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Presenting fun and celebration to children is easy and without significant costs. To do this, you need to independently prepare a solution for soap bubbles. The latter are one of the easiest, most fun and fun games. It attracts the attention of not only children but also adults. You can make a suitable composition quickly and in any volume. There are many ways to prepare it, but in any case, you must strictly adhere to certain recommendations so that the balls are blown easily, are large and do not burst for several seconds.

How to make soap bubbles at home

To make small and large soap bubbles at home, depending on the recipe, you will need water, soap, sugar, glycerin and some other components. Almost all of them are sold in the store, unless glycerin needs to be purchased at the pharmacy. This component is a fixing component since with it, the walls of the balls will be more durable. With proper preparation and optimal composition, they will even bounce off your fingers.

In addition to glycerin, sugar syrup or gelatin can be used as a fixing agent. Professionals who organize soap shows recommend using detergent with ammonia or polyvinyl alcohol to prepare the composition. It should be emphasized that home-made soap bubbles with glycerin will be more durable than those available in the store.

Recommendations and Tips

Having decided to surprise your child on a holiday or on any ordinary day and make him a solution for soap bubbles, first prepare suitable water. To prepare the composition, it is better to use bottled or boiled water, i.e. tap for this purpose is not suitable. A good option is distilled still water. To make a high-quality solution from which you can blow long non-bursting balls of different volumes, you need to take into account other recommendations:

  • When choosing soap, dishwashing detergent or powder, pay attention to the composition of the product. The fewer perfume additives and dyes in the product, the more high-quality soap balls will be.
  • Glycerin, like sugar, affects the density of the product and the strength of the balls blown. For this reason, do not abuse this component, otherwise the solution will be too dense and it will become difficult to blow bubbles.
  • Soap balls, which are obtained from a less dense solution, are not durable (i.e. they burst faster), but they are much easier to blow. This composition is most suitable for babies.
  • Use warm or hot water, but not boiling water..
  • In the process of preparation, the components must be mixed with moderate intensity, so that the foam is at a minimum. This rule is the key to the success of preparing the composition at home..
  • If possible, cool and hold the finished composition in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.
  • The finished mixture must be insisted to appear on the surface of a solid soap film without bubbles and foam. The latter can be removed independently or wait until it disappears by itself. Cooling fluids is the easiest way to get rid of unnecessary foam..
  • You can make multi-colored bubbles if you dissolve food coloring in the base of soap. To simultaneously spin the balls of several colors, it is recommended to divide the foam into different bottles and add to each of its colors.
  • It is recommended to blow soap balls slowly and evenly, otherwise the film will tear quickly.
  • Wind and dust in the air adversely affect soap bubbles. Their assistant is considered high humidity.


What determines the quality of the bubbles

To get high-quality and long-lasting soap balls, you need to use only proven components. For example, in almost all recipes, a detergent such as Fairy is used as the basis – it has been tested in practice. You can use any other suitable products. Of particular importance is the degree of mixing, which determines the amount of foam produced – it should be as small as possible. The quality of the bubbles even depends on the tools used to blow them..

The proportion of components for the preparation of soap composition

When planning to make bubbles with glycerin, sugar, and other ingredients, select the appropriate proportion. To do this, check out the table:


Water (distilled)

Soap base




Baking powder

Giant bubbles






Mix with sugar






Sugar-free mixture




Composition and safety rules

You can make beautiful and non-bursting soap bubbles if you put more glycerin in the composition and vice versa. In this case, it is very important to use only safe components, especially if the composition is done for a small child. For example, for a soap base, you can take a baby shampoo that does not contain any harmful components. Additionally, consider the following safety rules:

  • when working with the composition, you need to be careful so that it does not get into the nose, mouth and eyes;
  • if the spray from the bubbles nevertheless gets into your eyes, then rinse them thoroughly with clean water;
  • you need to blow soap balls in the direction where there are no people and animals;
  • if the solution is prepared for the baby, then make sure that he does not taste it;
  • After preparing the solution and experimenting with inflating the balls, be sure to wash your hands under running water..

Soap bubble recipe at home

Today there are many recipes that allow you to prepare a solution for creating soap bubbles in a matter of time and at low cost. This can be a classic recipe with soap, glycerin and dishwashing liquid, detergent, etc. Sometimes, the preparation of a solution based on soap involves the addition of sugar. You can check the quality of the finished composition for soap bubbles: inflate the ball and touch it with your finger dipped in foam. If it turns out to be of poor quality and will burst, then add soap and a few drops of sugar syrup or glycerin.

Classic soap recipe

A relatively simple but common recipe. To prepare the composition according to it, you will need only three ingredients:

  • water – 500 ml;
  • laundry or glycerin soap without dyes, flavorings – 50 g;
  • glycerin – 2 tablespoons.

A jar with the last component can be purchased at almost any pharmacy. Solution manufacturing instruction:

  1. Grind the soap first. This can be done by finely chopping this component or by rubbing on a suitable size grater.
  2. Transfer the ground soap to any container, fill with hot water and stir until completely dissolved.
  3. If the soap does not dissolve well, first boil water slightly – stir it constantly. Do not bring the solution to a boil.
  4. If necessary, strain the solution through cheesecloth. After that, add a couple of tablespoons of glycerin to an almost finished composition.

Soap bubbles from laundry soap

With glycerin

To prepare the composition for blisters at home, you can take a little more glycerin compared to the previous recipe. Instead of soap, prepare Fairy Detergent. The number of necessary components is only three, so this recipe is one of the simplest:

  • soft water (distilled, melt, boiled) – 300 ml;
  • Fairy detergent – 100 ml;
  • glycerin – 50 ml.

Find a suitable container for preparing soap at home in advance. For example, it may be some small basin. Stages:

  1. Pour the basin with warm water in the required amount, but adhering to the strict proportion indicated in the list of ingredients. That is, if it is 900 ml, then the remaining components should also be 3 times more.
  2. Next, pour in “Fairies” and add glycerin. Gently mix the composition, but try not to raise the foam.
  3. Leave to stand in the refrigerator for a day before use..

From dishwashing liquid

A relatively simple and affordable recipe, all of the components for which can be found in almost any kitchen. In this case, you do not have to wait for the soap to melt. To cheer yourself and your children, use these components:

  • water – 400 ml;
  • dishwashing detergent – 100 ml;
  • plain white sugar – 2 teaspoons.

Please note that it is recommended to take regular liquid for dishes, which do not contain fragrances and dyes. Products for dishwashers in this case will not work. Instructions for cooking at home:

  1. First you need to dilute sugar and dishwashing detergent in warm water.
  2. Then thoroughly mix all the ingredients until a more or less uniform composition is obtained. Everything, the solution is ready – you can blow soap balls.

DIY soap bubbles for kids

It often happens that while playing with a child, droplets of bursting bubbles get into the eyes. And then the entertainment is replaced by cries and crying baby. The solution is to prepare a solution with the addition of mild baby shampoo. If it enters the mucous membranes, such a liquid will not cause severe burning and pain – it is harmless to the baby’s skin, does not contribute to inflammation and the appearance of allergies. To prepare such a composition at home you will need:

  • water – 500 ml;
  • baby shampoo – 200-250 ml;
  • granulated sugar – 3 tablespoons.

The cooking process at home is relatively simple. It consists of several stages:

  1. Dissolve the shampoo in the required amount of warm water and let the resulting liquid brew a little. To do this, leave it at night or better for a day.
  2. After this, it remains to add sugar to the soap bubble liquid and mix everything thoroughly.
  3. No further action is required, as the solution is almost immediately ready for use.

There is an even simpler recipe, thanks to which your child’s childhood will be full of beautiful bubbles. You will need baby foam from the collection of cosmetics “Little Fairy”. Mix 30 grams of the product with 100 grams of purified water. This recipe for creating balls at home is ideal in that you can make the composition in accordance with it almost instantly.

Soap bubbles and a girl

From washing powder

This recipe differs from others in that it can take several days to prepare a quality solution. For this reason, if you want to please your baby right today, this option for preparing liquid to create bubbles will definitely not suit you. Of the ingredients you will need:

  • water – 300 ml;
  • glycerin – 100 ml;
  • ammonia – 8-10 drops;
  • washing powder – 20-25 g.

If you are thinking about choosing a detergent, then give preference to the proven option that you often use. If possible, choose quality and healthy products. Instructions for preparing the composition at home include the following steps:

  1. Fill a suitable container with hot water. Add the washing powder there and mix everything thoroughly until the last dissolves.
  2. Then send the remaining ingredients to the same container. Stir, leave the resulting soap solution to infuse for two days.
  3. At the end of the term, the liquid must be filtered, and then sent to the refrigerator for several hours, or better – overnight. After that, the solution will be ready for use..

Sugar bubbles

To make non-bursting soap balls, you will need to supplement the usual list of components with sugar. To prepare the liquid, prepare:

  • water – 800 ml;
  • glycerin – 350-500 ml;
  • Laundry soap – 200 g;
  • sugar – 80 g.

To start, prepare the soap. You will need to grate this ingredient on a suitable grater and pour the resulting chips with hot water. Further:

  1. Stir the liquid thoroughly until the soap is completely dissolved in water..
  2. Next, add glycerin and sugar to the resulting mixture. Mix everything thoroughly.
  3. As a result, you will get a solution that can be used not only to form strong balls, but also various shaped bubbles, for example, blowing them onto the smooth plane of the table.

Also try sticking to a more original recipe, which includes corn syrup – this component can be replaced with sugar or glycerin if desired. For home cooking you will need water (600 ml), shampoo or dishwashing liquid (200 ml) and 70-80 ml of corn syrup. All that is needed is to add syrup, shampoo to the water, and then mix all the ingredients. If the balls are inflated a little difficult, then add a little water to the liquid.

Durable giant bubbles

If you want to make not only large, but also durable balls from a solution at home, then buy gelatin in advance. The resulting solution can be used to organize soap bubble shows, which can often be seen at birthdays, weddings and other celebrations. You can arrange such a show on any ordinary day for both children and friends. To make soap bubbles at home, the following ingredients will come in handy:

  • water – 800 ml;
  • dishwashing detergent – 200 ml;
  • glycerin – 150 ml;
  • granulated sugar – 50 g;
  • gelatin – 1 sachet (30-40 g).

Preparing a liquid to form giant bubbles is best in a wide basin. After preparing the composition, you won’t have to blow the balls, you just need to immerse the hoop or large frame from the flexible material into the liquid, and then gently draw the giant bubbles. At first, it is unlikely that it will be possible to form really large, beautiful balls, but with a little practice, and you will be able to surprise relatives and friends with your skill. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. First of all, prepare the gelatin. Soak this component in a small amount of water in accordance with the instructions on the packaging. Leave to swell and then strain.
  2. Mix the prepared gelatin with sugar. Melt the mixture, but do not bring it to a boil. This can be done in the microwave or in a water bath.
  3. The resulting mixture of gelatin with sugar is added to 800 ml of warm water. Send the rest of the ingredients there..
  4. In the end, all is left to mix.

Check out another recipe for preparing fluid to create giant, durable bubbles. You will need to mix together glycerin, gel, dishwashing detergent. Then add distilled water (hot) and mix all the ingredients, being careful not to create foam. Such a solution will make “tenacious” balls that will not burst even when in contact with water. Ingredients:

  • distilled water – 0.8 l;
  • thick dishwashing detergent – 0.2 l;
  • gel-lubricant without impurities – 0.1 l;
  • glycerin – 0.1 l.

Giant soap bubbles

How and how to blow soap bubbles

If you make balls from a liquid based on soap in the fresh air, then get ready for the fact that the final result will depend on the weather. Dust and strong wind are the real enemies of such balls. In addition, you should not let them out on a hot and dry day, when the air temperature reaches 25 degrees or more. High humidity becomes a real helper in this matter. Better results can be achieved in the morning or evening after watering the lawn or rain..

When blowing bubbles at home, try to avoid strong drafts. In this case, the room should not be dusty, dry, hot. Please note that balls burst on the furniture, linoleum, parquet. Various tools are used to create them – some even use special generators. An affordable and cheap option is a factory blowing stick. You can make suitable devices at home yourself:

  • A great option would be a wire that needs to be twisted with a loop.
  • A worthy alternative is a straw or a straw for cocktails. To make the balls large, make a few longitudinal cuts at the end of the tube.
  • Some lovers use a plastic bottle that needs to be cut off the bottom, or curly molds designed for dough.
  • If you do not have any devices at hand, then you can launch the balls with your fingers. To do this, put the thumb and forefinger in the ring.
  • To blow giant balls, use a loop device that consists of two sticks. The latter are connected to each other, forming a loop. Dip the ropes first into the liquid. After that, they are bred on the sides and make with their help movements in the horizontal or vertical plane.
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