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What attracts bright sparkles? Clothing with sequins is relevant for several years. Dresses, sweaters, sweaters, embroidered with shiny patterns, are in the wardrobe of every girl. Many do not think about the origin of this brilliant magnificence, but the decor story is curious and exciting. Not everyone can boast the ability to embroider their outfits. Decorating a thing is easy if you know the technology.

What are sequins

Sequins are shiny flat or curly disks of various shapes. The word comes from the French Paillette (gold, golden grain of sand). An element is embossed or flat, in structure – multifaceted or rounded. As a rule, there is a hole for threading so that it is easier to sew sequins by hand. The decoration is attached to the fabric or equivalent material. Color can be different, as well as the type of coating – from matte to shiny. There are also monochrome sequins.

Bright plates are used for drawing a picture on clothes, but they look great in the form of decor of shoes, accessories, even curtains. The use of decor is wide. Sequin embroidery is as popular as sewing with thread, beads and even pearls. They are often sewn manually, with large-scale production they use sewing machines without an overlock.

With the help of small sequins, any outfit is radically transformed: a blouse, skirt, belt, shawl, dress. A panel embroidered with sequins or a designer painting gives the house a cosiness and a certain chic without vulgarity and pomp. Interesting and hair accessories, sparkling and shimmering. They wonderful hide simple styling or add sophistication to a masterpiece of hairdressing.

This jewelry is no longer made from gelatin. In old Europe, there was such a popular way. Demand was primarily due to the low price and ease of mounting, although the decor and the ladies caused a lot of trouble. In the sun, near a heat source or just in a warm room, gelatin melted and flowed down the dresses of beautiful girls. Such a sight was not for the faint of heart..

History of sequins

The progenitors of modern sequins were monists. These are small plaques made of pure gold. Archaeologists say that gold circles for decorating clothes have been used by people for more than 4 thousand years. Flat monists with a mounting hole were found during archaeological excavations of the ancient Indian city of Harappa. They date from the second millennium BC..

The homeland of sequins is distant India. The jewelry was expensive, made of gold or based on the wings of insects. Lockers were cut off from Indian golden beetles and shaped into coins. Only wealthy ladies could afford such a luxury. The love of embroidered saris – national dress – can be observed to this day. Moroccan women did not lag behind. For the performance of belly dance, the bodice and belt of the costume are made of thin veil fabrics, and from the 18th century. – and organza, decorated with beads and sequins.

In Europe, the initial splendor of these elements was to imitate the sparkle of gold, silver and diamonds on court outfits and church vestments. One of the most attractive and famous things was the English parchment fan, skillfully and elegantly embroidered with shiny metal circles. Later it became popular to sew large sequins on stage dresses from taffeta. Under the rays of spotlights, clothes shimmered and sparkled. In everyday clothes, such elements appeared relatively recently, only at the end of the twentieth century. They embroidered knitted sweaters, trousers and hats..

Golden sequins


By chance, in 1870, a celluloid was found. As often happens, they were looking for ivory, but found flexible durable material. Expensive metal jewelry ceased to be in demand, and they were replaced by plastic of various colors. The crisis overtook the fashion for sparkles in the 80s. Unisex models have replaced elegance, luxury and sophistication. Bright jewelry is a thing of the past. As it turned out, not for a long time.

In modern stores you can find a lot of types of sparkles. They are flat, rectangular, round, triangular, concave, in the form of a drop, rhombus, square, oval, heart, and even holographic. Now the decorative elements are a little reminiscent of old fish scales – the bizarre shapes are surprising. With the help of sequin embroidery, it is possible to achieve volume or texture from the surface, to form a pattern. For example, you can embroider:

  • pearl giant flower;
  • leopard skin;
  • vertical or horizontal pattern.

The advantage of sparkles is in weight. A fully embroidered dress will not be difficult when compared with a similar one, but in rhinestones or beads. Another interesting property is a change in the plasticity of the fabric, giving rigidity. Soft viscose will acquire the properties of heavy silk if it is decorated with sequins. The surface will look flowing and more supple.

Embroidery tools

Bright decorations will help to give a bright look to a T-shirt, blouse or sweater. Sequin embroidery lends piquancy to a fashionable look. The embroidery process is laborious, but preliminary preparation of materials, tools and a workplace will make sewing a comfortable task. Place for work, choose a light and comfortable. A table by the window or under a bright lamp is a great choice.

Sequins in bulk are sold individually. The best choice would be plastic discs. Coated options quickly become unusable. The upper layer is erased, the wrong side remains untouched and the thing looks untidy. To make a bright edging or a simple pattern the fastest is a braid or ribbon already embroidered with sparkles. It is flexible and sewn with a straight line on a sewing machine..

Particular attention is paid to threads and a needle. The thread is chosen reinforced dacron or transparent, similar to a fishing line. The color is chosen according to the fabric of the product, the color of shiny discs or contrasting. The thickness of the needle is important. It should match the hole in the sequin and match the type of material..

How to sew sequins

There are many ways to sew sequins. They differ in the direction of the needle, the number and length of stitches, their type. It is important to follow the general rules – this will help to avoid mistakes and alterations again:

  • Correctly executed embroidery elements do not move and do not bend, if you hold them by hand.
  • The top and bottom of the outfit, richly decorated with sparkling details, resembles a Christmas tree. Better to give preference to one shiny part or thing..
  • Outerwear – coats, jackets, vests – are decorated with matte details. It is organic and not defiant.
  • For a day outfit, a scarf or cardigan with bright embroidery is suitable. The number of sparkles should be minimal.
  • Attachment points do not steam and do not iron. When exposed to high temperatures, the decor loses its shape and color..

Woman sews sequins on a thread to the fabric

3 or 4 stitch fastener

The most popular seam is “bird foot”. The sewing pattern is strong and the sequins are securely fixed. Things with such embroidery do not deteriorate from washing, the pattern maintains smoothness and brightness. The secret is in the number of stitches. Each part is fixed several times. Procedure:

  1. attach the sequin tightly to the fabric;
  2. from the inside, insert a needle with a threaded thread;
  3. make stitches from the center of the sequin to the edges.
  4. if necessary, the stitches are decorated with beads, gaining 3-4 beads on a needle.


Fixing with beads will give special tenderness and beauty to sequin embroidery. For one sparkle use any number of beads. The main thing is the selection of the right shade. The pattern looks better if all the details are the same color scheme. Contrast beads are good on heavy or jeans. Procedure:

  1. Attach item to desired area.
  2. Pass the needle tip from the wrong side.
  3. String the desired number of beads.
  4. Make a stitch.
  5. When the technology of drawing provides for mounting sequins at a distance, the beads will be suitable as air arches.

“Back to the needle”

The easiest way to embroider. Each decoration will be sewn with two stitches. With the rest of the details, repeat the procedure until completed. Procedure:

  1. Bring the needle from the wrong side of the fabric to the front.
  2. Pick up the item with a needle.
  3. Insert the needle on the right side. Then withdraw from the left side.
  4. Through the center of the sequin, bring the needle to the wrong side of the fabric.


An interesting way of fixing. It is carried out in several stages. The advantage of this technology is in pulling the thread to the necessary tension and the ability to adjust the location of the sparkles. Looks like Back to the Needle. The first steps are similar. First, sequins are fixed with facial stitches. The second line fills the gaps of the previous seam.

“Fish Scales”

Aesthetically attractive embroidery method. The secret is in the arrangement of sequins. Mounting is done not next to, but with the imposition of one on top of the other. This is the name of the technology. Sew on, as in the Back to the Needle method, but the spangles have an overlap. The pattern looks uniform, the fastening threads are hidden by superimposed shiny discs.

Sequin Fabric

Work with a fabric decorated with sequins or beads has features and difficulties. Choose her for tailoring simple cut. Keep in mind that piling up excess parts, frills, pockets, oblique cuts, coupled with the splendor of elegant, iridescent fabric, looks ridiculous and ridiculous. Uncomplicated cut and straight silhouettes, on the contrary, will receive brightness and the necessary accent.

Cutting fabrics is done on a lined film or paper. In the process of cutting small fragments of decor are formed. A simple film wrap makes cleaning easy. Do not forget about safety. Broken trimming is sharp and can damage your eyes. Seamstresses recommend the use of safety glasses during cutting. Another safety rule is to place the fabric with the decor down. Cut the fabric in one direction, and not in all directions. Seam allowance – at least 2 cm.

The sequins are tough and quickly blunt tailor’s scissors. It’s better to prepare some tools. Experienced seamstresses are first laid out along the lines of the seams, and only then they are cut off. The sequins themselves are cut, not the fastening threads. Do not be nervous if the whole sparkle has been cut, it can be sewn by hand. If sequins stick out at the joints, then they are cut with small scissors with thin noses.

Shiny fabric

Modern use of sequins

Modern fashion is not afraid of experiments. World designers and famous couturiers offer new and unexpected collections of ways to use sequins. With the help of small sparkles, fashion designers create incredible images of fatal beauties or avid party girls. The days of flickering skirts and blouses are gone. Replaced by:

  • jeans with an ornament;
  • fur coats with sparkling braid;
  • embroidered mesh parts;
  • brilliant knitwear;
  • sequin accessories.

Use things with sparkles can be varied, but metered. As eminent stylists advise, everything should be in moderation. Clothing with sequins is good as a separate element of a fashionable style. Take one piece of clothing or an unusual decoration, it is worth combining it with a simple wardrobe. A sparkling bag and matte shoes in pastel shades will suit a dark silhouette dress. And vice versa, if a cocktail dress is embroidered with sequins, then a strict clutch will be a suitable option.

Clothing with sequins in the form of fish scales requires even more restraint and attention to decor and image. For an evening walk, an elegant top with leather trousers is appropriate, and not a dress resembling ennobled fish. An outfit that looks like scales will amaze guests at a social event or New Year’s party, will cause interest among friends and colleagues.

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