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At the level of constant increase in property prices, it becomes difficult to become the owner of an apartment. In such difficult conditions, the participation of government agencies in solving the problems that have arisen is becoming increasingly relevant. Young people have already managed to appreciate the benefits of the Young Family program, which helps to get affordable housing, through support in the form of subsidies. More than 3.5 billion rubles were allocated from the federal budget for the implementation of this project in 2016-2020..

What is a Young Family program?

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the state nature of this project, which gives serious guarantees to all participants. Under such a program, a family can rely on social benefits to purchase housing or improve living conditions. In order to rely on the provision of state benefits for this program, applicants must meet certain criteria. This applies to the age of the spouses, financial situation and social status of those in need of better housing conditions..

Young family on the background of a new building

How the state supports young families

The implementation of the targeted program Housing began in 2002. This federal project was launched in order to provide housing for needy categories of citizens and solved a wide range of related issues (modernization of communal infrastructure, etc.). Among the basic directions of the project was the implementation of the Housing for Young Families subprogram (better known in abbreviated form – the Young Family Program), which distributes housing certificates, the holder of which received a subsidy from the state.

Program objectives

The main purpose of this project is state support in the acquisition or construction of residential real estate. This is done in various ways, for example, by applying for a housing loan subsidy or paying a house contract. Participants in the subprogramme may be spouses who need to improve their living conditions and have not reached the age of 35.

Government programs for young families

The terms for the implementation of the next stage of the state program were determined for the period 2011-2015, but then the deadline was extended until 2020 without significant changes. All this allows us to speak of it as a well-thought-out targeted federal project for the issuance of state subsidies, which has a clearly defined target audience and social orientation. According to official figures, in the first four years of implementation, about 108.5 thousand participants in the target program were able to achieve better housing conditions..

“Affordable housing for a young family”

The appearance of such a project was quite predictable in the context of existing social norms and state policy to improve the demographic situation. It is important to note that as part of the housing subprogram, you can not only acquire your own real estate from scratch, but also improve existing conditions. This is especially true for large participants – if the apartment in which they are registered does not meet the norm (each has less than 18 square meters) – this is an occasion to apply for participation in the project.

Regional program “Housing for young families”

Although the social assistance program is federal in nature, the distribution of subsidies largely depends on the administration of a particular region, because it takes place with the participation of local budgets. The authorities of a region or republic determine the amount of subsidies, therefore, different norms for the provision of social payments from regional budgets apply in different regions. Moreover, the very entry of the region into the program for providing young people with affordable housing is held on a competitive basis..

Presentation of the keys to the apartments in the city administration

What constitutes assistance to young families

Insisting on the targeted spending of the funds received, the state provides ample opportunities for the use of the subsidy received to young families. Social benefits can be used for:

  • Housing purchases – for example, apartments from the developer, where part of the cost is paid due to social payments.
  • Construction of a residential building – in this case, the cost of the construction contract is paid.
  • Mortgage loan – the first installment is paid at the expense of the subsidy.
  • Payments for a housing cooperative – this should be the last installment, after which the living space becomes the property of the program participant.
  • Repayment of real estate loans – both the principal amount and interest. At the same time, it is important that the bank loan is not past due and received before January 1, 2011, and the housing is checked for compliance with the economic class..

Subsidy amount

State payments are provided for earmarked spending (as evidenced by the receipt of a certificate), therefore they can only be used to improve living conditions. One of the basic factors determining the amount of subsidy that a participant receives is the estimated value of real estate (RSN). Moreover, if:

  • Spouses are married but have no children – the amount of social payment is at least 30 percent of RSN.
  • There is 1 child or more (single-parent families also belong here) – a subsidy is provided starting from the size of 35 percent of RSN.

The estimated value of the property is calculated by the formula RSN = NOP x NS1, where:

  • NOP – the norm of the total area (for example, for two people – 42 square meters);
  • НС1 – standard cost of 1 square meter established by local government.

Additional benefits for large families

A large family is considered to be a family where three or more minor children are brought up. The Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation “On the Federal Target Program Housing” specifically emphasizes that large families are one of the priority categories. A privilege is provided for them – a larger subsidy in relation to the estimated cost of housing. For example, if a simple cell of a society of three people can receive 600,000 rubles for a social mortgage, then a large one – 1,000,000 rubles or more, depending on the number of children.

How to become a member of the program in 2019

The conditions for participation in the project have not changed over the past years, which gives all candidates the same rights. If there is compliance with the necessary requirements and all documents are provided, the participant can apply for a subsidy. An apartment in a mortgage for a young family – this is the most common application of social payments, which will be a down payment on a loan.

Young couple signs documents

Mortgage terms for a young family

Given the wide popularity and mass popularity of the Young Family program, many banks offer mortgage products designed for those who agreed to participate in this project. This is a very attractive category of clients, given the state financing of the program and additional subsidies from local budgets, which is why such a borrower will get a mortgage much more willingly than ordinary clients.

Borrower Requirements

Those who are interested in the Young Family program and who are going to apply for participation need to know that there are certain incoming requirements for candidates:

  1. The age of each spouse does not exceed 35 years.
  2. In the absence of children, it is necessary that the husband and wife have Russian citizenship. If there is at least one child, then only one of the spouses can be a citizen of Russia.
  3. Applicants must be recognized as requiring local housing by local authorities and have an area smaller than the accounting norm.
  4. Candidates must have funds that, together with the subsidy, are sufficient to acquire real estate, or they must have sufficient income to receive a mortgage loan.

Where to go

Candidates who are suitable in all respects and want to take advantage of the benefits of this subsidy program submit an application to the local authority at their place of residence. More detailed information is on the website of the Department of Real Estate – if you have any questions related to paperwork, you can contact there by e-mail.

What documents are needed

The list of documents that the Young Family program requires from participants will be as follows:

  1. Application in the prescribed form.
  2. Copies of passports of both spouses, birth certificate of the child (children).
  3. Copy of marriage certificate (does not apply to single-parent families).
  4. Documentary evidence of the need for improved housing conditions.
  5. Documents on the financial condition of the spouses.

If it is planned that a social payment will help pay off mortgage debt, then in addition to paragraphs 1-3, you will need:

  1. Copy of loan agreement.
  2. Document confirming the need to improve housing conditions at the time of issuing mortgage funds.
  3. Bank statement on the amount of the balance of the main debt and interest.

Folder with documents

Preferential mortgage for a young family with state support

The advantage of this form of lending for borrowers is difficult to overestimate – everyone who at least once tried to use this service knows about the difficulties of obtaining a bank loan. The subsidy project is an additional guarantee for the credit institution, because in this case the borrower already has the funds for the down payment, plus its solvency has been checked by government agencies.

Which bank can I get

The Young Family program is well established in the banking segment, and large players – Sberbank, Russian Agricultural Bank, VTB24 – offer participants mortgage loans on favorable terms. For example, a mortgage for a young family from Sberbank will require only 10 or 15% of the cost of the apartment (depending on the presence or absence of children), at a reduced rate on a loan. For those who use this offer to apply for a loan, the bank has a special privilege – at the birth of a child, deferred payments are possible for up to one year.

Order of registration

The procedure for subsidizing and further related activities are for the project participants in several stages:

  1. Submission of a package of documents to the local government, where within 10 days they must decide whether to accept the candidate or refuse.
  2. Until September 1 of this year, a single list of participants is being prepared taking into account all submitted applications. Priorities in the queue are those registered as those in need of improving housing conditions by March 1, 2005 and large families..
  3. After the government approves the amount of social benefits for the next year, approved lists of payments. All those on the list are notified that they will be paid a subsidy.
  4. By filling out the necessary documents, the participant receives a certificate of eligibility for social benefits. The certificate should be submitted to the bank, where an account is opened, to which the local government transfers funds for targeted use.
  5. Having received an order from a project participant, the bank transfers the money as intended (to the seller of real estate, a mortgage lender, etc.).

Young family project for Moscow residents

Although Moscow is the capital and center of Russia, the Young Family program is not formally implemented here. The thing is that although the program is financed from the federal budget, the emphasis is placed on the work of the regions for which funds are allocated. But at the same time, the residents of the capital did not stand aside – a special Moscow program was launched for them, which can be called a city initiative financed from municipal funds.

Young couple receives apartment keys

Who can claim

The requirements for young families from Moscow, seeking to acquire their own housing, are slightly stricter than for the regions. For candidates, it is absolutely necessary here:

  • that both spouses be citizens of Russia and at least one of them has Moscow registration;
  • to be in line for improvement of living conditions (or registered as in need of improvement);
  • have an appropriate level of income, which makes it possible to pay a mortgage or immediately acquire real estate when issuing a subsidy.

How is the lineup for the Young Family program formed

Muscovites who want to take part in this project should prepare a statement, and having collected a package of documents, contact the Department of Housing Policy and Housing Fund of Moscow. An employee of the fund will not only accept the documentation from you, but also check the correctness of filling out the application and issue a receipt on receipt. Since the second copy of the application with the signature on the acceptance of documents will remain with you, make it in advance in duplicate.

The queue for the urban housing program includes several categories of people in need, with priority for large applicants with disabled children, etc. The implementation mechanism in Moscow is also slightly different from the federal one – participants are invited to purchase real estate at a reduced price, with compensation (write-off) of the part cost. For example, parents with three or more children (or at least one disabled child) are charged 30%. Along with their own funds for buying an apartment, participants can use maternity capital.

Where can I spend money from the housing program?

It is envisaged that the amount received will be spent on the purchase of housing, while there are two possible purchase and sale options – using a social mortgage or by installments. In the second case, the contract is concluded for a period of up to 10 years with quarterly payments and a flexible system of reducing conditions. For example, the first payment is 20-60% of the value of the property, but it will be 15% if you have two children, and 10% if there are three of them.

The total repurchase amount and the amount of interest for installments is determined by regulatory acts of Moscow. An important regulatory indicator is the average market price per square meter – in the second quarter of 2019, it amounted to 90,400 rubles. It is important that until the end of the installment plan, the apartment belongs to the municipality – the project participant must pay utility bills, and in the case of a long delay, the sales contract can be terminated.

Man with receipts and money in his hands.

Pros and cons of helping young families

The positive aspects of this social project are obvious – this is material and organizational assistance to the young spouses in order to get their own housing. Taking part in this project, you can reasonably be able to expect that soon your housing problem will be resolved for the better. You will get real estate with a restriction on the area of ​​residential buildings or apartments, but this is a social project, and it is not designed for lovers of luxury apartments.

Among the other drawbacks are often called too high requirements for those who are issued housing certificates – since these people have enough income to get a mortgage, how much do they need subsidies? If we compare this with the fact that a single mother with two children can get as much as two spouses with one child, then it is easy to notice that there is still something to be developed in the project.

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