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When they just started to move away from push-button phones and touch-sensitive smartphones appeared, styluses were sold for using them – special sticks that the screen reacted to in contact with. Then the monitors began to perceive finger touches, and the tools were abandoned – because they were often lost, and typing in the gadget with a hand was simply more convenient. Although this method is still the most common for mobile phones, the situation is different with tablets due to the large screen size and purpose of use. Some things are really more convenient to do with a stylus..

What is a tablet stylus?

A stylus is a Greek word for a stick with a pointed end. The term speaks for itself, because the device looks like that – like a small pen for a tablet. With the help of this little thing, it’s convenient to control the device (take a photo, type text) and draw on the display. Although some experts predicted the end of the era of styluses, when touch screens began to appear, with which you could work without them, this still has not happened. Many well-known brands are releasing new gadget models that are difficult to work with without an additional tool..

The stylus for tablets has a slight resemblance to a pencil, and some people call it that. Other possible names are a pen or even just a wand. The main advantage of the tool is convenience. There are two drawbacks at once: the sticks quickly break, and yet – they are easily lost. The first minus depends on the model and accuracy of the owner, and the second manufacturers try to solve software: for example, the device starts to signal if the handle is far.

What is made of

The principle of operation, and what the stylus is made of, depends on the type of screen of the gadget (resistive or capacitive). In the first case, the main thing for the instrument is to have a pointed tip, since the monitor responds to the click itself. In everyday life, a stylus for a resistive screen can be replaced with a pencil, plastic card or even a fingernail. The advantage of using a special device is that it is made of soft sliding materials, silicone or Teflon, so that the device does not scratch.

In the second case (if the screen is capacitive), the main component of the stylus for the tablet is the tip, which has an electric capacity. The product is made of soft rubber or silicone, and inside the pencil contains a magnetic ring, coil or metal filings. A capacitive screen will not respond to a regular metal rod, regardless of its thickness. Styluses for it make at least 6 mm and more dull than for resistive displays.

Disassembled stylus

Pen for tablet

This is the stylus used to type on a tablet or surf the Internet. Such gizmos are universal, they can be both expensive and cheap (depending on the functionality). The styluses look like ordinary pens, so they are convenient to use. Products can be bought at any electronics store in Moscow, St. Petersburg or another city of the Russian Federation or ordered on the Internet with home delivery. Simple models are especially in demand, the cost of which is small:

  • model name: Ginzzu GH-990B;
  • price: 290 rubles;
  • Characteristics: made of aluminum, for a capacitive screen, there are two styluses in the kit: they vary in size and tip thickness;
  • pluses: compact, low cost, good susceptibility, suitable for any OS (Android, “apple”);
  • cons: users complain that the small stylus responds worse.

Ginzzu GH-990B

Cheap simple pens are convenient but unreliable: quality suffers due to low cost. Not all users prefer to take risks, even with a small amount, and pay attention to brands with a reputation. Samsung has a large selection of styluses, and they often have promotions, sales and discounts:

  • model name: S Pen for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (EJ-PN910BBEGRU);
  • price: 1 430 r.;
  • Characteristics: pen for a tablet with a capacitive screen, a tip of 0.7 mm;
  • pluses: you can take notes on the screen off, you can manually enter characters;
  • cons: unknown compatibility for models other than Galaxy Note 4.

Slim S Pen for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (EJ-PN910BBEGRU)

Stylus for drawing on a tablet

This device can be of two types depending on the tablet: a gadget that functions independently, or a stylus connected to a computer, and in conjunction with it forming an input device. For drawing on a tablet, you can try to use a regular pen, but, most likely, the functionality will not be enough. It is better to consider specialized models:

  • model name: TheJoyFactory Pinpoint Precision Stylus E1;
  • price: 2 930 rubles;
  • Characteristics: The device for drawing, works from the battery, does not require connection via Bluetooth;
  • pluses: manufacturer’s warranty, works with products of any brand;
  • cons: high cost; does not support random touch recognition (you need to install the application additionally).

TheJoyFactory Pinpoint Precision Stylus E1

The stylus for a graphic tablet is sold complete with the device, but may need to be replaced. When choosing, it is important that the pencil and tablet are the same manufacturer. Sometimes in the characteristics it is indicated that the device is suitable for use with a device of the same brand or a specific model:

  • model name: Wacom UP-610-74A-1;
  • price: 1 710 r.;
  • Characteristics: pen for the Wacom STU-500 graphic tablet;
  • pluses: thin, easily falls into the desired pixel, responds to the degree of depression;
  • cons: not compatible with other models.

Wacom UP-610-74A-1

How to choose a stylus for your tablet

The selection criteria depend on the purposes for which you decided to buy a stylus for the tablet. First of all, a pencil should be convenient to use. It is important that the product lies well in the hand, suitable in size, weight. For this reason, if you did not previously hold and did not see the device live, it is undesirable to order it in the online store in order to receive the goods by mail. Factors to pay attention to when buying a product:

  • Appearance. The most convenient is the stylus in the form of a pen. It’s good if there is a special mount to the tablet case – it’s more difficult to lose the tool, and a cap for the tip, so that the product lasts longer.
  • The quality of the materials. The product should slide around the screen easily and freely, just hit the right keys and places on the display. Read the composition on the package: the tip should be made of soft materials so as not to scratch the monitor.
  • Destination If ordinary models are suitable for active surfing on the Internet and typing, then you need to choose special ones for drawing. Using them will be much more convenient due to the thickness of the tip and built-in functions..
  • Additional functionality. On some models there are buttons, on others you can adjust the degree of depression, and others are programmatically connected to the Android or Windows device on which they work. All this must be considered when choosing.
  • Price. There is no definite answer on how much a stylus costs. Price varies. The cheapest are simple Chinese-made models, but you shouldn’t even save on them – a high-quality brand pen with a good reputation will last you longer.
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  1. Magnolia

    Can anyone recommend a good stylus that is suitable for both drawing and writing on a tablet? I’m looking for something that offers precision and control, but is also comfortable to use. Any suggestions or personal experiences with specific brands/models would be greatly appreciated!

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