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Until recently, consumer lending was only possible until the person retired. After that, it was problematic to take a loan, because special offers that came only from microcredit organizations had a high percentage, which was fraught with the risk of default. Even the largest bank in the country did not have any products for the elderly. Today, taking a consumer loan to pensioners in Sberbank on favorable terms and at a small percentage today is real.

What is a pension loan at Sberbank

It’s worth noting that there are no loan products for retirees as such, unlike deposit offers. Loans are granted on general terms with the only proviso that pensioners who receive social payments on Sberbank’s bank cards have some advantages over other borrowers. They belong to the preferential category of customers, along with the military and other citizens whose salaries and other payments are credited to a bank account.

How old is the loan?

The bank has made loans available to most of its customers. The qualification plan is not the retirement age – 55 years for women and 60 for men – as it was before, but a slightly different approach. Now the bank has designated the boundary of the last installment, which must be paid before the person has completed a certain number of years. Depending on the loan products, the conditions of their security and the solvency of the borrower, the bank limited the age limit to 75 years, although in most cases borrowed money should be returned before the client is 65 years old.

Sberbank – loan conditions for pensioners

Like all banking institutions in the country, Sberbank of Russia puts forward certain requirements for its borrowers. Elderly people are no exception. Each product has its own nuances, therefore, before choosing a loan, you should carefully study all the features of the offer. What are the main conditions for a loan from Sberbank for pensioners to be issued, are discussed below.

Elderly woman and man

Borrower Requirements

The main and main criterion for submitting a loan is the presence of a Russian passport and registration in the region where the branch is located, where the client plans to apply for borrowed funds (in some cases this principle is not taken into account). As for age, in order to get a loan a person must be officially retired and receive it. For working pensioners who receive pension payments to their accounts with Sberbank, there is one restriction – the length of service over the past 5 years should be at least six months.

A positive credit history is a big plus to getting a loan from a bank. Sberbank favors such customers in every way, making certain concessions. Those who took credit earlier and sinned in arrears should not count on the favor of bankers – the chance to get a loan to pensioners at Sberbank at this age will be small, and if the bank does not refuse, then it does not make sense to count on a low rate.

Interest rate

The annual interest for pensioners in Sberbank, as already noted, does not differ from those offered to other borrowers of the bank. If a person is not a client of the bank, they will be more. In addition, rates directly depend on the loan term. Interest on loans issued up to 2 years is more profitable than longer-term loans. It is noteworthy that even for one product the rates may differ by several percentage points and depend directly on a single person.

Amount and term of the loan

How much money a bank can lend, it depends on the solvency of a pensioner. If the minimum pension is paid, to increase the amount you can attract a guarantee of third parties or provide real estate on bail. The bank will lend money for at least 3 months, and then if the amount is small. Lending duration depends on how long a person turns 65, and under certain conditions 75 years.

Loans for seniors at Sberbank

Today, Sberbank offers several standard lending programs to pensioners. Firstly, these are unsecured consumer loans in cash or on bail (surety), the use of which is not intended. Elderly clients have the right to dispose of money at their discretion, without reporting to the bank about the funds spent.

An analogue of such loans can be a card loan, which is also issued for consumer needs. In addition, pensioners can count on mortgage lending. Currently, the bank does not have car loans, so if you want to buy a car, you should get an inappropriate consumer loan. What is needed for these loans, and on what conditions they are issued – more on this further.

Old man

Unsecured consumer credit

A loan to pensioners at Sberbank without guarantors or collateral is issued for a period of 3 months to 5 years, and the minimum amount for registered in Moscow is 45,000 rubles, although for all other regions this figure is 15,000 rubles. The maximum amount that a client can count on is 3 million. An application can be processed through Sberbank Online. The decision is made within 2 business days. Unfortunately, funds are issued only to persons who, at the time of payment completion, will be at most 65 years old, but no more.

No additional fees for issuing a loan are provided. The interest rate depends on the loan term and the category of customers. So, pensioners who have a checking account with Sberbank will have to pay for a loan from 13.9% to 18.9% per annum when using money for up to 2 years, and beyond this period it will already be necessary to pay from 14.9% to 19.9% . For all others, these values ​​will be 14.9–19.9% ​​and 15.9–20.9%.

Under the guarantee of individuals

For a period of 3 to 60 months, if possible, provide security in the form of 2 solvent guarantors, pensioners are offered a loan in the amount of 15,000 – 5,000,000 rubles. Payment is made monthly by annuity payments. To increase the amount, it is allowed to show the income of the spouse. You can fill out an application without visiting a bank, as well as early repay a loan through Sberbank Online. The loan rates are as follows:

Term, month.

Pensioners receiving payments to a bank account

Other senior citizens







Secured by property

With maturities of up to 20 years, loans are secured by real estate. The minimum amount is 500,000 rubles. The maximum is 10 million or 60% of the appraised value of secured real estate. As a pledge, a dwelling, a garage, a private house or a piece of land can act. Loans can be received by customers who, at the time of the last payment, will be at most 75 years old. However, this condition is relevant only if the borrower or co-borrower continues to work and receive income.

A prerequisite for a secured loan to pensioners in Sberbank is customer life insurance on bank terms. Minimum interest rates for using a loan start from 14% for a period of up to 10 years and from 14.50% from 10 to 20 years. These figures are relevant only for representatives of retirement age, payments for which are credited to the bank account, for all other categories they automatically grow by 1%. This also applies to those who refuse voluntary insurance..

Credit cards

Even pensioners can get a loan on a Sberbank card. A wide range of possibilities is presented to their services – from instant release plastic to premium cards of the gold category. The minimum interest rate on such loans is 21.9%, and the credit limit is 3 million rubles. All kinds of bonuses are provided for using the card, depending on the chosen tariff.

It is worth mentioning that in almost all offers there is a grace period, you can use the money during which you can absolutely free. The only drawback of such loans is the monthly maintenance fee, and the maximum age is limited to 65 years. In most cases, cards are issued only upon confirmation of the declared income.

Credit cards

Mortgage to a pensioner in Sberbank

You can become an owner of your own housing in old age, especially since Sberbank provides such an opportunity. The maximum age of the borrower at the time of loan repayment is 75 years, and interest rates start at 10%. The minimum down payment is also 10%, and the maximum amount depends on the solvency of the client. A prerequisite is life insurance, and in case of failure, the rate will be increased. For pensioners, the following options for obtaining a mortgage loan at Sberbank are presented:

  • Loan for the purchase of housing in a new building;
  • Loan for the purchase of finished housing;
  • Construction of a residential building;
  • country estate.

How to get a loan at Sberbank for pensioners

The process of obtaining a loan at Sberbank for pensioners is no different from receiving loans by other categories of citizens. An application can be submitted both during a personal visit to a bank branch, and via the Internet in the Sberbank Online service. The application is considered no more than 2 days, although in some cases this period may be extended. To receive a large amount, you need to take care of collateral. This can be both a guarantee and a pledge. The loan itself to pensioners at Sberbank can be obtained in cash or on a card.

Online loan application

A pensioner can apply for a loan on the bank’s portal on the Internet if he has the Sberbank Online service activated. To do this, go to your personal account and select the “Credit” tab. After that, the application form will open. Fill out the form carefully, avoiding errors. The time period for considering an application depends on the selected loan product and can range from several hours to 5 days. After approval, the bank manager will contact the borrower by phone and tell you about the features of signing a loan agreement.

What documents are needed

Only a passport is required from a non-working pensioner who receives payments to a Sberbank card. The bank will independently calculate the maximum possible amount depending on the monthly income. In addition to the passport, you must fill out an application form, where you indicate the necessary data. If you intend to obtain a loan secured by real estate, you will have to attach documents proving ownership. To increase the loan amount, you can provide certificates confirming additional income. Sometimes you may need a certificate from the Pension Fund.

Passport of a citizen of Russia

How to calculate a pension loan at Sberbank – online calculator

On the bank’s website, in the loan offer section, you can use the calculator. The calculation can be made depending on the amount of monthly payments, income or the size of the loan. Some of the fields are filled in automatically, and the client can only specify the desired loan amount, his age, the category to which he belongs, the term for the loan and the monthly income. The data displayed by the service is preliminary, therefore, to calculate the exact amount, you must contact the bank.

Advantages of Lending at Sberbank for Retirees

To begin with, it is worth saying that Sberbank is one of the few financial institutions that issue loans to pensioners. It doesn’t matter to the bank whether an elderly person continues to work or not – a loan will be issued only depending on the income of the client. If it is possible to provide surety or the availability of collateral, the amount will increase. For pensioners receiving payments to a bank account, loans are offered at a favorable interest rate, which is also important. Do not forget about the shares and special offers of the bank.

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