Replacement of a passport by age and other grounds – a list of documents, terms and procedure for registration

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Upon reaching 45 and 20 years, a replacement passport is required. This is the main document of a citizen of the Russian Federation proving his identity. It is important to receive an updated passport in time so as not to encounter problems. Familiarize yourself with the nuances of replacing a document after reaching a certain age, when changing your name, marriage, as well as with the features of obtaining a new passport.

Why do I need a passport replacement

The main document confirming the identity of a person is a passport. In special cases, you need to replace it. In addition to the achievement of the age of 20 or 45 years already mentioned, these include:

  • change in appearance, gender;
  • unsuitability of the old model for use, due to the reason for damage to documents;
  • detection of inaccuracies, errors during recordings;
  • change of surname (including marriage), name, patronymic, information about the date and place of birth;
  • loss.

These factors determine how much it costs to change a passport. The registration procedure is carried out in any branch of the Office for Migration, the former Federal Migration Service at the place of registration, residence or current residence. Being outside the country, you cannot change the document, only when you personally visit any branch of the specified service.

The amount of administrative fine

Untimely replacement of the passport faces a fine of 3-5 thousand rubles, the size depends on the circumstances and the city (for Moscow and St. Petersburg the sanctions are higher). In addition, some civil rights (inheritance, conclusion of an agreement) cannot be realized with an expired document. If the term of registration is overdue by the conscript, the fine is not imposed, this category is allowed to carry out the process at the end of the service.

Stamp and Imprint Fine

What documents are needed to replace a passport

To change the internal basic identity card of a citizen of the Russian Federation, you need a package of documents. It includes, in addition to the old passport, two color photographs. They are subject to special requirements from the list:

  • photo sizes 35 * 45 mm;
  • it is permissible to be photographed with glasses for continuous wear (without tinted windows);
  • only full face, face should be fully open, ears are visible;
  • you can take a photo in a headdress (if, according to religious beliefs, a citizen needs to go with him).

Passport and information in the hands of a girl

Change of passport by age

Upon reaching 20 years, the civil passport is changed for the first time, then the mandatory replacement occurs at the age of 45 years. To exchange it, you need documents for renewal:

  • old valid instance;
  • data on children who do not have their identity card;
  • data on the payment of the state fee (requisites of the receipt);
  • sample shift application;
  • two photos;
  • other identity documents.

A pile of new passports

Passport exchange in connection with a change of surname

If a person decided to change his surname due to marriage, marriage, divorce, of his own free will or by decision of the guardianship authorities, you need to replace your personal passport. To do this, you need the documents:

  • old sample;
  • document confirming the change of surname – certificate of divorce or registration of marriage, certificate from the registry office (original and copy);
  • two photographs of the applicant;
  • data on the payment of duties;
  • military ID for military personnel;
  • filling out the application form;
  • extract from the house book to affix a stamp on permanent or temporary registration;
  • passport of parents to change the surname for a child under 14 years old plus a statement from them, birth certificate.

Newlyweds sign

How to change passport

Within 30 calendar days from the moment of reaching 20 or 45 years of age, marriage or receipt of new documents on the change of surname, a passport is replaced. For this, a citizen personally visits the office of the FMS with a package of documents or fills out an application on the website of the State Service. The latter option reduces waiting time, is convenient to use, works around the clock.

Passport and photocopy in the hands of a man

Sample Application

Mandatory for filing is considered an application to change the document. It can be filled out through the Unified portal of public services or in the migration service. You can submit the application in an online form, it is easy to download and fill in your own hand in legible handwriting. The questionnaire is a form 1P, includes lines about the code of the territorial unit of the migration service, date of filling, marital status, full name, date and place of birth.

The application shall indicate the gender of the applicant, the data of the spouse at the time of marriage and the name of the authorities that issued the certificate. When changing the name of the child, information of the parents is indicated. An important point is the place of residence, stay or treatment. If the citizenship of the Russian Federation was obtained by a foreign citizen, the year of acquisition is indicated. It remains to indicate the reason for the issuance of a new sample (planned, theft, change of personal data).

Sample application for a replacement passport

How to fill in correctly

At the end of filling out the passport replacement questionnaire, a signature is placed in the presence of the official (he checks it). Having received the questionnaire, the FMS employee makes mandatory notes on the document confirming the replacement, puts his signature and that of the head. It remains to receive an invitation to receive a new certificate and sign in the application for its issuance. Some rules for filling out the questionnaire:

  • in case of poor eyesight or disability, the application for a person is filled out by the FMS units;
  • when entering data it is forbidden to use abbreviations, abbreviations, corrections;
  • when filling out the electronic form, a personal signature is not put, documents and photos are attached in electronic form, but upon receipt you will need to present the originals.

Passport in hand

Where to change your passport

Submitting the necessary documents for an identity card to be replaced is permitted in person or ordered online. For the first option, multifunctional centers (MFCs) or departments of the Federal Migration Service, located at the place of registration or where the person is currently located, are suitable. The second method is useful to everyone, after submitting documents you only need to wait for an invitation to receive.

Site page My Documents

Contact MFC or FMS at the place of residence

To apply to the FMS offices, a personal presence is required. Gather a set of documents, look on the website or find out on the phone the reception schedule and hand over the package. You need to contact the place of permanent residence or location. A more convenient option would be to visit the multifunctional center (MFC), where a more flexible work schedule, fewer queues.

People at the IFC office

Change passport through public services

If the passport is issued via the Internet, the process should be simplified. On the website of the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (State Services Portal) an online electronic application is submitted containing all the necessary information. An electronic photograph of the established sample is uploaded to it, as documents are accepted by e-mail, a notification arrives, data with the date of receipt of the finished certificate.

Government Services Website

How long does it take to change my passport?

According to the established legislation, within 30 calendar days it is necessary to replace the old passport form if the reason for the change is the achievement of 20, 45 years, change of surname, data. The production time for the form takes 10 days when applying at the place of residence and 30 days at the place of temporary residence of the applicant (it is allowed to submit an application within two months). Replace the document before the specified age, it is impossible. If necessary, a temporary identity card is issued to the citizen.

Temporary ID

Reasons for refusal

Replacing a passport is a complex state process, and therefore requires strict adherence to standards. The grounds for refusal are:

  • providing photos that do not meet the requirements;
  • incomplete mandatory information or lack thereof;
  • Invalid data in the application form, date of registration;
  • lack of citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • lack of payment of state duty;
  • failure to provide documents on the list;
  • failure to reach the age of 14;
  • provision of foreign documents without translation into Russian.

Card Refusal in the hands of a man

How much is the state fee for replacing a passport

For receiving a new document, a certain amount is required to be paid. The state duty for changing a passport depends on the circumstances:

  • 300 rubles (210 rubles, if online) – in case of marriage, change of surname, first name, patronymic, appearance, gender, if inaccuracies and errors are found, if you need to issue a certificate or replace the data at the request of the child, guardianship authorities;
  • 1,500 rubles (state duty through public services – 1,050 p.) – if replaced as unusable, if stolen.

Two passports and wedding rings

Features of replacing foreign passports of citizens of the Russian Federation

Upon reaching 20 and 45 years old, you do not need to change your passport, but when you change your name and other important data, you must. The replacement schedule is not as tight as in the case of the Russian document. After a month from the date of receipt of new data, it is not necessary to change the passport, it will be valid for the period specified inside. If you enter countries where visas are not required, you can use the old model with the old data.

When entering the countries under visa control, a replacement for a new one is necessary, otherwise there will be difficulties with proving reality, plus there may be difficulties when crossing the border with a child. Changing the passport to the owner is possible only after changing the general civilian document. There is a nuance – if the preparation of temporary documents for the trip was carried out in the old name and the trip is planned (after the wedding, for example), there will be no time differences, because there is a stamp on marriage.

The procedure for changing a passport does not differ from the administrative regulations of the FMS – people contact the Federal Migration Service or the State Services portal with a package of documents:

  • a statement with the date of issue of a new one;
  • new Russian passport with updated data;
  • details of the state duty or receipt of its payment;
  • if you have a valid passport, hand over it;
  • photos to get an old sample;
  • fingerprint for biometric;
  • in some cases, the application of the person sending the person to another country, the permission of the command for the military, a military ID, a document from a medical institution when leaving for the purpose of treatment are required.

Passport in hand

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