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This chemical is popular with gardeners who care about the condition of plants in their summer cottage. It is not necessary to know its formula, it is important that regular spraying of trees in the spring, treatment of bushes in the fall helps save the crop from diseases and pests. How to properly prepare the solution, what other areas of application of this substance are, is it dangerous – answers to questions are useful not only for gardeners.

What is copper sulfate

Copper sulfate pentahydrate – this name has an inorganic chemical compound. If the dosage is observed, it has useful properties, with large quantities it can lead to death. The composition is characterized by toxicity, belongs to the 4th hazard class of toxic substances:

  • if the powder gets inside it irritates the mucous membranes;

  • penetrates through the skin into the body with the reverse absorption of sweat;
  • if ingested, can cause food poisoning;
  • death is possible.

The chemical compound is a blue powder or transparent bright blue triclide crystals containing 24% copper. The drug has physical properties:

  • metallic taste;

  • lack of smell;
  • high hygroscopicity;
  • good solubility in alcohol to water, sulfuric acid solutions with a high concentration;
  • decomposition temperature – 100-250;
  • erodes in the air;
  • lethal dose – 35 ml of a liquid concentration of 5%.


What is copper sulfate? This is a substance obtained under industrial conditions as a result of a chemical reaction. It has a very high hygroscopicity; when absorbed, it forms crystals – copper sulfate pentahydrate. Another name for the compound is copper sulfate or copper salt of sulfuric acid. The composition has the chemical formula CuSO4 5H2O. In it, one molecule of salt is associated with five water molecules.


If copper sulfate is used correctly, there will only be positive effects from the application. At the same time, it is safe, does not accumulate in the body, plants and soil, and does not give side effects. Useful properties of the compound:

  • astringent;

  • antiseptic;
  • cauterizing;
  • disinfectant;
  • fungicidal – counteracts fungi, bacteria, mold;
  • not addictive in harmful insects;
  • promotes the synthesis of phytohormones in plants.

Blue vitriol

What is it needed for

Due to its chemical properties, copper sulfate is widely used in many fields. It is used as a dietary supplement for growing farm animals, for disinfection when keeping livestock. The composition applies:

  • for cleaning ponds, pools;

  • as a component for the manufacture of drugs in pharmacology;
  • in the chemical treatment of water.

The composition is widely used in industry:

  • mining – upon receipt of cobalt, zinc, lead;

  • metallurgical – as a composition for galvanic baths, the manufacture of copper cathodes;
  • for the production of printed circuit boards;
  • in the manufacture of electric batteries;
  • for the release of glass, mirrors;
  • in the production of pigments, dyes for leather, ceramics, textiles;
  • as food supplement E 519 in foods;
  • for the manufacture of acetate fabric, paints.

Gardening of copper sulfate

Sulphate is especially popular in agriculture and in vegetable gardens. It finds application in various qualities. The chemical is used:

  • to combat late blight on tomatoes and potatoes;

  • as a remedy for garden pests;
  • for disinfecting the earth;
  • as top dressing for copper deficiency in the soil;
  • as a fertilizer for garden and indoor plants;
  • for processing walls from mold in pits, sheds;
  • for the prevention of fungal diseases of bushes and trees, garden pests.

In the spring

How to process plants in the garden with copper sulfate? The use of a chemical has features that depend on the time of year. In spring time:

  • before budding, the plants are treated from fruit rot with a ready-made solution with a concentration of 1% – apple, pear, quince;

  • in early spring they spill the earth with a working fluid with a saturation of 0.5% of the black leg, gray rot;
  • before planting, disinfect potatoes with 0.2% liquid from late blight;
  • add to the solution for whitewashing trees.

To get early seedlings of cucumbers, the seeds are soaked for 10 hours in a warm 0.2% composition. Spring work includes disinfection of the roots of seedlings. They are kept for 3 minutes in a composition with a saturation of 1%, then washed thoroughly with water. For treatment from seed diseases, they are kept for 15 minutes in a special mixture, then washed well. To prepare a solution in 10 liters of warm water is dissolved:

  • 2 g of boric acid;

  • 10 grams of potassium permanganate;
  • the same amount of sulfuric acid copper salt powder.

Processing of trees with copper sulfate

In summer

When pests or signs of diseases appear on the site, they process grapes, spraying roses, leaves of plants and shrubs. With the onset of summer signs of late blight on potatoes, tomatoes, fungicides are used. To prepare the composition:

  • pour 10 liters of water;

  • dilute copper sulfate – 100 grams of powder;
  • spray the bushes in dry weather without wind.


At the end of the garden season, plants, trees and tree trunks are treated from pests and diseases. For the treatment of fungus in autumn, it is recommended to use a strong solution of Bordeaux fluid. To cook it, you must:

  • take 10 liters of water;

  • add 400 g slaked lime;
  • add 300 g of powder of copper salt of sulfuric acid;
  • stir thoroughly.

The use of copper sulfate in medicine

Although official medicine doctors are wary of using this substance for the treatment of diseases, traditional healers practice the use and show positive results. They note that the beneficial properties of copper salt of sulfuric acid contribute to recovery in the presence of:

  • sciatica;

  • fungal diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • infectious diseases;
  • malignant tumors;
  • epilepsy attacks;
  • polyarthritis.


The use of the solution is recommended for gynecological diseases, due to antiseptic, cauterizing, anti-infectious properties. Can I be douched with copper sulfate? It is better to consult a gynecologist before the procedure. After resolving it, it is important to observe all proportions so as not to get side effects that are life-threatening.

For douching, first a mother liquor is made – a tablespoon of pure crystals of copper sulfate purchased in a pharmacy is diluted in a liter of boiling water. The composition must be filtered. To prepare the working solution you will need:

  • take 0.5 liters of warm boiled water;

  • pour a tablespoon of the uterine composition;
  • mix;
  • in the evening to conduct the douching procedure;
  • repeat in the morning with a solution of soda;
  • run once a week.

Woman at the doctor’s appointment

For moxibustion

Experienced dermatologists note the effect of using copper sulfate pentahydrate in the treatment of wet eczema. To do this, prepare a blue ointment. With its regular application, cauterization of painful sores occurs. After two days, they turn brown from blue and fall off. To make the composition you will need:

  • grind blue crystals of copper sulfate pentahydrate;

  • sift them through 3 layers of gauze;
  • mix equal parts with pure petroleum jelly;
  • gently comb a small area of ​​skin;
  • apply ointment;
  • rub;
  • gradually finish the entire surface.

In case of poisoning

For many years, there was the practice of using copper sulfate with signs of poisoning as a means of inducing vomiting. Since even a slight violation of the concentration of the solution can cause serious health problems, modern doctors have refused this treatment method. However, the World Health Organization considers this substance as an antidote in its anatomical therapeutic classification system..

Copper sulfate treatment in folk medicine

Traditional healers use a weak solution to disinfect wounds. An ointment made on the basis of copper salt of sulfuric acid eliminates nail fungus. The mixture is brought to a boil, chilled, applied to the surface until symptoms are eliminated. For cooking, mix equal parts:

  • copper sulfate powder;

  • goose fat;
  • white sulfur.

For effective treatment of cancer of the intestine, stomach, breast, it is recommended to take 50 ml of the solution orally in the morning. For cooking, you need to insist for a day a pinch of the substance with half a liter of water. The therapeutic properties of diabetes are different baths that reduce the need for insulin, if taken three times a week. The procedure is carried out up to 15 times. To carry it out:

  • fill the bath with water;

  • add 3 tablespoons of crystals of copper sulfate;
  • lie down for 15 minutes.

Application of copper sulfate in construction

Due to the refractory, fungicidal properties, an aqueous solution of copper sulfate with a concentration of 10% is used when performing construction work. The drug is applied to wooden, concrete, brick surfaces. The composition of copper sulfate contributes to:

  • antiseptic protection of wood parts from decay;

  • removal of rust spots on the surface of buildings;
  • giving materials refractory properties;
  • leakage neutralization;
  • antifungal protection of the surface of walls, floors, ceilings before finishing work.

The girl looks at the fungus on the wall

Harm of copper sulfate

Caution must be exercised when using the chemical product in home and garden conditions. When working with vitriol, children and animals should not be near, compliance with safety instructions is required. If a substance enters the body, an urgent appeal to a doctor is necessary. Gastric lavage may aggravate the situation. If the drug gets inside:

  • by inhalation – burns of the mucous membrane of the lungs;

  • during ingestion – irritation of the gastrointestinal tract occurs;
  • with eye damage – burns of the surface of the eyeball.

A particular danger to life is the ingress of copper sulfate into the blood. As a result of the toxic effect occurs:

  • erythrocyte membrane destruction;

  • the negative impact of altered blood on the cells of the nervous system, lungs;
  • the accumulation of substances in the kidneys, liver, which violates their normal functioning;
  • poisoning of the body, with large doses ending in death.
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