Subsidy for payment of housing and communal services in 2018: calculation formula and registration

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For many Russians, paying for housing and communal services has become a serious financial problem. To help such segments of the population, there is a separate compensation from the state – a subsidy to pay housing and communal services – payment of funds on an irrevocable basis. Subject to a clear list of documents, you will receive a subsidy to pay for housing and communal services in 2018 and you will be able to pay utility bills half the price.

Who can get a subsidy for housing and communal services?

To receive compensation, you must be a law-abiding citizen and pay utility bills on time. If you came to apply for a subsidy, and you have any debts, then do not wait for financial assistance until the debts are fully repaid. Unfortunately, not everyone can receive monetary compensation. The categories of citizens who may qualify for payment include:

  • owners of apartments, residential premises;
  • citizens who rent a house (a rental agreement is required);
  • citizens living in premises owned by the state housing fund;
  • citizens living in housing cooperatives.

What indicators are taken into account when calculating

The following data help calculate the subsidy:

  • average monthly family income;
  • whether the home is owned or not;
  • area of ​​housing;
  • total housing costs.

The standard of living space for which compensation is charged in Moscow

The subsidy for the payment of housing and communal services in 2018 is calculated based on regional standards of living space. That is, if you live alone, and the area of ​​your home exceeds the specified standards (for example, 53 sq. M), then subsidies are provided only for the required 33 sq. M. m per 1 person. The following housing area standards have been established in Moscow and the Moscow Region:

  • 1 person is registered and lives – 33 sq. m. m;
  • 2 people live – 42 square meters. m;
  • 3 or more people – 18 sq. m to each family member.

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What income is the rent subsidy for in 2018

The payment is guaranteed to citizens of the Russian Federation whose utility costs exceed 22% of the total family income. For example, you live together with your husband and your total official monthly income is 30,000 rubles, and for utility bills you pay 7,000 rubles. In this case, your family is entitled to a monthly subsidy. In all regions, the percentage of payment is set individually and the percentage limit is reduced (for example, in Moscow it is 10%).

Legal regulation

Payments are made from the state budget to a certain circle of people. Article 159 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation describes the conditions under which a subsidy is accrued, when it is accrued, and who and when can receive compensation from the state. Officially, the rules for granting subsidies have been fixed since December 14, 2005 by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 761, which describes:

  • the conditions under which housing compensation is charged;
  • family composition;
  • conditions for calculating monthly family income;
  • size of subsidies;
  • general provisions by which the amount of payments is calculated.

Terms of receipt in 2018


  • citizens of Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan;
  • persons who have all the documents for the right to use the occupied housing space;
  • persons who permanently reside in the declared housing;
  • if there are no debts on utility bills for the last six months;
  • if the amount of payment for housing and communal services exceeds the prescribed percentage of total family income.

There are a lot of nuances in which a citizen can be refused a subsidy. All of them are registered in the LCD and the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation. For example, they may refuse you if you do not meet the deadline for submitting documents or make a mistake when filling out documents. Workers of social protection bodies in your area will help you explain all the rules and the procedure for processing documents..

How to get compensation for utility bills

To apply for a utility subsidy you will need:

  1. Contact the relevant authorities, learn about the rules for applying;
  2. Fill out an application (you will be provided with a form), indicate the actual data.
  3. Prepare a series of documents (list below).
  4. Submit an application and documentation for registration of compensation in person or via the Internet.
  5. After receiving the application, authorities consider it for a maximum of 10 days.
  6. If there are not enough documents, then the review is suspended for 30 days. During this time, you must provide the missing paper, otherwise the issue of compensation will be refused.
  7. If the answer is yes, cash out is possible through the bank or by transfer to your personal account.

People work with documents

Documents for the subsidy of housing and communal services in 2018

The mandatory list of documents that are necessary for processing the subsidy include:

  • Passports of all adult family members, birth certificates of children.
  • Documents that confirm the right to housing;
  • A copy of the applicant’s work book or the original work book if the person is unemployed.
  • Utility bills for the last month.
  • Family composition certificate.
  • Income statements for all family members over the past six months. All types of income are taken into account: salary, pension, alimony, scholarship, unemployment benefits, child benefits. If there is no support or scholarship, then provide a certificate of their absence.
  • Insurance certificate (SNILS).
  • Applicant’s account. Bank details where you want to transfer funds.

Where to issue

You can contact the organization convenient for you:

  • Social protection authorities (social security).
  • MFC in your area.
  • Housing Subsidies Center.
  • Government Services Website.

How to calculate an apartment subsidy

The size is calculated using a special formula – subsidy calculator. Since the amount to pay for housing services varies depending on the time of year, the amount of compensation is determined every month. If the total amount of the subsidy paid exceeds the actual costs of housing and communal services, then you must return part of the money back. When calculating the subsidy, the following data are taken into account:

  • total family income over the past six months;
  • family living wage (determined using data on the minimum living wage in a particular region);
  • information about the number of people;
  • amount of payment for housing services;
  • information on the average cost of utilities, general consumption standards;
  • apartment parameters, its condition, overhaul costs, etc..

Calculation formula

To calculate the subsidy for the payment of housing and communal services in 2018, you can use the formula: Subsidy = Set minimum for payment of housing and communal services – Total family income x 0.22. The figure 0.22 here is not accidental – this is the maximum percentage that a family pays for housing services monthly. To calculate the minimum, you can use another formula: Set minimum = Average amount for utilities per square meter x Norm of living space.

Validity period of subsidy payments

A subsidy for housing and communal services in 2018 is paid to the applicant every month. Moreover, payments are made only within six months. At the end of six months, you need to submit a new package of documents, and the subsidy will continue. Perhaps some indicators will change and additional documents will be needed. All papers must be filed within 10 days of the end of the subsidy period..

The calendar

Features of accrual for certain categories of citizens

Regardless of the situation, the state provides subsidies to a separate list of citizens:

  • military pensioners, their disabled relatives;
  • disabled people of all groups;
  • large families;
  • orphans;
  • labor veterans;
  • residents of closed military facilities;
  • repressed citizens, etc..

Each region has the right to expand the list with additional categories of beneficiaries. The procedure for receiving monetary compensation for the listed categories of citizens differs significantly from the generally accepted one – they can claim to receive the maximum share. For example, war veterans receive a 50% discount on rents, and the government pays 30% of the bill for families with 3 children or more. All expenses are covered by the state budget.

Upon reaching retirement age, citizens can count on some benefits. Subsidies to pay housing and communal services to pensioners in 2018 are paid if the total amount for utilities is more than 22% of their income. Pensioners must be the owner of the living space or act as the tenant of the premises. Seriously ill pensioners, elderly citizens who need constant care, receive a subsidy with home delivery.

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