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Sberbank offers its customers instant issuance cards that can be received on hand in a very short time. Such plastic tools have a minimum set of capabilities, and are positioned as entry-level cards.

What is a Momentum card

Momentum cards, which are issued by international payment systems Visa, MasterCard Maestro, are characterized by an entry level. The maintenance of such a plastic product is free, so if used correctly, you can avoid the additional costs. An instant Sberbank card is issued immediately upon contacting the branch. Payment tool provides access to some necessary services:

  • translations;
  • payments
  • account management remotely.

Who needs the Momentum card from Sberbank

Any person can use the Sberbank instant card. Such a means of payment is not registered, but has a chip and a special code on the back to protect operations. Thanks to this set, the owner can pay with a sbercard on the Internet. If you want to shop in stores, it will be useful and convenient. It is important that the outlet is equipped with devices that read plastic bank cards. However, it is impossible to withdraw funds from this type of plastic without a commission.

Advantages of a Sberbank card

Instant Credit Cards

A Momentum credit card is issued to a person over the age of 21. The recipient must provide your passport and sign an agreement. The bank claims that you can issue a financial product in any branch. However, in practice this is not always the case. Issuing savings cards is limited, so you may not have enough. If this happens, and plastic is necessary, contact another office of the financial institution.

Credit card instant issuance from Sberbank has the following operating conditions:

  • A limit of up to 150 thousand rubles can be set on it..
  • The grace period during which you can return the money spent without paying interest is 50 days.
  • When funds cannot be paid out during the grace period, the interest rate is charged on the amount of 18.9% per annum.
  • For cash withdrawals in Sberbank ATMs, a fee of 3% of the required amount is charged. The minimum overpayment in this case is 199 rubles.
  • If you take money from devices of other banks, the commission will be 4%. However, caution must be exercised, as third-party organizations may charge additional interest for the operation..
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot repay the entire loan at once, you are allowed to make monthly payments – at least 5% of the amount spent.

Sberbank card

Instant debit card from Sberbank

Sberbank debit instant card offers customers free service. It is valid for 3 years. After this period, the plastic is re-released. You don’t have to pay for this option, you can cancel it if necessary. Using the Sberbank instant card, you can carry out a number of operations without commission:

  • cash withdrawal at Sberbank ATMs;
  • payment of utilities or taxes;
  • balance control using online services;
  • connection of the program “Thank you from Sberbank” to accumulate bonuses;
  • payment for goods / services in Russia by bank transfer.

receiving instant card

How to get a Momentum Sberbank card

A Sberbank Instant card is issued simply. A person who wants to receive a means of payment should contact a bank branch convenient for him. The organization’s specialist will offer to fill out a special application form, on the basis of which the employee will issue a card. If approved, the client generates a PIN code. Along with the plastic, a personal login and password is provided, which will be needed when contacting the financial institution’s online system to control expenses and conduct the necessary operations.

The main conditions for the Sberbank instant card to become yours are:

  • age over 14 years;
  • availability of a passport when handling.
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