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There are many techniques for developing creative thinking. One of the most popular today is hemispheric drawing, both an adult and a child can enroll in courses on this technique. Lessons help develop intuition, relax. In the process of drawing, the left hemisphere is blocked, only the right one works. Learn about all the features of the methodology, its basic principles.

What is hemisphere drawing?

So called the method of quick learning the basics of artistic vision and perception of form. Our right-hemisphere painting began to gain popularity about 7 years ago. The bottom line is that a person creates by turning off the left side of his brain, which is responsible for rationality and logic. We were engaged in approximately such drawing in childhood, without thinking about why we needed it, what benefits could be drawn from the picture. The right hemisphere is responsible for creative thinking and controls the process..

An American Betty Edwards technique was developed based on the theory of the famous psychobiologist, Nobel Prize winner Roger Walcott Sperry. This concept says that drawing with the right hemisphere is just a skill, the same as writing, reading. Everyone can master it. Analyzing the work of famous artists, it can be noted that the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci – drawing with the right hemisphere of the brain. And he didn’t create alone, guided by emotions and feelings, and not by logic.

The technique of drawing with the right hemisphere helps to get rid of all subconscious blocks and clamps. It contributes to:

  • manifestation of personality;
  • alertness;
  • simplification of the creative process;
  • improving the overall emotional state;
  • disabling activity analysis;
  • disclosure of creative abilities;
  • getting rid of internal barriers;
  • finding inner harmony.

Girl paints


The main difference between such drawing and the left hemisphere mode is that in the second case, a person learns to depict objects, and in the first – to see and perceive them. In order, for example, to make a drawing of an animal with the left hemisphere, we first need to study the anatomy, proportions, familiarize ourselves with the theory of perspective, volume, light and shadow. Hemispheric painting does not require this. Techniques are used to turn off logic and activate intuition. Painting is very fast, because a person does not think about the result, but enjoys the process.

In a class with right-hemisphere painting, a student will need 12 different shades of paint (gouache), 3 high-quality brushes of different thicknesses and a lot of paper. The first picture will be small in size, about the size of a postcard. First, acquaintance with the colors. Students are encouraged to draw with their fingers, touch their hands, feeling their thickness and scope. This causes confusion, but then the person is fully involved in the drawing process. Then they move on to exercises, creating a background, landscapes, portraits. Right-hemisphere drawings are performed according to the following techniques:

  • mirror painting for children;
  • right hemisphere pattern upside down;
  • intuitive drawing along the contours;
  • right hemisphere viewfinder.


Right-hand drawing does not imply a clear outline, based on spontaneity. In the lesson, you can start drawing from anywhere. Copying the details, we must gradually come to the whole image. One of the most effective exercises is copying inverted contour drawings. Creative painting by fingers is also very effective, going beyond the borders of the sheet. Thanks to special exercises, a person enters the “P-mode”. During it, the work of the left hemisphere stops. A man transfers his own vision of an object onto paper. He does not analyze, does not evaluate.

The purpose of drawing classes is for a person to learn to see the world as it is, without the illusions that are created by logic, reason and life experience. The right and left hemispheres of the brain find harmony, a person quickly enters a state of inspiration, becomes calmer, gets a psychological discharge. He approaches all spheres of life creatively. Drawing helps to develop the potential of the child, to reveal the abilities of an adult. The method of right-hemispheric painting will be useful to people of any gender and age, regardless of their profession, social status.

Drawing rules

In the technique of right-hemispheric painting, there is only one instruction that you must adhere to – logic should be disabled. Otherwise, there are no rules, this is the difference between the right-hemisphere regime and the classical one. You can start a picture with any element, go beyond the canvas, use any brushes, paints, and draw certain details with your fingers. If you enjoy the process, then all the rules are met.

Paint-stained girl

Right hemisphere exercises

There are a number of introductory techniques that need to be practiced in order to enable P-mode. With him, the right hemisphere is temporarily activated and the left is suspended. The exercises are aimed at stopping you from seeing completeness in the object and perceiving it as a combination of certain details, which make up the final result. Learn how to perform these techniques for hemispheric activity.

Upside down

This hemispheric drawing technique is amazingly effective for children and adults. It is executed as follows:

  1. Choose a simple graphic drawing. It is advisable that someone else does this for you. Ideally, you should not see the picture in the correct position so that the left hemisphere does not have time to create a standard.
  2. On a computer, let your assistant turn the image upside down and print.
  3. Place the picture in front of you. For greater efficiency of the right hemisphere, cover a few centimeters from below with paper. Share this part of the picture later..
  4. Start drawing from anywhere. Concentrate not on the overall image, but on lines, strokes, just copy.

Outline drawing

This exercise for the right hemisphere is very easy to perform at home. You will need paper, pencil and scotch tape. Stick paper to the table with adhesive tape, turning it so that the working hand remains on the table. Fold the other palm so that more small folds become visible. Do not move. Note 5 minutes. It is forbidden to look at paper. Slowly move your eyes along the lines of your hand and repeat the movements with a pencil. Draw until you hear the timer sound. In this assignment, it is not the result that matters, but rather that the vision and pencil movements are synchronized.


For this, additional devices will be needed in the right hemisphere of the exercise. It is necessary to cut the frame out of cardboard, to glue the screen in the center of transparent plastic or thick film. Aim the viewfinder at an object. Fasten. Take a comfortable pose, because only the working arm should move. Close one eye. Draw a marker directly on the film around the contours of your chosen object. Then you will need to transfer the subject from the viewfinder to paper. Do it along the lines, as when copying an image upside down.

Viewfinders for drawing

Hemispheric Courses

Trainings are held at creative development centers. In ordinary art schools, training courses in drawing with the right hemisphere are also found, but so far they are very rare. There are both express classes and advanced ones. There are lessons in children’s drawing, trainings for aspiring artists, an advanced course of right-hemisphere oil painting. The master class can last from 3 hours to several days. The price of hemisphere painting depends on many factors. In the capital, it ranges from 1200 to 5000 rubles.

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