Sberbank online – how to change or disable the number associated with the card, phone in your account

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Plastic bank cards are a convenient way to store and manage your money. At the present stage, mobile and Internet technologies make it possible to carry out a large number of operations with bank cards, such as changing a phone number to Sberbank online, connecting to Internet banking, linking, unfastening the services of mobile operators. The client has the opportunity to connect or remove the basic and additional services of the bank. This article is dedicated to all the features of these services..

Change phone number Sberbank online

If you lose your smartphone or need to change the SIM card for financial security, you should know how to change the phone number to Sberbank online. To inform users and solve a large number of issues on the terms of use of banking services, the official website of Sberbank of Russia serves. Having received a bank card, the user goes to the site. In the upper right corner he sees the Sberbank Online section. Registration in Internet banking is carried out by entering the card number with confirmation via SMS on the gadget attached to the card during its registration.

How to find out which number the card is attached to

After registering on the site, “My Account” becomes available. In the Mobile Bank tab, the attached phone numbers for all cards are displayed. The bank, using SMS notifications, informs the client about the operations of crediting and debiting funds by card, entering Internet banking, bank news, and technical support. Notifications are configured in the “Alerts” tab. If the notification by SMS for the client is inconvenient, it can be made to the email address. How to change the number of a mobile bank Sberbank customers will find out in your account.

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Deactivation of the mobile bank service

If the device is lost, disabling the mobile banking service is possible in several ways. Temporary suspension of services is carried out by sending SMS “BLOCKING SERVICES XXXX”, where XXXX is the last four digits of the card, to the number 900. The service is completely disconnected upon a personal visit to the bank. The manager will offer a standard form. The client indicates the identifiers of the telephone, card, reason for disconnection. If the client does not have the opportunity to visit a bank branch, there is an opportunity to switch to a free package by sending an SMS “Economy XXXX” to number 900.

How to change your phone to Sberbank online through an ATM

To change the attached smartphone, you need to insert the card into the ATM, enter the pin code and select the “Personal data” section. There is information on how to change the number of Sberbank mobile bank. The “Change number” sub-item contains a list of operators, select your own and enter data. Its change occurs within 3 days. This period is necessary for the security service to check all the modified data. The second replacement option is disabling this service as a function of the Mobile Banking section. Then a new activation of this service with a new gadget number is made..

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How to change a phone number in online banking

With the development of the Internet, services have arisen that use the convenience of this method of communication. For customer safety, the bank’s website offers to solve all confidential issues through online banking. For this, a user account service has been created. This provides the ability to save their data, information about the availability of funds, operations, the ability to change personal data associated with the gadget ID cards. To learn how to change a number at Sberbank online, if necessary, each client has the opportunity in the “Personal data” section.

Sberbank online account

The bank’s official website provides a wealth of banking and technical information on all aspects of its activities. Providing customers with personal accounts, the banking institution aims to protect information about the status of accounts carried out deposit and credit operations, and is trying to protect the financial life of customers. The menu of the Personal Account contains information on which gadget identifiers are tied to cards and which notifications are sent to these numbers. Their change is made in the corresponding section..

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How to change the number associated with the Sberbank card in a bank branch

At the bank branch, at the request of the client, the employee issues an application form for changing the phone. The site has the opportunity to see, download and print it. Filling out the form, the client indicates the passport data, card ID, old, new phones, the reason that forced the change. A specialist in a banking institution will provide all possible solutions to your problem..

Change phone Sberbank online in the contact center

Information on how to change the phone number in Sberbank online, customers can get by contacting the services of a contact center. It is available free of charge from the registered system of the device by phone 900. On a bank card, contact center numbers are indicated for calls from any telephone networks in Russia and from abroad. By connecting with the manager of a banking institution, you will receive the full range of services you need. The client has the ability to block a lost card, disable banking services, replace the attached number.

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