it possible not to make similar one-time payments, as it was last year. One-time assistance to pensioners in 2018 is not planned.

Money in hand

The procedure for registration of pension payments by an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The appointment of a pension by military personnel is carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and has a number of features provided for by Section VI of Law No. 4468-1. The applicant must consistently apply:

  1. to the personnel service of the unit – there a list of required documentation will be determined;
  2. to the military registration and enlistment office – for registration at the place of residence;
  3. to the pension department of the Office of the Ministry of the Interior.

For the consideration of applications given a period of 10 calendar days. Appointment for a retirement pension is carried out from the day of dismissal, but not earlier. For other reasons, the deadlines are set:

  • when establishing disability – from the time of recognition as a disabled person;
  • in case of death / death of the breadwinner – from the date of death, but not earlier than when the cash allowance / pension was paid, with the exception of late terms for loss of income by the parents / spouse – from the date of appeal.

Pensioners, former police officers, to apply for an insurance (old age) pension will need to apply to the Pension Fund of Russia, the FIU branch of their region, according to the general rules that apply to all Russians, civil recipients of social security. A pension of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is paid in 2018, as it was: at the place of residence / stay through post offices (at home at will) or through the territorial branches of Sberbank of the Russian Federation.

Russian Pension Fund

What documents are needed

To apply for a pension to a former police officer, you need the following documents and certificates:

  • a statement supplied by the personnel department, or you can download the form from the official portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • settlement sheet (by periods) provided by the accounting department;
  • monetary certificate (spine) from accounting;
  • right to benefits (if any);
  • in addition, you will need to sign the consent to the processing of personal information.

To determine the old-age pension, the social security applicant shall submit the following list of documents to the Pension Fund:

  • statement;
  • identity card – passport;
  • documents confirming the experience (work book);
  • SNILS;
  • confirmation of the presence of dependents, family members, with the applicant;
  • documents on conferring titles and awards (if any).

Employment history

Retirement of a police officer – what benefits are provided

Law No. 247-FZ gives special benefits to pensioners who served in the internal organs. It:

  1. A one-time allowance for twenty years or more service – 7 monetary allowances; when serving less than 20 years – 2 such salaries.
  2. If a soldier of the power department was awarded the state for service or was awarded an honorary title, then such a benefit will be increased by another salary of monetary allowance.
  3. Persons who have worked for 20 years or more, who were dismissed without any reason for pension provision, receive monthly benefits for the first year, the amount is determined by the salary level.

Police officers

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