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Inserts in jewelry are made of precious or semiprecious minerals, while the latter are in no way inferior in beauty either in the photo or in life. Semi-precious nuggets look very worthy, in addition, their huge variety and low to high price range allow each girl to become the owner of a beautiful jewelry made of natural material. Why do semiprecious stones evoke so many pleasant emotions that mean and how to choose such a natural talisman??

What are semiprecious stones

Minerals that have a beautiful appearance are called semiprecious. They are used to create jewelry, collect, turned into banking assets. They are found in nature often, but in certain places. So, the deposit of some rocks is only one point on the map, while others are found around the world. The cost depends on the volume of the rock found and the hardness on the Mohs scale from 1 to 10, where the hardest (10) is diamond.

In Russia, only diamond, blue sapphire, emerald and natural pearls are considered precious. The rest were equated with semiprecious ones, although products with them are not always cheap, and sometimes the cost is even higher. Semi-precious stones are popular not only with women, but also with men. They are credited with magical and healing properties, worn according to the zodiac sign. In general, semiprecious minerals have occupied a certain niche in the world of jewelry and delight their owners not only with beauty, but also with properties..

List of semiprecious stones

In nature, there are a lot of stones that are considered semiprecious. A complete list with the name and description can be found in the directory, where each is described in detail, and can be found alphabetically, which simplifies the process. Types of semiprecious stones are distinguished by color, composition, structure and properties. Here are the most popular noble breeds that can often be seen on shelves in stores or jewelry catalogs:

Stone name

Stone name

Stone name

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lapis lazuli;






















Red stones are considered royal, because they are associated with the element of fire. They are able to spark a desire in a person, symbolize brightness, creativity, determination. Minerals of this color have always accompanied the emperors, were the main decoration on crowns and rings. Although red nuggets are recognized to be a symbol of power, each of them individually has its own unique properties:

  • Pomegranate is a dark red stone, which is often sold in beads or bracelets in the form of small crumbs, and cut in jewelry. With his properties, he educates wisdom in women, and decisiveness in men. Such a talisman is suitable for bosses, people who have to manage a team. Pomegranate is considered valuable and second only to ruby.
  • Ruby – only for rulers and strong people. No ruler comes out without a ruby ​​ring. A nugget was used as a decoration to detect poison in drinks. Ruby has a lot of healing and magical properties, it is considered a symbol of health, infertile women used to cure. Rubin was given great importance, so he was revered in many countries.
  • Alexandrite is a stone that can change its color from emerald green to burgundy red depending on the lighting. It was discovered under Alexander the Second, in whose honor the mineral was named. Today, alexandrite is very expensive, because it is rarely found in nature, while the Ural mountain alexandrite is considered the most expensive. The talisman is recommended for those who suffer from diseases associated with veins and blood.

Alexandrite Stone


The smallest group of minerals. Violet is a combination of red and blue, which makes it the most controversial shade. At the same time, purple nuggets are popular because they look mysterious, bewitching and very beautiful. Since ancient times, this color has indicated a certain uncertainty. Previously, all the lilac minerals were called amethysts until they studied the chemical composition of each. The following purple and lilac nuggets received the greatest recognition:

  • Amethyst is the most common purple semi-precious stone. The origin story goes far back to mythology, where a nymph named Amethyst was saved from death, turning into a statue of purple stone. They made dishes from amethyst, decorated the thrones. An unprincipled mineral is used to create jewelry, while it also looks great with jewelry. The cost depends on the cut and metal used to create the product..
  • Sapphire is a very expensive stone that is used to replenish the collection, or for jewelry made of gold or platinum. If in other violet stones the color is manifested due to manganese, then sapphire acquired its color due to vanadium. Sapphire has healing properties: it helps to cure asthma, in case of female diseases, reduces headaches.
  • Charoite is a beautiful mineral, which in composition and texture is similar to jade. Large specimens are not found in nature. After cutting, it receives unusual overflows that seem to captivate a person. Charoite has calming properties: if you look at it for a long time, you can relieve stress, feel peace and peace of mind.


Less commonly found in nature are blue nuggets. Because of this, they are greatly appreciated among jewelers and collectors, and in the box of every lover of nuggets there is always an ornament with blue stones. The blue amulet is a sign of good taste and affluence. Thanks to modern technology, minerals are artificially tinted to get a rich blue color, but noble stones mined in the bowels of the earth will remain valuable:

  • Turquoise is one of the most ancient talismans. They were inserted into the decorations of emperors 5,000 years ago. This blue mineral conquered all the peoples of the world and is considered a symbol of wisdom. Used it for predictions, meditations, spiritual healing. It has a bright blue color with veins. Today it’s problematic to buy real turquoise: Asian countries are actively trying to replace it with a fake, for which buyers are being conducted. Turquoise is inserted only in precious metals in very small quantities..
  • Tanzanite – a chameleon gem belongs to the group of precious stones, because it looks worthy of such a title. Depending on the processing, it acquires unpredictable shades. Because of this, he is often confused with sapphire. In the skilled hands of a jeweler, tanzanite will be a wonderful decoration for a female.
  • Lapis lazuli – a blue mineral with beautiful impregnations of gold color is recommended for pregnant women. They are mined in many countries of the world, deposits were also found in Russia. The cost depends on the cut, the type of product that complements. Lapis lazuli helps to develop intuition, grow spiritually, makes wiser. The amulet will help to forget everything bad, to begin to move forward.

Lapis Lazuli Stone


Yellow nuggets are formed due to lithium, ferric iron and sulfur. Hue is from bright yellow to grayish-beige or brown. Yellow minerals in the ancient world were associated with wealth, because they had the color of gold. People believed that such talismans will surely bring good luck, improve their mood, and improve human energy. What yellow semi-precious stones are popular for jewelry:

  • Citrine is a type of quartz that is not expensive. It is difficult to find pure citrine in nature, it often has inclusions and cracks. Now citrine is artificially grown, so it makes no sense to hope for healing properties. If you managed to buy a real nugget, then luck and money will come to your life soon.
  • Amber is a very ancient mineral, which is a petrified piece of resin of coniferous trees. The largest deposits are located in Russia. The composition contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, so this talisman is designed to treat a number of diseases, especially the thyroid gland. Amber is a powerful amulet from evil spirits.
  • Carnelian is a volcanic rock that is formed from chalcedony. They used to decorate weapons, knives, then they began to use them as a decorative element in furniture and jewelry. Only the kind of carnelian that has radium in it has therapeutic properties.
  • Heliodor has a golden hue, which after heat treatment turns blue. This beryl brings confidence to its owners, charm and protects from the blues. It has a calming effect on the nervous system, eliminating insomnia and nightmares. Promotes the favorable development of marital relations and career advancement.


By itself, the green color symbolizes balance, harmony, because it is located in the very center of the color spectrum. It is perceived neutrally, has a calming effect. Green stones are often associated with the chakra of the heart, so they are recommended to be worn to heal spiritual wounds. Any shades of green in the talisman will help create a sense of security:

  • Chrysoprase is a stone that was valued dearly in ancient Egypt. A new wave of popularity appeared in the 18th century and continues to this day. Chrysoprase is inserted into jewelry made of precious metals. Bright shine gave a new name – “green gold” for the rulers. Chrysoprase is recommended for elderly people, because it helps with joint pain, with visual impairment, improves the thyroid gland. Like other green stones, chrysoprase helps with depression.
  • Malachite is a well-known semi-precious ornamental stone, which is often used to create cabinet decorations: vases, lamps, stands for pens. The largest field is in the Urals. Just from there they delivered material for the Winter Palace to decorate the malachite room. Today they make a lot of fakes, so only a jeweler can distinguish a real mineral from an artificial one.
  • Jadeite is most often found in the Urals. Nugget is used to decorate jewelry, because texture and coloring are perfect for this. Expensive in their class are those jadeites who shine through. Three types of jewelry are distinguished: imperial (a high-quality transparent nugget), utilities (a popular and inexpensive variety), and commercial (used in jewelry). Jadeitis helps get rid of migraines, toothache, asthma, insomnia.
  • Green jade is a popular variety of this nugget in the world (there are still white and black). Natural mineral is very difficult to buy, because now they offer fakes everywhere. Jade balls are used for massage, applied to sore spots. It is believed that this mineral helps to heal and heal wounds. Jewelry with jade gives calm and save from insomnia.

Chrysoprase Stone


Black stones are preferred by those who are not alien to the classics and conservatism. Minerals of black color always look actual, besides they are suitable for any toilet. They are also credited with magical and healing properties, so black stones are used to create amulets and charms. Inexpensive black minerals:

  • Agate – black nuggets attract jewelers from around the world for their amazing beauty. Peculiar color patterns complement the nugget, and in the hands of craftsmen become like paintings that nature itself created. Agate is a very common breed among minerals, but black has always attracted the most attention. Agate buy every zodiac sign to attract good luck..
  • Onyx is a mineral of volcanic origin is often found, so its cost is not so great. Absolutely opaque, heavy. Today it can be replaced with black marble and sold under the guise of agate, so be careful. Onyx is used to make beads and bracelets, inserted into precious metals, usually silver.
  • Hematite has the ability to lower pressure. Hematite bracelets are worn by adults suffering from problems with the cardiovascular system. Hematite itself resembles a polished magnet, so it doesn’t look as impressive with gold as it does with silver.
  • Obsidian is a black mineral with a special glow when light comes in at a certain angle. The stone is very ancient, magicians attached special importance to it, calling it “Claw of Satan.” Obsidian is considered a volcanic rock..


The magic of white minerals has always attracted people. White nuggets look very beautiful, have a glow or shine. Features with different colors and structures were evaluated by scientists who divided them into three classes:

  • Precious
  • semiprecious;
  • ornamental.

This classification characterizes the value of minerals and the features of their structure. In addition, color itself is an important characteristic. It is determined against the background of a clean white sheet, evaluating not only the shade, but also the presence of all kinds of inclusions and changes in color:

  • Moonstone is a mixture of several crystals, the chemical structure of which varies, but converges in appearance. The mineral is transparent, almost colorless, or translucent, with a beautiful glow from the inside. The moon nugget is difficult to confuse. He is credited with a lot of magical properties: the search for love, avoiding quarrels, has a positive effect on the human nervous system. It is not recommended to wear such an amulet to reserved people, otherwise this character trait will intensify even more.
  • Opal – a white mineral similar to the moon because of the glow from the inside. White opal develops a person’s foresight capabilities and helps to realize creative ideas. In addition, opal has a positive effect on the nervous and immune systems, strengthening them and protecting them from negative effects. The amulet requires good moisture, with high dryness of the air it can fade and even crack, so it is recommended to wear the opal regularly.

Moon rock

The price of semiprecious stones

You can buy jewelry and nuggets only in proven places. In view of the fact that today they deliver a lot of fakes, there is a chance that you will get yourself a useless jewelry that will not possess all those magical and healing properties. Natural stones are expensive, especially some breeds: turquoise, jade, ruby, moonstone, amber. Estimated cost of jewelry:

Stone name

Price, rubles


from 700


from 400


from 30000


from 1500


from 2000


from 800


from 300


from 200

lapis lazuli

from 600


from 1500


from 1500


from 1000


from 200


from 1000


from 300


from 300


from 1000


from 600


from 1000


from 2000

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