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Moscow and St. Petersburg, along with some other major cities in Russia, offer citizens with limited mobility a special service. Social taxi – a project that has existed since the beginning of the 2000s, offers pensioners and wheelchair users to order preferential transportation by phone. According to the rules, the vehicle is equipped with special devices that provide comfort during the trip..

What is a social taxi?

Health restrictions do not mean having to stay at home all the time. Taxi for wheelchairs in Moscow works for free – the service is included in the list provided on the Muscovite social card. Transportation is also intended for senior citizens, large families, low-income citizens enjoying special benefits. Applications are accepted through a single dispatch service, you can call from a landline or mobile phone – it’s free.

Who should

Taxis for the disabled in Moscow are entitled to be made not only by wheelchairs, but also by certain categories of citizens. SUE (state unitary enterprise) “Mosgortrans” has prepared a special regulation, according to which, in accordance with the law, certain categories of people have the right to use the service of individual, collective transportation. Ordering a social taxi belongs to the Department of Transport, is sponsored from the city budget, so payment is made by coupons or through a social card. The general list of beneficiaries:

  • children with disabilities;
  • people with the first group;
  • citizens of the second, third group who have received disability due to diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system;
  • persons of the second, third group – visually impaired;
  • veterans of World War II;
  • invalids of the Great Patriotic War;
  • citizens with disabilities served by the Moscow House of Senior Citizens of the Wars and Armed Forces;
  • low-income large families.

Minibus with wheelchair lift

Where can it deliver

For Moscow and St. Petersburg, a restriction has been established. A call with a service order can be carried out only within the city or at a distance of no more than 250 kilometers, regardless of direction. A state taxi can take a person to any place he needs: to a polyclinic, a theater, to a park, to a public building. There is a limit on the total duration of the trip – no more than eight hours, subject to traffic of 70 km / h.

The time is counted from the moment the car was delivered, not taking into account the so-called “idle mileage”: the time it takes the driver to get from the vehicle fleet to the destination. A preferential taxi for pensioners allows you to take one accompanying person, baggage – however, it should be placed in the trunk without additional effort. Only an adult capable person can be accompanying.

How to call

A call is made by telephone at least two hours before the intended trip. The dispatcher needs to provide not only his address, but also additional information: last name, first name, patronymic, disability group, other conditions of social benefits, a phone by which you can contact the client. It is allowed to make a call not to home, but to another place within the city. If it is necessary to carry out transportation of people with limited mobility, it is necessary to indicate the devices: the need for strollers, ramps, – equipment that must be in the car provided.

Documents for receiving services

If the call is simple, then for the direct transportation you will need to collect a package of necessary documents. Social taxi for such customers implies official registration, the availability of all certificates confirming the benefits available. A taxi driver or an accompanying person must present a full package of documents to the driver before boarding the car.

For seniors

The service is not free for pensioners, but the price is much lower than a simple taxi. Payment is made by social card. The list of documents is smaller; a legally capable pensioner has the right to take one accompanying person, including a minor or a legally incompetent person. To receive benefits, you will need to collect the following list for presentation after ordering a car:

  1. Passport.
  2. Social card.
  3. Pension certificate, additionally – veteran documents, they allow you to make trips at the lowest price.
  4. Be sure to consent to the processing of personal data.

Retired at the institution

For invalids

Like pensioners, a passport or birth certificate is required if the recipient of the benefit is a minor. Accompanying persons may need a guardianship certificate. The fare is paid at the expense of special coupons for the transportation of disabled people, issued to citizens free of charge. You will need to agree to the processing of personal data, but at the same time, the driver must fulfill all the necessary requirements, taking into account individual characteristics, health conditions, therefore, you need:

  1. Confirmation from the Medical and Social Expertise.
  2. Certificate of individual rehabilitation program.
  3. Referral for treatment, spa, special procedures.

Features of transportation

Since social taxi passengers often require special handling, the conditions of carriage are also specific. The driver must be able to provide first aid, have the necessary set of auxiliary equipment, including wheelchairs, ramps, and other specific equipment. For a month, you can order no more than 20 hours of reduced fare, an exception – the need for medical procedures – without limitation and study – up to 80 hours.

Cars for people with disabilities

The taxi park is equipped with a number of cars of various formats and models that help to carry out preferential trips for special categories of citizens. Be sure to include cars, minibuses for collective orders – both come standard equipped, as well as with additional equipment for citizens with special needs. The price of the trip does not depend on the equipment of the vehicle.

Disabled person boarding a social taxi


The main provider of the service is Mosgortrans State Unitary Enterprise, while there are other carriers that, like a state-owned company, offer reduced rates for special categories of citizens. Since the services of the “main” carrier are not always available due to the limited taxi fleet, it makes sense to look at other options. Cost varies in the following ranges:



State Unitary Enterprise “Mosgortrans”

210 rubles per hour

00 @ Vtaxi

2 rubles per kilometer, 100 rubles landing


2 rubles a kilometer, 50 p. landing


2 rubles per kilometer, landing is free

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