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A new apartment is always a joyful event. And it can become even happier when you find out that the state has secured the return of interest on the mortgage by legislative means – by collecting the necessary documents, the owner can receive a serious deduction of up to 13 percent. You can receive such a deduction either directly in cash or by reducing the taxation of your income by a certain amount.

What is a mortgage tax deduction

When resorting to a mortgage for the purchase of real estate, you should know that you have the opportunity to receive two types of deductions. The main (it is also called property) deduction will be the same as with a regular home purchase – 13% of the amount paid, with a “ceiling” of 260 thousand rubles. Along with this, you are also entitled to one more deduction – on the paid credit interest. It is formalized only after receiving a property deduction (or balances on this payment), which is why the sooner you collect the documents and submit them to the tax office – the better for you.

How much can you return with interest on a mortgage

Based on Russian legislation, you can count on a reimbursement of 13% of the interest on the loan. If your loan agreement was concluded in 2014 and later, then the return cannot be more than 390 thousand rubles, and if the documents are signed earlier, then there will be no restrictions on the maximum size. For example, you took a loan in 2015 for ten million rubles, while four million were paid as loan interest. But still, you can only count on a deduction from three million rubles (13% of which will be 390 thousand rubles), and not from all payments.

How many times can I get

The reform of the Russian Tax Law in 2014 changed the rules by which tax deductions are given for the acquisition of real estate, however, this applies only to the property (main) deduction. If you received it incompletely (that is, the amount is less than 260 thousand rubles), then you can use the balance when you want to buy another apartment. Turning to the conversation about the return of interest on a mortgage loan, you can see that there are much more restrictions – such a deduction can be provided only once and only for a single object (apartment or house).

A pack of money

Compensation of interest on a mortgage loan

The mortgage loan tax deductions enshrined in Russian law are guaranteed to everyone who has drawn up an agreement with a bank, so all that is required of an applicant for a refund of interest on a mortgage is to correctly draw up documents for the IFTS. There are many nuances associated with tax refunds when repaying a loan ahead of schedule and with shared ownership of an apartment. That is why it will not be superfluous to preliminarily study the relevant law or consult a specialist for advice – this will help you avoid many annoying mistakes.

Over the past years

When submitting a package of documents to the tax inspectorate for the repayment of interest on a mortgage, it is required to indicate in it the payments made for the entire time since the start of the loan, and not only for the previous year. So, taking a loan in 2014, five years later, you mention in the declaration credit payments for the period 2014-2018. In the next, 2020, they will add data for 2019 and so on. In this case, you will no longer have time limits, and if you pay a mortgage loan for 15 years, then all this time you can receive the statutory compensation.

With early repayment

By looking on the Internet for material on this subject, you run the risk of falling into a whirlpool of reports of lawsuits against banks. That’s right – at present, repaying money by banks when repaying a loan before the due date is the subject of numerous lawsuits (and courts very often decide in favor of depositors), but this only applies to the relationship between the client and the bank. If there is a return of interest on the mortgage upon early repayment of the loan, then the amount that you actually paid and indicated in the declaration is taken into account.

With shared ownership

If several people buy an apartment in the order of shared ownership, then in what proportion will the distribution of tax reimbursement of interest on the mortgage loan be between them? Acting as co-borrowers and having equal property rights to joint property, these people can distribute among themselves the share of the tax deduction at their own discretion. When buying apartments, very often close relatives (for example, spouses) act as co-borrowers, and it is more convenient to receive tax deductions for one of them – the one who has the higher official salary.

The halves of the house in the hands

Mortgage refinancing tax deduction

Cases are common when, after buying an apartment on a mortgage, a person after a while finds a bank with more affordable terms and conducts a re-lending procedure, choosing a new lender. In this case, all rights are retained and after settlement with the previous bank is completed, he is granted a deduction for payments to the second bank. It will be in your interests to notify the tax office in a timely manner so that it is warned in advance of this situation. The new loan agreement must contain a refinancing clause..

Who is eligible for personal income tax return

According to the law, the right to receive a personal income tax return in case of acquiring a property in a mortgage belongs to the mortgage borrower (co-borrower), who is entitled to 13% of the mortgage paid to the bank. As for the landlord, it is possible for him to return the income tax on money spent on the purchase of a house or apartment. Since the borrower is not always the owner of the house (for example, a citizen purchases an apartment for his daughter), these two categories should be clearly distinguished when preparing a tax return.

Documents for reimbursing mortgage interest

If you are planning to receive a refund of interest on the mortgage, you must prepare a package of documents that you will provide to the tax office. It is very convenient that many of them can be filled online using special services on the Internet, which ultimately saves a lot of time for submitting documents. The main documentation package for the IFTS includes:

  • an application for reimbursement of interest on a mortgage when buying an apartment (you must indicate the bank account number where the money will be credited if you intend to return the funds for mortgage payments through the tax office);
  • completed declaration of 3-personal income tax;
  • certificate 2-personal income tax;
  • a photocopy of the mortgage (loan) agreement to which the repayment schedule should be attached;
  • bank certificate of payments and documents confirming payment (checks, receipts, statements).

Part of the documentation for the repayment of interest on the mortgage is allowed in the form of copies, but then it is recommended to submit them personally and have the originals so that the inspection staff can verify compliance with the document and make appropriate notes. The submitted documents will not be returned to you, so copying can be called a very reasonable solution. You can also independently certify copies without resorting to the services of a notary.

House percent sign

How to return interest on a mortgage

By submitting a package of documents for the mortgage interest repayment procedure to the tax inspectorate, you can get the money in different ways – either the whole amount at the end of the calendar year, or gradually reimburse through the employer. Depending on the situation, this or that option may become convenient, but it’s important that with the appropriate decision of the tax inspectorate, this money will still be with you.

Through tax

After the year for which the deduction is completed, you can get money on a plastic card. To do this, you will need to indicate this option in your application, attaching to it the details of the card to which payment will be made through the tax office. For many, this form of payment when returning interest on a mortgage will be more convenient, because the entire amount can be collected immediately.

Through employer

In a situation where you do not want to wait for the beginning of next year, there is an opportunity to get the due deduction from your employer by providing him with a package of documents from the tax. In this situation, the compensation of interest on the mortgage will start like this – when calculating earnings every month, they will not withhold income tax for some time, which is also very convenient.

How to calculate a mortgage tax deduction

Like interest on a mortgage, the amount of tax deduction is also one of the information that customers are primarily interested in when they receive a loan from a bank. This information can be provided to you by the bank employees themselves, who have pre-made calculations for the most common loan sizes and terms of issuance. Just do not try to do these calculations yourself, in the absence of relevant knowledge in mathematics and economics with a very high probability you will get the wrong option, which will only be misleading.

House on the calculator

Online tax deduction calculator

A good way to calculate the amount you owe is to find an online calculator on specialized sites on the Internet. Most of the initial data should be known to you, so we can safely enter the purchase amount, loan amount and other necessary information in the appropriate windows. For example, you want to take a million for three years at 15%, and faster than you read this line, the calculator will count – in the first year you need to pay 130 891.31 rubles and you must be compensated 17 015.87 rubles.

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