Tatfondbank loans – whether to repay, where to make payments in Moscow, Kazan or through the Golden Crown

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In April 2019, after 3 months of provisional administration, the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Tatarstan declared Tatfondbank bankrupt. The bankruptcy trustee has been appointed State Corporation “Deposit Insurance Agency” (DIA). If you are a borrower and want to understand where to pay Tatfondbank credit when revoking a license from an organization, be aware that liquidation of a bank does not cancel loan agreements and debt repayment obligations. Check out how to continue making payments..

What to do with a loan at Tatfondbank

Now the offices of the credit institution are closed. What will happen to Tatfondbank loans and where can I make the next payment? You can get the most up-to-date information on the DIA website (asv.org.ru). If you are interested in what awaits the deposits of individuals, the procedure for presenting creditors’ claims to the bank is also placed there. There is information for those who wish to repay a loan.

These are two categories of individuals: the former may lose a part of their funds that will not be compensated, and the latter risk spoiling the credit history due to uncertainty regarding the payment of arrears. The work of the “Deposit Insurance Agency” is aimed at helping both groups – the latest information is quickly posted on the website, a special “Hot Line” is open for depositors and borrowers of the bank. It is possible to consult with experts from the DIA and via the Internet using e-mail.

Tatfondbank branch

Is it possible not to pay a loan

In the event of a bankruptcy of a financial institution, borrowers are not relieved of the obligation to pay a debt on a consumer loan or mortgage. Debt obligations are transferred to an interim administration or to a third-party bank. If you are a borrower of Tatfondbank, you should never stop paying loans. The answer to the question whether it is possible not to pay a loan at Tatfondbank can only be negative. By delaying payments, you will create a delay, so further problems in the form of collectors or litigation can not be avoided.

In the event of the liquidator transferring the bankruptcy of another financial institution, the problem of whether to pay a loan at Tatfondbank is automatically removed. The debtor receives a notification from the successor indicating the new details (where to pay Tatfondbank loan and other information on payments). Also, the borrower may be offered to sign a new contract, but he has the right not to do so if the proposed conditions do not suit him. In addition, the successor cannot demand early repayment of payments..

Where to pay Tatfondbank loan without commission

The procedure for revoking the license and bankruptcy was not due to the fault of Tatfondbank customers, therefore they should not experience additional financial burden in addition to the existing one. Now, with the participation of DIA, money should be returned to Tatfondbank depositors, and convenient conditions will be created for borrowers to receive payments to repay the loan. If you want to make a payment without extra commission, use one of the methods described below.

Service “Golden Crown – Repayment of loans” (RNCO “Payment Center”)

Zolotaya Korona is a convenient payment service that is presented in the salons of mobile operators, bank branches and other organizations (Euroset, Russian Post). The widespread use of the network, the minimum information provided for payment, and the lack of commission made this system very popular with those who need to pay to pay off loan debt. In connection with the revocation of the license from Tatfondbank, the service stopped accepting payments for its details, but it was said on the website of the deposit insurance agency that service would resume in the near future.

Service “Golden Crown to repay a loan

Tatfondbank branch in Kazan

Reception of cash payments for Tatfondbank borrowers is held at the following address: Kazan, st. Chernyshevsky, d. 43/2. For transfer, you need to fill out a special form, indicating the necessary details and the amount of payment (you must have a passport or other identification document with you). The cash desk is open without a break from 9:30 to 17:00. Do not forget to save the receipt of the operation.

Tatfondbank branch in Kazan

Through the terminals of JSCB Russian Capital

If the question of where to pay a loan to Tatfondbank is still relevant for you, pay attention to the terminals of JSCB Russian Capital, which also make it possible to make payments without commissions. By specifying the information in the fields “agreement number”, “date of receipt of the loan”, “data of the borrower” and “phone”, you can pay (one-time payment should be no more than 15,000 rubles). Terminals are located at:

  • Moscow, st. Vysotsky, 4;
  • Moscow, st. Lesnaya, 59, p. 2.

Battery terminals Russian capital

At the box office of Tatfondbank of Moscow

Another opportunity to make a cash payment without commission (extra interest) is to do it through the bank’s cash desks at 57 Lesnaya Street, Moscow, p. 4. The information that must be indicated when making the payment is the same as in other cases (bank details, amount of payment, data of the borrower). Box office hours: Monday-Thursday – 9: 00-17: 00 (break 13: 00-13: 45), Friday – 9: 00-11: 00.

Tatfondbank cash desks on a map of Moscow

Repayment of a loan through a third-party bank with a commission

Financial organizations will also help you in deciding where to pay Tatfondbank credit, but they charge a fee for their services. For example, Sberbank will transfer money for 1-2% of the total amount, depending on the type of transfer (through an operator or remotely). Rates of other credit organizations are about the same; therefore, the interest-free offers of Rosbank and Ak Bars Bank look very attractive against this background..

Branch of Rosbank

How to pay a loan at Tatfondbank

Having dealt with the question of where you can pay Tatfondbank loans, it remains to make the transfer of money. This is easy to do, having the necessary details. When making a payment for legal entities and individuals, there are some differences, but they are not complicated. After making the payment, do not forget to clarify the passage of the amount to be sure that the money has reached its destination.

Details for payment by individuals and legal entities

Payment at the bankruptcy trustee address is suitable for both legal entities and individuals. In this case, you must specify:

  • Recipient – State Corporation “Deposit Insurance Agency”.
  • Address – Russia, Moscow, 109240, ul. Vysotsky, d. 4.
  • Beneficiary’s Bank – Central Bank of Russia Central Federal District, Moscow 35.
  • BIC – 044525000.
  • Bank account – 40503810145250003051.
  • TIN – 7708514824.
  • Gearbox – 770901001.
  • Purpose of payment – here account of PJSC Tatfondbank with Agency No. 76 / 11-0587 must be indicated. In addition, there must be data on the borrower (last name, first name, middle name or company name), number of the loan agreement, credit card or card account.

Details for payment solely by individuals

There is another way to pay a loan, but it is only suitable for individuals. In this case, the data to be transferred will be as follows:

  • Recipient – PJSC Tatfondbank.
  • Address – Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, 420111, ul. Chernyshevsky, d. 43/2.
  • Beneficiary’s Bank – Branch of the National Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan, Volga-Vyatka Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • BIC – 049205815.
  • Correspondent account – 30101810100000000815.
  • TIN – 1653016914.
  • Gearbox – 165501001.

In the field “purpose of payment” you need to indicate the number (which, before the license was revoked, was the account of the recipient), and be sure to write that the transfer of funds is carried out in order to repay the loan. You must provide information that allows you to identify the payment – data of the borrower, number and date of the loan agreement or bank card, payment period.

Contact numbers for consultation

If you still have questions about credit debt (for example, is it possible to change the payment schedule), or are you going to present a requirement to the bank about savings from your account, then subscribers from Russia can call to free telephone lines. Phone numbers are as follows:

  • 8 (800) 100-03-03 – contact center;
  • 8 (800) 200-08-05 – Hotline of the Deposit Insurance Agency.
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