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If you decide to do business, then you need a bank account – this statement can be called an axiom. One of the most convenient options is to open an account with Sberbank for individual entrepreneurs. This service is popular due to convenient tariffs for settlement and cash services (RKO) and the ability to submit your application online. Having looked at the official website, you can, without leaving your home, find out on what conditions Sberbank provides these services.

What is account opening

Doing modern business is hard to imagine without banking operations. Russian banks offer convenient forms of IP service: payments are made to the current account on concluded transactions, money transfers are made from it to business partners, and other financial transactions are carried out. Although formally entrepreneurs are not required to open an account, its absence will be very inconvenient, limiting activities only in cash, the amount of which under each contract should not exceed 100,000 rubles.

Banking has many advantages, for example, eliminating the need to have a cash register. Reporting to the tax office is also greatly simplified, making ongoing cashless transactions as transparent as possible. For this reason, many businessmen are in a hurry to open an account faster, as soon as they manage to register an IP.

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Although there are an abundance of offers on the financial services market, setting up a current account in Sberbank for entrepreneurs will be very attractive for business people. Trying to answer the question why entrepreneurs choose this opportunity for themselves, there are several main reasons:

  • The largest prevalence of ATMs and bank offices in Russia, and opening an account for an individual with Sberbank in any branch.
  • Remote application processing services on the site, at which you can get the necessary services online.
  • Round-the-clock consultations and technical support are also advantages of Sberbank.
  • Convenient line of deposit and loan products with favorable conditions.
  • The ability to connect additional services: “Service Package”, “Self-collection”, etc..
  • Flexible system of rates for cash services (RKO) for ruble and currency transactions.
  • Various stocks making it cheaper to open a current account for an individual in Sberbank.

How to open an account in Sberbank for individual entrepreneurs

Immediately after completion of the IP registration process, in order to receive services, an entrepreneur needs to contact a branch of Sberbank. Before this, the businessman needs to collect all the necessary documents and study the line of offers that Sberbank offers its customers. If necessary, the entrepreneur can resort to the service of reservation of the current account number – this should be done on the website of the financial institution.

The procedure for opening a current account in Sberbank

IP requirements

In accordance with the terms of service, in order to open an account for an individual entrepreneur at Sberbank, there are certain requirements that must be observed. These conditions include:

  • copies of documents in many cases are not allowed: when visiting a bank, it is better to have originals;
  • personal presence of the client when opening an account and certifying a bank card with a notary;
  • handwritten signature of an individual entrepreneur on a banking service agreement and other necessary documents.

Opening procedure

To open an IP account with Sberbank, you need to fill out an application and, together with a package of documents, contact a bank branch convenient for you. If the documents are in order and the bank has no questions for you, then you will become a client within two business days. Moreover, if you used the online reservation on the Sberbank website, then you should send the details by email (the account is already available for use, but only for incoming payments). In order to withdraw this money or make a transfer, you need to complete the registration procedure.


Try to keep the original documents with you in the bank, in some cases even notarization will not work. At the same time, bank employees can make and certify copies of documents that will be necessary for a fee. In order to open a current account in Sberbank for individual entrepreneurs, you will need:

  • passport (or other identification document);
  • entrepreneur certificate and extract from the Unified State Register of Entrepreneurs;
  • card with samples of printing and signature;
  • information about the client (the form for filling out the questionnaire is available on the website);
  • patents for the right to carry out activities subject to licensing.

People study documents

How much does it cost to open a current account for individual entrepreneurs

Each entrepreneur is interested in how much you need to pay to someone who wants to open an account for an individual entrepreneur in Sberbank. This amount consists of several components, and for a minimum amount of costs it will look like this:

  • one-time commission for opening – 3,000 rubles;
  • the cost of signing a signature in a bank card is 500 r;
  • payment for certification of one document – 300 p. (minimum 3 pcs.);
  • total – 4,400 rubles.

These are the lowest costs incurred by an entrepreneur: this does not include such special options as online banking or a checkbook, which will require additional payments. A certain disadvantage can be recognized and the fact that Sberbank for the IP offers the same cost as for legal entities. The only opportunity to save refers to the prospective costs – you need to choose a tariff with a minimum cost of service.

Check out the online reporting service for IP.

RKO tariffs

The cost of servicing a current account in Sberbank for an individual entrepreneur is the sum of the prices for the services that the client uses. Base rates for services are:

  • account management – 1 700 rubles;
  • transfer using electronic document management for other banks to the amount of up to 100 million rubles – 32 p. for payment;
  • the same, but inside Sberbank – 11 p. for payment;
  • cash acceptance up to 100,000 rubles – 0.36% of the amount (minimum 250 rubles);
  • the same over 100,000 rubles or using self-service devices – 0.3% of the amount;
  • cash withdrawal (including when closing an account) – 1.4% of the amount (minimum 250 rubles).

In many cases, it will be convenient to use ready-made package offers that are specifically focused on solving business problems. Suitable tariffs for IP are given in the table:


Tariff plan








Monthly payments

up to 5

up to 20

up to 50

up to 100

to 10

up to 20

up to 30

Cash acceptance, rubles

up to 50,000

up to 100,000

up to 100,000

up to 80,000

up to 300,000

up to 150,000

Cash withdrawal, p.

up to 140,000

up to 100,000

up to 250,000

The cost of the tariff plan, rubles / month.

1 800

2 100

2 600

3 100


3 300


Tariff plans are formed at the choice of the bank, and the most common service options are available. The given service packages have free service in the Sberbank Business Online service, but they differ in that they cannot interact with plastic credit cards. If a businessman needs such an operation, he can take advantage of special offers..

Additional services

Current account activities are not limited to the reception and issuance of cash. Here are some of the services that individual entrepreneurs can use:

  • Providing information on operations on paper – 500 rubles.
  • Issuance of a checkbook – 300 rubles.
  • Urgent payments to another bank – an additional 0.03% of the amount (minimum 300 rubles).
  • Bank card service – 2 500 rubles.

girls at a laptop

Tariffs for servicing Sberbank Business Online

The Internet service system, an analogue of Sberbank Online for businessmen, will help an individual entrepreneur make payments and monitor the status of an account through the network. The system does not require the installation of special programs and works through a standard browser. For Sberbank customers, basic services will be provided free of charge, but if you need an electronic key, you will have to pay for it:

  • standard type – 1 700 rubles;
  • touch – 2150 p.;
  • electronic with a screen – 3990 r.

Use the useful online accounting service of IP.

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