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Registration at the Employment Center (TsNZ) gives the right to help the state in finding a job and monetary compensation for a temporary lack of income. In 2019, unemployment benefits doubled, but the payout period was reduced.

Unemployed status and conditions for obtaining it

In 2019, an able-bodied Russian citizen over 16 years old can receive unemployment benefits. A citizen applying for material support should not:

  • work officially (including temporary, part-time, etc. employment);
  • to be a pensioner;
  • study full-time;
  • to be an individual entrepreneur;
  • perform work under civil law contracts;
  • be a peasant / farmer;
  • be the founder / participant of a commercial organization;
  • belong to the category of workers with private practice (lawyers, notaries, etc.) and self-employed.

Once registered, a citizen will receive unemployment benefits. Once every two weeks he will receive directions from the vacancy base of the employment center. An unemployed person must meet with employers. According to the results of the interview:

  • If the candidate is suitable and the applicant is registered for work, then the transfer of money stops.
  • If it does not meet the requirements, then the employer makes a note of this on the direction sheet. The grant continues.

Unemployment benefit as a percentage of salary and in total

What determines the size of payments

The amount of unemployment benefits is determined by law. Since 2019, the minimum and maximum payments have been increased. When calculating the amount, the following are taken into account:

  • Salary at previous job. To calculate the amount of compensation, the average earnings for the last 3 months are taken. If the registered person has not previously been employed, then he shall be paid the established minimum.
  • Duration of registration at the Employment Center. Over time, the amount of compensation decreases first to 75%, then to 60%. Officially unemployed can be up to 6 months.
  • Reasons for dismissal. For example, for persons who are subject to reductions, there is a special procedure for registration.

Accrual Features

The unemployed person has the right to refuse the vacancy offered by the Employment Center if he is not satisfied with the payment, place of work, schedule, etc. He can do this no more than 2 times during registration. The third visit is mandatory: in the event of a citizen’s refusal, they will be deregistered and deprived of benefits.

Minimum and maximum amounts

The 2019 increase affected both the upper and lower payout levels. The minimum unemployment benefit in Russia amounted to 1,500 rubles. It is prescribed:

  • Dismissed for misconduct.
  • For applicants without seniority.
  • Officially unemployed for over a year.

After an increase, from January 2019, the upper limit of unemployment accruals amounted to 8,000 rubles (except for persons of pre-retirement age). For example, an employee with a previous salary of 120,000 rubles, who left voluntarily, is entitled to a 75% rate in the first months of accounting. But 90 000 p. more than the established maximum, so only 8 000 r will be charged.


How much is paid at the labor exchange in 2019

At the end of 2018, new amendments to the Law of the Russian Federation No. 1032-1 “On the employment of the population” dated 04.19.91 were adopted. They entered into force in 2019. The changes affected the terms of appointment and the terms of payment of unemployment benefits.

Layoff dismissal

Upon dismissal at the initiative of the employer, the employee has the right to severance pay in the amount of two-month salary. If a citizen registers no later than 2 weeks after the contract is closed, then by law he can apply for another salary. After calculating these amounts, he will receive a benefit.

By will and agreement of the parties

In these situations, the allowance is accrued in a general manner. Registration conditions are also standard. The relationship between the size of payments and the duration of registration in the employment center:

Time registered with the Employment Center, months

The amount of benefits,% of average earnings





Persons of pre-retirement age

It is difficult for citizens over 50 to find a job. The pre-retirement age is the 5-year interval before obtaining the right to retire (for 2019, this is from 50.5 for women and from 55.5 for men). The size of the maximum unemployment benefit for this category registered higher, it is 11 260 p. The upper limit of payments is established taking into account the size of the federal living wage and the minimum wage (minimum wage).

Man with money

Reasons for refusal or suspension

If the unemployed has violated the accounting rules in the employment center, sanctions are applied to him:

  • Removal from the register.
  • Suspension of benefits for up to 3 months.
  • Payout reduction.

Grounds for deregistration or refusal to pay benefits:

  • Attempt to register fraudulently (for example, if you have a job). Such an offense is considered an attempt to unlawfully enrich. Punishment – return to the state of illegally received funds, a fine of up to 5,000 r. or trial.
  • Failure to appear in the employment center without a good reason for more than a month. Every two weeks, a non-working citizen should come to a specialist of the Center to report on the results of interviews and receive new vacancies. For a pass without a good reason, payments are suspended for 3 months. Repeated failure to appear leads to deregistration. If the visit was prevented by an illness, it is necessary to warn the manager in the work center, and after recovery, provide sick leave.
  • Changing of the living place. Moving outside the municipality, a citizen can issue payments in a new place. When moving within the same city / district, it is not deregistered.
  • Making an unemployed pension of any type.
  • Direction for retraining. The labor exchange offers public services retraining taking into account market demand for specialists. According to the law, it is considered that the workplace After completing the courses, he must look for work on his own..
  • Unemployment death.

Cases when the grant of benefits is suspended:

  • The pregnant woman begins to receive maternity leave allowance. After the birth of the child and the end of the period of care for him, the transfer of money to the woman will be resumed.
  • Departure to another region for extramural studies in educational institutions.
  • The call of a citizen who is registered in the employment center for military training.

Pausing Payments

Payment terms

According to new legislative amendments that entered into force on 01.01.2019, payment on the labor exchange continues until one of the situations occurs:

  • Expiration of the maximum registration period. In general cases, the duration of receipt of payments is no more than 6 months during the year (for persons without the necessary length of service, the conditions are different). If work is not found during this time, then the citizen is deregistered. He can again submit documents to the employment center and claim compensation next year..
  • Official employment. Having applied for work independently or with the help of a referral from the employment center, a citizen is obliged to give a bypass sheet with the approval of the candidate or a certificate from the personnel department of the enterprise to the specialist of the Employment Center.

The period of accrual of benefits depends on the seniority of the unemployed. To register for up to 6 months may:

  • Citizens who have worked for at least six months full time in last place. It is important to apply to the employment center no later than a year after dismissal.
  • Those who graduated from the conscription service and have a total work experience of at least six months.

No more than 3 months will receive benefits for citizens who:

  • Do not have seniority.
  • Not working officially for more than a year.
  • They were fired for violations under the relevant article of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • They quit not earlier than a year before the appeal, but have experience in the last place of less than 6 months.
  • Received a referral from the employment center for courses, but were expelled through their own fault (for missing classes, etc.).

Payout dates in 2019

The size of unemployment benefits in Moscow

Capital unemployed receive a premium of 1,500 rubles to the amount of federal payments. For those registered in the employment center of Moscow in 2019, the amount of the benefit is:

  • Minimum value – 3 000 r .;
  • Maximum size for general use – 9 500 r .;
  • The upper limit for persons of pre-retirement age – 12 760 r.
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