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On the territory of the Russian Federation, only Sberbank of Russia PJSC provides registered plastic cards not only to adult clients, but also to adolescents. From 14 to 30 years old Russians can issue a unique debit card, with a credit limit or an individual design. This product has many advantages and has proven itself among the clients of a financial institution..

What is a youth card

This product of the bank is designed for an audience of three ages: from 14, from 18 and from 21 years. All Sberbank youth cards have a number of features. Their main difference is inexpensive service, which is only 150 rubles per year. You can get plastic at any branch of Sberbank by presenting a passport. Minor Russians can only issue a debit card, and people over 21 years old have the right to apply for a Mastercard or a Visa with a credit limit. It is worth noting that the bank is considering not only working citizens, but also students under the card lending program.


This product is very profitable and convenient for schoolchildren or students. An affordable youth debit card for citizens becomes immediately after receiving a passport at the age of 14. The client can use the money that is on the account at his discretion: pay for purchases in stores, the Internet or withdraw cash from ATMs. In addition, you can connect to the mobile bank and the bonus program “Thank you from Sberbank”.

The youth card from Sberbank is equipped with a chip, so the client’s money is under reliable protection. Funds from the account cannot be lost, which is typical for children and students. If the plastic is lost, you can apply for a new one in the department of a financial institution. All customers of Sberbank can use the remote service server, paying the balance of the phone or sending transfers without leaving home. This bank has the largest network of terminals throughout Russia, so the owner will have no problems with cash withdrawals.

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This product additionally provides a credit limit if a citizen of the Russian Federation has reached the age of 21 years and has an income. At the same time, not only representatives of working youth can receive plastic, but also students receiving a scholarship. The client must confirm his income with an appropriate certificate. Youth credit cards give the owner the right to receive all bonuses and discounts that are provided by international systems MasterCard and Visa.

The credit card has a grace period when the bank does not accrue interest on the use of borrowed funds. If the owner of the plastic manages to deposit money back into the account within 50 days after activation, then you will only need to pay for the service, and the loan will be free. If the client does not deposit all the money into the account, then the loan overpayment will be 33.9%.

With individual design

If you wish, you can order plastic, on which there will be not a template image, but a unique one. Individual design must meet the requirements of the bank and be moderated. This option will be done longer than the classic. It is worth considering that an individual picture on plastic, which the client himself chooses, is a paid service. The cost of a unique design is 500 rubles. To select a picture, you can go to the bank’s website or upload your version.

What design can I choose for a Sberbank youth debit card? The financial institution checks all uploaded images for compliance. You can not release plastic with the following images:

  • state flags;
  • photo of tobacco products;
  • pictures or cartoons of pornographic content;
  • photographs of famous people;
  • frames from films and cartoons;
  • photos from the Internet with copyright signs;
  • numbers or letters;
  • images of officials;
  • bank notes.

Sberbank card with individual design

How to apply for a Sberbank youth card

If the teenager is 14 years old or more, then he can draw up this product by submitting an application at any branch of the bank. It is important that the office is located in the region where the potential client is registered. A few days after the order, an employee of a financial institution will call and notify the applicant about the readiness of the product. Issued by passport.

How to get a Sberbank youth card:

  1. Contact a branch of PJSC Sberbank of Russia.
  2. Fill out a plastic release form.
  3. Provide income statements if the application is submitted for a credit card.
  4. Get the finished plastic in 7-14 days.


Russian citizens do not have to apply for plastic in person. You can send the form through the official website of the institution, and a notification of readiness to receive on the phone in the form of SMS messages. Applications for credit cards are considered within two days. Making a Sberbank youth card online with a unique design will take more time than a classic debit or credit. First of all, the bank will check the image for compliance with the rules, after which it will remain to wait until the plastic is released.

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Sberbank Youth Card Terms

Boys and girls leave exclusively positive reviews about this product, because the product is produced on loyal terms, the main thing is that the client is 14-25 years old. Validity – 3 years, after which you can re-release plastic for free. You can order plastic classics or with a unique design. All tools are equipped with a chip and are suitable for purchases on the Internet and are related to the Mastercard or Visa systems.


  • servicing 150 rubles a year (debit), 750 rubles (credit);
  • validity period – 3 years;
  • reissue in case of loss is paid – 150 rubles;
  • You can connect to the Sberbank Thank You bonus program;
  • extra charge for a unique design – 500 rubles.


For each potential client it is important to know the price of the Visa Classic product for students and schoolchildren before applying for registration. Information about how much the Sberbank youth card costs is available on the official website of the financial institution. Plastic is produced for free, you only need to pay 150 rubles for annual maintenance. If a product with a credit limit is selected, then the tariff is 750 rubles per year. Debit Visa Classic with an individual design is issued for 500 rubles.

How much is the card made

This product is released, like other classic ones, within 14 business days. How long a Sberbank youth card with a unique design is done depends on the region where the application is submitted. Plastic is made in Moscow and delivered to the desired branch of the bank by Russian post, so it will take 5-10 days to wait longer than the standard one.

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What is the grace period

If the card has a credit limit, the borrower has the right to dispose of the funds, without interest for 50 days. Conditionally, the grace period of Sberbank cards is divided into the payment (30 days) when the borrower makes purchases and the settlement (20 days) when the user deposits money into the account. If the debt is not paid on time, the bank accrues interest on the loan in the amount of 33.9% per annum and sets a minimum payment of 5% of the debt amount. Young people leave positive feedback about the product, because it is unique and gives many opportunities to the owner.

What is the difference between a Sberbank youth card and a classic

Many do not understand what features are inherent in this product of the bank, but it has a lot of features. The main differences of the Sberbank youth card from the classic:

  • the possibility of registration from 14 years;
  • maintenance of only 150 rubles per year;
  • for processing plastic with a credit limit, you can provide both a salary certificate and a scholarship accrual document.
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