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Rosbank is among the top most reliable Russian financial institutions, its credit rating is high. However, its network of branches is small and poorly represented in the regions of Russia, in some situations it is completely difficult to use all the opportunities. For example, in the city there is only one office that does not work around the clock. In these cases, the owners of credit / debit cards can withdraw cash through an ATM, Rosbank partner banks help to use other products.

What is a partnership of banks

Partnership agreement is beneficial to the banking business with a limited network of ATMs / branches, as It provides opportunities for development without opening additional offices and terminal maintenance at the expense of Rosbank capital. Due to the ATMs of partner banks, the geography of activity and the reach of users are expanding significantly. Clients of the institution, for their part, can use the services of partners – large financial organizations, including withdrawing cash from them.

Partnership is one-way and two-way. Unilateral – if one partner bank provides subscribers of another with free of charge services, preferential tariffs, bilateral – if both partners do it. For example, Uralsib Bank has a one-way partnership: holders of bank plastic can use its devices at preferential rates, while Uralsib subscribers are deprived of this opportunity. In each case, the partnership is mutually beneficial – it provides ample opportunities and amenities for all citizens who use the services of organizations.

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Which banks does Rosbank work with

The bank has an extensive partner network, therefore, users can make a transfer, pay for a loan, pay utility bills, buy in stores, transfer funds at the nearest ATM of Rosbank or a partner at a reduced rate. Abroad, you can exclusively receive high-quality banking services at banks of the Societe Generale group. Cashing out is carried out on the same conditions as in Rosbank branches. List of partners for today:

  • Alfa Bank;
  • Raiffeisenbank;
  • VTB 24;
  • Russian Agricultural Bank;
  • Gazprombank;
  • AK Bars.

What operations are available at ATMs of Rosbank partners

According to the information on the official website, through electronic devices of partner units, you can:

  • pay for the service of a mobile operator, Internet provider, utilities, fines;
  • make a payment using the Rosbank card number;
  • receive cash;
  • transfer money to another card or account;
  • repay a loan taken from your bank or partner;
  • change PIN code;
  • make payment for purchases on the online store;
  • replenish the electronic wallet of any system available in Russia;
  • check your balance, get a statement.

Cash withdrawal without commission

The main advantage of the partnership is that customers have the opportunity to withdraw cash and deposit cash through third-party ATMs / terminals under the same conditions as in their own organization. Even if there is no representative office nearby, bank plastic holders use cash withdrawal services around the clock. If the terminal is far away, and there is a partner’s device near the house or work, it will be convenient to take cash there and no commission will be charged. Limits are set for cash withdrawals, which depend on the type of plastic and the agreement between banks.

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Payment for services and mobile communications

In the regions where Rosbank and its partners are present in ATMs / terminals, you can pay for the service of more than 200 companies:

  • pay a subscription fee to the accounts of Internet, mobile communications, television, telephony operators;
  • replenish electronic wallets of payment systems;
  • pay for a communal apartment;
  • pay for goods of direct sales companies;
  • replenish the personal account of a social network;
  • pay for services of institutions, organizations, fines, taxes, state duty;
  • replenish online game accounts;
  • pay for purchases from online stores;
  • deposit money into accounts of other banking organizations.

Card account replenishment

You can top up your bank account through Rosbank’s partner banks at any ATM. To do this, you must have with you a card with which the withdrawal is made, or cash, if the device accepts them, and know the plastic number where the payment is made. Payment, according to partnership agreements between banks, is charged at the rates of the package of services of the home bank. There are no limits on replenishment of a card account (credit, debit), either of one’s own account or of another individual or legal entity.

Transfer funds between accounts

For the operation, you need a bank card and the plastic number where the funds will be sent. It is important to remember that the sender and recipient cards must belong to the same payment system – Visa, MasterCard, etc. Commission for the transfer of funds to honey accounts and deposits is not charged. You can transfer money at ATMs of Rosbank and partners:

  • inside the bank;
  • from card to card of another financial institution.

Loan repayment

Issuing loans with a partner organization is always more profitable than with a third-party bank. You can make a monthly payment for a Rosbank loan at any partner bank. To do this, you need to have with you a card that was issued when applying for a loan. Crediting occurs in 1-3 business days. Please note: for late payment of funds, interest is accrued for each day of delay. If repayment of the loan is made through partners, funds should be paid in advance. It is important to remember that at Alfa-Bank and Raiffeisenbank ATMs, loan repayment is not possible..

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Receiving account statements at ATMs of Rosbank partners

The extract contains detailed information on recent transactions. ATMs of Rosbank’s partners issue its mini-version, where the last 10 operations are indicated. Payment – without additional fees, according to the customer’s tariff plan. In partner banks, users receive loan statements, which indicate not only the latest transactions, but also the amount of debt.

Tariffs and commissions of Rosbank partners

Rosbank partners without commission allow cash withdrawals through their ATMs if a debit card is used. Rosbank partners charge the same commission for other services and for credit cards, which is set in accordance with the service tariff plan. You can find out detailed information regarding tariffs and fees for issuing cash for a specific bank by calling the hotline 8-800-200-54-34 (free of charge from any phone in the Russian Federation).

Withdrawal limits without commission

Check the current limits in the table:

Bank’s name

Daily limit

Monthly limit

VTB 24

7 500


Alfa Bank









AK Bars






Monthly cash withdrawal limit by type of card issue

The maximum cash withdrawal per month is set not only by Rosbank’s partner banks, but also by the systems that service bank plastic. The maximum amount that can be cashed per month is different for Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards. It also depends on the type of card that is served: classic (standard), gold, platinum. VIP plastic (the last two types) has a monthly limit that is always higher than normal ones. The boundary amounts in rubles for cash withdrawal for all types are presented in the table:

Mastercard standard

Visa Classic


MasterCard / Visa Gold

MasterCard / Visa Platinum






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