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The drawings on the body have come a long way from the symbolism of belonging to a certain social / professional group to the shameful brand, and from it to a fashionable element. Today, more and more girls are trying to decorate themselves like that, even with henna, but you need to be able to choose a tattoo with meaning, otherwise you can achieve the opposite effect. What to give preference to?

The value of tattoos for girls

A highly qualified tattoo master, whom the client turned to, will never fill a spontaneous drawing and always warns that this step should be considered. This is not something that can be fixed in a second if the mood suddenly changes. A girl who thinks about decorating her body should first consider all the options for a tattoo and their meaning. It is better if the meaning is studied from several sides and in all details, especially if the image is in sight.

The variety of such drawings for girls can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Symbolic Flowers, birds, animals, stars, the sun and moon, or complex patterns from different religions. You can see abstract pictures that are perceived by chaos, but have a hidden meaning, understandable only to the girl who wears them.
  • Text. Phrases, quotes, names, dates, individual numbers. Latin remains the most used language, but tattoos with a meaning for girls in English or from Japanese / Chinese characters are also popular.

Butterfly tattoo

Phrases for tattoos

If a girl is more attracted to photos with inscriptions on her shoulder, leg, back, etc., she should look for attractive sayings or phrases that she can project onto herself. Beautiful phrases for tattoos with a meaning for girls can talk about love, aspirations, faith, promise, worldview, have a connection with the past or present. You can supplement them with a sketched sketch, which will fully reveal the meaning of the tattoo.

Several options for tattoo inscriptions for girls:

  • Do not return to what is done.
  • Death but not dishonor.
  • Eat Pray Love.
  • Light in the Dark.


If by symbolism we mean drawings, not hieroglyphs, etc., then here the choice is almost limitless. Any image can be read in several ways, so female and male symbol tattoos are almost always a mystery, or where truth is hidden behind a more understandable picture. A lotus can mean rebirth, purity or perfection, and a griffin can mean strength, speed of reaction, the struggle of the mind and animal essence. The location will also play a role: a tattoo on the neck and shoulder blade with the same sketch can have different interpretations and different energies.


Among famous statements, phrases of ancient thinkers are especially popular among girls, although modern ones also begin to adorn the bodies of youth. Beautiful quotes for tattoos from an aesthetic point of view are a win-win option: the number of photos on social networks is off scale. However, we are not talking about the uniqueness of style in such a situation, because there is a high probability of meeting someone with the same tattoo. If you want something that belongs only to you (or a narrow circle of people), take quotes from poetry or prose, and it is not necessary to open the most famous works of classics.

Tattoo on the girl's back: Happiness is a journey, not a destination

Tattoo lettering with translation.

Text tattoos can have any size and shape: from a short phrase to a passage telling a whole story. The choice of the length of the inscription for the tattoo with translation is carried out after determining the area on which it will be applied. The meaning of this phrase is not necessary to duplicate nearby – only you can know it, which will add mystery to your image. However, the owner is obliged to know the meaning of the tattoo, because otherwise he can get into a very unpleasant situation, which is typical for girls who fill themselves with hieroglyphs only because of their unusual appearance.

In Latin

Latin is not only beautiful: the phrases on it are distinguished by a special philosophical nature, which allows you to use it in a tattoo with a meaning for a girl. However, if you choose common phrases, there is a risk of looking in a trend, but not unique. Experts advise not to take too well-known inscriptions in Latin with a translation for a tattoo – i.e. “Per aspera …”, “memento mori”, etc. Explore the complete list of catchphrases and relate to your idea. Particularly interesting for a female tattoo:

  • “As posse ad esse”, which will mean “from the possible to the real” and it makes sense for purposeful natures, used to turn plans into a goal.
  • “Ad multos annos” can be correlated with a symbolic sketch of a tattoo, because the meaning of the phrase is “for many years” and is well suited for a married woman who wants to perpetuate her love for her husband.
  • “Dum spiro spero” is perfect for a girl whose faith cannot be broken, because the interpretation of the phrase sounds like: “while I breathe – I hope”.
  • “Nil sancti” – or “nothing sacred”.

Girl Tattoo: Pray and Work

In Russian

Phrases in the mother tongue for tattoo girls use less than in a foreign language, but it is also very beautiful and can sound incredibly melodic. It will be difficult to make a mistake with meaning, because you and others (in your native country) will not need a translation. The idea for tattoo inscriptions in Russian is better to come up with on your own, but if literature is not your path, experts advise peeping it in your favorite book. Often successful is the study of poetry..

In English

This language is considered the most common, so there is no particular difficulty to understand the meaning of most beautiful phrases (unlike French, German, etc.). If you decide to make yourself such a tattoo, the inscriptions in English with translation can be chosen from idioms – they sound slimmer than hastily folded independent sentences. Grammatically, they are often more correct too, so you won’t get ridiculed by.

Tattoo options with meaning for girls in English:

  • Don’t give up – don’t give up.
  • The woman of your dreams – can have a playful hue, it sounds like “the girl of your dreams”.
  • Blood, sweat ‘nd tears – to seek / receive through sweat, blood and tears.

Tattoo symbols

Using not long phrases, but single characters, it is convenient if a girl wants an invisible tattoo – more for herself than showing off under the influence of fashion trends. You can choose any symbols – from ancient Egyptian and Scandinavian to mysterious Hindi, fashionable Chinese / Japanese characters, Arabic script, Hebrew. They have strong energy, therefore, before stuffing such a tattoo, the symbols and their designations should be studied as carefully as possible and as accurately as possible to familiarize the master with the sketch.

Girl ankle tattoo - om symbol

Chinese characters and their meaning in Russian

It is difficult to work with a group of Asian languages, as the smallest mistake in writing a character leads to a complete change in the meaning. However, even without the absence of distortions in the letter, curiosities are obtained due to several variants of the meaning of one sign. The same applies to the combination of several characters. As a result, it is advisable to choose hieroglyphs for the female or male tattoo and their meaning in Russian with a person who knows Hangul, Hancha, Hiragana, etc. well. Additionally, you should carefully study the photo from reliable sources and go with him to the master.

Particularly popular tattoo ideas for girls:

  • ? – read as “ai”, means “love”.
  • ? – the Dragon;
  • ?? – a composite designation of the word “life”, which carries the meaning of the predetermined fate of each person. The modification of this version of the tattoo with a meaning for the girl is ??, which means “forever” or “for life” and can be stuffed on a particularly significant day.

Slavic symbols

Runes that were used by the ancient Slavs, but like other talismans, they are not for everyone to see can also be a strong guard. If you chose the image of Slavic symbols, it is better to make a tattoo on the neck, lower back, hip or other place, mainly hidden by clothes, otherwise the energy industry may go in the wrong direction. To choose, as with other signs (Japanese, Egyptian, etc.), it is better not by visual traction, but by the exact meaning:

  • the symbolism of the grass-grass protected from disease;
  • fern flower means fortitude;
  • Solard – fertility, i.e. for the expectant mother;
  • the rune of the world can give inner peace.

Fern tattoo

Love Tattoo

Girls from 15 to 19 years old when the first serious feelings happen predominantly tend to such variants of tattoos. There is a desire to perpetuate them, and your own body is ideally suited for this. However, experts do not advise for a love tattoo to take the name and surname of your lover, unless it is your husband, as any feelings can fade away. A brutal inversion to hatred may occur, and one will have to get rid of an unwanted reminder of the past. It is better to limit oneself to deep phrases of thinkers, general symbolism, etc. Tattoo options:

  • Love if you want love.
  • There is no cure for love.
  • Amor caecus – that a strong feeling cuts off any arguments of the mind. English analog – love is blind.
  • Amor et honor or “love and honor”.
  • Make love not war – choose love, not war.

Family Tattoo

It is difficult to deny that a person maintains the strongest connection with family people, which should be strengthened with the help of a tattoo on the body. Some girls even place it on the chest, in the region of the heart. A family tattoo may not be too obvious: an interesting example is observed in David Beckham, who filled a Celtic cross. It is located on the inside of the forearm and is interpreted as “that which I love and idolize,” having a reference to my wife and children. For an outside observer, this is a simple drawing..

Options for tattoos with a meaning dedicated to the family:

  • Mom / Dad / Sister / etc, enclosed in an infinity symbol.
  • Names / initials of children, supplemented by dates of birth. The tattoo is mostly black and white.
  • Family coat of arms sketch or even motto.

Family tattoo and infinity sign.

Where is the best girl to get a tattoo

The choice of location for a tattoo is determined primarily by social status. The second factor is the sketch itself, the size and shape of which can put forward requirements in the area where it can “sit down”. If we talk about tattoos of the inscription on the arm, we have to take into account the peculiarities of the skin: closer to the brush, it is actively updated, so the outline will quickly blur, the color may change – thin handwriting is highly not recommended. On the forearm, the girl’s tattoo will remain for several years. The same applies to the back, hips, etc..

Specialists give girls the following tips:

  • As a variant of the popular tattoo, inscriptions on the wrist are considered to be one of the most successful ones: here you can form a whole bracelet, add numbers, a small drawing that goes up the arm. This is a good place for paired tattoos, declarations of love, preserving memorable moments, especially if the left wrist is connected to the heart. 
  • Tattoo on the leg is convenient for girls who do not allow the dress code to demonstrate body decoration, especially if you fill it on the foot, ankle, etc. It will be possible to see the tattoo only in the summer or at home when the girl walks barefoot. Mostly the same ideas are relevant here as for the wrist.
  • If necessary, hide the tattoo on the back can also be an outlet, because in the office she will be hidden by a dense blouse fabric. Due to the large surface area for tattoos on the shoulder blade or below, you can use large pieces of text, whole passages or quatrains, supplement them with drawings.
  • Single characters (especially hieroglyphs) are good as a tattoo on the neck – on its back surface. They will be hidden by hair, unless the girl wears a very short haircut, perform the role of a talisman.
  • If a girl decided to tattoo the inscription on her collarbone, she should choose short phrases of 1-2 words, or type a longer one in small handwriting, as otherwise it may look rude.
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