The benefits and harms of corn oil – composition, use in cosmetology, cooking and traditional medicine

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Useful corn oil has valuable properties, is widely used in medicine, hair care, face, is a valuable product, according to reviews. It is divided into unrefined, refined. A product is obtained from the germ of corn kernels. Get acquainted with useful properties, production technology, methods of application, dosage.

What is corn oil

Western gold or corn oil refers to vegetable oils, first obtained at the end of the 19th century in America. In fact, it is bold, resembles a sunflower, but differs in color – from light yellow to reddish brown. It has a pleasant smell, has a balanced aftertaste that does not interrupt the tastes of the products added to it, freezes at minus 10-15 degrees. The production of corn oil allows you to use the product like any vegetable. It does not foam during frying, does not burn, does not emit smoke, does not form carcinogens.


The composition of corn oil is similar to soybean, it includes tocopherol (vitamin E) fatty vegetable acids (linoleic acid, oleic, stearic, palmitic), contains vitamins (provitamin A, group B, PP, F), minerals (iron, magnesium potassium). There are several varieties of the product:

  • refined deodorized cold pressed – marked with the letter D, used in diet food;
  • refined deodorized for catering – P;
  • refined non-deodorized – it is useful to use with salads;
  • unrefined oil – is rarely used in cooking, because it may contain residues of pesticides, harmful substances used in growing corn.

Calorie content

By its indicators, BJU (ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates) oil refers to fatty foods. The fat content is at the level of 99.9%, but there are no proteins, ash, water, carbohydrates at all. The calorie content of the product depends on the type of treatment, approximately 899 kilocalories per 100 ml. Salads are seasoned with oil, fried meat, fish, vegetables on it. In industry, the product is used in the manufacture of mayonnaise, sauces, pastries, ready-made dough.

Corn oil in a bottle and ears of corn

Manufacturing technology

To prepare the product, embryos are used, which contain up to 10% in corn seeds. Press or extraction methods are used. Embryos are considered a natural component and a by-product of corn grain processing, their oil content is 32-37%, the composition includes up to 18% protein, 8% starch, 10% sugar and minerals. Fat contains up to 80% of the grain volume of corn, plus 20% protein, 74% minerals.

A wet or dry method is used for the manufacture. The disadvantage of the latter is considered low quality, and the first is the high starch content. Stages of how corn oil is made:

  • corn germ is cleaned from contamination;
  • crushed on rollers of corrugated and five-roller type;
  • fry the resulting mint;
  • pressed on the screws;
  • primary clean;
  • prepare the cake for extraction;
  • poured with a special solution, get the finished product.

What is useful corn oil

Nutritionists and doctors highlight the following beneficial properties of corn oil for humans, which are applicable in practice:

  • rich in vitamin E – twice as much as in sunflower or olive;
  • the substance contributes to the normalization of the endocrine, reproductive systems, adrenal glands, pituitary gland;
  • the product increases muscle tone, increases the stamina of the body;
  • has a protective effect on the genetic cellular apparatus, prevents mutations due to chemicals and ionization;
  • increases resistance to infections and viruses due to unsaturated acids;
  • antioxidant property of lecithin – used in the manufacture of confectionery products, cosmetics;
  • cleanses blood vessels from excess of harmful cholesterol;
  • improves the work of the heart, blood vessels, hematopoietic function with the help of vitamin K;
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids satisfy the body’s need for omega-6;
  • actively regenerates tissues, has dietary properties;
  • phytosterols prevent the formation of malignant tumors;
  • useful for pregnant women to develop the fetus.

Corn and corn oil in a glass jar

For the body

It is recommended to use the product for the prevention of diseases, recovery of the body and in the treatment of certain diseases:

  • stimulation of the gallbladder;
  • to improve metabolic processes in diabetes, intestinal disorders;
  • external use for the treatment of burns, healing of wounds, cracks in the lips;
  • decrease in cholesterol in the body, relaxation of the smooth muscles of the gallbladder and ducts;
  • active choleretic, hypocholesteric effect;
  • treatment of atherosclerosis, psoriasis, eczema.

For hair

Corn oil for hair is actively used by cosmetologists. It can be used for scalp and basic hair length. Rubbing the heated product an hour before washing strengthens the roots. For greater effect, it is recommended to wrap your head in a warm, damp towel. To restore dry tips, wrapping is done under a plastic bag. Hair becomes soft, smooth.

For face

Corn oil for face and body prevents skin aging due to an antioxidant. In cosmetology, lecithin finds possible uses:

  • rubbing pigment spots, applying a fruit mask;
  • mask with honey, egg yolk – eliminates small wrinkles, apply the mask to the skin for 20 minutes;
  • crack repair – warm compresses with a couple of drops of iodine, can be used for hands (15-minute baths);
  • massage of the face, hands and body when mixing the product with essential oils.

How to take corn oil

Due to the high digestibility (95-98%), corn oil is very useful for the body, and it is recommended to consume up to 75 g of a dietary product per day. It is used for clinical nutrition, in folk medicine:

  • with diseases of the liver, biliary tract, kidney stones, cardiac edema, internal bleeding, hypertension, atherosclerosis – twice a day for a tablespoon for a month;
  • for natural stimulation of the gallbladder – twice a day in a tablespoon 35 minutes before eating;
  • with hay fever, migraine, asthma, skin diseases – 20-25 ml three times a day half an hour before meals;
  • for the treatment of psoriasis and eczema – drink a tablespoon of food with a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar, a spoonful of honey, twice a day.

Contraindications for admission are individual intolerance to the components, allergic reactions to legumes, cross products. Possible harm to health from regular use of the product in food: increased blood viscosity, coagulation, increased risk of thrombosis. An excess of corn germ in the diet leads to a decrease in immunity. If the oil is not stored properly, there may be a risk of free radicals that adversely affect the body..

Corn oil in a bottle

Corn oil price

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can buy corn oil in online stores or on supermarket shelves. The cost depends on the manufacturer, volume, degree of purification. Approximate prices:


Price when buying online, rubles

Price on a store shelf, rubles

Unrefined 250 ml



Refined 1 L



Refined deodorized 810 ml



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