Second pension for military personnel after 60 years in 2018: conditions for payment

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One of the opportunities for a military pensioner to receive, in addition to military payments for long service, also civilian payments is the second pension for military personnel after 60 years in 2018. This opportunity appeared after the reform of the Pension Fund 2015-2016. The second pension is granted only upon reaching a number of conditions. Today, up to a million people officially receive two pensions, which significantly improves the standard of living of families. The basic accrual algorithm includes the calculation of individual points.

Can a military pensioner receive two pensions

At the moment, retirement for military pensioners after reaching 60 years of age is possible – relevant for those who have reached the length of service after military service or serving in other law enforcement agencies. Military and civil pensions are simultaneously issued only if there is a seniority when deductions were made by the employer of the PF of Russia. Citizens need to indicate SNILS to transfer deductions from the employer. General payments for military personnel are calculated not through the PF, but by the Ministry of Defense.

In order for an elderly person to accrue a second pension for military personnel after 60 years in 2018, it is necessary to earn some experience while continuing to work in civilian positions after leaving the duty station (Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, Ministry of Defense). The requirement concerns the availability of official civilian employment, the availability of appropriate payments by the employer. The higher the salary (officially), the greater the chances of getting a decent second pension. This takes into account the total length of service received outside the service.

The legislative framework

Having studied the legislative and regulatory framework, it is possible to determine the possibility of obtaining a second pension for military personnel after 60 years in 2018. It is regulated by the following legislative acts:

  • 166-ФЗ – this is the law on state pension provision for citizens, including the second payment for military personnel, which has been in force since 2001;
  • 173-ФЗ – the law on monetary stability in Russia, which refers to double payments to pensioners – veterans of military service;
  • 400-ФЗ – the topic of insurance charges and pension insurance savings is fully disclosed here.

Referee's hammer

When appointed

According to the law, a second pension for military personnel is allowed only if a number of factors are observed. The main ones include:

  • availability of SNILS registration number, which was indicated to civil employers for making payments;
  • the minimum age is 60 years (depending on the region, if we consider the Far North, then this figure is 55 years for men, 50 years for women);
  • Work experience of 9 years (since 2015, the minimum work experience was 6 years, but increased annually by 1 year);
  • The minimum number of points is 10 (in 2018, then each year the number of the minimum point will increase by one value until it reaches 30 points);
  • The establishment of a fixed payment (civilian) is possible only if there are surcharges from the Ministry of Defense.

Registration in the mandatory pension insurance system

The second pension to military pensioners and its calculation is the prerogative of the PF. Registration in the compulsory insurance system provides an opportunity to add to the monthly payments from the state still civilian. For recalculation to be carried out, it is necessary to contact the PF district center with an identity document (including a pensioner’s card). A soldier may contact multifunctional service centers. Their location, quantity can be found by calling the PFR hotline.

Getting SNILS

You can get this insurance identification number at any PF in your city. You do not need a passbook, certificate or other secondary documents to visit. There is no need to pay a fee or commission – the procedure is absolutely free. If you have any questions, contact representatives of the FIU at the contact phone number. To issue SNILS, you need:

  1. visit the department;
  2. take an electronic queue number;
  3. go to the employee, ask to fill out a questionnaire to get an insurance number;
  4. get a statement of completion.

Terms of receipt

The budget provides a second pension to senior citizens after the end of service. The key condition is the availability of a military pension for length of service or disability, the presence of minimum civilian work experience. In addition, an individual insurance number must be obtained, which is indicated when applying for a job. In order to guarantee an additional payment, you need to monitor your personal retirement coefficient. Must be 9 points or more. The draft board does not play a role – all procedures are carried out through the PF.

Retirement age

Individual registration of the second payment is possible from 60 years for a man, from 55 years – for a woman. At the same time, he / she can finish a military career at the age of 45, after which 15 years are given either on vacation or on the continuation of a civil career (this is how employment is gained). Confirmation of work experience is a record in labor and deductions to SNILS, which came from the employer. If a citizen had entrepreneurial experience, he can apply for a second pension, because when taxes were paid, contributions were made to the Pension Fund.

Old man

Length of service

The minimum value of the insurance experience for 2018 is 8 years. Non-insurance experience or military service is an exception that does not affect this indicator. Every year until 2024 there will be an increase in the minimum value to 15 years. The completion of eight years of civil service is a direct reason for receiving an additional payment. An unemployed citizen will not be able to receive this surcharge from the PF. For such persons, there are alternative social benefits for disability, if this was the result of:

  • military injuries;
  • industrial accident;
  • liquidation of the accident nor the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Minimum PKI

An individual Pension Ratio or PPI directly depends on wages: points are formed on the basis of payments from the employer to the PF. This happens automatically when submitting the SNILS number. Separately, you do not need to write a statement. It is necessary for an elderly citizen to have an 11-12 coefficient value in order to receive a second pension payment, in addition to a military payment. By 2024, the minimum value will increase to 30. The accrual condition is official employment with a stable and “transparent” wage..

Monthly contributions to the FIU by the employer

A prerequisite for the accumulation of points – monthly deductions to the FIU from the employer. Deductions are not declarative in nature – all transfers are made automatically through banking operations for a certain period. The official salary rate is 22%, but changes are possible. The list of types of income that is not taxed: travel allowances, unemployment benefits (including payments to a dependent), compensation that can be obtained from the state.

How to get a

You cannot apply for a second pension online via the Internet. This must be done in writing by writing a letter (statement) in the regional branch of the PF. To personify payments, you need a passport and information on an identification personal number. After submitting the application, it will be considered within two to three weeks. The passport and SNILS must be accompanied by a work book or a certificate from the place of work indicating the length of service and position. Documents on military service are submitted indicating the exact terms, length of service, military rank.

Application for

A pensioner application on the spot, the regional branch of the PF is suitable. It is not allowed to send documentation by mail, because only originals are needed. The protocol of the procedure requires compliance with the duration of the consideration of the issue. Within two to three weeks, the applicant will be informed of the decision regarding the accrual of the second state pension. Compliance with all conditions will make it possible to immediately receive transfers. The preliminary application form can be downloaded on the official website of the FIU.

Man writes

Where to go

You can apply for a second pension at any PF in Russia. This list consists of the regional PF department at the place of residence, registration or place of actual residence (if there is no registration). In addition to writing an application, you can contact the personnel service at the place of work. Notification of the result will come directly to the personnel department. This can be done through the official representative of the client service of the federal administration of the FIU.

Application Methods

You can find out about the formula for the formation of a second pension or about the possibility of indexing it by contact phone number. To do this, go to the website of the government agency or check the PF hotline number. There are several ways to apply:

  • sending via postal service by registered letter to the official address of the representative office of the PF of Russia;
  • convey through an official representative of the federal administration of the PF;
  • independently submit a written application, providing all the necessary documents to the Pension Fund (including on length of service, on early release from military service, labor).

What documents are needed

For the successful implementation of the procedure for applying for a second pension for military personnel after 60 years in 2018, it is required:

  • passport (or other document confirming the date of birth, place of registration).
  • employment record (it indicates the total length of service, the period of employment, the period of dismissal along with the average monthly income).
  • certificates of military service (indicate the place of service, dates, achieved ranks, special differences).
  • when changing the name you must provide a certificate.
  • if a citizen has one of the disability groups, other benefits for reaching the sixtieth birthday, then this must be documented.

All necessary data is separately entered into the application form, which is downloaded via the Internet or executed on the spot. Therefore, it is important to have originals with you – this is a means of protection against illegal actions, proof of identity. Information about the presence of minor children, relatives, for whom the citizen provides care, may be required. After completion of the approval procedure, you can expect to be paid on a plastic card (if the registration procedure has been completed).

Calculation of the insurance part

To calculate the insurance part, military pensioners (SEC) must use the official formula. Initially, you need to calculate the exact number of points (GPC). Annual Pension Coefficient = SSP (total insurance premiums of a citizen) / amount of insurance premiums, amounting to 16% of the maximum payable annual salary, set by 10 (conditional factor): GPK = SSP / SSO

The direct SPK is calculated according to the following algorithm: the insurance part for the same period (without the base, funded) / monetary equivalent of one pension point as of January 1, 2015 (64.1 rubles). From this we can conclude that there is no fixed pension payment of the described category of citizens under the current legislation, and all calculations can be done independently or contact the staff of the regional Pension Fund.

Calculation of the insurance part

Accrual Features

In order to independently calculate the equivalent points, insurance payment, you need to know a lot of details, including economic indicators (inflation, cost of living). Therefore, for accurate indicators, it is recommended to contact the regional offices of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. This will save you from accrual errors. How is calculated:

  1. Initially determine your official seniority in a civil position.
  2. Of the exact official salary, deductions to funds took place every month 22%.
  3. Calculate on the calculator the estimated amount of annual contributions to the state, which are taken into account when calculating the second pension.

Additionally, you need to consider individual periods of life. For example, an increase in insurance experience due to non-insurance periods is possible while studying at a higher educational institution, in a full-time department. The same applies to the time when a citizen or citizen looked after their own young children (maternity leave) or looked after members of a disabled family. Valorization Procedure Increases Military Family Pension Capital.

The period of the insurance period does not include the time when a person took leave, filling out an official sick leave at his own expense (there was no transfer of wages at that time). There are two calculation methods. Everyone can choose the actual method independently:

  • 22% of monthly transfers are distributed between different departments. 6% must go to pay the pension reserve to pensioners who receive a fixed payment from the state today.
  • 16% can be divided. For example, 16% go to the creation, accumulation of their own SEC. Or 10% go to the insurance payment, and 6% go to the savings account.


Starting January 1, 2018, all pensioners will undergo mandatory pension indexation by 3.7%. Given the low inflation index, this indicator is slightly higher than the level of depreciation of the national currency. Working retirees will not receive a promotion in the new year, according to a government statement. Social pensions will be indexed no earlier than February 2018..

In August, indexation of payments to working retirees will be separately carried out, as an addition of IPC points for labor activities. Given the presence of SEC indexation, equating inflation to the level of provision of pension payments, civil payments can be indexed in August 2018. Additionally, indexation is carried out by the coefficient of earned pension points.

Procedure and rules for payment

If a citizen has prepared all the necessary documents for receiving a second pension, he will be informed about the start of payment by the employees of the Pension Fund, where the application was submitted. Upon the death of a military pensioner, his family members are entitled to rely on a second surcharge to that which is intended in connection with the loss of the breadwinner. This is possible if the relatives have no other official income, they have the right under federal law to receive a second payment.

If a citizen of retirement age with a military length of service is alive, then after completing the application and its approval by the staff of the Pension Fund, a second pension for military personnel will begin to be paid for the next billing period. Revenues go to the card (separately from the one where the funds for military payments go). Further indexing will be done automatically. For the following consultations, you must already contact the PF, providing a personal insurance number.

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