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The creation of its own payment system allowed Russia not to depend on foreign financial institutions operating in the country. As a result, the national payment card Mir appeared. What is its benefit, what kind of bonuses does it give, where can it be received – this should be sorted out in detail.

Payment system World

In 2014, the national payment system of Russia was launched. Similar developments are already successfully used in Belarus, India, Armenia and other countries. Russia was no exception. The idea of ​​creating existed for more than one year. However, they were in no hurry to realize it.

The main impetus for action was the sanctions imposed against Russia, as a result of which the cards of a number of banks working with the international Visa and MasterCard systems were blocked. At first, the Russian idea aroused only skepticism, but over time, more and more organizations began to trust it, and now OPKC NSPK Mir began to issue plastic cards.

Plastic World Map

Today, a number of banks produce plastic of the domestic payment system and service it at their ATMs. Cards fully comply with all security parameters, so with their help you can safely make payments, withdraw money, pay for purchases at most points of sale and service. The Internet is no exception. You can order a plastic World card at a personal visit or through online banking on the official website of a financial institution, if there is such a function.

Within the framework of a bank agreement, only the Russian ruble can serve as the account currency, but there is the possibility of issuing additional cards. Sixteen-digit numbers on the front side begin with “2”. This indicates that plastic belongs to the Russian payment system. It is currently allowed to issue co-branded cards for settlements abroad..

Plastic World Map

World Map from Sberbank

From the second half of 2016, you can draw up a World map from Sberbank. Customers go through the same procedures required to receive any other card. To do this, you must be a citizen of the Russian Federation (non-residents have a separate process for obtaining plastic), at the time of registration, be over 14 years old. From the documents you will need a passport and a completed application form. Owners can enjoy all the privileges that are available to holders of other card products:

  • Be a member of the “Thank you from Sberbank” bonus program;
  • have the opportunity of round-the-clock support through the contact center;
  • Join the program of privileges and discounts from MasterCard Worldwide;
  • use the service “Auto payment”;
  • pay for goods and services on the Internet, self-service points;
  • use the services of “Mobile Bank” and “Sberbank Online”;
  • take overdraft;
  • pay wages, pensions and other payments;
  • attach a card to electronic wallets;
  • to replenish the card account in cash and non-cash, etc..


Bank customers are offered a debit card Mir Sberbank since the fall of last year. This information is confirmed on the official website. The application is considered up to 2 days, and the release of plastic is offered completely free of charge. The cost of service for the first year will cost the bank customers 750 rubles, and in the next two 450 rubles. By the way, the card is valid for three years. For the SMS notification service you will have to pay 50 rubles. Sbercard issued with electronic chip protection.

Plastic World Cards


At the present stage, the bank offers a choice of several debit cards. One of such products is the social card World Sberbank, issued with a chip and 3D Secure function. Of the main advantages, free release and maintenance should be singled out, but its main disadvantage is the setting of a limit for withdrawing funds, which today are:

  • 50,000 p./day;
  • 500000 p. / Month.


As expected, it will be possible to get a credit card Sberbank World already this year. It is expected that the package of documents will be identical to any loan product of a financial institution. In the meantime, only three banks are engaged in the issue of credit plastic in the Russian Federation:

  • RNKB Bank;
  • Gazprombank;
  • SMP Bank.


You won’t have to pay for the issuance and maintenance of the main pension card of Sberbank, but if there is a desire or need to issue an additional card, then maintenance on it will amount to 150 rubles per month. Each month, 30 rubles will be debited for the Mobile Bank service, but interest on the balance of cash will be charged in the amount of 3.5% per annum. Cash withdrawals at Sberbank ATMs are free of charge, while at other banks you will have to pay a commission.

Girl holds plastic world cards

How to get a World map in Sberbank

As noted above, any citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached 14 years of age can receive a World card in Sberbank. The bank does not make any special requirements – it will only be necessary to fill out an application form and present a general passport. Issuing a card will take no more than two weeks. After this time, you can come to the department and pick up your new plastic.

There is an option to order cards online. To do this, you need to register in the system on the official website and get a personal code. If the client is registered in the banking system, you will only need to log in and select the appropriate service. To receive a bank card, the program will offer to fill out an application, after which you will need to confirm your desire and wait for a sbercard.

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