The dismissal procedure of the employee at his own request – reasons, sample application and calculation procedure

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According to article 80 of the Labor Code, dismissal of his own free will occurs on the initiative of the employee for various reasons: a new offer, relocation, or other circumstances. This order of termination of the contract today is considered one of the most conflict-free. The reason is that for him, unlike the case on the initiative of the employer due to absenteeism or reduction, he does not need arguments, a special procedure and payment of compensation of increased sizes. Although the procedure for dismissal is simple, it still has its own rules.

According to what article do they voluntarily dismiss

Article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (Labor Code of the Russian Federation) entitled “Termination of an employment contract at the initiative of an employee (of his own free will)” describes in detail the procedure and rules of this procedure. They relate to the reasons, the timing of the application and the cases of termination of work before the expiration of the warning period. In addition, the article contains information about the withdrawal of the application.

Labor Code of the Russian Federation

The order of dismissal at will

Any employee, including a pregnant woman, in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 77 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation “General Grounds for Termination of an Employment Contract”, has the right to resign on his own initiative due to various circumstances. To do this correctly, it is important to know the specifics and rules of termination of the employment contract. So there will be no conflicts with the employer and other problems that will drag out the process for a long time.

Duration of dismissal

As a general rule of article 80 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, an employee must notify the employer in writing of his dismissal by submitting an application in his name 2 weeks before the intended retirement. This deadline begins to be counted the day after the registration of the petition. It is important that the application is registered, otherwise the processing period may be delayed. Other rules for dismissing an employee of his own free will:

  • a two-week period may be canceled by written agreement of the employee and employer;
  • the law does not oblige the employee to be at the workplace during these 2 weeks (you can go on vacation, on sick leave);
  • the general rule of two-week working off has exceptions (for the trial period – 3 days, and for a managerial position – 1 month).

The head has no right to refuse the employee. If this happens, then the employee should know that this is a violation of the law by the employer. Then the application is drawn up in standard form and sent by mail with a receipt of receipt. So you will know about the receipt of documents by the employer. After 2 weeks, you can stop working in the organization. After this period, the employee must be issued a work book and a calculation. Otherwise, he has the right to contact the inspectorate dealing with such illegal situations and labor disputes..

Application for dismissal

The first thing that an employee must do is to submit a letter of resignation on his own initiative 2 weeks before leaving. The next day will begin the countdown of this period. The law does not determine the exact requirements, but it should indicate several important points:

  1. Surname, name, patronymic and position of the head, name of organization.
  2. Surname, first name, patronymic of the applicant, i.e. employee himself.
  3. The text of the statement itself. Includes a request to dismiss a certain number from the post (it is better to write, for example, “August 1, and not“ from August 1 ”). If necessary, the reason for termination of the contract is indicated..
  4. At the end is the date of application, signature and decryption.

Sample letter of resignation

Labor law allows you to withdraw your petition. This is done in the same form as the application for dismissal at the initiative of the employee. The head has the right to refuse:

  • if another person has already been taken to the place of the retiring employee, who, by law, cannot be refused a job;
  • if the employee went on vacation (he had to withdraw the application before the start of the vacation).

Reasons for dismissal

According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the following cases are considered good reasons to preserve the experience of an employee:

  • reaching retirement age;
  • the need for relocation;
  • some diseases;
  • beginning of studies at a higher or secondary specialized institution;
  • care for a sick family member;
  • violation of the employment contract by the employer.

It is not necessary to indicate the reason if it is not the basis for any compensation cash payments or the cancellation of the period of compulsory mining. In general, it’s worth just writing “I ask you to fire me of my own free will”. Additionally, you can specify the reason – “in connection with retirement.” Formulations of other circumstances are drawn up in the same way..

Dismissal order

If the letter of resignation of one’s own free will does not have a clear sample, then the order on it is drawn up in accordance with the form established by law T-8. It is published in 2 copies, one of which remains in the accounting department for calculating material payments. An order for dismissal of their own free will is issued with certain details, such as:

  • Code for the All-Russian Classifier of Management Activities (OKUD) – 0301006;
  • code for the all-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations (OKPO) – it is different for each company;
  • name of company;
  • text of the order itself;
  • Date of preparation.

Working time

The standard working time is 2 weeks. It starts the day after the application is submitted. But this period is not always preserved. Do not work out 2 weeks if:

  • the employer does not see this as necessary;
  • the employee has good reasons – full-time admission, urgent relocation, becoming a pensioner);
  • the employer violated the employment contract;
  • the employee is on sick leave.

Workplace girl

Leave before leaving

An employee has the right to quit on his own initiative, even during or before a vacation. The application in this case is written in the same form. More often it contains the phrase “I ask for leave, followed by dismissal at will.” In accordance with article 127 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the last working day is considered the last day of vacation. In this case, you do not need to work out 2 weeks.

List of documents upon dismissal at will

An employee needs to submit only a letter of resignation. In response, official documents from the following list will be issued:

  • a work book with an entry in it on the basis of dismissal issued by the personnel department;
  • certificate 2-personal income tax confirming the amount of income received and withheld personal income tax;
  • certificate of salary payment for the last 2 calendar years;
  • information on payments and other benefits, on the insurance experience of the insured employee.

Rights upon dismissal at will

Each party has its own rights. For the employee, this is an opportunity to withdraw the application at any time. The employment contract remains valid if the employee was not dismissed on the last day. The employer has the right to demand from him full performance of duties up to dismissal. If the manager violates the employment contract, the employee may not work 2 weeks, but only if he was able to prove it in court.

Settlement upon dismissal at will

It must be made on the day of dismissal, i.e. the last worker after a 2-week working out. The final calculation includes the payment of all amounts due to the employee. These include:

  • wage;
  • Compensation for unused holidays;
  • payments under a labor or collective agreement.

Dismissal on sick leave

An employee can apply even if the date of dismissal falls within the period of temporary disability. The employer has no right to change it. After a 2-week period the management makes a calculation, issues an order with a note on the absence of an employee. You can come for documents and amounts due at any time. The only condition for the dismissal procedure is that temporary disability benefit is assigned within 10 days after the sick leave. It will be paid on the next payday..

On holiday

In this case, all calculations and the issue of a work book are made on the last business day before the leave. The employee writes a letter of resignation of his own free will on the same conditions. In addition to wages, employees should be given vacation pay. Compensated payment for unused vacation is already excluded. An employee can get it if he refuses to give him rest.

Workbook and money

After vacation

If the employee has already used the leave and decided to quit after it, then he will have to work out 2 weeks on a common basis after writing the application. Payments in this case are the same as when leaving work at any other time. These include salaries and payments under a labor or collective agreement. If the application was filed before the vacation with a note of dismissal after it, then the calculation is made on the last business day. Then they give out a work book. If the vacation was provided in advance, then the amount of overpaid vacation pay in the amount of 20% is deducted from the dismissed.

After sick leave

If the employee after the end of the period of incapacity for work cannot continue to work, then in the application he refers to this reason and confirms it documented. In this case, he can be dismissed on the same day with the calculation and the issue of a work book. A person receives compensation for unused vacation, salary and sick leave.

One day dismissal

If it is impossible for the employee to continue work, the organization is obliged to terminate the contract with him within the time specified in the application. To do this, you need to provide supporting documents, for example, a certificate from a medical institution about a disease, from an institute for admission, etc. An application is written, an order is drawn up and it becomes familiar with it upon early dismissal in one day. Calculation can be made no later than the next day, including salary and compensation payments for vacation.

How to quit voluntarily

It is important for the employee to know that he has the right to dismiss at his own request, and the employer cannot refuse to accept the application. It is important to do everything according to the instructions so that there are no disagreements. The procedure, how to quit, includes several stages:

  1. Writing a statement. An employee who decided to take such a step must, within a certain time frame, submit an application addressed to the director, indicating, if necessary, the reason for his departure.
  2. Issuing an order. After registering the application (this must be followed, but it is better to make a copy for yourself), an order will be generated. It is made up in a standard unified form. The employee must familiarize himself with the order, put his list in it.
  3. Dismissal. The employer makes the corresponding entry in the work book, the employee signs for it in a personal card. At the same stage, a full calculation is made on the basis of Article 140 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Work book in hands

How to fire an employee of his own free will

The employer must sign a letter of resignation. Next, you need to issue an order in the form of T-8, with which to familiarize the employee. After that, the personnel department and accounting clarifies information about the time worked out in the current month, the provision of leave, the period of sick leave and other information necessary for calculating compensation. On the day of dismissal, a labor is issued with the reason for the dismissal and payment of due funds.

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