Sberbank social card – to whom it is supposed. How to receive and replenish the limit of Sberbank social card

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More than half of Russians use plastic cards. This way of storing funds and settlements is more convenient than using a traditional wallet. Sberbank of Russia PJSC offers its customers many products. One of them – Maestro social bank card – has a number of privileges for owners.

Sberbank of Russia social card – what is it

This product is designed specifically for pensions and benefits. Sberbank card for pensioners is free of charge, which is a big plus for people with low incomes. You can issue it for the following purposes:

  • receipt of pensions and subsidies upon reaching a certain age;
  • receiving child benefits;
  • receiving survivor benefits;
  • disability pensions.

A social card from Sberbank has a lot of advantages:

  1. Plastic comes with a protective chip.
  2. The holder can issue an additional card for a child from 7 years.
  3. Customers have access to the “Thank you” bonus program, promotions, discounts for partners of a financial institution.
  4. Plastic is suitable for paying for purchases on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad.
  5. You can withdraw cash at any ATM of the issuer without commission.
  6. Re-issuance upon loss or expiration of use is free.
  7. All holders have access to the Mobile Bank service and an online service.
  8. Sberbank Maestro social card gives customers the opportunity to get a profitable loan or take advantage of the limit.
  9. The cardholder can open a deposit with a higher interest rate through a mobile application or online service.
  10. Holders can open an overdraft at a rate of 40% per annum. The service allows you to pay for purchases even if there is not enough balance on the balance.

Sberbank plastic cards

Pension card of Sberbank

Modern pensioners may not stand in line for money, but receive funds on a plastic card. It is very convenient and profitable, because you can pay with it in almost any store, pharmacy, medical facility, and there are 24-hour ATMs in all regions of the country,. Sberbank social card for pensioners is available to individuals who are assigned payments to reach a certain age, loss of a breadwinner, disability.

Terms of use of a banking product:

  1. Card expiration date – 3 years.
  2. The service is free.
  3. On a quarterly basis, the remaining funds of the client are charged 3.5%.
  4. The limit on cash withdrawals is 50 thousand rubles daily / 500 thousand rubles monthly.
  5. Additional card design available.
  6. An account statement is available upon request..
  7. An online system is available. You can carry out various operations in your personal account, transfer money to other customers of the bank, make payments on loans, pay utility bills 24 hours a day.
  8. Auto payment connection available.
  9. You can replenish the account without restrictions.

Sberbank Pension Card – interest accrual

A huge advantage of this banking product is that interest is accrued on the remaining funds of the client – 3.5% per annum. It is worth noting that only pensioners who have reached the appropriate age can receive bonuses. Interest on the Sberbank social card will not be accrued if the holder has issued it for benefits, disability pension.

Cubes with a percent sign

Sberbank Social Card for Senior Citizens – Cons

In addition to the undeniable advantages, this banking product has several disadvantages. Cons of Sberbank social card:

  • the card number is 18 digits, which causes difficulties in making payment transactions, transferring funds;
  • you can withdraw money from the card only in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • it cannot be used as a salary;
  • the product is available only to certain categories of citizens.

Student card of Sberbank

This Sberbank product is available to students receiving a scholarship. However, such a card has a number of differences:

  1. Sberbank debit student card is international, suitable for payment of purchases, cash withdrawal at terminals, electronic payments, transfers.
  2. The plastic will act exactly 3 years from the date of registration, after which the customer will be able to order a replacement for free.
  3. A service fee of 150 rubles per year is charged.

How to get a Sberbank social card

If a citizen meets the criteria (receives a pension or other social payments), then he can order this banking product at the nearest branch of a financial institution. The Sberbank social card is received after submitting an application, providing a passport and a pension certificate (if the client looks younger than his age or has gone on a well-deserved rest earlier than the standard period). A card is issued no more than 10 days.

Passport of a citizen of Russia

Sberbank Maestro social card – how to use

The instructions for using this banking product do not have features. Special cards for senior citizens are designed to reduce queues at the box office of financial institutions and post offices. Using a Sberbank social card is much more convenient than using a traditional savings book. In addition, storing money in this way is safe. The client does not have to withdraw a lot of cash from the account. If plastic is lost, the funds will be saved in the bank, and the owner will be able to get a new credit card for free.

The following operations can be carried out:

  • withdraw money from ATMs in the Russian Federation, Switzerland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and some other countries;
  • pay for utilities, mobile communications, television through Internet banking, connect auto payments;
  • pay for purchases in stores, pharmacies, cafes;
  • replenish the account at the issuer’s ATMs.

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