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Modern professions for girls and men are not very different from each other in the modern world: now it is no longer customary to divide work on a gender basis. However, prestigious female professions may differ in unique unique requirements for candidates: there are functions that are easier for a woman to perform. Work for girls can be intellectual or applied (for example, a hairdresser).

What are the professions for girls

Many profitable professions have a peculiar set of requirements, but they can provide stable career growth and high salaries. The following list of areas and specialties is suitable as an interesting work for women:

  1. Makeup. Work as a make-up artist may require only the completion of special courses, however, for a successful career, knowledge of foreign languages ​​(to familiarize yourself with new trends) and constant training are useful.
  2. Consulting, accounting. The work of the secretary, which is a classic example of the female profession, is suitable for inexperienced. Graduates can work as economists, lawyers, tourism managers.
  3. Journalism. This area of ​​activity is suitable for young girls with good communication skills. It is a popular destination in many universities of the country..
  4. Technical Specialties. Work can be associated with heavy physical labor, unusual professions for women, or it may require great perseverance, the ability to work with hands, and focus. These include the vacancies of a seamstress, a machine operator. A high position will not be offered here, but permanent employment is guaranteed.

Highly paid

Specialties with high pay are also distinguished by high requirements for applicants. Such work can be associated with a large number of stressful situations, difficult working conditions. Highly paid professions for girls include:

  • IT specialist;
  • Senior store manager;
  • legal adviser;
  • service quality auditor;
  • Specialist physician;
  • logistics expert;
  • beautician.


Open career opportunities are not presented at all jobs. Such vacancies are distinguished by great competition, high requirements, and have many directions for climbing the corporate ladder. The following are considered promising:

  • pharmacist;
  • sous-chef of the restaurant;
  • photographer;
  • choreographer;
  • machine operator, production line.

Girl with a camera


Many specialties for girls are often distinguished by prestige. Tough selection can go to such vacancies, it’s hard to get there, but the result is worth it. The list of professions for girls looking for high-paying interesting prestigious work is wide:

  • lawyer;
  • economist;
  • medical representative;
  • interior designer;
  • fashion designer;
  • TV or radio host;
  • stewardess;
  • fitness instructor;
  • nutritionist.


Many courses for girls will help you get settled in the most fashionable specialties. Their key feature is low education requirements, but increased to communication skills with clients. Interesting professions for women and fashion trends may require a complete higher education. Among them:

  • dancer;
  • singer;
  • HR manager
  • art consultant;
  • artist;
  • stylist;
  • brand manager.

In demand

There are specializations that are only for women, or are best suited to their psychology. There is no big competition for these vacancies. Demanded female professions have a narrow focus, specific working conditions. For instance:

  • nurse;
  • waitress;
  • Secretary
  • conductor;
  • carrier company dispatcher;
  • Contact Center Operator
  • teacher.


Good work for women is often very popular. And girls, faced with the choice of a profession, are guided by whether it is widespread, fashionable. Many popular professions and good work for women require the ability to find a common language with the client, to attract his attention. The list of relevant professions will provide a wide selection of areas of activity:

  • actress;
  • journalist;
  • psychologist;
  • fashion designer;
  • florist;
  • advertising manager.

Florist girl makes a bouquet

Professions of the future for girls

In the future, it is possible to change the list of popular professions for women. This means that working as an accountant will become unprofitable, and the position of a manager in any field will cease to be so in demand. Changes occur due to the inevitability of technological progress, the loss of relevance by many specialties that will be replaced by computer programs. Based on this, you can make a list of types of employment that are relevant in the near future:

  • nurse;
  • alternative energy expert;
  • breeder;
  • urbanist;
  • religious dispute resolution expert.

Best professions for girls

Due to some psychological characteristics and predispositions, different specializations are characteristic of women and men. The best areas of activity for ladies are all those related to creativity, and some branches of technical specialties that are not associated with hard physical labor. This category includes humanitarian and creative spheres of activity, office work with papers, all types of counseling requiring direct communication with clients.


Specializations closely related to creativity are better suited to girls due to their greater predisposition to emotional empathy, the ability to correctly convey their own emotions. Among these professions, there are many promising areas for women who have a good taste in the field of modeling, art. The fair sex will not remain indifferent to the acting. The following creative specializations can be a great choice for a woman:

  • actress;
  • singer;
  • fashion designer;
  • artist;
  • Art Director;
  • interior designer.


The sphere of activity of many girls is closely related to the production of equipment, work at the factory, and setting up equipment responsible for the stable stamping of similar parts. These include the work of a production operator, a system administrator at a large enterprise, a team leader, a researcher:

  • tower crane operator;
  • machine operator;
  • Research Institute employee;
  • assistant to the driver;
  • architect;
  • IT specialist.


Working with documentation, management, operating with laws, translating texts or direct speech, conducting legal consultations requires relevant knowledge, higher humanitarian education and takes a lot of time and effort. However, a significant part of the professions that are closely related to legal services are occupied by girls. This work requires focus, it can differ in a strict work schedule, but in return offers career prospects up to regional leaders, directors of an enterprise, company, corporation. It can be:

  • lawyer;
  • notary;
  • legal consultant;
  • simultaneous translation specialist.

Girl with a folder

Working specialties for women

Female workers are not so rare. The list of specializations related to physical labor, but suitable for the fair sex, is not a great choice. Such areas of employment will offer work immediately after graduation or passing specialized courses, graduating from technical schools, colleges with an abbreviated program. The standard working day in this area is 12 hours with a schedule of 2 \ 2 with rare exceptions. Female workers can come in handy in the following areas:

  • cook;
  • seamstress;
  • the hairdresser;
  • maid;
  • driver on public transport;
  • foreman.

Office professions

The office field of activity is considered one of the most suitable for women, as it provides a convenient work schedule, decent pay, great career opportunities, communication with colleagues, who for the most part share interests of each other. This work may not bring pleasure, but also may not require special skills (to study at the starting position on the spot). For more serious work you need a special education:

  • Secretary
  • accountant;
  • financial director;
  • HR manager
  • marketing specialist.

The most interesting professions for women

The predisposition of the fair sex to communicate when working with people and the desire for self-expression make them excellent workers in the field of marketing, art, consulting, simultaneous translation, journalism. The following areas of employment are considered the most interesting:

  1. Journalism. Processing and collecting information, providing it to a wide audience, communicating with interesting people – all this makes this specialization ideal for girls who are hungry for communication, striving for self-development.
  2. Psychology. The vast majority of women are characterized by obvious empathy, empathy, sympathy. Such qualities are inherent in a good psychologist who is able to put himself in the place of another person, to understand his emotions, to help overcome difficulties, to cope with piled up problems.
  3. Stylist, cosmetologist, nutritionist. The ability to look after oneself and feel the beauty is developed much better for girls than for men, so you can finish hairdressing courses. Ladies are great stylists, beauty workers, fashion designers, interior designers.

What profession to choose a girl

The choice of specialization depends on many subjective factors inherent in any person. For women, the key features when choosing a direction of activity are:

  1. Age. In this case, the law has a great influence: it is more difficult for minors to find work even if they have official permission from their parents. Most young girls are reluctant to take, because they do not have work experience. Up to a certain age (up to 22-25 years) it is worth considering the position of a waitress, guide, secretary.
  2. Warehouse of character, way of thinking. Not all the fair sex are bright empaths. This means that working within a large team can be a burden for them. Closed, calm girls are suitable for the positions of a seamstress, an engineer-operator, an IT specialist, work related to a computer. More open – the profession of an actress, singer, television or radio host, stylist, tourism manager.
  3. Experience, education. It is not difficult for a person with great experience to change one position to another: employers are always ready to accept a person who is well versed in their work. A person without experience is another matter. Immediately after school, without experience, education, a girl can get a model, a maid, a waitress, a secretary, a nurse.

Girl with a laptop

After grade 11

Full secondary education will allow continuing education in as many educational institutions as possible and choosing the most interesting future specialty:

  • Medical universities. Moscow State Medical University (MGMU) named after THEM. Sechenov, Russian National Medical Research University (RNIMU) named after N.I. Pirogova – nurse, doctor, pharmacist.
  • Technical universities. Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI), Russian University of Chemical Technology (RCTU) named after DI. Mendeleev, Moscow Road Institute (MADI) – machine operator, machinist, chemical technologist, design engineer.
  • Humanitarian, law universities.Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU), Moscow Independent Environmental and Political University (MNEPU) – lawyer-consultant, lawyer, accountant, economist.

After grade 9

Obtaining incomplete secondary education imposes its limitations on the list of places for possible further education of girls and guys:

  • Colleges. Technical, cook, special.
  • Courses. Hairdresser, painter, machinist special. maid technician.

Business Ideas for a Girl

Starting your own business or as a partner is a good example of a successful career start. The following ideas can bring a girl success:

  • Sales representative of cosmetics companies (Avon, Amway);
  • hairdressing salon;
  • maintaining a beauty blog on youtube;
  • dancing school;
  • creative studio for children;
  • hand-made studio.
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