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The largest bank in the country aims to reach as many people as possible, offering various products for different categories of the population. Elderly people were no exception, so for them a Sberbank social card was issued for pensioners – a special banking product with interest on the remaining cash. Plastic is an entry-level offer with free service, therefore it is easy to issue a card, and it is convenient and profitable to use it.

What is a Sberbank social card for seniors

The Maestro social card for seniors has not been issued since May 2019. Currently, a social debit card for the MIR payment system is offered for older people. It is intended for calculating pensions with the possibility of payment in service and trade organizations. In addition, the bank’s employees issue Mastercard Active Age upon application, however, it is not possible to get them at every branch of the bank. They are the “successors” of the MasterCard Maestro social and have similar tariffs with the products of the MIR payment system.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of using the card is its free annual service. Cash withdrawal at the ATM network of the largest bank in Russia takes place without a commission, and increased interest is accrued on the balance of funds. Pensioners have access to all the benefits of special bonus programs that the Maestro’s pension card had, because it can participate in the “Thank you from Sberbank” program. With the help of plastic, you can pay in stores, pay utility bills, making monthly deductions on your own or by connecting an auto payment.

Speaking about the drawbacks of using the card, it is worth noting that it is not possible to withdraw money at all ATMs, but only those that support working with the MIR national payment system, however, their number is growing every day. The card is issued exclusively in rubles, so the currency option will not work. Additional plastic for social payments is allowed to be issued only to owners of Mastercard, for owners of the product of the MIR payment system this function is not yet available.

How to get a senior citizen social card

You can get a bank card for paying pensions and crediting social benefits by contacting any branch at the place of residence and writing an application for release. In addition, you can make a request on the official website of Sberbank at To do this, you will initially need to specify personal data (including Latin letters), date and place of birth, email address and mobile phone. All of this information is required..

In the next step, you will need to fill out the details of an identity document. This can be a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, military ID, residence permit, officer’s ID card or a foreign passport. At the last stage, you will need to indicate the place of registration, which is indicated in the passport and the address where the pensioner wishes to receive a social card – for this, you can choose any branch of Sberbank in Russia.

A plastic card

To whom is issued

Applicants for a MIR credit card can apply not only to citizens with a pension certificate, but also to clients who are over 18 years old who receive a pension to a current account in Sberbank. For Mastercard Active age, the conditions are slightly different: women should be 54 years old, and men 59 years old. All Russian citizens, stateless persons, as well as foreigners who have the right to receive a pension in the Russian Federation, can write an application to draw up a Sberbank social card for pensioners. All of them are required to have permanent or temporary registration in one of the regions of Russia.

Documents for applying for a MIR pension card

The deadlines for issuing a card, no matter the application was completed online or at a bank branch, are several days. In addition, you will have to come to the indicated office on your own to pick up the finished plastic, although you can order delivery by courier for a fee. You must have with you the identity card that was indicated when filling out the questionnaire, and a document confirming the right to receive payments in connection with retirement.

If before this social transfers were not made to the account of Sberbank, then you need to write a statement at the place of permanent registration in the branch of the Multifunctional Center for the provision of state and municipal services, the Pension Fund of Russia or in a branch of Sberbank. If you are going to any of the listed organizations, you must not forget to bring your Personal Account Number and pension book with you.

Sberbank Pension Card – Opportunities

When ordering a MIR or Mastercard payment system card at a bank, elderly people set certain tasks for them, because they want to use all the privileges of non-cash payments. Pensioners do not need to stand in line for receiving cash, because the pension comes to the account on the day it is transferred by the Pension Fund. In addition, citizens have the right to replenish their card account independently through payment terminals and ATMs with the function of receiving cash.

Payment of purchases in retail chains and stores without a commission

You no longer need to carry cash, because you can pay by credit card wherever you accept payment through terminals, and they are equipped with most points of sale and services. With plastic, you can pay for utilities, telephone, Internet, pay for insurance, credit and much more through payment terminals and Sberbank Online and Mobile Banking. An additional convenience for owners of MasterCard Active age is the possibility of contactless payment.

Cash withdrawal

If you need cash, this will not cause any problems either. In all ATMs and Sberbank offices in the country, you can get the right amount of notes without interest. However, the bank has set certain limits that you need to know about. The maximum possible withdrawal per month is 500,000 rubles. The daily cash withdrawal at the bank’s cash desks, ATMs of the bank and partner organizations is 50,000 rubles. It is only possible for owners of MasterCard to withdraw money at ATMs and cash desks of other banks that do not cooperate with Sberbank.

ATM card

Money transfers

Between cardholders of the largest banking institution in Russia there is the possibility of cashless transfer of funds from one account to another. In addition, if a person has a Sberbank social card for retirees, he can transfer money to it from another debit card, for example, a salary card. You can credit money received as a loan from microfinance and investment organizations to plastic, and Sberbank loans themselves can be transferred by bank transfer to a card account.

Participation in the bonus program Thank you from Sberbank

Holders of the MIR and Mastercard Active Age pension cards can become participants in the Thank You from Sberbank program on an equal basis with other owners who are serviced by the bank and have payment cards. To do this, you need to go through a simple registration on the service through an ATM, Mobile Banking or Sberbank Online. No connection fee.

Each time, when paying with pension social cards in stores, cafes and for any services or taking part in special program sites, bonus points are awarded. Subsequently, they can be spent in the partner stores of Sberbank. Owners of MasterCard Active Age additionally available shares held by the international payment system.

Accrual of interest on the balance of funds

Upon retirement, older people do not always have the opportunity to receive additional income. Some of them continue to work, but this period, as a rule, lasts only a short time. For this reason, if possible, pensioners try to open a deposit in order to at least somehow accumulate more money. However, in connection with a small income, part of the deposit must sometimes be withdrawn. By concluding a contract for a social card, you can earn additional funds from the balance in the current account, because interest is accrued on unused money.

How are interest calculated on the pension card of Sberbank

Sberbank social card for seniors has a somewhat excellent savings system. Interest is accrued once every three months. This approach is a little unusual for ordinary citizens who are accustomed to receive a profit on a monthly basis or at the end of the deposit term. However, this approach is a big plus for pensioners who have a certain fixed amount of money on their account, especially since 3.5 percent per annum is charged.

Additional services

Modern Russian pensioners are not only grandmothers on benches near the porches. An increasing number of people who have taken a well-deserved rest prefer to lead an active lifestyle. They travel, meet friends, use the Internet and other newfangled gadgets. For this reason, Sberbank offers them all kinds of services that are available to other customers of the bank..

Sberbank Online

In order to activate the service on the website of the largest bank in the country, you need to have a valid social card and mobile phone on hand, which was indicated in the application for plastic. In a special form, you must enter 16 digits of the credit card number indicated on the front side. After that, the phone will receive a message with a code that will need to be specified in the designated field. Next, follow the instructions.

Sberbank-Online will appeal to the elderly, as it can be used to pay for utilities at a convenient time and in any place where there is access to the Internet. By registering on the portal, you can get a loan at a reduced interest rate or put money on deposit. A dedicated department will help you manage your own budget and constantly monitor ongoing expenses..

Mature man and woman with laptop

Sberbank Mobile Bank

One more service is available to holders of a pensioner’s social card. This is a Mobile Bank, and the service during the first two months of using the card is 0 rubles. After the grace period, you will have to pay for the application, and the price will be 30 rubles per month. For those who have activated a paid service, a whole package of services is available:

  • pay bills of mobile phones of all operators;
  • receive information about operations on a card account;
  • receive passwords for entering Sberbank Online;
  • make money transfers between Sberbank cards;
  • repay loans;
  • pay utility bills;
  • in case of loss, immediately block a credit card;
  • buy tickets via SMS.

Pension card of Sberbank MIR – terms of service

The MIR national payment system, under the brand name of which the Sberbank social card is issued for pensioners, was created in order to protect users from surprises that may be presented by the Visa and Mastercard international payment systems, as it was very recently. The card has not only a magnetic strip, but also a chip, like an Active Age credit card. This allows you to use it anywhere in the country to pay for any purchases..


More recently, plastic cards were issued for a maximum of two years, but the development of new technologies and means of protection gave issuers the opportunity to provide long-term plastic products to their customers. Plastic for pensioners from Sberbank was no exception. It has been in operation for three years, as well as many microchip analogs. In addition, you do not have to pay anything for the automatic reissue of the card, which is very important for people with a small income, which include the category of pensioners.

Operation Limitations

Although the MIR pension card from the largest bank in the country has all the advantages of bank debit and credit cards of various payment systems, it has small restrictions that, although people of retirement age will not notice them much. Firstly, it can only be paid in Russia, since it works on the basis of the national payment system. Secondly, it cannot pay for purchases on the Internet. Plastic Active age can be used everywhere, including abroad and to pay for goods or services in the global network.

The cost of servicing an additional card

The issuance of an additional card, and sometimes more than one, has become very popular among customers. It is tied to the main account, which helps to control the costs of all family members to whom it was issued by setting limits. Many Sberbank card holders have such a chance, including customers who have a Mastercard Active age (from 7 years old with the consent of legal representatives). Owners of retirement social cards MIR have no opportunity to issue an additional plastic card.

Cash withdrawal limit

The possibility of issuing cash and maximum amounts was mentioned above. However, this does not mean at all that a person cannot use a larger amount of cash if it is in his account. To perform such operations, there is one limitation – a fee of 0.5% of the amount withdrawn in excess of the daily (monthly) limit is charged. It is important to know that the credit limit on the social card is not provided, therefore cost overruns – the so-called technical overdraft – will entail the payment of interest at a rate of 40% per annum.

Money in hand

How to use a social card

The card for pensioners from Sberbank is no different from the plastics of other banks and payment systems, with the exception of logos. Having received it, pensioners will be able to immediately pay for services and purchased goods by bank transfer, withdraw money, and make transfers. It meets all safety standards, and to confirm the payment you will need to enter a PIN code issued simultaneously with plastic.

Is it possible to replenish the pension card of Sberbank

In addition to pension contributions received on a social card monthly, its owners can independently or with the help of third parties deposit money into their accounts. For this, the bank offers 4 ways:

  • wire transfer from a debit card of Sberbank through ATMs and payment terminals, Mobile Banking and Sberbank Online services;
  • by depositing cash through devices with the function of receiving money;
  • non-cash transfer from plastic of other banks;
  • replenishment in cash at the office by card number or bank details of the card account.
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