The first signs of pregnancy before menstruation delay – how to determine in the early stages of the general condition

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The onset of pregnancy is a special moment in a woman’s life. Someone can do it easily, without much effort. Others make some efforts, so they are especially eager to find out if it worked out. The most reliable ways to determine whether conception has taken place: the absence of menstruation on time, 2 strips on the test or an hCG blood test. There are other primary signs of pregnancy that indicate that a baby will appear soon.

How to determine pregnancy before delay

Pregnancy can be predicted without obvious evidence if you know the period of ovulation. This process in a woman’s body begins on the 12-14th day of the menstrual cycle, but can also deviate slightly (due to stress, imbalance of hormones or sexual infection). With a small glitch, you can still get pregnant. At the same time, during ovulation, there may be such symptoms:

  • lumbar pain
  • thrush;
  • tingling in the lower abdomen;
  • increased mucous secretions.

If at that time a woman had sexual intercourse and a child is planned, it is likely that conception will occur. Further, future parents have to wait 2-3 weeks to do a pregnancy test or take a blood test. Many women want to know from the first days that the conception has occurred. They listen to their body, that’s right: according to external symptoms and internal health, you can notice signs of pregnancy in the first days after sexual intercourse (6-7 days).

The first signs of pregnancy before menstruation

There are many early signs of pregnancy before menstruation. Among them are: pain, heaviness in the lower abdomen, a feeling of fullness in the bladder, dizziness, tingling in the chest. These symptoms can also indicate the onset of menstruation, a cold or malaise. If the first signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation appear together and are not characteristic of a particular woman, then, most likely, conception occurred.

Girl holds hands on her stomach


During pregnancy, light vaginal discharge occurs, but they can also indicate a disease such as thrush. It is important to consult a doctor, carry out diagnostics, and take tests to exclude infections in the genitals: uterus, ovaries. As a rule, abundant white discharge testifies to the birth of the baby, they are not thick, but also not liquid. Also, the discharge may have a pink, brown or yellow color (they appear 7-14 days after conception), which means that the embryo has fixed in the uterus. They have a spreading character and there are not many of them..

If there was erosion of the cervix before, the early signs of pregnancy before the delay appear in the form of mild bloody discharge. Such a symptom sometimes speaks of the onset of menstruation, so the suspicion of the conception that has taken place is unlikely to arise. If the bleeding is severe or has a character that does not correspond to the standard course of the process, then it is better to go to the gynecologist to hear his verdict. The danger is that bleeding is a sign of an ectopic pregnancy..

Feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen

The first signs of pregnancy before menstruation are delayed include a symptom such as a constant feeling of fullness of the bladder. A woman experiences it even after leaving the toilet. During pregnancy, there are more frequent urges to urinate, the expectant mother visits the toilet every 20-30 minutes. This is a normal phenomenon, due to the structure of the body, the proximity of the uterine wall to the bladder.

Cystitis as a sign of pregnancy before delay

In some cases, after frequent urination, there is discomfort in the genitals. Sensations are similar to those found with cystitis. If a woman does not yet know what is expecting a baby, but suggests, then it is better not to take any medicines, not to use alternative medicine methods, but to go to the doctor’s appointment. Only after the examination, the gynecologist will tell you how to deal with discomfort so as not to harm the baby.


Often in the early stages of pregnancy there is a feeling of malaise: fever, weakness, lethargy. There is no runny nose or cough. Frequent changes of heat and chills are observed. This symptom is subjective. Some women experience a change in temperature, although it is stable. For others, basal temperature is constantly elevated. Still others do not feel any discomfort. It is important to take care of yourself, to prevent diseases, because the woman’s immunity in a position is weakened, and it is impossible to be treated with most drugs.

A woman often, quickly gets tired, constantly wants to sleep. Even after 12 hours of rest, she experiences drowsiness, weakness. There are other problems with sleep, for example, the expectant mother suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and cannot fall asleep. As a rule, neither coffee, nor walks in the fresh air, nor other methods help to get rid of this. The symptom will pass a little later on its own.

Does breast ache in the early stages

In some cases, a woman has severe pain in the mammary glands. Even with the slightest touch, the expectant mother is in pain. It happens, and vice versa, when the breast becomes insensitive (typical for those who have previously experienced an increase in sensitivity during menstruation). A woman experiences problems with libido or, on the contrary, wants sex much more often. The organisms are different, so the reaction is very different..


Another sign that a woman is expecting a baby is bloating. Often there is heartburn, which persists throughout pregnancy. This is due to the location of the organs: the uterus presses on the organs located above (the stomach), hence the discomfort. Flatulence manifests itself with plentiful nutrition, and with poor nutrition. As a sign of pregnancy, this indicator should only be considered together with others..

Woman has lower abdominal pain

How stomach ache

At the time of pregnancy, a feeling of heaviness arises in the stomach. This is due to a more active blood flow to the pelvic organs. A woman experiences discomfort, similar to pain during menstruation, internal pressure. In the individual case, such discomfort manifests itself at a later date, and even throughout the entire period of bearing a child.


When conception comes, the body of the expectant mother begins to work differently, much more slowly, distributing her strength so that nutrients and energy are enough to form a new person. As a result, there is a violation in the functioning of the intestine, with improper nutrition, a symptom such as constipation appears. It is considered an indicator of the onset of pregnancy, when there are other signs of conception before the delay.

Tingling in the uterus before delay

In addition to heaviness in the lower abdomen, tingling occurs in the uterus or in the area where it is located. Such precursors come in the first week of pregnancy, this is due to hormonal changes, the process of attachment of a fertilized egg. These sensations can go to the lumbar zone: there are lumbago, extending to the muscle of the legs, cramps are possible. It is necessary to put up with such discomfort, because the back will experience constant overload and throughout the entire period of gestation.


This symptom may or may not occur in a particular person. Nausea is called an indicator of toxicosis in pregnant women. The symptom is observed already in the first week after conception (rarely sick) or a little later. Often vomiting occurs in the morning, immediately after sleep. From here, strange tastes may appear or, conversely, the denial of certain foods.

During this period, a woman experiences an exacerbation of smell: she experiences nausea from almost any odor. On the other hand, the expectant mother can calmly relate to odors that are not so pleasant in the standard situation: tobacco, cheese, fish, detergents, acetone, etc. A woman starts to smell differently (food smells like acetone, and paint smells like something something nice and tasty).


If conception has occurred, then a woman’s diet and diet may change dramatically. Salivation is stronger, so she wants to eat constantly and does not experience satiety. It happens that in the first 2 months a pregnant woman gains several kilograms at once, because she does not understand whether she ate well (they say she eats for two). There must be control, because excess food overloads the body, which now is already difficult.


Often when pregnancy occurs, a headache occurs. Sensations can be either fleeting (like sudden and quickly passing dizziness), and long-lasting. In this case, there may be severe dizziness with darkening in the eyes, and loss of consciousness is possible. These symptoms are explained by the fact that the body experiences tremendous stress, serious changes occur in the systems, the hormonal system.

External changes

That conception has occurred can be determined even visually. Not always all external signs of pregnancy in the early stages are present, but at least one should be:

  • Swelling of the hands and face. Often occurs especially in the hot season. Sometimes it appears at the very beginning, but then you need to see a doctor, because this may indicate a disease.
  • The appearance of acne (individual or whole rashes) is associated with a large release of the hormone (progesterone), in connection with the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively. The appearance of acne also arises from bad habits, malnutrition, stress, being in stuffy rooms, dehydration, poor skin care.
  • Isolation of veins on the chest. The appearance of a venous network, when they become clearly visible under the skin, is associated with increased blood flow in the body.
  • An increase in the size of the breast and its sensitivity occurs as a result of a change in the hormonal background. Often this becomes noticeable in the first week after conception.
  • The darkening of the skin around the nipples, the expansion of the radius of the halo are physiological processes that occur with almost all women. The dark circle near the nipple will show the unborn baby that the food is here. Sometimes the midline darkens from the navel to the pubis.
  • Redness of the skin is sometimes associated with allergies, lack of vitamins B, A, E, C, malfunction, stress, or some kind of infection..
  • Hair and nails grow faster due to hormones.
  • The body tends to round: the chest is enlarged, the hips are expanded.

Girl feels breasts

Signs of conception of a boy and girl

To find out if there will be a boy or a girl, you have to wait for laboratory tests and screening at 18-20 weeks of pregnancy. If parents want to determine this earlier, based on the nuances in the appearance and well-being of the future mother, and before the ultrasound, you can identify the baby’s gender:





The skin externally improves: it becomes dull, cleaner, nails tighter, hair stronger.

A daughter “takes” beauty from her mother, so a woman often becomes unpleasant to herself. Lips may swell, swelling of the skin, redness appears. The face itself turns pale, profuse skin rashes, acne.

Foot temperature

Outside, the legs are cold, but the woman feels warm, sometimes even feels heat in the limbs. With such sensations, body temperature often does not rise..

Chills occur in the legs, but the body temperature is slightly elevated: the limbs are very warm.


The appetite improves from the first days, the expectant mother gives preference to meat.

Appetite is reduced, and taste preferences include the following: sweets, citrus fruits.


Nausea often does not occur at all or it may be rare and not severe..

Often sick, especially in the morning. Symptom may appear very early: already in the first week after conception.


There are no pronounced mood swings; a woman is surprisingly active and efficient. Weakness and depression are rare..

Sharp mood swings are possible. A woman is too emotional, performs illogical acts. The future mother has strange and amazing thoughts.


The shape of the abdomen becomes more rounded in the lower part. In some cases, this can be seen already in the early stages, in others – by the end of pregnancy.

The abdomen does not increase for a long time (possibly due to decreased appetite and frequent nausea), in the last trimester it has a more pointed shape than a round one.

Signs of multiple pregnancy

Sometimes, at the conception of a child, two embryos appear, and there will be two fruits. The number of children can only be determined by ultrasound at about 12 weeks by the beating of the heart (or hearts). If there is a chance of developing a multiple pregnancy (there were such cases in the family; conception as a result of IVF), and you want to find out about it as soon as possible, you can carefully look at the woman’s external condition and observe her well-being:




The body undergoes a more serious restructuring than with a singleton pregnancy.

Frequent urination

The uterus grows even stronger than with a singleton pregnancy, so frequent urination is very noticeable.


I want to eat constantly, the weight is gaining much more. Taste addictions may surprise: you want meat, and fish, and sweets.


Vomiting begins almost immediately after conception, but this discomfort does not interfere with active nutrition and increased appetite. Unpleasant sensations last a long time, can be all day long.


In connection with the general condition, I constantly feel like sleeping, weakness is felt. Depressed mood, performance almost at zero.

Belly shape

Rounding of the abdomen can be seen already in the first trimester. It is round, in the later stages it can be very large.

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